5 Visual Messages from Guardian Angel

Guardian Angels are mostly nearby but since they are spirits without any physical body, they appear to be invisible to us.

Your guardian angel will send you visual messages via different signs whenever they want to communicate something important to you.

Here are 5 ways that you might see your angel or clues to their presence while praying, urging or thinking:

  1. Pure Light Flashes
  2. Shadows
  3. Images Symbolizing a Meaning
  4. Angel Appears in Your Dreams
  5. Physical Manifestations

Visual Messages from Guardian Angel

Visual messages from guardian angels are shadows of their presence when you contact them via meditation or prayers.

Although they are invisible to us sometimes they will tangibly manifest before you or send you signs.

1. Pure Flashes of Light

The guardian angel is always ready to guide you against all the difficulties and hardships of your life. They have a constant eye on you from above & are waiting for a true signal to take actions and perform their duties or responsibilities.

Pure Flashes of Light
Pure Flashes of Light: The Visual Messages from Guardian Angels

Light is one of the most common and vital symbols. It is the spiritual and the divine, it is radiance and intellect. Light is the source of heavens and the final reality, and it conveys wholeness into the Nirvana of Buddhist doctrine.

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Since angels contain spiritual and divine energies that work within light rays, the guardian angels appear visible in the form of pure light.

Seeing flashes, bands, or shining orbs of light while you plead or meditate can direct your angel’s presence.

In the Bible, light has always been a symbol of sanctity, heavens, awareness, insight, beauty, faith, and God’s revelation. By contrast, dark has been allied with sinful, evil, and misery.

Guardian angels typically appear as white light, the colour you’ll see most often when connecting with them. However, the alternative colour of light may also appear.

The different colour rays or bands are associated with different meanings and visual messages. The guardian angel may be sending visual messages to other angels who work within the same light ray of your topic of interest.

Thus, different guardian angels respond by different visual messages to your prayers, urges and meditation.

Here’s what the different colours of light rays represent:

  • Blue: authority, defence, trust, bravery, and strength
  • White: the clarity and accord that come from the sanctity
  • Green: remedial and wealth
  • Yellow: the illumination that God’s wisdom brings into folks’ souls
  • Pink: love, affection and amity
  • Red: sage facility
  • Purple: pity, change and transformation

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2. Shadows

Seeing shadows naturally means one of two things: the spirit has a link to you and so it’s the spirit of somebody you know who has passed away. This means that anyplace you go, the shadow spirit is likely to follow.

Shadows: The Visual Messages from Guardian Angels

Otherwise, seeing shadows could mean that the spirit has latched onto a place, maybe your flat or place of work. Seeing dark shades out of the angle of your eye can be upsetting but in most cases, they are only lost or roving spirits.

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While praying and meditating to your guardian angels, you might see a shadow which is a visual message that the angel is here to help you. Shadows typically appear like the shape of a symbol nearby.

3. Images Symbolizing a Meaning

If you have a vision of an image symbolizing certain meaning, then this might be considered as a visual message sent by the guardian angel.

Images Symbolizing a Meaning
Images Symbolizing a Meaning: The Visual Messages from Guardian Angels

E.g. If you have been praying and meditating for an office job promotion, then your guardian angel might give you visual messages by sending you visons that encourage your promotion and success.

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Make sure that you keep a close eye on all the visual messages and image symbols sent by the guardian angel. Ensure that you ask your guardian angel all the relevant question to get better insights.

Thus, if you understand the symbol and message well then you might be successful in whatever you have asked from your angel.

Remember the number of symbols, items, shadows, pictures or colours you see to have better clarity on their symbolic meanings.

4. Angel Appears in Your Dreams

Angels are envoys from God. Therefore, angel dreams signify a greater force that is seeing over us, guiding us, hiding us, or trying to show us something vital, which is unseen.

Angel Appears in Your Dreams
Angel Appears in Your Dreams: The Visual Messages from Guardian Angels

Angel disciples suggest that a guardian angel may visit you in a dream to let you know that they are seeing over you. They may try to carry some kind of visual messages, or they may simply be calming you about their company.

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“Angel” plainly means messenger, so if you were to see a biblical angel, I would think the angel would maybe link a very clear message to you, as they usually did when they acted to people in Scripture. Belief in guardian angels can be drawn through the distant past.

Many times when you meditate or pray before going to bed, the guardian angel shows its presence to the devotees in their dreams by connecting with them.

The guardian angel might show you various colours, symbols or images in your dreams as if you were awake and might show you their presence as well.

When the angel appears in the dreams, one can easily recognize the angel as well as their visual messages even though on has never seen them in the past.

You’ll have a flawless, deep idea that the figure you see is your guardian angel.

Your angel may appear in your dreams in mortal form as a wise teacher, for example, or in divine form, with a splendid, angelic entrance.

5. Physical Manifestations

When your guardian angel is trying to connect something specifically vital to you, your angel may fully manifest into the bodily realm and look to you as a human being or as a divine angel, possibly with wings.

Physical Manifestations
Physical Manifestations: The Visual Messages from Guardian Angels

You may be astonished if your guardian angel looks diverse from how you may have imagined them. Let go of any kind hopes you have about your ​angel’s scope, skins, and dress, so those details won’t divert you.

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Focus on relishing the sanction of a visit from your guardian angel and the visual messages your angel wants to transfer to you.

Your Guardian Angel can look in any number of forms: like an angel with wings, as a normal-looking human, as an animal, as a light, as a feeling, as a sound or even as a symbol.


A guardian angel is an angel that is consigned to guard and guide a specific person, set, empire, or state. Credence in guardian angels can be drawn all over the antiquity.

The Angels are beings of pure vigour and they use that energy to connect with you through your physical body.

When you hear ringing in your ears, your angels are trying to get your devotion for something; they use your ear chakras to ask you to “hear” them.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Do angels speak?

Yes, Angels can speak to us. They connect with us in a variety of ways. Some folks hear them talking quite evidently, in a voice that is as clear as a human one. Perhaps the most mutual way that they connect, is by giving an imprint or a sense.

What is the traditional language of angels?

Enochian (English pronunciation: /ɛnoʊkiən/ en-oh-kee-ən) is an occult or angelic language verified in the private journals of John Dee and his coworker Edward Kelley in late 16th-century England. Kelley was a soul medium who drove with Dee in his magic surveys.

Do angels speak to us in dreams?

Angels do speak in your dreams but when we wake up, we tend to forget about their presence. To intensify your alertness of dream time roads from your angels, spend a few minutes talking to your angels before you go to sleep.

Do angels breathe?

No, angels can’t breathe as they are eternal and they are just souls free from any physical manifestations.

What does the angel dreams signify?

Angels are envoys from God. They defend us, escort us, or carry out other divine tasks. Therefore, angel dreams signify a superior force that is seeing us, guiding us, sheltering us, or trying to show us something vital, which is unseen.

Do guardian angels love?

Angels do not have natural affection. But contrary to this: Love follows upon cognition, since, as Augustine says in De Trinitate 10, nothing is loved unless it is known. But angels have natural cognition. Therefore, they also have natural love.

What is the highest angel in heaven?

The word seraph is normally a synonym for serpents when used in the Hebrew Bible. Mentioned in Isaiah 6:1–7, Seraphim are the highest angelic class and they serve as the caretakers of God’s throne and continuously shout praises: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory!”