Taoism Beliefs on Nature

According to the Taoist texts and books, the Nature is the true binding force, that maintains peace and harmony in the world.

Taoism beliefs on nature is that Tao (Dao) is the force that embraces the nature, by flowing through everything in the universe. It encourages working with the forces of nature, graphically represented by Yin-Yang (The balance of nature).

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What are the Taoism Beliefs on Nature?

The Taoism beliefs on nature are based on the principles of Tao, which emphasizes the quest for longevity and immortality. Tao or Dao is a force that flows through everything in this universe. It encourages us to work with these natural forces to maintain the true balance of the universe.

Taoism Beliefs Nature
Taoism Beliefs on Nature

The Taoism view on nature is represented by the Yin-Yang diagram which depicts the perfect balance between everything in this universe. It believes that balance is important to maintain peace and harmony in the world.

It is signified by the Taijitu (the diagram of the supreme ultimate, (太极图; Wade-Giles: T’ai Chi T’u; Pinyin: tài jí tú;).

It 1st appeared as the dark and light sides of the mountain. The Yin is light, masculine and active side while the Yang is dark, feminine and passive side. It represents the balance between heaven (active) and earth (passive).

It believes that opposites must balance and then nature would be able to live with peace and harmony. Later, Yin-Yang became 2 intersecting forces of nature with a common intersection point. So, the division is no longer static in nature. It is a constant moving balance between the forces of nature.

Thus, Taoism or Daoism is simply the way the universe exists. If you flow with it, with the way of water, then you would be able to live with peace and harmony.

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Nature and Its Relationship with Humans

Taoism idea of duality is based on the fact that nature is the balancing force that must be maintained for the survival of humans on earth. Humans can always deviate from the natural order but while doing so they are themselves bringing self-destruction.

Taoism beliefs on nature are that all humans must believe in Tao and model their thoughts for bringing harmony in their lives and move towards greater self-discipline and development.

Taoism believes that the relationship between humans and nature is that of the human body. The culture has developed great diets and chemistry for human body sciences and experimentation.

They believe that illness, is nothing but a lack of harmony or disturbance with the natural flow of Tao, in the human body. This can be restored by gaining back the balance of nature in the body (Yin-Yang Theory).

The imbalance of Yin-Yang in the body prevents the easy flow of qui, which is the cause of pain and grief. Aquapuncture is one such therapy that can be used as a remedy to it. 

They emphasize that humans must coordinate with the forces of nature and try to be humble and helpful. They are well aware that we must all work together to make this world a better place and take actions that could yield results for the overall growth of the world.

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Taoism beliefs on nature are that the Tao (Dao) always follows the natural cause of everything. They believe that the earth respects heaven, heaven abodes by the Tao, and this Tao is the balancing force that maintains peace and harmony in the universe.

Thus, to survive in the world and live in peace and harmony, one must follow Tao by understanding the balance in nature (Yin-Yang). Taoism believes in divine harmony between humanity and nature.

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