What are Wiccan Men or Male Witches?

Wiccan Men is a concept that has always been in debates for a long period. Many people believe that the concept of Wicca is limited only to women and men can’t be Wiccan.

If we check out the texts from various sources of history, we will find that this concept is more inclined towards female practitioners and is not applied to the male society.

In this article, we would be covering the myths related to the male witches, their origin, history, and their symbolism.

Can Men Be Wiccan or Pagan?

It is believed that the concept of Wicca originated in England somewhere at the beginning of the 20th century. It is also famous by the name of pagan witchcraft.

Origin and History
Pagan or Wiccan Men

This concept was introduced to the public in the year 1954 by Gerald Gardner. The concept of Wicca includes the worshiping of god and goddess.

Wicca comprises of various religions and different Gods are involved in this religion. The religions encompass theists, agonist, and atheist.

Wicca also believes in Duo theism, which is the worship of God of fertility and the worship of the mother goddess.

Different Wiccans have different traits to the horned God but most commonly he is associated with the natural world and the animals.

The mother goddess is associated with fertility, springtime, and life span and has been described as an ideal role model for the women. The system of Wicca has been compared with the system of yin and Yang.

Acceptance of Wiccan Men

The concept of Wiccan started from the Christians present in England and since has encountered many oppositions from various groups and even from popular tabloids like the News of the world.

Acceptance of Wiccans
Acceptance of Wiccan Men

Some people still believe that this is a form of Satanism. What Is the Place of Men in Wicca?

As witchcraft has many negative connotations associated with it, many people continue this tradition and practice it in secrecy concealing their faith for fear of persecution.

The tradition of Wiccan is an oath based system that makes it very difficult for an outsider scholar to study it.

This has happened many times as when many anthropologists tried to reveal information about this particular tradition.

Many Wiccans became upset as they believed that these anthropologists have broken the oath of secrecy taken at the time of initiation.

Symbolism of Wiccan Men

Wiccan Men are considered to be a symbol of power and aggressive nature.

Symbolism of Wiccan Men
Symbolism of Wiccan Men

People also believe in various traditions that are associated with Wiccan like Covens, which is a modern pagan witchcraft altar and electric Wicca.

It involves creating their synthetic spiritual parts by adopting and reinventing the beliefs and rituals of a variety of religious traditions.

Many people adopt the Wiccan style wedding by getting hand fasted as shown in the picture.

Connection of Paganism with Women

The concept of paganism appeals more to women when compared with men. But this does not mean that men can’t be a Wiccan or Pagan.

Connection of Paganism with Women
Connection of Paganism with Women

If we go and check statistics, then we will find that majority of the women are drawn to the pagan religions and their number is much more when compared with the men, including the Wicca tradition also.

If anyone goes to a pagan event, there are chances that the percentage of women or ladies will be much higher when compared with the gents found there.

This is mainly because of the pagan religion, including the tradition of Wicca, embraces, and respects the sacred feminine along with the power of the masculine.

A duality or dualism is found in the Pagan religion which is not very common or present in the other religions.

Talking about the disparity and unequal distribution of power, the religion of Wiccan provides women empowerment and equal opportunities to the women and has raised their stature in society.

The Pagan religions are considered to be very fertile religions. Wicca is one of those fertile religions which confers the feminine with equal opportunities and high stature.

Myths About Wiccan Men or Male Witches

Various myths are associated with the concept of Wiccan Men or male witches.

Myths About Menfolk
Myths About Male Witches or Wiccan Men

But does it mean that the men aren’t welcomed in the modern paganism society? This is not at all true.

The majority of the traditions of paganism have accepted both males and females and have given them equal stature.

The females and males are working side by side and have become a helping hand for each other on a various day to day activities.

But still, some groups only give honor to the Goddesses or females and do not offer the same honor to God.

While some groups offer their respect to both the genders and also show respect to multiple deities in some cases.

Various rituals are present in this religion. One such is the self-dedication ritual. A section of this particular ritual gives the idea that:

Anoint your genital area, and say: May my womb be blessed, so that I may honor the creation of life.

Morgan Ravenwood, who works at Witchvox has written:

“It seems illogical and counter-productive to relegate God along with male practitioners to a minor role in other Wiccan rites.

While I am certainly not advocating the dissolution of all female-only covens, I DO encourage them to give some serious consideration to allowing serious male practitioners to participate in their rites.

This would present many opportunities for fellowship and the sharing of knowledge, which would surely outweigh any perceived disadvantages.”


Wiccan Men are considered to be very aggressive and powerful. This myth has been prevalent from the past many decades and even some centuries among the Christian people all around the world.

But if we go back and study deep in the history, we will find that this concept of Wicca is more associated with women rather than men and has been applied very less to the Wiccan men present in the society.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who is considered to be a God in the tradition of Wicca?

In the tradition of Wicca, the god is considered to be a total opposite of the Goddess and different in the polarity and masculine form of the divine.

Who do the followers of the Wiccan tradition worship?

The follower of the Wiccan tradition worships the moon Goddess and the Horned God.

What is the name of the special star which is worshipped by the Wiccans?

The special star which is followed and worshipped by the Wiccans is the Pentagram or the five-pointed star.