6 Witty Prayer Activities for Children

Young kids learn best while playing. So, teach your children to pray with these witty prayer activities and games.

These cool prayer activities for children will teach your kids how to pray and the significance of prayer in building a relationship with God. All these techniques can be created at home or merged as prayer games for Sunday school lessons.

Best Prayer Activities for Children

The 5 fun prayer activities for children that could benefit them in developing a true bond with god are;

  1. Starting and ending your day with prayer
  2. The 5 finger prayer game
  3. ACTS method of prayer
  4. Adore Music and Prayer Activities for Children
  5. Silence Prayer
  6. Pray through Art and Craft

1. Start and End your Day with Prayer

Before and After Prayer Activities for Children (kids) are a great way to build your relationship with God without any interference.

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To build this activity among the kids, as a Sunday school game, do this before you begin your classes every day, and once at the end of the class.

In case you drop your kids to daycare or a babysitter or just before leaving your house, make sure you pray at home with them.

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This will help the children of all ages to start their day with a right beginning.

This is a great time to pray for tutors, supports, and help with classes or peer relations.

If your kids get worried or anxious about the day ahead, pray with them so that God bestows his blessings and help them let go of their issues, for better focus and true wisdom in their lives.

A good prayer time could be extremely beneficial for young kids who have difficulty coming up with things to pray for by developing a bedtime ritual for helping them remember and pray about what happened during their day in school.

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Kids can thank the Creator for making helping them make new friends or making correct choices that they made during their entire day.

Thus, praying at the end of the day or during bedtime could be extremely beneficial for children of any age.

2. The 5 finger prayer game

This game is one of the most recommended by various children pastor who believes that it helps kids easily memorize different ideas and facts.

The 5 finger prayer game
The 5 finger prayer game (Prayer Activities for Children)

To learn the 5 finger game, you need to hold the hands of the kids in the prayer posture, using different fingers as prayer guides.

You can strengthen the activity by explaining to your children that each finger works as a reminder to something.

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The pointer finger gives direction, the thumb is the one that is the closest to us, the middle finger stands above all the others, the right finger is weaker than most of the others, and the pinky finger is the smallest of all others.

  1. Thumb: Say a prayer for those closest to you. (Praise God)
  2. Pointer: Say a prayer for school teachers and Sunday school teachers. (Confess your sins)
  3. Middle: Say a prayer for the president and the country. (Thank God for everything)
  4. Ring: Say a prayer for a sick person or someone with a serious need. (Pray for the needy)
  5. Pinky: Say a prayer for yourself. (Close it)

3. ACTS Method of Prayer Activities for Kids

The ACTS Method is a prayer activity for kids that involve the following 4 steps i.e. Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication.

ACTS Method of Prayer
ACTS Method of Prayer Activities for Children

It is utilized by kids as well as adults as it strongly helps to develop longer prayer times as much time is spent to understand the true meaning of various verses of Bible that supports various sections of the prayer.

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Many kids won’t understand the complete meaning of the ACTS acronym therefore take this a learning opportunity yourself and try to teach your kids slowly with different teaching tactics.

You may take a small pause after each prayer verse and teach your kids the symbolism of prayer, giving them time to pray.

This is another prayer activity that is easy to use at home or in a Sunday school setting.

  1. Adoration: First, tell God how much you adore and worship him.
  2. Confession: Next, tell God about what you have done incorrect and tell him you are apologetic. He will pardon you, but he asks that you don’t do this thing again.
  3. Thanksgiving: Think about all the optimistic things in your life and thank God for his wisdom.
  4. Supplication: Pray for something you need aid with, and for other folks who need God’s help.

4. Adore Music and Prayer Activities for Children

This is one of the wittiest tricks among all the prayer activities for children. This might also be used as a bridge for moving children across multiple games.

Adore Music and Prayer
Adore Music and Prayer (Prayer Activities for Children)

You may use worship music with prayer activities at the end of Sunday school to help the kids when they are preparing to leave the class with their parents or caretakers.

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Because music is lyrical and has reprise, it’s a cool way for kids to learn about prayer.

Kids love the liveliness in Christian pop modern and gospel music, and this eagerness helps them to remember the lyrics.

Once kids get habitual to the song and start to sing it, then make sure to help them understand its true significance how it could help them connect with God.

Use this fun activity as a catalyst to pray about the ideas in the song lyrics.

5. Silence Prayer Activities for Children

Young kids can pray silently as this practice enables them to empty their mind and become more close to God.

Silence Prayer
Silence Prayer Activities for Children

They may choose to sit silently as against their general desire to move around and do activities.

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Kids can begin with the silent prayer for approximately 2 to 5 minutes every day as it helps develop focus. However, the elder siblings might exceed themselves to up to 10 minutes of prayer.

To practice the prayer, invite them to a calm place to your house away from the gadgets and tell them to imagine standing in a forest along a river stream.

Next, explain to hold down their thoughts just like water tries to hold itself on the tree leaves and this will enable them to gather more wisdom and patience.

6. Pray through Art and Craft

Tell your kids to collect all the art and craft tools such as colours and sheets. Make them choose different colours and decide a prayer theme corresponding to them.

Pray through Art and Craft
Pray through Art and Craft

For example, a green colour could indicate praying aloud for birds, a purple colour could mean prayer for friends and family while the yellow colour could mean prayer for the entire planet.

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Alter the groups to your clan or schoolroom. (Also, observing for some of the fresh coloring pieces?)


Well, that was a lot to absorb! We hope that all the 6 ways of prayer activities for children would help you and your family.

It will cultivate spiritual growth and personality deployment among the kids of your family.