Woodland Animals Totems Folklore

Woodland Animals and their totems are famous and respected all around the world. The animals are considered to be a symbol of freedom and innocence. The concept of totems is related to the energy of green plants and trees.

Totem is considered to be a spirit being a symbol or a sacred object that serves as a group icon or an emblem of a group of people like a family, lineage, clan, or a tribe and has various traditions and cultures attached with it.

History of Woodland Animals

The believes and traditions related to the concept of Totem is associated with animistic religions.

Woodland Animals History
Woodland Animals History

The totem is usually considered to be an animal or any other natural figure which spiritually represents a clan or a group of related people.

Many big anthropologists and technologists like James George Frazer and John Mclennan have identified this concept as a practice across indigenous groups in the unconnected parts of the world which represents the stage of human development.

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By the year 1910, the idea of totem which said that the practices and properties are the same across all the cultures was challenged by the Russian American ethnologist Alexander Goldenweiser, subjecting that this phenomenon is not the same everywhere.

He compared indigenous Australians and the first nations in British Columbia and showed that they supposedly shared qualities of exogamy, naming, decent from the totem taboo, reincarnation, ceremony, guardian spirits, and secret societies.

Talking about the recent times, the 21st-century anthropologists present in Australia have questioned the extent to which this phenomenon can be generalized even across different aboriginal Australian people. These people finally gave the verdict that:

“The term totem has proved to be a blunt instrument. Far more subtlety is required and again, there is a regional variation on this issue”.

Woodland Animals as Totems

We have made a list of various Woodland Animals and tried to provide all the myths and believes which are related to them.

1. Squirrel Totem

The squirrel is considered to be an animal that conveys the message and meanings of activeness, playfulness, body language, communicator, exertion, and the fear of not enough.

Squirrel Totem
Squirrel Totem: The Woodland Animals

This animal teaches balance between the time for play and interaction with the community, but at the same time reserving the time for preparedness and future planning.

These animals have very high levels of energy and are very playful and joyful.

These animals have sometimes been affectionately referred by the name Nutty because of their frantic and eccentric behavior.

These animals understand the need for preparation and storing the food for the summer and fall for the winter months ahead of it but take time to interact with other squirrels present in the area.

2. Fox Totem

Foxes are that kind of animal who likes to stay close to their dens. If a person is neglecting his or her family, then the fox totem makes them realize that their family is also important in their lives.

Fox Totem
Fox: The Woodland Animals

The sighting of a fox is an indication of the fact that the person needs to step out of the Limelight for a while.

The fox has a personality that is considered to be very charming and is not easily forgotten by anyone.

This animal is considered to be very cunning and also possess supernatural powers. Foxes are believed to live on the fringes.

3. Beaver Totem

The Beaver is an animal that is considered to be a symbol of teamwork. This animal is famous for its breath control.

Beaver: The Woodland Animals

He is also considered to be a symbol of integrity and the one who loves his home and family and never leaves them.

4. Opossum

The opossum is an animal that has an appearance that is very similar to a mouse. Its body is slightly elongated and bigger than a regular mouse.

Opossum Totem
Opossum: The Woodland Animals

These animals are very fast runners and do not trust other creatures very easily. They are considered to be a pretender by human beings.

These animals also deliver the meaning and message of false appearances and also take a lot of time to evaluate the behavior of self and as well as others.

5. Deer Totem

Deer is an animal that is considered to be family-oriented. When a deer totem shows up in the form of a buck, then it could be interpreted as a symbol that the person has strayed from his or her family’s teachings.

Deer: The Woodland Animals

It is the right time to re-evaluate the important decisions of the family and the values of the youth. The kid of the deer is representative of innocence.

The deer totem also features the importance of the mother to a child and the bonding which they share.

6. Mouse

The mouse is an animal that is very small in size but very courageous and mighty in his deeds. Even a small mouse can make a person jump into the air.

Mouse Totem
Mouse: The Woodland Animals

The mouse is very commonly found in barns and bins of corn and also at places where hay is stored.

These animals are considered to be a dreamer and have a lack of focus. These animals also convey the message and meaning of destruction and confusion in the mind.

The mouse people are the ones who tend to burn the midnight lamps. These people live on meager means and are drawn to comfort.

They are not attracted by the luxurious life and also considered the spirit keeper of the southern direction of all the fire quadrant of the native American medicine wheel.

7. Chipmunks

Chipmunks are the animals who are considered to be the nut gatherers and creates a stash of reserve food for the cold winter days.

Chipmunk: The Woodland Animals

If chipmunk visits your garden, then it is considered to be a symbol that it is the time to tighten your spending habits and a lot more funds into the savings account.

This animal is considered to be a lucky charm and the person who has these animal living nearby is considered to be blessed with abundance.

If someone sees a chipmunk, then it is also considered to be a message for planning the future.

This animal delivers the message of frugality along with abundance and preparedness.

8. Porcupine

The porcupine totem delivers the message and meanings of safeguarded nature and curiosity. These animals are also considered to be a symbol of inner strength by human beings.

Porcupine Totem
Porcupine Animal: The Woodland Animals

They also show a display of a vulnerable character. This animal is a member of the rodent family and has very interesting looks because of the needles which are attached all over its body.

These needles serve as a protective shield and layer and keep the enemies at a distance from them.

These needles are especially helpful because the porcupine has very weak eyesight and is not able to notice other animals when they are approaching towards them.

The face and the underbelly of the porcupine do not have needles, thus, these two become the vulnerable areas on its body.

From the totem point of view, the porcupine teaches human beings to face the vulnerabilities of life and protect the inner self.

9. Skunk

The skunk is an animal that delivers the message of an amplified sense of smell, self-assurance, and sexual attraction towards another gender. They are also known for their intensity.

Skunk Totem
Skunk Totem: The Woodland Animals

It pictures to the humans that you do not need to be physically strong if you want to become powerful.

These animals are very confident about their place in the world and are not shy of any other creature. Anyone who has skunk as a totem will also have a self-protective demeanor.

They are not compatible but will give you a warning before it turns its tail towards you.

These animals are believed to have a charismatic and lustful appeal due to the unmistakable scent which they carry.

Some people who are attracted to this particular animal as a totem and are also attracted to the study or the use of aromatherapy in their lifestyle.

10. Groundhog

The groundhog is an animal that is considered to be a trans dreamer because of their deep slumber which is shown while hibernating underground.

Groundhog: The Woodland Animals

This animal conveys the meaning and message of astral flight along with the need for boundaries in an area.

If a groundhog is a personal animal, then it may indicate that messages are been given to that particular person through the groundhog.

It is a territorial animal that gives rise to the need of setting up boundaries for the fact to get the personal space of the individual.

11. Rabbit

Rabbit is an animal which is admired all around the world for their cute body and beautiful eyes. These animals are very fast and timid.

Rabbit Totem
Rabbit: The Woodland Animals

They also tend to run away from other creatures because of their insecure nature. They are considered to be a symbol of love and fertility by human beings.

12. Wild Boar

The Wild Boar is an animal that is considered to be very ferocious and swift.

Wild Boar
Wild Boar: The Woodland Animals

These animals are considered to be very flexible and fast runners which are looked upon as the fast-paced lifestyle by human beings.

These animals usually shy away from other creatures and are also ferocious in some instances.

13. Raccoon Animal

The raccoon is an animal that is considered to be a symbol of curiosity and hidden knowledge.

Raccoon Totem
Raccoon Animal

He is the one who is the master of transformation and is considered to be very courageous. People also admire them for their quality of dexterity.

Symbolism of Woodland Animals

The Woodland animals are considered to be very pristine and religious by many people all around the world and various myths and totems are related to these animals.

Symbolism of Woodland Animals
Symbolism of Woodland Animals

These Woodland animals display the characters which are similar to the traits which are present in human beings.

In some cases, the character shown by these animals is considered to be way better than those shown by mankind.

People associate various totems with these animals when they sight them in their gardens, roads, backyards, or their fields.


The Woodland animals and totems which are associated with them are very famous all around the world.

People draw out inferences and conclusions when they site these animals in their backyards, gardens, or even on the road. We have tried to cover the major Animals and their totems in this particular article.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How can one find the spirit animal of himself or herself?

The spirit animal associated with themselves can be identified by focusing on the type of dreams which a person sees and also look for certain indications and attractions in day to day life towards any particular animal.

How many totem animals are present in the world?

It is believed that more than 15 totem animals are present in the world with which the people all around the world associate themselves and look for good or bad omens.