Sudha Chandran Biography

The Hindu culture has seen various dancers and singers who have made a tremendous impact on the cultural and artistic history and have brought laurels to the country.

Sudha Chandran is a woman who has an artificial leg which is famous by the name of Jaipur foot and has revolutionized Indian television by playing multiple characters in the past three decades and her mesmerizing dance performances.

Who is Sudha Chandran?

Who is Sudha Chandran
Who is Sudha Chandran

Sudha Chandran is a woman of Indian origin who is a famous dancer and has gained worldwide popularity because of the artificial leg famous by the name of Jaipur foot.

She is the one who has revolutionized Indian television by playing the role of mother in law in the famous serial Kahin Kisi Roz.

Many people believe that her life is an inspiration to a lot of people and is also considered to be a perfect reason why anyone in the world should never give up, even if a lot of obstacles are present in their way.

Sudha Chandran Passion for Dancing

Sudha Chandran Passion for Dancing
Sudha Chandran Passion for Dancing

Right from her childhood, Sudha Chandran began learning the art of dancing from different gurus and practiced every day for more than three hours without failing any day.

She started at the age of 3 and half years and is still learning in the present time because she is a strong believer of the fact that throughout their life everyone is a student as every day brings new learnings.

She would go to school and then after completing her homework and regular studies she would attend regular dance training and come back home by 9:30 in the night.

She followed this tough schedule for more than 10 to 15 years for mastering the art of Indian classical dances and becoming one of the best dancers ever in the history of Hinduism.

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Rise and Recognition

Rise and Recognition
Rise and Recognition

When Sudha Chandran was studying in her 10th standard, she stood first in the class with 80% but instead of opting for science, she chose arts because of her interest.

She did this because only then she would be able to continue her dancing and convert her passion into a profession. By this particular time, she had already performed at several major events and appeared more than a hundred times in different stage shows. This was just about the beginning when life took a very strange turn for her.

Accident and Foot Amputation

Accident and Foot Amputation
Accident and Foot Amputation

She was traveling from Trichy, a place located in South India by bus when she met with a major accident which left her with a fracture and some minor cuts on her leg. She was probably the least injured person on that particular bus as the injuries were not very major.

But, because there were a lot of patients in that particular hospital she was not attended to properly by regular doctors and was treated only by the interns who did not have the proper experience which was required for the proper dressing and bandaging of the wound.

Those interns forgot to properly attend to the cut on her right ankle and went ahead with the process of bandaging.

This resulted in getting her foot affected with gangrene and because of the same it started spreading throughout her body.

Her parents decided to take the difficult decision of amputating her right foot which was a major setback in her life as she was a dancer and without a proper foot she had to give up her career.

She was very shocked because of this particular incident but then she realized that there is nothing in the world that could stop her from becoming the best dancer in the history of India.

She began to learn and continue dancing along with normal walking again with an amputated foot which took more than five months.

Once she got the Jaipur foot it took more than 3 years of physiotherapy to recover and feel normal again as the imputed foot took some time to be adjusted in her body.

She also quoted in some of the interviews that she remembers people coming to her and saying that it is very sad that you will not be able to become one of the best dancers and we wish that you could have danced.

She did not take the words spoken by the people seriously and kept on practicing with her amputated leg.

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Progress in Career

Making progress was a very slow and painful process for Sudha Chandran but with every step, she was learning that she is moving closer to what she has planned in her life.

One day she went to her dad and asked him that she is ready to perform again and asked for permission to proceed. Dad told her that he was in shock after listening to this decision and permitted her to perform on the stages in Saint Xaviers College.

The next day the Sunday morning headline was that Sudha Chandran loses afoot but walks a mile.

The show was completely sold out as people wanted to see how a lady with imputed food can dance so well.

She began to get nervous before going to the stage which was not the case before the accident. Her grandmother told her that you should not worry as God is always with you and he will do something which will turn out to be a miracle for herself as well as for the people who are watching her dance.

She became very angry and said that if God was with her then he would not have done this to her ever.

But, God did his miracle as the show ended as a blockbuster when she performed the various classical and complex dance steps with ease.

She received a standing ovation from all the people and while going back to her home, her dad came to her and touched the feet saying that I am touching the feet of Goddess Saraswati herself because she is the one who has done the impossible possible.

Sudha Chandran Film and TV Career

Sudha Chandran begins her film and TV career in the year 1984 by working in major Telugu films where initially she played the part of herself which was inspired by the real story of her life.

In 1986 she did a film named Nache Mayuri which was a Hindi remake of the original Telugu film performed by herself.

She also made her career in the Indian television industry by playing the role of various characters and becoming a prominent face which was very common for a few decades.

She also became a contestant in the celebrated dance show Jhalak Dikhla ja. She has also started acting in several Tamil serials.


Sudha Chandran is one of the most famous and influential dancing personalities in Indian art and culture history who has taken the name of Hinduism to another level with her performances.

She has established a famous dance academy in Mumbai which was named Sudha Chandran dance academy and has branches all over Mumbai and Pune.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is Sudha Chandran famous for?

Sudha Chandran is famous for her legendary dancing skills and her imputed Jaipur foot.

How did Sudha Chandran became famous with Jaipur’s foot?

Sudha Chandran met with an accident where her leg got gangrene and had to be imputed with Jaipur foot. She continued her dancing with the imputed foot and become famous all around the world.