Pagan and Wiccan Symbols (Magic and Power)

In modern paganism, various traditions are present which use different magical pagan and Wiccan symbols.

Almost all traditions all around the world respect the Wiccan and Pagan symbols as a lot of magical traditions and natural elements are associated with them.

In this particular article, we have tried to cover some of the most commonly used symbols and their extended forms used in the present world.

Pagan and Wiccan Symbols (Powerful & Magical)

The most important and commonly used Pagan and Wiccan Symbols are listed below along with their detailed features and explanation.

1. Celtic Shield Knot

The Celtic Shield knot is believed to be used for protection and warding. The Shield knots have appeared in various cultures all around the world and have also taken a variety of different forms.

Celtic Shield Knot
Pagan and Wiccan Symbols: Celtic Shield Knot

They are almost universally made in square shape and are famous for their various beautiful designs which range from simple design to complex design. In the Celtic version, a series of this particular symbol is mentioned.

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It is considered to be one of the most important Wiccan and Pagan Symbols. The fans of the Celtic artwork occasionally get the variations of this particular symbol in the form of tattoos on their body or even wear them as a good luck charm and protection equipment.

If a person is interested in following a Celtic path in their life, then several books can be useful for them.

There are no written records present about the ancient Celtic people but several reliable books written by famous and intelligent Scholars are present online or in various libraries that are worth reading.

2. Sun Wheel

The Sun wheel is considered to be a symbolic representation of the wheel of the Year and also an epitome of the eight Wiccan Sabbats.

The name of this particular symbol comes from the famous Sola cross which was in the form of a calendar used to mark the solstices and the equinoxes present in the pre-Christian European cultures.

Sun Wheel
Pagan and Wiccan Symbols: Sun Wheel

In addition to the name of the wheel or cross, sometimes this particular symbol is compared with the sun as both of them are circular and sometimes it is also compared with a center, with a point in between.

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The sun has considered being a symbol of Magic and power for a very long time. The people, many centuries ago used to honor the sun God with prudence and piety according to the famous James Fraser.

Because of the sheer power of the sun, they made a lot of offerings of honey rather than a wine as they were aware of the fact that it was important to keep a God of such power from becoming intoxicated.

The Egyptians have always identified the majority of their Gods and Goddesses with a solar disc above their head which is considered to be an indication that they were the god of the light.

3. Horned God

The horned God symbol is another very famous Pagan and Wiccan symbol which is often considered to be a symbolic representation of the masculine energy of God.

It is also considered to be a symbol of an archetype as it is often seen in the Cernunnos and other Gods related to fertility and vegetation.

Horned God
Pagan and Wiccan Symbols: Horned God

This particular symbol is also considered to be a symbol of the horned moon of July which is also famous by the name of blessing moon and is connected to the lunar Goddesses. The Pagan and Wiccan Symbols of the horned beings have been found in various cave paintings which are thousands of years old.

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It has also become a fashion statement around the 19th century when almost all the English people assume that the horned beings were the Gods and that the Christian churches were trying to prevent the people from worshipping such figures as the associated them with Satan.

The famous artist Elvis levy expected pictures of Baphomet somewhere around 1855 which became very popular all around the world.

Many modern Pagan and Wiccan Symbols and troops have accepted the idea of this particular symbol in the form of the embodiment of masculine energy.

4. Fire

The fire is considered to be one of the symbols of the four classical elements which are present on the earth. It is considered to be an epitome of purity and masculine energy.

Pagan and Wiccan Symbols: Fire

It has been associated with the south direction and has also been connected with the strong will power and the energy of an individual. Fire is considered to be the destroyer of all the evil things and is also believed to have the power to create new life.

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In some older traditions, this particular triangle Pagan and Wiccan Symbols were considered to be the mark of a degree of initiation. It was sometimes displayed inscribed within a circle and fire was represented even by a circle alone.

This triangle shape was considered to be a pyramid shape and was also related to the masculinity aspect of the divine. Somewhere around the year 1887, the famous writer Lydia Bell route in the path that:

“…the triangle is our symbol for truth. As a symbol for the whole of truth, it holds the key to all science, to all wisdom, and its study leads with certain steps to and through that door wherein the mystery of life ceases to be a problem and becomes revelation.

The triangle is a unit, each part of the triangle is a unit, hence, it follows that every part manifests the whole.”

The fire has also been considered to be very important to mankind ever since its level evolution. It was not only considered to be a means or method of cooking food but was also considered to be the differentiator between life and death happening on a winter night.

For keeping the fire burning and for ensuring that the family might survive another day on this earth people used logs of wood and even other flammable substances for sustaining the fire.

The fire was typically seen as some kind of magical paradox because, in addition to the role of a destroyer which it plays, it was also considered to be a creator and regenerator.

The ability to control the Fire and also using it for constructive purposes has always been an important question in the various religions.

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5. Eye of Ra

The symbol eye of Ra is a symbol which is considered to be very similar to the eye of Horus and is also considered to be one of the most ancient and magical symbols. It is also famous by the name of Udjat and is sometimes invoked in the form of a signal of protection.

Eye of Ra
Pagan and Wiccan Symbols: Eye of Ra

The symbolism of this particular eye has appeared in various traditions and cultures and has been portrayed differently in various civilizations.

The image of an eye, which can see all the happenings of the world is very common in the present society.

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This particular eye has been often associated with wisdom and knowledge and the one which is directing all the people on the path of wisdom. This eye has also been connected to the two souls.

Some people also believe in the notion of the Evil eye. The ancient Babylon texts have made a lot of references to this particular Evil eye concept and have indicated that more than 5000 years ago the people were involved in protecting themselves from the malevolent thoughts of the others.

They also used these Pagan and Wiccan Symbols for ensuring the protection against someone who might possess a threat or harm to you or your loved ones.

6. Earth

The earth is another symbol that is considered to be the ultimate symbol of the divine feminine. During the springtime and at the time of the new growth and origination of life, it is believed that the Earth quickens and grows with full potential various varieties of crops on its surface.

Pagan and Wiccan Symbols: Earth

The image of the earth has been depicted and compared with that of a mother. For thousands of years, the people have seen the earth as an ultimate source of life just like a giant womb of the mother.

The people of Southwest America have indicated a lot of times that the Earth does not have a triangular shape but is in the form of a Labyrinth with one opening, which is similar to the opening of the womb from which the offspring comes out.

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In Alchemy, the element of the earth has been represented in the form of a triangle with the crossbar.

There are a lot of Gods and Goddesses who were associated with the element Earth and have been included in Gaia. Talking about the Tarot, the symbol Earth is associated with the suit of pentacles.

It is also connected with the abundance and fertility factor and is a symbol of green forest and lush Greenfields. The earth and other Pagan and Wiccan Symbols are invoked for the workings which are related to material wealth, fertility, and prosperity.

7. Eye of Horus

The eye of Horus has been referred to as the Wedjat in the majority of the religious and mythological texts. It has also been represented in the Egyptian Falcon mythology as the God.

Eye of Horus
Pagan and Wiccan Symbols: Eye of Horus

The Pagan and Wiccan Symbols were used for both healing and protection from dangerous situations and problems. When it is appearing in the form of Udjat, it represents the right eye of Ra who is the Sun god.

The same image if reversed represents the left eye of Thoth. He was considered to be the god of wisdom and magic. The notion of the Evil eye has been present from the past four thousand years and is also believed by the people.

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People have used this particular symbol for their protection against someone who can harm them or their loved ones.

8. Air

The air is considered to be one of the 4 classical elements and he often believed to be the one which invokes Wiccan ritual.

Pagan and Wiccan Symbols: Air

This element is associated with the direction of the East and is also connected to the breath and soul of life. In some of the cultures, a triangle that is sitting on its base is considered to be the masculine form and is also connected to the element of fire rather than that of air.

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People have also associated these Pagan and Wiccan Symbols with magical traditions and also with spirits and other elemental beings. In some of the belief systems, the angels are often associated with this particular element.

This has also been proved in various metaphysical studies and also in the concept of Buddhism.

9. Ankh

The Ankh is the ancient Egyptian symbol that represents eternal life. The Egyptian book of living and dying is the one with covers everything about this particular symbol.

Pagan and Wiccan Symbols; Ankh

One theory about this particular Pagan and Wiccan Symbols is that the loop which is present at the top is symbolic of the Rising Sun while the horizontal bar is considered to be the representation of the feminine energy. The vertical bar indicates the masculine energy.

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The symbol is also featured on funerary artwork and also in various temple carvings. This symbol was traditionally drawn in Gold which is similar to the color of the Sun. Today many Kemetic recon groups and the devotees of ISIS invoke the symbol during their rituals.,

10. Seax Wicca

The Seax Wicca is a tradition which was founded in the year 1970 by the famous author Raymond Buckland. This particular symbol is inspired by the Saxon religion of the old but is not considered to be a reconstructionist tradition.

Seax Wicca
Pagan and Wiccan Symbols: Seax Wicca

This particular Pagan and Wiccan Symbols is also a representation of the Sun, The Moon, and the eight Wiccan Sabbats.

Raymond Buckland wrote about this particular tradition and said that unlike the other initiatory and outbound traditions, this particular tradition is different. Anyone can easily learn about this particular symbol and tradition.

The features and ins and outs about the particular symbol are mentioned in the complete book of Saxon Witchcraft.


The Pagan and Wiccan symbols are being used in almost all the traditions around the world. These symbols are considered to be a source of magical powers and the balancer of the energies of both the genders.

Each of the symbols is associated with either one or many elements and planets which gives it the same properties which these planets and elements possess in them, which further helps the devotees in leading a wealthy and prosperous life ahead.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What are the most important symbols in the Pagan and Wiccan tradition?

The most important symbols in the Pagan and Wiccan traditions include air, fire, water, earth, and Ether (Spirit). These are the basic elements which form almost all the living matter present in this world.

What does the God of Wiccan tradition represent?

The male part of the Wiccan tradition is represented by the Horned God while the female part of the tradition is represented by the triple goddess of the moon, who is also famous by the name of the mother goddess.