Popular Sikh Baby Names Beginning with H

Like most Hindi names, the Sikh baby names beginning with H have been listed here with their spiritual meanings.

In Sikhism, most of the names have been adopted from the scriptures of Guru Granth Sahib while others have been adopted from traditional Punjabi names.

The spiritual names have been originated from the Gurumukhi script, and therefore their English spelling appears to be phonetic i.e. different spellings may sound the same name.

Note: The combination of khsh and khs may be written as X.

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Sikh Spiritual names starting with H may be combined with one or multiple words to form unique names for Sikh baby boys and Sikh baby girls.

In Sikhism, all girl’s names end with Kaur (princess) and all boy’s names end with Singh (lion).

List of Sikh Baby Names Beginning with H

Below is the complete list of most popular Sikh Baby names beginning with H along with their spiritual meaning for your ease and understanding.

Sikh Baby Names Beginning with H
Sikh Baby Names Beginning with H
HarA name for God
HaramritGod’s immortalizing nectar
Harbakhs, Harbax*God’s gift
HarbansOf Gods’ family
HarbhajanGod’s hymns
HarcharanGod’s feet
HarchetRemembrance of the Lord
HarchitGod consciousness
HardayalGod’s mercy
Hardas (daas)God’s slave
Hardeep, HardipLamp of the Lord, illuminated by the Almighty, Region of God
HardialGod’s mercy
HargunGod’s virtue
HargobindA part of God
Hargurmeet (mit)God and Guru’s friend
HariA name for God
HaridattaGod’s gift
HarigunVirtuous God
HarikiranRay of God’s light
HarkiratSinger of God’s praise
HarikirtanHymns of God
HarlachanHaving the qualities of the Lord
HarlakhanOne hundred thousand qualities of the Lord
HarlalBeloved of the Lord
HarleenAbsorbed in the Lord
HarlivLove of the Lord
HarlivtarUnending love of the Lord
HarlivtekLord’s loving support
HarlochDesire for God
HarlochanThe Lords favor
HarlokLord of the world and its people
HarlovGod’s love
Harlakhsmi, Harlaxmi*Deities of fortune
Harimandir, Harmander, HarmandirTemple of God
HarinaraynImperishable God
HarjapMeditating on God (by recitation)
HarjasGod’s glory
Harjeet (jit)Victorious God
HarjinderGod of heaven
HarjotGod’s light
HarkamalLotus like God
HarkeeratSinging God’s praise
HarkiranRay of Gods’ light
HarleenAbsorbed in God
HarmanGod’s Heart (mind soul)
Harmeet (mit)God’s friend
HarminderGod of heaven
HarmohanGod’s sweetheart
HarnaraynImperishable God
HarneetOriginal God
HarnekGod’s noble one
HarnidhGod’s treasure
HaroopBeautiful God
HarpalProtection of God
HarpiaarBeloved of God
HarpinderGod’s home
HarpreetGod’s love
HarpremAffection for the Lord
HarpyaarBeloved of God
HarpyarBeloved of God
HarraiGod’s prince
HarroopBeautiful God
Harsevak, HarsewakGod’s servant
HarshaanLustrous splendor of God
HarsharanGod’s refuge
HarsimranRemembrance of God
HarsimratGod’s remembrance
HartarInfinite Lord
HartejGod’s radiance
HartekHaving the Lords support
HarveenNext to God
HarvinderGod of Heaven
HarwinderGod of Heaven
HimmatCourageous effort
List of Sikh Baby Names Beginning with H

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Sikh Baby Names Beginning with H for Boys

Below is the complete list of most popular Sikh Baby boy names Beginning with H for Boys along with their spiritual meaning for your ease and understanding.

Sikh Baby Names Beginning with H for Boys
Sikh Baby Names Beginning with H for Boys
Har Lord Shiva; Anything from Heart     
Hans Swan; God is Gracious / Merciful
Hari Almighty; The One Belonging to      
Harv Nature; Powerful; Kind King  
Heer Diamond; Wealth
Heet Well Wisher; Good Doer        
Hema Gold; Beautiful; Golden
Hira Precious Diamond; Diamond  
Hakam Judge; Commander
Hakim Almighty; Judge; Wise  
Hanit Leader; Protector
Hansi God is Gracious  
Happy Joy; Pleasure; Happiness
Harie Yellowish brown; Tawny    
Harit Green; Lion
Harji Lord Shiva
Harri House Owner; Lord of the Owner     
Harry Ruler of an Enclosure
Harsh Happiness; Joy
Harsi Happy; Joyful     
Hasan Laughter; Good; Beautiful
Hazur Eloquent   
Heera Diamond; Stone  
Hemel Gold; Flower; Heaven
Hersh Deer
Himat Strong; Brave     
Honey Sweet; Sweet Liquid     
Hrman Beloved Soldier  
Hukam Order        
Hukum Order; God’s will 
Human A Character in Shahnameh     
Hunar Skill; Talent; Good Qualities  
Haaris Vigilant; Watchman; Guardian
Haidar Lion; Derived from Hadara     
Hajara Equal to One Thousand 
Hameer Very Rich King   
Hamraj A Friend   
Hamraz Confidant  
Haneet Beautiful   
Hanish Ambition; God; God of Weather
Hansil Gained; Earned   
Happie Joyful; Cheerful; Love  
Harban Beautiful   
Harbax Blessed by Guru / God  
Harbin Little Bright Warrior; Glorious
Harbir Warrior of God   
Harbux Blessed by God; Forgiven by God    
Hardas Servant of Lord Shiva
Hardev Head of God; Godly Person
Hardey Heart
Hardik From Heart; Heartfelt; Happy; Son   
Hardil Gods Heart
Hardip God’s Light
Hardit Given by God     
Haresh Lord Krishna; Other Interpretation
Hargun One Having Godly Merits      
Hargur Just like God       
Hariom Mantra of Lord Shiva   
Harish Lord Shiva / Vishnu / Krishna
Harith Lion; Green Colour; Surya’s Horse   
Harjap One Who Meditates on the Lord       
Harjas Praise of the God; One who Sings
Harjee God 
Harjit Victor       
Harjog One in Union with God 
Harjot God’s Light; Meaning of Life  
Harjun Variant of Arjun 
Harkit Always Praise to God   
Harlam Peacemaker
Harlin From the Army Land; Noble Warrior
Harman Variant of Herman; Soldier; Army
Harmik Add Meaning      
Harmil Har Mil     
Harmit Friend of God; Love of God    
Harmon Man of the Army; Army Man; Noble
Harnak God’s Noble Person      
Harnam Love of God’s Name; Name of God  
Harnav Ocean       
Harnek God’s Noble Person      
Haroon Hope; Achievement; Heroic Warrior
Haroop God’s Form
Sikh Baby Names Beginning with H for Boys

Sikh Baby Names Beginning with H for Girls

Below is the complete list of most popular Sikh Baby Names Beginning with H for Girls along with their spiritual meaning for your ease and understanding.

Sikh Baby Names Beginning with H for Girls
Sikh Baby Names Beginning with H for Girls
Har God Like; Goddess Laxmi; Goddess 
Hir Diamond; Ranjha’s Lover       
Hari A Colour; Joy; Happiness;      
Heer Diamond; Generous
Hema Gold; Golden      
Hima Ice; Snow; Cold; Moon;
Hina Henna; A Shrub; Fragrance;   
Hanit Honey; Happiness; Beautiful  
Hansa Swan
Happi Happy       
Happy Cheerful; Joyful  
Harta Preserver   
Heema Gold; Goddess Parvati  
Heena Henna; Myrtle; Fragrance       
Heenu Beautiful; Fragrance     
Heera Diamond; As Precious as Diamond  
Hejal God Blessing; Fruit      
Henna Golden Creeper; Home Ruler; House
Herho God like    
Hetal Friendly; Love; Cheerful
Himma Snow; Winter; Ice
Hinal Goddess of Beauty and Wealth
Hiral Bright; Queen; Lustrous; Wealthy;   
Honey Sweet as Honey; Sweetheart; Honey;
Hrida Pure
Hukam Command; Authority    
Husan Fairness; Beautiful        
Huzra A Prudence
Hamara Our 
Hamray Belonging to us   
Hanaya Every Time New; Florist; Eyes;
Haneet Happiness 
Hanika Swan; Graceful Like Swan
Hanima A Wave     
Hannah Gracious; Grace; Grace of God
Hanshi Swan
Hansni Swan like; Goddess Saraswati
Hansra Sweet        
Harbax God Given
Harbin Courageous Like God   
Harbir Warrior of God   
Hardev Head of God       
Hardip Strong       
Hardit Given by God     
Hareen Most Beautiful    
Hareet Good Soul 
Hargun Golden; God’s Quality  
Hargur Just like God       
Harini Beautiful Like Deer; Who’s Really
Harita Green; Nature’s Friend; Nature’s
Harjap One Who Meditates on the Lord       
Harjas Praise of the God
Harjit Victorious through God’s Grace        
Harjot God’s Daughter; God’s Light   
Harlin Absorbed in God 
Harliv Attached to God  
Harman Beloved Soldier; Beloved Person;
Harmit God’s Friend       
Harnam God’s Child; Love of God’s Name    
Harnek Kind for All        
Haroop Beautiful God     
Harpal One Protected by God   
Harrai God’s Prince       
Harsha Joy; Delight; Happiness; Golden
Harvir A Warrior of God
Haryni Resembling a Deer
Hasika Smiling     
Hasrat Grief; Desire       
Heenal Goddess of Beauty and Wealth
Heeral Lustrous; Wealthy; Diamond; Rain   
Heitvi Lovable; Well Wisher;
Hemani Goddess Parvati  
Herlin In the Service of God    
Herlyn A Quiet Peaceful Woman       
Hetale Warm Hearted    
Hetall Warm Hearted    
Himani Goddess Parvati; Snow; Ganga
Hinaya Shine; Bright; Beautiful; Fairy
Sikh Baby Names Beginning with H for Girls