Best Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P

The Best Punjabi or Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P and Ph have been listed here with their spiritual meaning and association relative to God and Guru.

Most of the Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P have been taken from the regional Punjabi language while others have been taken from the scripture of Guru Granth Sahib. 

Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P

The origin of the Sikh spiritual names is from the Gurumukhi script and the English spelling of the Sikh names is phonetic in nature. Diverse spellings may sound the same or may direct diverse pronunciation.

Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P
Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P

Gurmukhi vowels: Names having a double ‘aa’ phonetic vowel have a long sound and may have a sense that is dissimilar from a short sound, single ‘a’ phonetic vowel.

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The single ‘a’ may just be the simplest spelling. Within a name, ‘i’ has a short sound; at the end of a name, ‘i’ has a long sound pronounced ​ee.

Gurmukhi Consonants: Letter P is definite without air. Letter blend Ph specifies a voiced sound distinct with air.

Many of the names beginning with Ph are identical with Sikh names that begin with F. Double consonants are marked twice. Chh is pronounced like sh.

Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P and Ph in Alphabetical Order

To create unique baby names most of the names have been used as a suffix or prefix and combined with other Sikh names beginning with P or Ph.

Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P and Ph in Alphabetical Order
Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P and Ph in Alphabetical Order

 Most Sikh names are suitable for both boys or girls. In Sikhism, all girl’s names end with Kaur (princess) and all boy’s names end with Singh (lion).

PaachanHeather or lilac flower
PaalakCherisher, nourisher, adopted, cherished, nurtured
PaanpattGood name, honor, reputation
PaapirrConfidence, courage
PaarasPhilosopher’s stone, touchstone, robust, perfect, sound, strong
PabanWater lily
PabbanWater lilly
PachanHeather or lilac flower
PachchhiSugar cane, ally, assistant, advocate, defender, patron
PachhaanAcquaintance, distinction, knowledge, recognition
PachheeAdhering, attached, joined, unison (with the divine)
PachhiAdhering, attached, joined, unison (with the divine)
PadDignity, rank,  a line of poetry
PadaharSmooth, open plain (Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P and Ph)
PadamTen billion, lotus flower petals
PadamdeepThousand billions, of regions, of lotus petaled lamps
PadarathBlessing, delicacy, good, rarity, substance, quality
PadbiPath, road, dignity, rank, title
PaddharOpen plain
PaddharaSmooth, even
PadmaniWoman of excellence
Padoona Flower
PadunaFlower (Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P and Ph)
PadviPath, road, dignity, rank, title
PadwiPath, road, dignity, rank, title
PaemAffection, love
PahaarHill, mountain, great, high, large, lofty, stupendous
PaharHill, mountain, great, high, large, lofty, stupendous
PahardHill, mountain, great, high, large, lofty, stupendous
PaharrHill, mountain, great, high, large, lofty, stupendous
PaheDawn, daybreak
PahiDawn, daybreak
PahilaBest, chief, excellent, foremost, highest, leading, main, primary, original, superior
PahulSikh initiation rite
PaianAbility, power
PaidaCreation, gain, earnings, production, profit
PaijEngagement, oath, purpose, resolution, vow
PaindaDistance, roadway
PainddaDistance, road, way
PaisaCopper coin, fortune, money, wealth
PakaranA serviceable friend during difficulties
PakaiaiDurability, firmness, energy, strength, substantial, vigor
PakhirBeggar, wandering devotee
PakiritDisposition, habit, nature
PakkCertainty, maturity, perfection, ripeness, soundness, truth
PakkhurDivine assistance, help from above, supernatural aid
PakshiSugar cane, ally, assistant, advocate, defender, patron
PalProtector, cherisher
PalaProtector, cherisher
PalakCherisher, nourisher, adopted, cherished, nurtured
PanaahProtection, refuge, shelter
PanahProtection, refuge, shelter
PanahiDefender, helper, patron, protector
PaneetRighteous, Pious
PandhDistance, path, road
PandhanTraveler, wayfarer
PandhiTraveler, wayfarer
PandhariSmooth, even, path to shrine, pilgrimage
PandoraVillage (Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P and Ph)
PankaarClever, expert, skilled
PankarClever, expert, skilled
PaaniGilding, polish, water, credit, honor, chastity, modesty
Pani Gilding, polish, water, credit, honor, chastity, modesty
PanniGilding, polish, water, credit, honor, chastity, modesty
PanpanaFlourish, prosper, refresh, thrive
PanpattGood name honor reputation
PapirConfidence, courage
ParAbility, power strength
Para Beautiful man, handsome
ParaatDawn, morning
ParaataaDawn, morning
ParabhMaster – Lord, God
ParabhuMasterful, Lordship, Godly
ParakaramAbility, power, prowess
ParakarmanBold, powerful
ParakramiBold, powerful
ParalabhadChance, destiny, fate, fortune, gain, lot, predestination, venture
ParalabhatChance, destiny, fate, fortune, gain, lot, predestination, venture
ParamBest, excellent, first, great, supreme
ParamanandSupreme bliss
ParamatamaGreat spirit, supreme god, supreme soul
ParambhagatSupreme worshiper
ParambhagtiSupreme worship
ParambirSupreme bravery
ParamgiaanHighest spiritual wisdom
ParamgianHighest spiritual wisdom
ParamgyanHighest spiritual wisdom
ParamjeetSupreme victor
ParamjitSupreme victor
ParamhansAscetic of highest order who has overcome all worldly distractions through meditation
ParaminderSupreme God of heaven
ParampadEminence, highest rank or status
ParamparaSuccession from beginning time
ParampurkhRevered venerable being of the Supreme God
ParamveerSupreme hero, super hero
ParamvirSupreme hero
ParanBreath, life, soul, beloved sweetheart
ParapatAdvantage, acquisition, benefit, gain, produce
ParaphatDawn (Spiritual Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P and Ph)
Parat Dawn, morning
ParataDawn, morning
ParathanaPetition to heaven, prayer, supplication
ParbalPredominant, powerful strong
ParbasandeUtmost extent
ParabhLord, master, patron
ParatDawn, morning
ParbatiOf the mountains, a mountaineer
ParbhaiLordship, masterful
ParbhatDawn early morning
ParbhatiPrayers sung in morning raag
ParbhauCustom, habit
ParbhuLord, master, patron
ParbeenAccomplished, intelligent, knowledgeable, skillful
ParbinAccomplished, intelligent, knowledgeable, skilfully
Parbodhna Enlighten, awaken
ParchaCustob, habit, inclination, tendency
ParchandBlazing, flaming, fierce, fiery, kindled
ParchonAcquaintance, friendship
PardhanChief, counselor, leader, minister
PardhanaDignified, honorable, worthy
PareBeyond, distance, yonder
ParedeBeyond, distance, yonder
PareeBeautiful woman, invisible spiritual being
PareenSuccession, order
PareetFriendship, fellowship, humanity, love
ParemPure affection, pure love
ParemanBeloved, having pure love or affection
ParemiBeloved, having pure love or affection
ParfullatHappy, contended
PargasManifestation, light
PargatApparent, manifestation, obvious, visible
ParghatApparent, manifestation, obvious, visible
PariBeautiful woman, invisible spiritual being
ParinSuccession, order
ParitFriendship, fellowship, humanity, love
ParitaBeloved (Popular Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P and Ph)
ParitamAffectionate, beloved one, dearest, friend, favorite
ParjapalakGod the creator and nourisher, Lord, king
ParkasLight, luster, manifest
ParkashInvocation of manifest light
ParkarManner, method
ParmBest, excellent, first, great, supreme
ParmanApproved attestation, measure, proportion, proof, warrant
ParmanandSupreme bliss
ParmarathBest, excellent, first, greatest intent, meaning, merit, spiritual knowledge, virtue, or worship
ParmarathiReligious, virtuous
ParmatmaSupreme spirit of God
ParemsarSupreme being, deity, divinity
ParmesharSupreme being, deity, divinity
ParminderSupreme God of heaven
ParnaaHope, reliance, trust
ParnaamBow, obeisance, salutation
ParnaHope, reliance, trust
ParnamBow, obeisance, salutation
ParphullatHappy, contended
ParpataCustom, disposition, habit
ParpatiCustom, disposition, habit
ParohatFamily priest
ParojanDesign, purpose, use
ParokhaBeyond sight, invisible, imperceptible, secret
ParsaadBlessing, favor, grace, kindness, offering
ParsadBlessing, favor, grace, kindness, offering
ParshaadBlessing, favor, grace, kindness, offering
ParshadBlessing, favor, grace, kindness, offering
ParsangAssociation, , discourse
ParsinnAcquiescence, delight, pleasure, satisfaction
PartaapMajesty, courage, valor
PartaggiaCredit, engagement, oat, resolution, trust, vow
PartachchhApparent, evident, manifestation, obvious, visible
PartakkhApparent, evident, manifestation, obvious, visible
PartalBattalion, soldier
PartapMajesty, courage, valor
PartapiMajestic, Courageous
ParteetBelief, confidence, faith, reliance, trust
PartitBelief, confidence, faith, reliance, trust
PartitmanBelieving, confidant, reliable or  trustworthy heart, mind, and soul
ParveenPowerful origin
Parween Source of power and strength
ParvinderOriginal heavenly God
ParwinderOriginal heavenly God
ParwahCaring, supremely wonderful
ParwanAcceptable, agreeable
ParwastiCherishing, fostering, maintaining, nourishing, protecting
PasnaDevotions, make offering
PatHonor, Lord, master
PataaMark, sign, token, trace
PataMark, sign, token, trace
PateeLord, master
PatiLord, master
PatiaraBelief, confidence, dependence, faith, trust
PatijBelief, confidence, faith, trust
PathReligious path
PathangaAbode, aid, defense, favor, kindness, mercy, refuge, retreat (during difficulties)
PatshaKing, ruler, sovereign
PatshahKing, ruler, sovereign
PattharPrecious stone, hard as a stone
PatvanthHonorable, Respectable
PatwantHonorable, Respectable
PauhDawn, early morning
PauhalSikh initiation rite
PaunWind, air
PavanWind, air
PavandeepFirmament illuminated, lamp of heavens
PavenWind, air
PavenpreetLover of wind, air
PavittarClean, holy, pure, undefiled
PawanWind, air (Latest Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P and Ph)
PawittarClean, holy, pure, undefiled
PeetamAffectionate, beloved one, dearest, friend, favorite
PehDawn, daybreak
PemAffection, love
PhabauAdornment, Ornate appearance
PhabnaBeautiful, becoming, fair, fine, handsome, seemly appearance
PhainnExcellent, great, superior
PhakaintOne who throws a javelin or spear
PhakkGentle rain, mist
PhalFruit, fruitful, moral,
PhalakHighest authority, heavenly sky
PhakkarGenuine devotee, kindly, honorable, liberal
PhakkarlokGenuine devotee, kindly, honorable, liberal
PhanakanaImprovement, rise
PharaggaraLight of dawn, illuminating candle light
PharanPowerful, well to do
PhariSmall shield
PharidSaintly, without rival
PharraSoldier (Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P and Ph)
PharhoAdvancement, advantage, exaltation, gain, profit
PhataeSuccessful, victory
PhateSuccessful, victor
PhatebalIn support of victory
PhatebirBrave heroic victory
PhatebhoopVictorious Ruler
PhatedharamRighteous Victory
PhatejasPraise of Victory
PhatejeetSuccessful Victor
PhatejitVictorious success
PhatejodhVictorious warrior
PhatemanVictorious heart, mind, and soul
PhatemeetVictorious friend
PhatenaamVictorious holy name
PhatepreetLove of success and victory
PhateroopThe embodiment of victory
PhaterupThe embodiment of success
PhatepalVictorious protector
PhatevanthCompletely victorious
PhateveerBrave heroic victor, victorious brother
PhatevirBrave, heroic, successful victor or successful victorious brother
PhatewantCompletely successful and victorious
PhateySuccessful, victory
PhokhrajTopaz (New Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P and Ph)
PhoohiFine drop of rain
PhoolFamous warrior and his clan, buffalo cow with blonde or white spot on top of her head representing power, uniqueness, and strength
PhooluMale buffalo with blonde or white spot on top of his head representing power, uniqueness, and strength
PhuhaarFine drop of rain, gentle mist
PhuliaBuffalo cow with blonde or white spot on top of her head
PhullBloom, blossom, flower
PhullaOx with white blaze on his head
PhulliBuffalo cow with blonde or white spot on top of her head
PhulloBuffalo cow with blonde or white spot on top of her head
PhunhaarFine drop of rain, gentle mist
PhurnaDetermination, hope, purpose, produce, region of the heart
PiadaFoot soldier
PiaarAffection, attachment, beloved, friendship, love
PiaraBeloved, dear
PirtbimbImage or reflection (of the divine)
PirthipatiGod, lord, king, sovereign of the World,
PirtpalCherishing, nourishing sustaining preserving
PirtpalaCherishing, nourishing sustaining preserving
PitamAffectionate, beloved one, dearest, friend, favorite
PiuBeloved, lover
PoonjiCapital, wealth
PooraAccomplished, complete, entire, faithful, fulfilled, sufficient, true, whole
PopinderElegant fine body of Heavenly God
PrabhMaster – Lord, God
PrabhdeepGod’s lamp, region of God
PrabhdevGod like deity
PrabhjeetGod victorious
PrabhjitGod victorious
PrabhjotGod’s light
PrabhkirtanSinging Gods praise
PrabhleenAbsorbed in God
PrabhmeetGod’s friend
PrabhnamGod’s Name
PrabhpiaarBeloved God
PrabhprakasGod’s radiance
PrabhprakashGod’s radiant light
PrabhpreetLover of god’s Name
PrabhpremPure love of God’s name
PrabhratanGod’s jewel
PrabhreetRituals of God
PrabhroopManifest God
PrabhuMasterful, Lordship, Godly
PrabhunaamGod’s Name
PrabhupyarBeloved God
PrakashRadiant light
PrasannAcquiesce, delight, pleasure, satisfaction
PrashaadBlessing, favor, grace, kindness, offering
PrashadBlessing, favor, grace, kindness, offering
PreetLove, lover
PreetamLonging for beloved
PreetinderLove of God in heaven
PreetumLonging for beloved
PremPure Affection, pure love
PremsiriGreatest love
PremsriGreatest love
Pritamhari(Longing for) Beloved God
PrithipalBeloved cherisher, protector
PrithvipalBeloved cherisher, protector
PritpalBeloved cherisher, protector
PujjAbility, capacity, strength
PukanaInvoke, to call upon God aloud
PukhrajTopaz (Latest Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P and Ph)
PuneetRighteous, Pious
PunjiCapital, wealth
PunniaFull moon
PunnuBeautiful man, handsome
PupinderElegant fine body of Heavenly God
PuraAccomplished, complete, entire, faithful, fulfilled, sufficient, true, whole
PuranComplete, perfect
PurakhA being
PurkhRevered venerable being
PurkharathBravery, courage, energy, power, vigor
PurkharathBrave, courageous, energetic, heroic, powerful
PursharathBravery, courage, energy, power, vigor
PursharathiBrave, courageous, energetic, heroic, powerful
PushpinderOf the God of heaven
PushtStrong, vigorous
Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P and Ph

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Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P for Boys

Below is the list of most popular Sikh Baby Names beginning with P and Ph for Boys along with their spiritual meanings and interpretation.

Sikh Baby Boy Names Beginning with P
Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P for Boys
Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P for Boys with Meaning  
Pal Tiny; Petite; Humble; Witness
Par Stone; Conference; Rock; Blessing
Padm Baby Lotus
Papu Rahul Gandhi     
Pari Charitable Prince; Angel
Parm Being Supreme   
Parv Festival; Time Frame; Occasion       
Pavn Pure
Piar Love; Affection   
Prab Modern; God      
Prem Love; Bonding; Compassion; Content        
Prit Love
Puja To Worship
Purn Complete  
Padma Lotus Flower      
Pagat Pure (Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P and Ph)
Pahal Facet; Beginning Initiative      
Pahul Initiatory Rite of Sikhism; Amrit
Pakhi Bird 
Palak Eyelash     
Paman Wind and Light   
Panav Prince       
Pandu Fruit; Father of the Pandava
Panna Emerald; Power; Wisdom       
Panth Savage; Path; The Creed
Pappu Nick Name; Rahul Gandhi      
Pappy Loving; Kiss       
Parag Pollen Grains; Sweet Smell; Pollen
Param The Best; Being Supreme; Primary
Paras Touchstone; Gold Maker
Parth Emperor of the World; King   
Parul Graceful; Name of a Flower    
Pasha Humble; Net; Snare; A Name
Pavan Air; Wind; Breeze; Father of Lord    
Pavel Humble; Little; Small   
Pavit Pure; Pious; Purified     
Pawan Wind; Air; Pure; Power star    
Pawit Pure; Pious; Holy Person        
Payal Foot Ornament    
Peyus Drink that Makes One Immortal
Piara King of Serpents 
Pinku Pink Coloured; Most Beautiful
Pintu Rocky; Sun; Fearless; Honest 
Piush Nectar; Drink that Makes One
Pival A Tree       
Plntu The Best; Leader 
Popat Parrot        
Praan Life  
Prabh God 
Prabu Lord; God 
Pream Love; Variant of Prem  
Preet Love
Prema Love
Prian Loved One; Beloved     
Prina Pleased     
Prita Delighted; Joyful
Prith Love
Prito An Important Man; Beloved One      
Prmod Happy; Joyful     
Pujan The Ceremony of Worshipping
Pujya Respectable; Being Worshipped
Pulak Joy; Joyful; Happiness  
Pumit Pure
Punya Virtue; Original  
Purav East; Chanting Voice from East        
Purva East 
Pyara Loved One
Paamit Gained; Winner; Fulfilled       
Paawan Pure; Wind
Padmal Lotus
Pahara Mountain; Lotus 
Palash A Flowering; Flowery Tree; Green
Palvir One who Face Each Difficulty
Palvit Name of Lord Vishnu   
Paneet Pure (Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P)
Panini The Great Scholar grammarian;
Pankaj Lotus Flower; Born from Mud
Parama Supreme; Highest; Best
Parbej Success; Name of a Persian King      
Pardip Light of Moon    
Paresh Supreme Spirit; Lord Shiva    
Pargat Appearance; One who Blossoms Forth
Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P for Boys with Meaning

Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P for Girls

Below is the list of most popular Sikh Baby Names beginning with P and Ph for Girls along with their spiritual meanings and interpretation.

Sikh Baby Girl Names Beginning with P
Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P for Girls
Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P for Girls with Meaning  
Pal Moment of Life; Every Movement
Pat Patrician; Noble; Lady; Female
Pea Beloved; Lover   
Pia Lover; Beloved; Pious  
Piu Beloved; Love     
Pami All Sweetness; All Black        
Pari Angel; Fairy; Charitable Princess;
Parm Being Supreme   
Paro Master; Furnished; Knowledge
Paru Master; Furnished; Knowledge
Pawn Purified; Sacred; Holy; Air;
Piaa Beloved; Form of Pia    
Pieu Beloved    
Pihu Sound; Chirp; A Voice of Peacock   
Piya Love or the One who is Loved
Piyu Beloved    
Prav God 
Prem Love (Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P and Ph)
Pria Beloved One; Loved One;
Prit Love
Puja Worship; Prayer; Idol Worship;        
Pyar Love
Padma Beautiful Lotus Flower;
Pahal The Start; One of the Name
Pahar Hour; Time of Day       
Pahul Goddess; Nectar; Pure; Amrit
Pakhi Bird; Gorgeous Flower;
Palak Eyelashes; Eye Lid; Eyes; Blinking  
Palam Previous; Beautiful       
Palki Blink of the Eyes
Palku Blink of the Eyes
Pallu Marvellous; Hidden      
Paluk Eyelashes  
Palvi New Leaves / Leaf        
Pammi Fulfilled; Gained; Truly Lovable      
Pammy All honey; With New Leaves  
Panki Cute; Beautiful   
Panna Emerald; Grace; Favoured by God
Panth The Creed 
Panya Admired; Glorious; Excellent
Param Being Supreme; Ultimate; Perfect     
Paras Touchstone; Stone that Turn iron
Paree Fairy; Beautiful   
Parin Fairylike; Name of Lord Ganesha     
Parma Highest; Supreme; Shield; Awesome
Parul Name of a Flower; Graceful; Flow
Pavan Wind; Pure; One who Removes Bad
Paven Wind; Air  
Pawan Wind; Pure; One who Removes Bad
Pawna Sacred; Holy       
Payal Foot Ornament; Anklet 
Payel Anklet; Foot Ornament 
Peehu A Bird       
Pehel Starting; First      
Pehir Hour; Time
Piara Loved       
Pinki Most Beautiful; Like a Rose;  
Pinku Pink Coloured; Most Beautiful
Pinky Most Beautiful; The Little Fing
Piyaa Beloved; Love or the One       
Pommi Best Girl; Responsible; …      
Pooja Prayer; Worship; Devoted to God
Prabh God / Goddess    
Prahi Wellness   
Prana The Life; Energy; Alive
Pravi Incredible; Beautiful     
Praxi Intelligent  
Preet Love (Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P)
Prexa Beholding; Viewing;
Prinu Pleased; Content;
Prith Love
Priti Love; Bonding; Beautiful; Delight;
Prito Love; Heartbeat  
Pritu Bonding; Love    
Prity Love; Beautiful   
Priya Kind; Beloved One; Loved One
Pujaa Prayer; Worship  
Pulti Sweet; Cute; Escape     
Pummy Innocent; Beautiful; Intelligent
Punam Full Moon Night
Sikh Baby Names Beginning with P for Boys for Girls with Meaning

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People Also Ask (FAQs)

What do the Sikh believe?

Sikhs believe that human beings spend their time in a cycle of birth, life, and rebirth. They share this belief with followers of other Indian religious traditions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Do Sikhs believe in Jesus Christ?

Sikhism reveres Guru Nanak as the teacher that taught of the One Divine Creator, Lord on Earth, which is manifest in the ten forms of the ten Gurus of Sikhs. Sikhism accepts that there were divine messengers, including Moses, Jesus and Mohammed in other religions.

How do Sikhs worship the God?

Sikhs can pray at any time and any place. Sikh aims to get up early, bathe, and then start the day by meditating on God. The Sikh code of conduct lays down a stern discipline for the start of the day. There are set prayers that a Sikh should recite in the morning and evening, and before going to sleep.