Steven Curtis Chapman Music, Awards and Biography

Steven Curtis Chapman is a wonderful and famous music artist, performer, songwriter, actor, and magnificent instrumentalist who hails from the town of Kentucky.

He has won numerous awards and accolades for his immense contribution in the field of art, music, and literature, including 5 prestigious Grammy awards and the musical walk of fame in the year 2008.

Birth of the Legend

Steven Curtis was in November, on 21st date, in the year 1962. He was born in the Paducah town present in Kentucky.

Steven Curtis Chapman Born
Steven Chapman Birth

Since his birth, he has stayed for the majority of his life span in this particular town only and has travelled frequently for performing live shows and recording Christian music.

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Steven Curtis Chapman Biography

The name Steven Curtis Chapman is considered to be a pioneer and a symbol of excellence in the field of Christian and Gospel music. He is loved by every listener and admirer of Christian music.

Steven Curtis Chapman Biography
Steven Curtis Chapman Biography

He has won numerous awards like the Dove award for more than 50 times, Grammy award for 5 times, and one American Music award. He has also got 2 platinum albums and 10 gold albums.

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Over 4 decades, he has sold more than 10 million copies of his songs and has also remained at #1 position for 47 times on the radio hits.

He, along with his family members has co-authored many books and novels. He has written children pictures books for adoption and named it after their first adopted daughter Shaoey.

Awards & Honors

The famous Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman has won many awards and accolades for his wonder music compositions, screenwriting, lyrics, record producing, and other related categories.

Steven Curtis Chapman Awards and Honors
Awards and Honors

His major awards and accolades are listed below in the table along with the year in which they were won by Curtis:

S No.YearAward Name
12011 Readers’ Choice Awards Best Inspirational Artist Nominee
22009 Dove Artist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year
32008 Dove Inspirational Song of the Year
42005 GMA Dove Award winner: Special Event Album of the Year – The Passion of the Christ: Songs and GRAMMY Award winner: Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album of the Year – All Things New
52004 In 2004, Chapman added 4 awards to his collection
72002 In 2002, Chapman won 9 awards, including American Songwriter Magazine’s Christian Songwriter of the Year
92000 In 2000, Chapman won 5 awards
101999 In 1999, Chapman won 3 awards, including the American Songwriter Awards Song of the Year Award
121997 GMA Dove Award winner: Artist of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year – Signs Of Life; 6 CCM Readers Awards (pop artist, male vocalist, songwriter, guitar player, pop album Signs of Life, song “Lord of the Dance”
131996 5 awards and a GRAMMY nod were highlights of 1996
141995 14 new awards went to live at Chapman’s house in ’95, including the Dove Awards Contemporary Album of the Year
161993 Steven added 17 new awards to his collection in ’93.
191990 1990 brought 5 more Dove wins to Chapman’s resume
201989 2 Dove wins and a GRAMMY nod
Awards & Honors

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Curtis Chapman Facts

The life of Steven Curtis Chapman has been full of exciting incidents and a lot of twists and turns. He has been associated with many interesting trivia and facts.

Steven Curtis Chapman Facts

Some of the most important and interesting facts from the life of Steven Curtis Chapman are given below:

  1. It is believed that the famous Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman has sold more than 10 million copies of his various songs and compositions till now, which has made him one of the best seller musician of all time.
  2. Apart from singing and composing wonderful music, Steven is also a prolific writer. He has written around 7 books. Some of them are 3 Shaoey books as well as Great Adventure (2001), I Will Be Here (2000) and Speechless (1999).
  3. Because of his immense contribution to the field of music, art, and literature, he was awarded the music walk of fame in the year 2008.
  4. He has also been involved in various charity and philanthropy work. He started the foundation Shao Hannah’s Hope, which is a foundation working for the families for providing the funding for the adoption. Their website is
  5. He married Mary Chapman many years back and has 5 children. Their sixth child, Maria Sue died on 21st May 2008.

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Video Collections

Throughout his musical carrier, Steven Curtis has released numerous videos that were hit both critically and commercially.

Steven Curtis Chapman Video Collections
Steven Curtis Video Collections

These videos established Curtis as one of the leading singers and music producers of the Christian music industry and also helped his music followers and fans in increasing their faith and moving close to God.

S No.YearName of Video
12003 Steven Curtis Chapman Live Compare Prices
22002 The Videos, Video Hits Collection (Vendor’s Site)
31997 The Walk
41993 The Live Adventure
51992 The Great Adventure
61990 Front Row
Video Collections

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News & Notes

The below table consist of all the news, whether good or controversial, happy or sad, awards, and nomination about the famous Christian singer Curtis Chapman.

Steven Curtis Chapman News and Notes
News and Notes

During his musical career, he has received numerous nominations for prestigious Grammy awards, becoming a dad, leading a successful family, establishing his social media presence, and also his backing out from the Sparrow Records deal.

He finally went on to win a total of 5 Grammy awards, which is considered to be a very historical feat achieved by him.

S No.News and Notes
1Steven Chapman Concert Schedule
2Christian Artists on Twitter (including Steven Curtis Chapman)
3Steven Curtis Chapman Gets Nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year at the 2015 K
4He Gets a 2014 Grammy Nomination
5He Says Goodbye to Sparrow Records
6He Gets a Dove Nomination for 2012
7He Gets a GRAMMY Nomination for 2012
8Steven Curtis Chapman and Veggie Tales.
9Living Your Christian Faith When Your World Crashes Down Around You
10Steven Chapman on Being a Dad
11He Wins BMI Songwriters of the Year Award
12He is Impacting Gulf Coast Hurricane Victims & Africa
13Steven Chapman News
14He Wins 5th Grammy
15Book Review
16Tommy Nelson Signs Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman For Children’s Book
News and Notes

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Steven Curtis Chapman has been a part of the Christian music industry for the past 4 decades. Over time, he has established himself as a lead singer in the field of Christian music singing, writing, composing, and as well as acting.

Over the span, he has won many awards and recognition’s for the same, including 5 Grammy awards and a musical walk of fame in the year 2008. He is considered to be a pioneer in the Christian music segment.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How many Gospel music awards does Steven Curtis have?

He has won many awards and recognition’s. The most prestigious ones of those are 5 Grammy awards and 58 Gospel music Dove awards.

How many kids does Curtis Chapman have?

Curtis Chapman has 5 kids at present. The sixth kid, Maria Sue died in the year 2008, on 21st May.

What is the estimated net worth of Steven Chapman (Latest)?

The estimated net worth of Steven Chapman in the year 2019, according to various authentic and reliable sources was declared somewhere between $1 million to $5 million.