Sikh Baby Names beginning with J and Meaning

Unlike several Indian names, the Sikh baby names beginning with J that we are providing here possess several spiritual meanings. As some of the names in Sikhism are taken by Holy Guru Granth Sahib, while others are Punjabi names.

Sikh baby names beginning with J can be formed by the combination of several spiritual names that start with J. Sikh names are interchangeable for both baby boys and girls.

Sikh Baby Names Beginning with J

In case you feel difficulty with the exact pronunciation, you can refer to the original language of origin or comment down your name and we will find the exact pronunciation for you.

S No.NameMeaning
1Jag The Universe
2Jagan Cross over water, passage
3Jap Chanting of the Holy Name, Meditate
4Jas Gift of God
5Jaap Personal Chanting, supplanter
6Jit Success, winner
7Jaz Unclear
8Jaas Honour, pride
9Jash Victory, fame
10Jasi Gift from God
11Jasraj endless, eternal
12JagdeepThe light of the world
13JagdeesLord of the world or the creation
14Jagdesh, JagdishThe Lord provider of the world
15JagjeetOne who conquers the world of the mind
16JagmeetFriend of the world
17JagmohanOne who captivates the world
18JagroopAn embodiment of the World
19JagtarOne who ferries people across the world-ocean
21JagvinderThe glory of the creation
22JaiThe victorious one
23JaideepThe victory of the light
24JaipalThe victory of the Provider
25JaipreetThe victory of love
27JamailGlory with the union of God
28JanamBirth, Life
29JangjeetOne who conquers the battlefield of the mind
30JapbirA brave one who remembers God
31Japinderin appreciation of God
32JapjotOne awakening in the light of meditation
33JapleenAbsorbed in God’s remembrance
34Jas mehAbsorbed in praising God
35JasbirA brave one who sings God’s praises
36JasdeepThe Lamp radiating God’s Glories
37JaskaranOne who sings praises of the Lord
38Jaskeerat, Jaskiritsing God’s praises or glory
39JasleenAbsorbed in singing God’s praises
40Jasminderlord of glory
41JasmineName of a flower
42JasmohanOne who praises God
43JasnamOne singing the glories of Naam
44JaspreetOne who loves to sing praises of the Lord
45JasveerA brave one who sings God’s praises
46JasvinderLord’s Glory or Praise, One who praises God
47JaswantWorthy of praise
48JatinderOne who has conquered the five evils
49JayIf, even, who (depends on context)
50Jaydeepone who gives us light
51JeeLife, Being, to come into existence
52JeeyaLife, God’s beings, beloved
53JeetVictory or Triumph, Victorious
55JeevanLife-giving, full of life
56JessaDevotional spirit
58JobandeepYoung ray of hope
59JodhThe brave warrior
60JodhdeepBrave warrior
61JogindarEstablishing a union with God
64Jugad, JugaadThroughout the ages
65JujharThe brave warrior, Flame, Lamp, Light
66JarnailThe commanding Officer
67JaddKnown as Family
68JaddiPart of family
69JagevLord of world
70JagjotLight of the world
71JagpalProtector of the world
72JagjitVictorious over the world
73JaginderGod of earth and Heaven
74JakkhHoly one, a devout worshiper, a demigod
75Jakkhleen, JakhlinOne who is always into worship
76JangBattle, war
78JangpratapValorous warrior, heroic, valiant
79JapmanMeditative Mind
80JashanOne who will go
81JashanpreetLove of one who will go
82JasjotGlorious light
83JaskirtanSing hymns of praise
84JaspalPraise of glorious protector
85JaspatiPraiseworthy master
86JatanFervent endeavor
87JatwantChaste, Innocent, Pure
89JhamakTwinkle, Shimmer
92JhimSoft, gentle
94JachackBeggar of God’s name
95JagmeharThe kindness of the world
96JagraajKingdom of World
97JagreetWay of World
98JagroshanLight in the world
99JagtekWarrior of world
100JaiprajLord of Victory
Sikh Baby Names Beginning with J

Popular Boy Sikh Names Beginning with Jas

Popular Boy Sikh Names Beginning with Jas
Popular Sikh Baby Names Beginning with J or Jas
S No.NameMeaning
1Jasey Powerful, Dominant
2Jassa Cheerful, Joyful
3Jassi Flower, Blossom
4Jassy Love
5Jasdip Light of God
6Jaseem Good Health
7Jashwa To be proud of self
8Jaslok Great and Glorious person
9Jasman Unique, Exclusive
10Jasmel Glory with Union from God
11JasmerFamous one
12JasnitOne who gets always credit
14JastejThe glow of the glory
15JastekGlorious support
16JasvikLord Shiva
17JasvinLord Shiva
18JaswinGet Victory from others
19JasamitProtected by fame
20JasguruGod’s Favorite
21JashwikOne who gets credit
22JasjeevTo live with glory
23JasmailGlory with the union of God
24JasnaazPride of glory
25JasnoorPositive; Tough; Love
26JasroopEmbodiment of Glory
27JasanjotRenowned Light
28JasanpalProtector of the renowned
29JasweerVictorious, Triumphant
30JasveenCourage Winner
Sikh Baby Names Beginning with J

Popular Boy Sikh Names Beginning with Jap

Popular Girl Sikh Names Beginning with Jap
Popular Girl Sikh Baby Names Beginning with J or Jap
S No.NameMeaning
1Japji Holy chanting of the word
2Japnaam One who meditates one God
3Japaap Flower, Blossom
4Japgun Best quality of remembering God
5Japjit Respective love
6Japuji The word of God
7Japtej Light of Remembrance
8Japvir Spiritual Warrior
9Japdeep Chanting of light
10Japjeet Victory of Admiration
11JapmantMeditation on God’s word
12JapmeetRemembering God’s friend
13JapneetAbsorbed in admiration
14JapnailGeneral in military
15JapnishOne who continuously takes the name of god
18JapveerBrave hearted God-lover
19JapdheerSteadfast by remembering God
20JapendraLord of Chants
21JappreetLove for Holy chanting of the word
22JapsehajRespect the holy trinity
23JapdharamRemembering a righteous path
24JapsimranChanting God’s name
25JapnirantarCeaseless meditation
26JappanpreetGod Lover
Sikh Baby Names Beginning with J

Popular Girl Sikh Names Beginning with Jap

Popular Girl Sikh Names Beginning with Jap
Popular Girl Sikh Baby Names Beginning with J or Jap
S No.NameMeaning
1Japna To remember, Muttering prayers
2Japya Name of the goddess
3Japeen Spiritual, Divine
4Japnet Taking God’s name every day
5Japnit Always chanting god’s name
6Japraj Meaningless
7Japgunn Divine taking God’s name
8Japnaaz Proud of god
9Japreen Gift of god
10Japneer Holy water
11Japrose Pray Everyday
12JapanjotLight of remembrance
13JapkiratHoly chanting of Pure Shabd
14JapsiratGood manners
15JapmanjotAlways remembering God
Sikh Baby Names Beginning with J

Popular Girl Sikh Names Beginning with Jas

Popular Girl Sikh Names Beginning with Jas
Popular Girl Sikh Names Beginning with Jas
S No.NameMeaning
1Jasu Bright, Beautiful
2Jasdev Princess of World
3Jasgun Light of God
4Jaslin Gorgeous
5JasikaRich, Warrior
6Jaslen In name of God
7Jaslyn Jasmine flower
8Jasmeh Absorbed in praying god
9Jasmit Famed, celebrated
10JasnazPride of Glory
11JasrinBeautiful Angel
12JasveeJoy, Ecstasy
13JasvirThe brave person singing God’s glory
15JasgeetSinging praise of god
16JashikaLoveable, cute
17JashlinAbode of fame
20JasmiraOcean of fame
21JasmitaGood Smile
22JasnaadDevotee of god
23JaspaulGlorious protector
Sikh Baby Names Beginning with J

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