How to Write Your Own Magical Wiccan Spell?

The entire industry in the 21st century is filled with books and guide on Wiccan spell writing and creation, and there is no harm to learn it.

There are times when you wish to write your own magical Wiccan Spell and you are tired wedding the answer in different books and libraries.

Well, it not hard to write your Wiccan Spell if you follow the 5 step formula i.e.

  1. Identify the Purpose of the Spell.
  2. Determine the materials required to conduct the spell.
  3. Decide the timing for the ritual.
  4. Figure out the verses of the spell.
  5. Make it happen.

5 Steps Guide to Write the Magical Wiccan Spell

Before beginning to create your own Wiccan Magical Spell, you must keep in in that magic is a tool that requires a special skill set along with common sense.

5 Steps Guide to Write the Magical Wiccan Spell
5 Steps Guide to Write the Magical Wiccan Spell

You can spend your whole day getting the job done correctly but your chances of success are significantly reduced if you are not clear about the actual road-map and what you want to finally achieve with it.

Step 1: Identify the Intent to Write the Wiccan Spell

It is important to figure out what you wish to achieve by writing the spell? Are you looking for a new job or in search of true wisdom? What is the end goal of casting the spell?

Identify the Intent to Write the Wiccan Spell
Identify the Intent to Write the Wiccan Spell

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Whatever the intent is, make sure it is clear and precise like I want to get promoted at work this year!

Step 2: Identify the Material Components to conduct the Magic Spell

It is extremely essential to have a know-how of the material components required to write a Wiccan Magical Spell of our own.

Identify the Material Components
Identify the Material Components

This may require the following depending on your taste and preferences these ingredients are however subject to change;

  • Old DVDs or VCDs
  • Hot Wheel Cars
  • Chess Pieces
  • Hardware Bits
  • Candles
  • Stones
  • Sunglasses
  • Herbs

While writing the spell it is important to think out of the box as the magic relies on the symbolism and therefore the Wiccan Spell ingredients must be chosen wisely.

Step 3: Decide the timings to conduct the Wiccan Spell

Depending on your traditional and cultural beliefs the timings for casting the spell could be decided.

Decide the timings to conduct the Wiccan Spell
Decide the timings to conduct the Wiccan Spell

However, in the majority of the ancient traditions moon phase is said to be crucial carrying positive magic with it.

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It is during the waxing moon when the positive magic and the workings draw things to you easily.

However, during the waning phase, the negative or vicious magic is conducted in various cultures.

Don’t feel indebted to sink yourself in the details, though you may begin with certain days in a week and certain fixed hours per day to get it going.

In case you are very confident of doing magic with ease then don’t hesitate to proceed quickly.

You can also check the Wiccan Magical Spell Correspondence tables available online to see what difference it makes in different customs and beliefs.

Step 4: Figure out the verses of the Wiccan spell.

What verses or the wordings shall be used while writing my magical spell? Will you be calling the Gods by chanting something powerful and formal? Or will you simple mumble some poetic verses under your breath?

Figure out the verses of the Wiccan spell
Figure out the verses of the Wiccan spell

Is it some sort of magic where you try to connect to the Universe by silently watching the sky during a full moon night?

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You must always keep in mind that the words you choose have very high power and therefore the selection must be good.

Step 5: Make the Magical Spell Happen

Once you have carefully completed all the 5 steps mentioned above then it is finally the time to complete the process of writing your own magical Wiccan Spell.

Make the Magical Spell Happen
Make the Magical Spell Happen

Llewellyn author Susan Pesznecker says of crafting a spell on your own,

“When you build a spell yourself, from the ground up, you infuse it with your deliberateness, your preferences, your wishes, your thoughts, and your energies.

This spell won’t simply be something you read from someone else’s pages — it will carry your signature and resonate through your very core.

It will be much more powerful and complete than any ready-made charm could ever be, making you an integral part of the magic from start to finish.

When we practice spell craft, we use magick as a way of altering reality.

We do this by working with as many of the corresponding realities as possible — time, date, place, elemental correspondences, the support of deities, etc. — in hopes that we can shift reality in one direction or the other and alter the outcome.

Nowhere is this more elegantly done than in handcrafting spells, charms, and rituals, because, in these instances, we put our essence into the magick and make it our own.”

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The ancient beliefs say that the magic begins to manifest within the lunar month i.e. 28 days, so you might need to revisit the working & improve a little bit more.

Identify the variable that needs a slight modification and you are all set to go.

If you have followed the above 5 step guide then the Wiccan Spell will work like a charm, very effectively.

You can get a Book of Shadows and make proper notes of your magical journey along with the result manifestations.

The World has an odd sense of wit, so make sure whatever you cast a spell for is phrased properly. In other words, be vigilant what you wish for since you just might get it!

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is a Wiccan Magical Spell?

During ceremonial does, which are often staged in a holy circle, Wiccans cast spells or “workings” planned to bring about real changes in the world. Common Wiccan spells include those used for remedial, for defence, potency, or to expel bad effects.

How to cast Wiccan Spells?

Wiccans cast spells very carefully if they know what they’re doing. They use the power of the divine. They work guided by it. I always suggest that people do a little divination before they undertake spell-casting.