How to Use a Pendulum for Spiritual Healing?

Pendulums are defined as objects that are attached at the end of a metal chain or string when suspended from a still place, a pendulum will swing back and forth or in a circular motion.

Using a pendulum for spiritual healing is a simple way to access divine guidance and inner growth as it is very accurate if used correctly. It is a tool that is used for connecting with a spirit via your guides or your higher self.

The classic image of a pendulum is that of an item with 4 metal balls, such as that on a worker’s desk, also known as Newton’s pendulum.

Otherwise, the image of a pendulum watch clock wavering back and forth may ring a bell. This is one way that you can surely make choices based on an exact way.

How are Pendulums made?  How do pendulums work?

Pendulums are made from a range of things like crystals, wood, glass, and metals. To make a simple pendulum, you can use a string and a weight hung from a single point.

How are Pendulums made
How are Pendulums for spiritual healing made?

Other items used in the making include a string such as a wire or a rod. The weight, also known as a bob, can be of any convenient weight.

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The overall consent within the healing group is that using a wooden pendulum on a thread is the ideal choice for getting the utmost clarity.

This is for the reason that both gems, stones, and metals tend to engross energies which could cloud or effect the knowledge.

It works by altering energy back and forth, a bit like a roller-coaster ride. So as the bob swings (oscillates) back and forth, it constantly changes its energy back and forth between potential and kinetic energy.

How to use a Pendulum for Spiritual Healing?

We can use a Pendulum for Spiritual Healing and Physical Remedial by tracing any blocks in one’s chi (energy). With the process of drowsing, it seeks out invisible energies which help in balancing, healing and cleansing our mind, body and soul.

How Does a Pendulum Help in Spiritual Healing
How to use a Pendulum for Spiritual Healing?

A Pendulum for Spiritual Healing connects people to higher energies and helps us to look for answers to certain questions by picking on elusive vibrations.

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They are used as a method of reflection by asking queries to obtain direction, alertness, and empathy.

Matching one’s chakras is also promising with pendulums, as pendulums tend to pick up on subtle sensations to clear the body and balance mind, body, and spirit.

Thus, the items can help release forms of agony whether emotive or bodily.

In the end, it’s vital when using a crystal device to choose a way of cleaning or clearing crystal former to the forecast session, whether it be for remedial purposes or looking for responses.

5 Pro Tips When Using a Pendulum for Spiritual Healing

Below are the 5 best tips that would help you use a pendulum for spiritual healing and mental stability.

5 Pro Tips When Using a Pendulum
5 Pro Tips When Using a Pendulum for Spiritual Healing
  1. Before working these drills, ensure the subsequent resources are included:
    1. Pendulum
    2. Intentional Mind Set
    3. Pendulum Charts (optional)
  2. Receive evidence only if your instincts promise you it is precise.
  3. Keep a pad handy to write down any queries and the pendulum’s reply.
  4. Each pendulum may have a diverse response. Likewise, each person must start their reversing swings before using a pendulum.
  5. Make sure that your pendulums have been vacant of any adverse drives before and after each use.

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Step by Step Guide to Use a Pendulum for Spiritual Healing

A pendulum is used for spiritual healing by the healers as a dowsing tool or for measuring the energy fields for prophecy purposes.

Step 1: Allow the Device to Choose You

The best way to choose a Pendulum for spiritual healing and physical remedial is to identify the one that immediately catches the eye.

Allow the Pendulum to Choose You
Allow the Pendulum for Spiritual Healing to Choose You

You must give time to the tool to choose you as its master rather than the other way around.

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Touch the device and try to feel subtle vibration or a sudden increase in the temperature. If that happens then you have got what you were looking for.

Step 2: Cleansing and Cleaning Process

The cleansing or cleaning process is done to remove all the negative energy vibrations from the device and thereby use the pendulum for spiritual healing and remedial.

Cleansing and Cleaning Process
Cleansing and Cleaning Process of Pendulum for Spiritual Healing

This can be achieved by soaking it in sea salt, setting a mental intention or holding it under running tap water.

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Once the cleansing process is complete, hold it with full passion and try to understand the feeling and behaviour of the tool.

Step 3: Correlating Directional Swings with Actions

The understanding of the directional swings helps to identify strong affirmative actions. The device swing either in horizontal straight lines, vertical straight lines and circular movements.

Correlating Directional Swings with Actions
Correlating Directional Swings with Actions

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The directional swings can happen in a bobbing movement up and down, in an elliptical motion, clockwise or anticlockwise direction, front and back or side-by-side directions.

Step 4: Assign a Response to Each Directional Spin

Now you must assign an individual response to each directional swing which can be done by asking the device to show you a few responses. For example, you may begin with;

Assign a Response to Each Directional Spin
Assign a Response to Each Directional Spin
  1. What does a Yes or a No look like?
  2. What is the outcome you wish to attain?

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These questions, when asked subsequently, will help you attain directional swing responses. This must be done properly before going to the more difficult questions.

Pendulum Spiritual Healing and Remedial Response Examples:

  • Vertical swing indicates: NO
  • Horizontal swing means: YES
  • The circular movement shows: NEUTRAL

Step 5: Prepare Responsive Questions

A question must be one that can be replied with a positive, negative or neutral response.

Prepare Responsive Questions
Prepare Responsive Questions

Good Question Example:

“Will I be offered the job I interviewed for this morning?”

Poor Question Example:

Will my pregnant cousin deliver a boy or girl?”

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Step 6: Proceed with a Prayerful Request

It is vital to precede the question period with a prayerful request or statement.

Proceed with a Prayerful Request
Proceed with a Prayerful Request

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For example, that may be as modest as saying something along the lines of, “It is my purpose to obtain honest answers which will help the good of all anxious.”

Step 7: Be Prepared to Ask Several Questions

One must be well prepared to ask questions before and in between the session to attain maximum information to get rid of their problems.

Be Prepared to Ask Several Questions
Be Prepared to Ask Several Questions using a Pendulum for Spiritual Healing

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Make sure to entirely stop any pendulum motion between queries to clear any persistent energies that affect to the earlier question.

Connecting with the Pendulum

As discussed above, one might need to connect to their device when they face the need to achieve the same, but it is always a spiritual practice.

Connecting with Pendulums
Connecting with Pendulum for Spiritual Healing

It is recommended to get maximum out of this spiritual practice of healing and self-recovery.

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A pendulum might be used for spiritual healing, getting clarity of mind and solving unsolved doubts and questions.

However, you must make sure that you rephrase your questions such that they are answerable by the device as it can answer you only in “yes” or “no”.

Using it to Receive Answers from Spirits

Once you have decided to use a device, you could buy yourself a new one but keep in mind that they come in a variety of stones.

Using Pendulum to Receive Answers from Spirits
Using Pendulum for Spiritual Healing and Receive Answers from Spirits

A pendulum mainly is made up of a sensibly long chain, around 6-8 inches, with a weight on the end.

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Just search for some simple pendulum as it is more of the process than the stone that helps you with spiritual and physical healing.

Once you got it then pray to God and try to connect with the spirits by asking them questions you want to get answered.


A pendulum can help you significantly in spiritual and physical healing especially with the one that connects well with you. Use your pendulum to get the answer.

If there are a few stones to choose between, you can use the pendulum to help you to decide the one that will work best, for your highest good.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Why pendulum is used for spiritually?

Using a pendulum is a modest way to access Godly direction, and they are very precise if used properly. A pendulum is a tool that is used to connect with spirit via your higher self or your attendants.

Do pendulums lie?

A pendulum rarely lies. However, many people tend not to use it giving an excuse that a pendulum lies, which is not true. But it is a fact that rigid opinions and thoughts do affect the result of the pendulum swing.

How does a crystal pendulum move?

Various nerve reactions are transferred from your unconscious mind to your fingers and then thru fingers to the chain that is holding the pendulum weight. These minute nerve transmissions affect the chain which is then transmitted thru chain to the weight, causing it to move in the same direction.