Psychic Attack: 9 Best Ways to Protect Yourself Now

Psychic attack is the negative (-) energy generated by conscious or unconscious intent to cause harm to people or their family members. Such harm may include the person’s emotional, physical, or mental state.

Psychic attack may be affected by someone (including friends or family members) that the person already knows and develop a mental illness. When sending harmful thoughts unconsciously, jealousy, or anger is usually the motivation.

Don’t underestimate a psychic attack. It is real. It happens all the time. You can learn to protect yourself from psychic attacks and how to clear yourself of negative energy from the outside world.

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How to Guard yourself against Psychic attacks?

To guard yourself from these attacks, you can follow the below given 9 step formula;

How to Guard yourself against Psychic attacks
How to Guard yourself against Psychic and Panic attacks?
  1. Understanding psychic attacks by identifying abnormal events that occur will help reduce the impact of attacks.
  2. Ask a spiritual guide or guardian angel to help stop the attack and provide protection.
  3. Avoid sending similar energy or ideas to the attacker.
  4. Instead of returning to thoughts of anger, hatred, or fear, it is better to sympathize with the attacker. This light, love, and blessing can help attackers see and heal their darkness.
  5. Every time an attacker enters your mind, imagine that you are sprinkling water on the attacker with the pure light of the universe.
  6. Change the way of sending by imagining that light is sent in different ways. Stay protected around you.
  7. The most important way to stay unaffected by psychological attacks is to keep your emotions strong and stable.
  8. Identify your emotional problems and fears, and aim to cure them. This protection can keep the absorption and impact of negative energy to a minimum.
  9. Consultation with a doctor or counselor may also help.

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How to know whether you are under a Psychic Attack?

These are some possible symptoms that may be encountered. However, these symptoms may be caused by a variety of common diseases and conditions, and the possibility of any symptoms caused by psychic attacks is minimal.

How to know whether you are under a Psychic Attack
How to know whether you are under a Psychic or Panic Attack?

If you experience these symptoms at any time, please consult your healthcare provider as soon as possible:

  1. Horrible and unpleasant dreams.
  2. Seeing the attacker in a demonic way in dreams, meditations, or thoughts.
  3. Feeling tired and exhausted for no reason.
  4. Feeling regular pain at the same time and place.
  5. Lack of focus and laziness in daily work.
  6. The headache is extremely severe, accompanied by vomiting or dizziness.
  7. Asking questions or doubts about the direction of life, even if the direction is known in advance.
  8. Even when lonely, there is a feeling of being watched and the feeling of seeing shadows from the corner of the eye.
  9. Feeling similar to a heart attack or suicidal tendency.

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Why someone might experience attacks?

There are several motives to influence the attacker:

  1. The attacker is jealous. For example, the life of the victim is evolving, while the life of the attacker is at a standstill.
  2. The attacker admires the victim’s appearance, occupation, life partner, or environment.
  3. The attackers are living on their dark side at the moment.
  4. The attacker lacks self-belief and lives in fear.
Why someone might experience attacks
Why someone might experience attacks?

In theory, if you consciously send negative energy to someone to cause harm, then what is sent is what the sender is attracted to? The universal law of karma states that things happening around you multiply.

From a psychological point of view, you seem to be depressed. But from the perspective of energy medicine, you are likely to suffer psychic attacks. Yes, consciously or unconsciously, someone may intend to harm you.

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You are exhausted but unable to sleep. You keep getting terrible. You will feel that your usual source of happiness is overwritten. You don’t seem to be functioning properly, and you don’t know why.

These negative energies are usually thought forms based on jealousy, anger, and other emotions.

Although there is no scientific evidence that anyone is capable of launching a mental attack on another person, negative behavior towards others may have a destructive effect on the target.

Proven Ways to Protect Yourself From Psychic and Panic Attacks

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is a psychic attack?

Psychological warfare is defined as actions intended to reduce an opponent’s moral or mental well-being. This type of attack is usually carried out through propaganda, ideas, or statements that are false or exaggerated deliberately, spread to influence the masses.

What is a panic attack in psychology?

A panic attack is a sudden episode of intense fear that triggers severe physical reactions when there is no real danger or apparent cause. Panic attacks can be very frightening. When panic attacks occur, you might think you’re losing control, having a heart attack or even dying.

Why do psychic attacks come?

It is not yet known what causes psychic attacks but certain factors may play an important role, including genetics, major stress, or having a predisposition to stress. Psychic attacks are typically experienced as a result of misinterpreting physical symptoms of anxiety.

Can psychic attacks make you cry?

Psychic attacks are so intense, that when they’re over a feeling of needing to cry is natural and expected. Not everyone cries after anxiety attacks, but the intensity makes it natural to feel like crying.

Can you be admitted to anxiety?

If it is an anxiety disorder on its own, the only reason for hospitalization is for intensive treatment that can’t be carried out as an out-patient. This is only necessary in the severest cases of OCD and related disorders.