Smelling the Roses Rituals, Magic and Miracles

Smelling the roses is a term that is famous all around the world as this beautiful flower has wonderful aroma and fragrance which is loved by everyone.

All the people want to focus less on the various problems and the stress which they are going through daily and focus more on what is important & inspirational for them so that they can enjoy and at the same time get relaxed. This is what makes people indulge in activities like smelling the roses.

This particular phrase has a very deep meaning which means one should consider how often these particular flowers play an important part in the miracles and the angelic encounters.

The aroma of these flowers, when spreads in the air, makes the environment cheerful and is also considered to be a symbol that an angel may be trying to communicate with you.

Magic of Smelling the Roses

A lot of benefits are associated with the smelling of roses. The aroma of the roses is used for manufacturing candles & incense sticks which are used at various religious places like temples, churches, and even at the time of any important or new beginnings.

Magic of Smelling the Roses
Magic of Smelling the Roses

The petals of this particular flower are used for decorations at various marriages and birthdays. These petals are also used at the time of the cremation ceremony for the death of an individual.

This particular flower is believed to possess many important qualities like the sweet taste and even the picturesque beauty.

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Because of all these qualities, this particular flower is considered to be the king of all the flowers and is also used in the form of a flavoring agent in the majority of the bakery items and even in biscuits.

An Indian delicacy, which is famous all around the world by the name of Paan uses Gulkand, which is a mixture of the rose petals along with other sweetening agents and confectionery items.

These flowers are also used to perform magic and other rituals that are related to witchcraft and black magic.

The Odor of Sanctity

The odor of sanctity is considered to be a phenomenon that is related to the miraculous smell and fragrance coming from a religious or a holy person like a saint or a priest.

The Odor of Sanctity
The Odor of Sanctity

The people of the Christian religion believe that this particular scent which has the smell like the petals of roses is a symbol of purity and holiness.

Apostle Paul has written in the Corinthians of the Bible that God has used the aroma of the knowledge for spreading happiness and wisdom everywhere.

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So, this particular smell of sanctity comes from the holy spirit of the presence in the situation where people experience it.

The color of the angels: Cosmology, Gender and the aesthetic imagination is a book which is written by Constance Classen. The following lines are taken from the same book:

“An odor of sanctity was not the only or even a necessary, sign of sainthood, but it was popularly regarded as one of the most notable. Most commonly, an odor of sanctity is said to occur on or after the death of a saint. A supernatural fragrance might also be noted during a saint’s lifetime.”

It should be believed by the people that not only this particular smell of purity sends the message that the god is doing his work but it also gives a hint that God is trying to accomplish good purposes in the life of human beings.

Sometimes, all those people who smell the odor of purity are miraculously cured or healed in some way or the other.

Mind-body and spirit of the person become pure and unique.

“As the odor of sanctity indicated the triumph of spiritual virtue over physical corruption, it was often considered able to heal physical ills,”Classen writes in The Color of Angels. “

Aside from healing, a variety of wonders are associated with odors of sanctity. Along with their physical powers, odors of sanctity have the reputed ability to induce repentance and offer spiritual consolation.

Odors of sanctity could provide the soul with a direct infusion of divine joy and grace. The divinely sweet scent of the odor of sanctity was deemed to constitute a foretaste of heaven. Angels shared the perfumed nature of heaven.

[Saint] Lydwine’s hand was left penetrated with fragrance after having held the hand of an angel. [Saint] Benoite experienced angels as birds scenting the air with fragrance.”

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Clairalience ESP

The clear smell of the smelling of rose is a form of the extrasensory perception which involves the spiritual impressions by the means of the physical senses of smell present in the body.

Clairalience ESP
Clairalience ESP by Smelling the Roses

A person may be able to experience this particular phenomenon during the time of meditation when the god or his messengers are communicating with you. The most common fragrance that the angels send is a sweet one which is similar to that of smelling the roses.

If your guardian angel is trying to communicate with you with the help of the fragrance and the scents, then one should be able to recognize this particular smell.

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One can also receive a prayer message from God and can also get a sign from the afterlife if he or she knows that they are watching you from heaven.

Sometimes, these particular messages are in the form of the smell of roses or other flowers. The need is that one just needs to decipher them properly.

Science Behind Smelling the Roses

A lot of publications and researches have been done behind the reason for smelling the roses.

Science Behind Smelling the Roses
Science Behind Smelling the Roses

University professor Nancy has taken a survey from nearly 250 undergraduate students for measuring their level of appreciation which was defined as technology in the value and meaning of something or an event and feeling than a positive emotional connection to it.

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The professor had an idea behind this which was that the positive emotion directed towards the benefactor in the response for receiving a gift of any kind is just one of the several aspects related to the appreciation.

The results that were drawn out were that the Chemicals secreted by the petals of the rose are so special that when they get mixed with the surrounding air, they release beautiful fragrance and smell which is loved by all the people.

The sensory organs of the nose get activated as soon as they get in contact with the smell and the person can enjoy the same.

Importance of Rose Smelling

It is believed by people all around the world that the roses contain healing powers and the cure for various diseases. The smell and the fragrance which comes out of the rose petals are believed to have many organic and nutritional contents.

Importance of Smelling the Roses
Importance of Smelling the Roses

Apart from this, the smell of the flower is so beautiful and mesmerizing that people gift the roses to each other on various occasions of birthdays, anniversaries promotions and even normal get together.

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The importance of the rose flower and the phenomenon of smelling the roses is mentioned in various poems, books, and research papers.

Harry Chapin’s “Cats in the Cradle” in which the father is too busy to have time for his growing son, and years later the son is too busy to have time for his aging father.

The poem about smelling the roses starts with:

“My child arrived just the other day

He came to the world in the usual way

But there were planes to catch, and bills to pay…”

and ends with a sad tug at the heartstrings:

“I’ve long since retired, and my son’s moved away

I called him up just the other day

I said, ‘I’d like to see you if you don’t mind.’

He said, ‘I’d love to, dad, if I could find the time…'”

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Smelling the roses is a term that is associated with the fragrance and smell of the petals of the rose flower. This smell is considered to be the smell of the saints and the god.

People relate smelling the roses with many other miracles of the god, holy spirit, holy water, and other such religious and pious events. Apart from this, the roses are also used to perform magic rituals for making incense sticks and herbal soaps.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Why is rose considered to be the king of flowers?

Rose is considered to be the king of flowers because of its various uses in making delicious food items and flavored incense sticks and soaps. The activity of smelling the roses is said to be very pure and is often associated with the smell of the holy saints and religious places.

Why is smelling the roses so good?

The petals of the roses smell much better than other flowers because the rose flower contains special chemicals that help in secreting special juices inside the flower which further trigger the mesmerizing and beautiful smell from the flower.