Read Through the Bible: Reading the Bible in a Year

Read through the Bible is a practice that is done for completing the Bible in a year.  

If a person has never read through the entire book of the Holy Bible, then this particular technique can encourage him or her for dedicating themselves to this task each new year. Once this particular method of reading through the Bible is adopted then the person will never remain the same.

This particular article focuses on the common struggles and the different excuses which are given by the people for not reading through the Bible and also offer practical and simple suggestions for all the people so that they can succeed in this worthwhile reading of the book.

How to Read Through the Bible?

One can easily read through the Bible. But how is the question?

There is a common complaint by the people and majority Christians that they don’t know where to get started with this holy book of the Bible or how to go about this seems less and tough undertaking. The answer to this particular question begins with a daily Bible reading plan.

How to Read Through the Bible?
How to Read Through the Bible?

Reading the Bible daily is considered to be good for the social conduct of the person and also removes all the ill thoughts from the mind.

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These particular plans are designed in such a way that they can help the person for working out their way through the entire word of the god which is written in the holy book of Bible so that they can focus on the book in a more organized way.

Choosing the Right Bible Reading Plan

A person needs to find and choose a correct Bible reading plan that will completely suit him or her. Using a plan will ensure that not even a single word is made from the book because all the words are considered to be the direct words of the god which he has specially written for his devotees.

Choosing the Right Bible Read
Choosing the Right Bible Read Through

Another fact that should be kept in the mind by all the readers is that if this particular plan is followed religiously daily then they will be able to make their way to read through the entire book of the Bible once every year.

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The only thing which is required for this particular task is to stick with the plan each day and read the holy book of the Bible for about 15 to 20 minutes or approximately four chapters from the book.

One of the most favorite reading plan which is followed by the people in the victory Bible reading plan which is compiled by James McKeever.

Tips and Tricks

Various steps are present if one has to read through the holy book of the Bible. Some of the best tips for daily reading the holy book of the Bible are given below:

Tips and Tricks
Tips and Tricks
  1. The first way of completing the Bible is by not procrastinating the habit of reading the book to the next day and starting the book today that is on the present day.
    • One should always keep in mind that this particular book is irresistible once it is started as it is filled with amazing adventures. So one should respect the book and start as soon as possible.
  2. The second step of finishing the Bible is by making a specific appointment with God on the calendar present in the home. Every day should be planned accordingly and fix time should be pre-decided for reading this particular book so that it can be completed on time.
  3. The third step is by developing a solid devotional plan which is to be religiously followed by the reader of the holy book of the Bible. This will help in reading through the book and can be finished easily.

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Bible Reading Privilege and Priority

The habit of reading the holy book of the Bible is a little difficult to develop. Apart from that, the read through the holy book of the Bible is even more difficult daily because it requires the most dedication and a fixed routine that needs to be followed every day.

Bible Read Through Privilege and Priority
Bible Read Through Privilege and Priority

The easiest way for continuing and growing the faith in God and deepening the relationship with him is by making the habit of reading the Bible the topmost priority.

One should also keep all the suggestions which are mentioned in this particular article in their mind and follow these steps because there is no excuse or reason present in life which can procrastinate the habit of reading the holy book of the Bible.

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An individual will succeed in his or her life if they make it a habit of reading the Bible daily.

Choose the Bible Reading Plan

Choosing the right Bible from a lot of different types of Bible is very necessary if a person wants to develop the habit of reading the Bible daily. Read through the Bible is only possible if the correct Bible is in the hands of the person.

Choose the Bible Read Through Plan
Choose the Bible Read Through Plan

So one has to choose the correct book as there are so many to choose from. If a person is having trouble in selecting the right Bible, then they are not alone in this world.

With so many versions available in the market and on the online platforms along with the different translations and hundreds of different study materials in the book being sold, it is very hard for a common man to know which book is the best and most suitable for them.

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Here are some quick tips and suggestions from our side which will help you in choosing the right holy book of the Bible for yourself:

  1. The first step is for choosing the best Bible by knowing the purpose which you want to get fulfilled by reading this particular book.
  2. The second step is by getting advice from an experienced and trusted Bible reader or a priest regarding the topic of which Bible or version should they buy.
  3. Another tip and advice are by sticking to your budget when one is choosing from the different translations of the holy book of Bible present on online platforms and even in offline stores.
  4. One can also choose the holy book of the Bible which is in their native language and can be easily understood by them without any complications.
  5. One can also compare the different features of the holy book of the Bible which are present in the market so that he or she can choose the best published Bible.
  6. One can also search for the best popular Bible translations available in the market and then go for the book which they like the most.

Why Read Through the Bible?

The question arises that why should one read through the holy book of the Bible.

Why Read Through the Bible?
Why Read Through the Bible?

It is always believed that spending time around the words which are spoken by God himself and reading his Revelation to mankind is considered one of the most essentials in the daily life of a Christian.

Through this particular process, one gets to know about God personally and also get the idea about God being the father of humanity and the creator of the universe.

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Feeling arises in the mind, which tells you that this particular book has been written by God himself for his devotees. One also gets a better understanding of the purpose of God and his plan of Salvation from the beginning till the end.

It is also written in the book that the Apostle Paul encouraged Timothy to be diligent in studying the word of the god:

“Work hard so you can present yourself to God and receive his approval. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth.”

The Bible is considered to be the guide book or a roadmap for all the living Christians on the earth.

Read Through the Bible Without Actual Reading

It has always been possible to read through the Bible without actually reading it. For all those people who struggle with reading the Bible, this particular article brings a couple of suggestions that will blow your mind.

Read Through Bible Without Actual Reading
Reading Through Bible Without Actual Reading

If a person is an owner of an iPod or some other portable listening device that is valuable, then one can consider downloading the audio format of the holy book of the Bible.

Many websites are available online which offer free audio Bible applications that can be easily downloaded in these kinds of gadgets. Some other websites are also available online with the audio Bible reading plans if a person is comfortable and listening to them online.

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Some of the suggestions which one can consider for listening to the Bible online and eliminating the read through Bible concept are given below:

  • Faith Comes By Hearing – Find several free audio Bible downloads, or listen online to the Streaming Bible.
  • – Listen online to a comprehensive 365-day Bible reading plan.
  • – Register for a customization daily reading plan, including an audio Bible.
  • Blue Letter Bible – Read or listen to the daily reading selection.
  • – Read or listen to the daily reading selection, with several Bible translations to choose from.

Some of the Bible apps which come with the audio feature are given below:

  1. Bible by You Version – iTunes Store
  2. Bible by You Version – Android Market
  3. – iTunes Store
  4. – Android Market
  5. Daily Audio Bible – iTunes Store
  6. Daily Audio Bible – Android Market

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Read through the Bible is a term used for completing the holy book of the Bible in a period which is very less when compared to the actual time taken for accurately completing the book, verse by verse.

In this article, we have tried to cover various methods and tricks which can be used by the Bible readers and book lovers for completing the book in no time and solving the problem of Reading through the Bible very easily.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How can one finish the Bible without actually reading it?

One can finish the Bible without actually reading it by downloading the audio version of the Bible which is easily available on various online platforms and listen to them in their smartphones, laptops, i Pods, and other such devices.

Why is reading the Bible considered tough?

Reading the complete Bible in the normal and traditional way is considered to be tough and time-consuming because the book has various verses that one has to complete by giving constant sitting and religiously following the book.