Ten of Pentacles: The Magical Tarot Card

The ten of pentacles is a special card present in the back of the tarot cards and is often portrayed in the form of coins. This particular card is associated with different matters of stability and security. It is also considered to be a symbol of wealth.

Some people also connect this particular card as the element of earth and also the one which shows the direction of North. This particular suit is the one where we can easily find the cards which are related to the security of a job, educational growth, investments of property or money, and types of wealth.

The major arcana pentacle suit also has a lot of meanings when this particular card is reversed but it should also be kept in the mind by the people that not all the tarot cards readers use the method of reversal in their interpretation.

Meaning of Pentacles

Pentacle is a talisman that is used for magical evocation and is usually made out of parchment, metal, paper, or cloth on which a magical design is drawn.

Meaning of Pentacles
Meaning of Ten of Pentacles

The protective symbols can also be included and sometimes even the rivers can be used. A common protective symbol is the six-point form of the seal of Solomon.

This can also be used in the form of an ornament or any flat object that hangs from the neck or can even be placed flat upon the ground. These are majorly shaped in the form of a disc or a flat circle.

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The Etymology of Ten of Pentacles

The word pentacle was first recorded in the English language somewhere in the year 1561. It was discovered even before the French use of this particular word. In the French language, this particular word has the meaning of tails man.


The French word is in turn derived from the Latin word Pentaculum. This particular Latin word is further derived from an Italian word Pentacolo.

In the earlier editions of the Oxford dictionary somewhere around the year 1989 depicted this particular word as some would connect it with the middle French word Pentacol.

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It said that it is taken from the middle French word Pentacol in the year 1328 or the word Pendacol in the year 1418. It was considered to be an ornament or a jewel that is worn around the neck. This is derived from the theosophical society employ in their glossary:

…it seems most likely that it comes through Italian and French from the root pend- “to hang”, and so is equivalent to a pendant or charm hung about the neck. From the fact that one form of pentacle was the pentagram or star-pentagon, the word itself has been connected with the Greek pente (five).

Ten of Pentacle in Tarot

The ten of pentacles in the case of tarot cards are considered to be the minor arcana card which is divided into four suits just like the conventional playing cards. These are the swords, battens or wands, cups, and coins.

Ten of Pentacle in Tarot
Ten of Pentacle in Tarot

Following the footsteps of the innovation of Eliphas Levi, many English language writers who have written on the tarot division have called the coin’s pentacles.

The first published tarot card deck which was used for the actual suit of pentacles was in the year 1909 and was known as by the name of Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck.

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That particular deck inspired the creation of many subsequent decks which also had a suit of pentacles. In the rider Waite Smith Tarot deck, Arthur Edward Waite designed the pentacles in such a way that the golden discs were present with a pentagram on them.

The Wiccan style of pentacles, which had a disc that is covered by a pentagram symbol is believed to be based upon the practical from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck.

Definitions of Ten of Pentacles

Various definitions of the ten of pentacles are present on the internet & in different books. The first documents to detect the pentacles for originated somewhere in the early 1500 and were called by the name of Heptameron.

Definitions of Pentacles
Definitions for Ten of Pentacles

They were also famous by the name of the key of Solomon.

In these documents, there is only one pentacle present while in the key of Solomon there are more than 30 different types of pentacles present.

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The pentacle is considered to be a hexagram which is embellished by a cross and letters while the key of the Solomon pentacle has a very broad variety of designs that are available out of which only two are Pentagram.

The contrast with the letter popularly shows definitions of the pentacles starting from the early years of the 19th-century state that the pentacles are inherently Pentagram.

Gerald Gardner, who is also known as the father of Wicca learn all the concepts of the pentacles in the large part of the Year 1909 Rider Waite Smith tarot card deck in which all the pentacles are in the form of a disc which is covered with a pentagram.

In the book of general gardener published in the year 1949, High magic aid, and also in the book Witchcraft Today published in the year 1954, the writer has defined a pentacle in the form of a star with five points.

There is a particular definition of ten of pentacles among the different types of the latter-day Wiccans: like a pentacle refer to a pentagram circumscribed by a circle.

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Cards Present in Pentacles

The following provides a quick summary of all the cards which are present in a pentacle. We have tried to provide a brief about each card.

Cards Present in Pentacles
Cards Present in Ten of Pentacles
S No.Card NameDescription of Card
1AAce or OneProsperity and abundance are on their way. It’s time for new beginnings.
1BReversedA reversal of fortune in your finances could become. Also may indicate a feeling of inner emptiness, and hitting the bottom.
2ATwoYou may be juggling funds around – borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, as they say. Don’t worry – help is on the way.
2BReversedThe situation may be out of control, so give yourself a bit of flexibility.
3AThreeIt’s time to be rewarded for a job well done. A raise or some other accolade may be on its way.
3BReversedDelays and quarrels can leave you frustrated.
4AFourHard work can lead to thriftiness. You may be toiling hard for your paycheck, but don’t be stingy with your hard-earned money.
4BReversedYou may be cautious or insecure about financial dealings because you’ve been burned in the past. Try not to let this cloud your judgment.
5AFiveFinancial loss or ruin. May also indicate, in some cases, spiritual loss.
5BReversedFinancial loss has already happened and may make you feel helpless. Get past it by putting things back together.
6ASixIf you’re giving gifts, do so for the joy of giving, not because it will make people like you.
6BReversedUnfair treatment relating to some sort of security issue – a lawsuit, hearing, or job matter.
7ASevenEnjoy the fruits of your labor – it’s good to be rewarded for your efforts!
7BReversedYou may be saving up for a rainy day, but stop being so stingy towards yourself – treat yourself to something nice once in a while.
8AEightYou’ve found a job you enjoy and/or are good at. Use these talents to your benefit.
8BReversedYour skills need some fine-tuning. Practice your talents, and turn them into a successful career asset.
9ANineSecurity, the good life, and abundance surround this card.
9BReversedManipulation and ruthless methods – may indicate that someone is trying to live above their means.
10ATenThere are money and wealth available to you – don’t let opportunities pass by.
10BReversedDisharmony is occurring in a home or job that is normally content. Stop the petty quarreling.
11APageGood fortune. This is a messenger card and often indicates that you’ll meet someone who is a student of life.
11BReversedNews or information about your job or finances is on the way.
12AKnightShare your good fortune, and use your experiences to help others succeed.
12BReversedStep on too many people as you climb the corporate ladder, and you’ll find yourself alone at the top, without any friends or supporters.
13AQueenThis is the Earth mother, someone who is easy-going and productive. May indicate an abundance of many types, including pregnancy.
13BReversedSomeone who overcompensates for their unhappiness by chasing financial well-being.
14AKingIndicates a man who is kind and generous. If he offers you financial advice, you’d do well to listen.
14BReversedThis person is very insecure about his position and needs constant validation from others.
Cards Present in ten of pentacles

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The ten of pentacles is a special card that is considered to be magical. This particular card is often related and considered to be a symbol of security and stability by the people around the world.

It is considered to be in the form of coins and people also associate the symbols of pentagram and circles with this particular tarot card. It should also be kept in the mind by the people that not all the tarot cards readers use the method of reversal in their interpretation.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is the other name for the Ten of Pentacles?

The other name for the ten of pentacles is the ten of pentacle coins as this card is the tenth card in the suit of the coins.

How can one identify the ten of pentacles card?

One can easily identify the ten of the pentacle card by the various symbols like pentagrams and flat circles or semi-circles drawn on it.