12 Best Tarot Card Spreads and Layouts

Different types of tarot cards are available in the market which is combined with the various spread techniques by the card readers.

Tarot card spreads are different types of arrangement which the tarot card reader physically performs to predict the future of the individual. The basic technique in all the deck is the same but the order of the cards is different.

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Different Tarot Card Spreads and Layouts

But irrespective of the type of tarot card spreads, the result provided is always the unique.

1. Tetraktys Spread

The Tetraktys spread is a type of tarot card spreads which is based on the principles of Pythagoras theorem of mathematics & the thoughts of Platonist.

Tetraktys spread
Tetraktys tarot card spreads

This method uses 10 tarot card spreads which reveals the overall state of mind of the individual and helps in exploring everything from scratch and helps in taking a tour of the spiritual self.

The ten cards which are arranged in this particular spread depict the following things:

1. Fire

The first card is the symbol of fire which depicts ambition and a creative force.

2. Air

The second card is the symbol of Air which depicts current strategies and the thoughts for the concerning goals.

3. Water

The third card is the symbol of water which depicts the emotions of the individual.

4. Earth

The fourth card is the symbol of the earth which depicts how every matter of life is coping daily.

5. Creator

The fifth card is the symbol of a creator which depicts and helps in exploring the things that drive an individual in the right direction.

6. Sustainer

The sixth card is the symbol of Sustainer which depicts how an individual can maintain a healthy life along with work-life balance.

7. Destroyer

The seventh card is the symbol of Destroyer which depicts what things need to be kept aside for the individual to move forward in life.

8. Light

The eighth card is the symbol of light which depicts the different types of cosmic forces that are helping you to reach towards fulfilment.

9. Dark

The ninth card is the symbol of darkness which depicts the different types of Cosmos reaction which are related to the state of being of the individual.

10. Premise

The tenth card is the symbol of a premise that builds the foundation for this particular type of tarot card spread.

2. Romany Spread

The Romany spread of the tarot cards is one of the simplest spread. This spread is widely used if an individual is looking for a general solution.

Romany Spread
Romany Tarot card Spreads

It is a free form spread that has a lot of room for flexibility in the interpretations.

It is considered as one of the simplest tarot card spreads for predicting the past, present, and future with the help of the cards which are put in three rows.

The more distant past is indicated in row A while the second row of 7 cards, which is row B indicates all the issues that are presently going on with the individual.

Row C, which is at the bottom contains 7 cards that are used to indicate what all instances are going to take place in the person’s life if he or she continues the present path.

3. Cross Triangle Spread

The cross triangle tarot card spreads help in exploring the questions in all the directions of an individual’s life. The card spread in this particular case uses 9 tarot cards.

Cross-Triangle Spread
Cross-Triangle Tarot Card Spreads

The arrangement can be seen in the picture provided.

1. Life Force

The first tarot card symbolizes the life force.

2. Thoughts

The second tarot card symbolizes the thoughts of the individual.

3. Emotions

The third tarot card symbolizes the emotions with which the individual is dealing.

4. Spirit

The fourth tarot card symbolizes the spirit of the individual.

5. Physical Self Aspect

The fifth tarot card symbolizes physical self-aspect.

6. Opposing Forces

The sixth tarot card symbolizes all the opposing forces.

7. Other Opposing Forces

The seventh tarot card symbolizes the remaining opposing forces.

8. Energies

The eighth tarot card symbolizes all the necessary energies to call upon.

9. Question Outcome

The ninth tarot card symbolizes the question outcome part.

4. Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic cross layout is considered to be one of the most complex types of spread used by the tarot card readers. It provides the most detailed results which one can get from the tarot cards.

Celtic Cross Spread
Celtic Cross Tarot Card Spreads

It is normally used when someone has a specific question which he or she needs to get answered.

This process takes you to a step-by-step and thorough aspect of the situation.

The tarot card spreads deal with a single issue at a particular time and provides every type of detail regarding it.

5. Pentagram Spread

The Pentagram spread is a spread that uses 5 pointed stars which are related to various Pagans and Wiccans.

Pentagram Spread
Pentagram Tarot card Spreads

Each symbol that is found in this method can be interpreted in the form of different meanings.

This method is considered to be a source of light or blazing in the dark.

Inside the Pentagram the symbols classify the elements of nature, that is, air, fire, earth, and water. The fifth element which is classified is spirit.

Each of the aspects is then incorporated in the tarot card spreads and layouts.

6. Seven Card Horseshoe Spread

The seven-card horseshoe spread is a wonderful technique used by the tarot card readers for predicting the future. This is a spread that is preferred by the majority of the people.

Seven Card Horseshoe Spread
Seven Card Horseshoe Tarot Card Spreads

It utilizes 7 types of tarot cards which makes the spread fairly even and basic.

Every card is positioned in such a way that it has a connection with the different aspects of the problem or the situation with which the individual is dealing.

These 7 cards represent the past scenarios, the present scenarios, and also show the hidden influences. It also suggests what an individual should do in such a situation.

7. Astrological Spread

The astrological spread is famous for its quick and accurate prediction. In this spread, each tarot card is considered to be its entity.

Astrological Spread
Astrological Tarot Card Spreads

The individual card gives the representation of each astrological house & they represent the strength & weaknesses associated with the corresponding house.

There is no need of asking a question before this spread is used.

The thirteen cards which are used in this spread represent the following things:

1. Self

The first card is symbolic of the individual or self.

2. Aries

The second card is symbolic of Aries which depicts the current mood of the individual.

3. Taurus

The third card is symbolic of Taurus which tells about the finances of the individual.

4. Gemini

The fourth card is symbolic of Gemini which gives a gist about the travel and Communication of the individual.

5. Cancer

The fifth card is symbolic of cancer which depicts the story of the parents, children, and the extended family of the individual.

6. Leo

The sixth card is symbolic of Leo which signifies pleasure.

7. Virgo

The seventh card is symbolic of the Virgo which signifies the health of the individual.

8. Libra

The eighth card is symbolic of Libra which signifies partnerships and marriage of the individual.

9. Scorpio

The ninth card is symbolic of Scorpio which signifies the death and the inheritance of the individual’s life.

10. Sagittarius

The tenth card is symbolic of Sagittarius which signifies spirituality and the education of the individual.

11. Capricorn

The 11th card is symbolic of Capricorn which symbolizes the career of the individual.

12. Aquarius

The twelfth card is symbolic of Aquarius which symbolizes friendship.

13. Pisces

The 13th card is symbolic of Pisces which symbolizes the fears and the burden faced by the individual.

8. Three Card Spread

The three card spread used by the tarot card readers is the simplest way of spreading the cards. It is a time saving technique that gives the basic idea about the life of the individual.

Three Card Spread
Three Tarot Card Spreads

This tarot card spread involves three steps and can easily be used for brushing up your card reading skills with the help of friends and family members.

The three cards represent the past, present, and future respectively.

9. Birthday Spread

The birthday spread technique used by tarot card readers helps in the plotting of the course for achieving a specific goal till the next birthday.

Birthday Spread
Birthday tarot card Spreads

It gives an idea to the individual about his right doings and wrongdoings.

It helps in evaluating what wrong did the individual do in the past.

It helps in focusing on what would the individual like to accomplish in his or her life before his or her next birthday arrives.

Cards in the birthday spread are arranged in the manner shown in the picture. A total of 9 cards are used in the birthday spread technique.

  1. The 1st card shows the current place of the individual in the world.
  2. The 2nd card shows all the goals which are set by the individual for the next year.
  3. The 3rd card shows what are the things which empower the individual.
  4. The 4th card shows the powers which are developed by the individual.
  5. The 5th card represents the physical and material well-being of the individual.
  6. The 6th card represents the emotional state of the individual.
  7. The 7th card represents the spiritual state of the individual.
  8. The 8th card represents all the oppositions faced by the individual.
  9. The 9th card gives a gist of all the actions that are required for achieving the goals.

10. Planetary Spread

The planetary spread technique helps in getting an insight into the different types of aspects present in the current state of the individual’s life. It helps to concentrate on the specific type of questions.

Planetary Spread
Planetary tarot card Spreads

This spread involves a total of 8 cards which are arranged in the following manner and represent the following things:

  1. The first card tells about the self or the individual.
  2. The second card represents the moon which is considered to be the home.
  3. The third card represents Mercury which is the key ingredient for integrity and business.
  4. The fourth card represents Venus which depicts love.
  5. The fifth card represents Mars which depicts hostility and aggression.
  6. The sixth card represents Jupiter which depicts wealth and finance of the individual.
  7. The seventh card represents Saturn which depicts the intellect of the individual.
  8. The eighth card is the question outcome card.

11. Past Life Spread

The past life spread is used for exploring how the past life of the individual has affected the life of the individual with time & how it is still affecting the current scenario.

Past Life Spread
Past Life Tarot Card Spreads

This tarot card spread is used as a general overview for all the happening in the past and can also be used for providing specific details about any scenario which has already happened.

The eight cards which are used in this particular spread represent the following things about the individual:

1. Emotional Influences

The first card represents the emotional influences of the individual.

2. Mental Influences

The second card represents the mental influences of the individual.

3. Spiritual Influences

The third card represents the spiritual influences of the individual.

4. Physical Influences

The fourth card represents the physical influences of the individual.

5. Karmic Debt

The fifth card represents the Karmic debt which is owed by the individual.

6. Karmic Lessons

The sixth card represents the Karmic lessons which are to be learned by the individual.

7. Impacts

The seventh card represents the impacts of past life which are still having an impact on the present life.

8. Future Impact

The eighth card represents the impact of past life on the coming future.

12. Star Guide Spread

The star guide spread is very commonly used for exploring a very specific question which the individual wants to get answered.

Star Guide Spread
Star Guide Tarot Card Spreads

The various cards which are used in this particular type of arrangement represent the following things about the individual:

1. Situation

The first card represents the present situation in which the individual is stuck.

2. Causes

The second card represents the various causes which gave rise to conflicts and all the obstacles.

3. Changes

The third card represents all the changes that are required for facing the challenges.

4. Strengths

The fourth card represents all the strengths that the individual possesses.

5. Challenges

The fifth card represents all the other types of challenges that are left.

6. Final Outcome

The sixth card represents the outcome.

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Tarot card spreads are widely used by the experts for predicting the future of the individual who is stuck in a problem due to his or her past happenings.

Depending upon the scenario, one can choose from the various spreads of the tarot cards which we have described above in this article.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How to choose the correct Tarot Card Spreads?

Depending upon the situation with which one is going through, the tarot card spread can be chosen. We have provided all the details above in the article.

Is it fine to shuffle the tarot card spreads?

The tarot cards can be shuffled before starting the process. It helps in infusing the energy of individual with the deck and makes their bond stronger.