Red Candle Crystals, Energy and Essential Oils

The red candle is a special type of candle which is used to get help from the angels. It is a beautiful way of expressing the faith and the love because the flame of the candle gives out the light which is considered to be a symbol of faith.

Different types of colored candles represent the different types of the lights which correspond to the different types of the work, which is done by the angels and the red angel prayer candle is related to the red angel light ray, which is a symbol of wise service.

The archangel, who is in charge of the red coloured ray is Uriel. This particular angel is considered to be the angel of wisdom.

Attracted Energy by the Candle

Red is believed to be the colour which has the highest frequency. That is why one can see the red colored light from hundreds of kilometres away even from the naked eye.

Attracted Energy by Red Candle
Attracted Energy by Red Angel Prayer Candles

It is also believed that the red candle is considered to be the best decision-maker as it has a lot of wisdom especially about how to serve the god in the world.

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A lot of positive energy is radiated by this particular candle which makes it the first choice by millions of people around the world when it comes to the purpose of lighting.

Essential Oils in Red Candles

The purpose of using the red candle is for pleasing the Lord and to offer the prayers and worships to him. Man can use various types of essential oils for complimenting the red candle during the time of the prayer.

Essential Oils in Red Candles
Essential Oils in Red Prayer Candles for Angels

These essential oils are the pure essences of the plants. These oils contain powerful natural Chemicals and ingredients which has different types of vibrations which are capable of attracting different types of Angelic energy.

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One of the best ways of releasing the essential oils into the air is by burning the red candle and also burning and Essential oil in a candle at the same time when someone is burning the red Angel prayer candle.

This will result in the mixing of both the things which have a tremendously positive effect on the surroundings.

Some of the essential oils which are associated with the red Ray Angels and the red candle are given below:

  1. Black pepper
  2. Carnation
  3. Frankincense
  4. Grapefruit
  5. Melissa
  6. Petitgrain
  7. Ravensara
  8. Sweet marjoram
  9. Yarrow

Meanings and Rituals

The candles and their respective colours have unique meanings. So it becomes very important that which candle an individual light up and on which day and which occasion.

Meanings and Rituals of Red Candles
Meanings and Rituals of Red Prayer Candles

The candle does not have to be very special in size but it should be taken into account about the intention to ignite and also the matching colour.

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The red colour is governed by the planet Mars and is considered to be a physical colour which is the provider of energy and strength to all the people present in the environment. The red colour is also considered to be a symbol of passionate love and dynamism.

Some of the people also relate the red colour with physical desire and the power of the will and athletic abilities. The people are believed to become very competitive if they are regularly in contact with the red candle.

The red candle is also considered to be an epitome of fire. If a person uses a red candle, then it can help him to achieve the name and fame and can quickly progress in their respective careers.

But one should always be careful while doing so because the candle should not be lighted up very often and should also be kept out from the bedroom as the constant exposure results in giving tension and one will not be able to relax properly.

The red colour of the candle will encourage the people present in the surrounding for increasing their activities and passion, which will further not have allowed them for relaxing or taking rest.

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Different colours of the candles have different meanings when it comes to the topic of spiritual power and other magic rituals.

Different religions also used candles which are different in colour. But the most commonly used candle is red because it is considered to be a symbol of power.

Prayers of Red Candles

Before lighting up the red candle to pray, one should always choose a place and the time when the person can pray to God and connect with them without getting distracted.

Prayers of Red Candles
Prayers of Red Angel Candles

The devotee can also focus on the prayers which are offered to God, to the Uriel archangel and also to other red light angels so that wisdom and knowledge can be sneaked from them.

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The person should be able to discover and develop distinctive talents by praying to the God so that he can contribute his bit to the world in various ways which are intended by the god for him so that the world can be made a better place for himself and also for the others.

The person can ask for guidance from God so that he or she can mould themselves to serve the god in a much better way as well as when and how God wants them to help them.

One can also ask for help in developing the compassion which is needed for developing the care about the needs of the people whom God wants us to help as well as encouraging them and empowering them so that they can understand the need to serve the world.

The Uriel archangel and the red ray angels, who have served under the leadership of God can also shed light on the various dark aspects which are present inside the person like selfishness and worry.

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These dark aspects hinder and prevent the person from serving humanity to the fullest. When a person is brought to the God, then they can help the world to move beyond the obstacles and then grow to become a person who is capable of serving others in a much better way, so that they can be drawn closer to the God.

Candle Crystals

Along with the different prayers which are recited with the red prayer candles, one can also use different types of crystals which serve as a tool for attaining meditation or prayer.

Red Candles Crystals
Red Prayer Candle Crystals

Different types of crystals vibrate at different frequencies for producing different levels of energy and different frequencies of the angelic light.

Some of the crystals which share a great bond and relate well with red angel candlelight ray are given below:

  1. Basalt
  2. Fire-Opal
  3. Amber
  4. Malachite

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Red Ray Angel Specialties

When someone is praying for healing from the red prayer candle & red ray angels, one should keep in mind the specialties which they possess in their mind and body. The different specialties and their benefits are given below:

Red Ray Angel Specialties
Red Ray Angel Specialties

1. Body

It helps in improving the blood circulation and also ensure that the circulatory system is performing well. It further improves the reproductive system function of the body and strengthens the muscles.

It releases the toxins from every part of the body and as a result, increases the energy throughout the body.

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2. The mind

It is continuously increasing the motivation and the enthusiasm of the person by replacing the fear with courage and also overcoming any kind of addiction.

The mind also helps in developing wonderful skills and using these skills and talents for their better development and contribution to society.

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3. The spirit

The spirit of the body is acting on the beliefs of the person and is constantly working for justice in the various conditions which are favorable or unfavorable for the person.

Developing compassion & developing generosity at the same time is considered to be the main function of the spirit.

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The red candles are used to pray to God and especially praying to the red light angels like archangel Uriel.

This particular candle is considered to be the best out of the various coloured candles available in the market because the red colour is believed to be the one which has the highest frequency and contains various positive energies which motivate and enlighten the environment.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Why is the red candle considered to be the best out of all the candles?

The red light candle is considered to be the best out of all the candles because the red colour has the highest frequency and the least deviation which makes the environment full of energy and positivity.

Which red light ray angel is most commonly associated with the red candle?

The red light candle has the capability of removing the dark aspects like the selfishness, anger, short temperament and the worries from the mind, body and soul of the individual.