Sunflower Petals Magic, Folklore and Rituals

The Sunflower Petals have been used for the process of magic and witchcraft for a very long time by a lot of people all around the world. This particular flower is most commonly found in summer as it has got its name from the same.

The height of the sunflowers ranges from just afoot to almost 8 feet. These flowers are mostly found in the region of North America as it has been growing there for ages.

The petals of these flowers are believed to possess a lot of magical and healing properties which is used by millions of people around the world for performing different rituals.

Practical Application

The petals of sunflowers are being used for various rituals and witchcraft purposes from times immemorial.

Sunflower Petals Practical Application
Sunflower Petals Practical Application

The early colonists who used to live in the region of North America learned about the various uses of the sunflower petals from the native tribal people who used to live in the same region and even in the nearby region.

The petals of these flowers are considered to be an important and useful source for manufacturing the various dyes which are used for coloring in the textile industries.

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It is believed that this particular flower and its petals contain anti-malarial properties and the seeds of this particular flower are believed to contain the magical cure for the disease of smallpox.

Thus, various pharmaceutical companies are using the extracts of this flower for the manufacturing of preventive drugs for the same.

It is believed that the sunflower originally originated in the parts of central and south America. This flower than gradually migrated to the northern part of America because of the migration of Spanish conquistadors.

Various remains and preserved samples of sunflower petals have been found which are assumed to be somewhere around 4600 years old. These remains have been found in the country of Mexico.

In the early years of the 15th century, the various explores from the country of Spain took the sunflower petals back to the continent of Europe with them and this resulted in the spreading of this particular species of a flower spreading all around the world.

Greek Sunflower Petals Girl

Various mythological facts and rituals are associated with the sunflower and its seeds and petals. This particular flower is believed to have tremendous magical and witchcraft powers.

Greek Sunflower Petals Girl
Greek Sunflower Petals Girl

One such story related to this particular flower and its petals is about the Greek Sunflower petals girl who fell in love with Apollo.

Whenever he used to pass over her riding his beautiful fiery sun chariot, she used to look and gaze at him, mesmerized by his beauty and handsome personality, even if she had any pending task or other assigned duties to perform.

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Apollo used to shine very brightly so that no person on the earth was able to look at his face, but he became very irritated and fed up with the girl because of her foolish behavior of just gazing at him every day.

One day, when Apollo was very irritated, he flung one of his arrows towards the Greek girl due to which, the girl turned into a sunflower on the spot.

Thus, as a result, she is facing the east in the morning and the west during the time of evening every day to follow the path of Apollo.

Some other stories narrate a slightly modified version of this particular incident, which says that it was not Apollo but some other gods who took pity on her and then finally turned her into a sunflower.

Using Sunflower Petals in Rituals and Magic

In many rituals and folklores, the planting of sunflower and using its petals have been considered a tradition that brings fortune and good luck for the person and his or her family members.

Using Sunflower Petals in Rituals and Magic
Using Petals in Rituals and Magic

It is also believed by the people that if they pick up a sunflower at the time of evening and then wear it on their body, then it brings good luck and fortune the following day for them.

The sunflowers and their petals have been associated with the qualities of loyalty and honesty from times immemorial. This particular flower is also considered to be a symbol of truthfulness.

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If a person wants to know the truth and the correct details about something, then he or she should sleep a sunflower, by keeping it under their pillow and the very next day before the sun goes down, the truth will be revealed to you.

This particular flower is also considered to be a symbol of loyalty and truth because after the passing of every day it follows the sun from the direction of east to west.

In some of the old magic traditions, it is believed by the people that using a little amount of Sunflower oil or seeds into the food of someone or even in the drink will result in making them loyal towards you.

Sunflower is also associated with fertility because of its connection to the sun. To clear this particular conception, the sunflower seeds are either eaten or taken in a ritual bath with the sunflower petals.

Necklace or crown, which is made up of dried sunflower is placed on the head particularly at the time of the summer solstice for bringing out the fertility in the women.

Around the 17th century in the continent of Europe, some of the rural practitioners of the folk magic believe to use a special ointment with the food which helps the people to see the folk magic and rituals.

They also used a blend of several flowers that were sun oriented and grow in the summer season. These flowers are then mixed with the Sunflower oil and are kept in the sun for 3 days until it gets thickened.

In some of the traditions of hoodoo magic, the sunflower petals are considered and associated with the factor of joy. The oil, which is extracted from these flowers is often used as a base for many magical oils that are used for rituals and purposes.

One can also blend his or her magical Sunflower oil by blending the freshly harvested petals of the sunflower into the base of the sunflower seed oil which is easily available in the majority of the grocery stores.

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But one should always remember the fact that this particular recipe is not the traditional Sunflower oil recipe but still is the very effective one.

Once you have mixed your extracted oil, consecrate it according to the method of your magical tradition before using it in spell work or any other ritual.

A simple way of doing the same is by leaving the Sunflower oil in the sun for observing Solar Energy just before its use. One can also brew a tea of sunflower petals in the water and then use it for solar-related spell work.

If someone is feeling down, then the sunflower petals can be used in a ritual bath for a magical and sunny pick me up.    `

8 Ways to use Sunflower Petals in Witchcraft

8 Ways to use Sunflower Petals in Witchcraft
8 Ways to use Sunflower in Witchcraft

1. Make sunflowers into a flower crown

The sunflowers can be used for the formation of flower Crowns.

The various royal families and the priestesses of the sun temples used to make the flower crowns with the help of sunflowers and wear them during their sacred rights which made them very happy and look royal.

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2. Include them on your harvest table

The sunflowers can be also included in the harvest-able. The first harvest festival on the wheel of the year generally falls within the season on the sunflower.

The flower makes the classic addition to the table and is considered to be a symbol of magic and abundance.

3. Used in Fertility Rites

The sunflowers are also considered to be a symbol of fertility rites. The abundance of the seed of this particular flower makes it a premium ingredient for fertility rites.

One can also include the seeds in different mojo bags and can also keep them in the jar.

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4. Healing Power

Sunflower oil is believed to consist of great healing powers and is also used for massage for the skin to skin healing rituals.

5. Adorn a Summer Handfasting

The sunflowers have been associated with the factors of lifelong relationships and loyalty. If one is planning a handfasting during July or august then the sunflowers make a prominent arrangement and dress code for the same.

6. Evoking the Aspect of God

The sunflower petals are used for evoking the aspect of the god as the sun is considered to be a symbol of the male aspect of the duel god or goddess which is considered to be the Archetype in the Neopaganism.

The sunflowers when placed on the altar represent the divine masculine ritual.

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7. Brightening the Sick Room

The petals of sunflowers are believed to have the power of brightening the room of the sick. They drain out the negative energy from the room and fill it with the positive vibes of the Sun.

8. Blessing a Friendship

The sunflowers are considered to be a symbol of the blessing of the long relationship in friendship. The sunflowers are given to a friend with whom a person wants to keep lifelong ties.

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The sunflower petals are being used for magic and witchcraft for many centuries. These petals are considered to possess strong healing and magical powers which have given it significant respect amongst the magic spell workers.

Over the centuries, this particular flower has also established itself as a symbol of lucky charm and fortune among the people and is also considered to be a symbolic representation of Apollo as it follows the direction of east to west.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is the significance of sunflower petals?

The significance of sunflower petals is that they are believed to possess magical powers that are used in various witchcraft and magical rituals. It is also believed that the seeds of this flower contain healing and medicinal properties.

Can sunflower petals be used for decoration and jewellery?

Yes, the sunflower petals are used to make crowns and rings and also for decoration in the houses. They are also used for decorating the houses and the places at the time of functions, especially in the summer season.