Ophanim Angels Origin, History and Symbolism

Ophanim Angels in the religion of Judaism, are a group of angels that are famous for their knowledge and wisdom.

It is believed that these Angels never sleep and are constantly busy in guarding the god’s throne which is present in heaven. Ophanim are commonly known as thrones and are also sometimes referred to as wheels.

These wheels have a long association with the fiery four-eyed covered wheels which can be seen moving next to the winged cherubim, which is present Beneath the throne of the god.

Origin and History

The word Ophanim has originated from the Hebrew word Ophan, which in English means wheel.

Origin and History
Origin and History

Their significance is mentioned in the Bible in Ezekiel 1:15-21, which tells that the spirit of the people was encased inside the wheels which moved with them wherever these people went.

These wheels are known to be covered with eyes which are a constant symbol of awareness about the happenings all around the world and how all those activities are aligned with god’s will.

In the Dead Sea Scroll numbered 44Q05, these guardians were first referred to as angels, and then in the late section of the Enoch book.

These angels were mentioned as celestial beings who are never asleep and are always guarding the throne of the god.

Philosophy and Function of Angels

The throne of God, which is also referred to as galgallin and Ophanim, are living creatures that function as the chariot of the god.

Philosophy and Function of Angels
Philosophy and Function of Angels

The chariot is driven by the cherubs. They are considered to be a symbol of peace and submission and it is believed that the god himself rests upon them.

These thrones are beautifully depicted in the form of big wheels which have many eyes on them and are residing in the area of the cosmos where all the material form begins taking the shape.

The angels forever remain in the presence of the god and are constantly chanting glorias. These angels are responsible for maintaining the cosmic harmony and the divine justice of all the universal laws.

Merkabah Meditation

The journey of the mind of people is through different levels while going to heaven.

Merkabah Meditation
Merkabah Meditation

This journey takes place through the Merkabah mysticism meditation and hears the people encounter Ophanim Angels who are always testing these people based on their spiritual knowledge.

These angels also reveal various holy mysteries to the people after they have passed the test and then continue their journey.

The main goal of the person is to leave his or her ego behind and finally move closer and closer to god’s will which he has decided for them.

This angel also helps the people in growing closer to God by opening the minds of the people and letting them discover god’s purpose for fulfilling their lives.

Ophanim Angels and Enoch

Ophanim Angels and Enoch
Ophanim Angels and Enoch

The angels help in the transportation of the chariot of fire which carries the biblical prophet Enoch to and through a place in heaven. All this is included in a storybook named 3 Enoch.

It is a Christian and Jewish sacred text. It is believed that when the angels and Ophanim met Enoch, they said the famous line “he is merely a gnat among those who divide Flames of Fire!”

To this sentence, God replied, that he has been chosen because of the righteousness faith and the perfection office deeds. Thus, he is a tribute to the world of god under all the heavens.

Communication of Angels with Humans

It is stated in the sacred texts that the angels have worked with humans for making the people learn about the various happenings in the world and increasing their knowledge base.

Communication of Ophanim Angels

They also helped the people so that this knowledge can be applied in practical ways and they can become wiser and finally empower other people and explore their full God-given potential in life.

The Ophanim Angels are known to send messages or signs to the people with the help of extrasensory perception which is known as ESP. This list includes the following things:

1. Clairaudience which means clearing. It involves hearing all the sounds that are coming from beyond the physical realm.

2. Clairgustance which means clear tasting. Here the person Learns about getting knowledge of something with the help of taste, even if the physical source of the taste is lacking.

3. Clairsentience is clearing the senses of touch and emotions. Here, the person gains psychic information with the help of the senses of touch or even by perceiving something through the feeling of the emotion of it in any physical way.

4. Clairalience is the clear smelling of anything. Here, the person receives psychic knowledge with the help of the sense of smell through the nose.

5. Clairvoyance means clear seeing of everything. Here, the person develops the impression of seeing in his mind.

The angels are not only limited to these 5 ways of communicating with humans.

Some other ways used to communicate with human beings are sending fresh and creative ideas to them and also boosting the faith of human beings.

Ophanim Angels in Different Traditions

Ophanim in Various Specific Traditions
Ophanim in Various Specific Traditions

1. Ophanim in Judaism

In the religion of Judaism, Ophanim angels have the meaning of occupying the second rank out of the 10 ranks of the angels in the exposition of the Jewish angelic hierarchy.

2. Western Wisdom Teachings

The cosmic conception of Rosicrucian refers that the two superior hierarchies are Cherubim and Seraphim.

The teaching also suggests that the three hierarchies have already reached liberation and are no longer working towards evolution.

3. Islam

The country of Islam has identified Ophanim concerning the mother plane.

The mother plane was described by Wallace Fard Muhammad as a small man-made planet which is approximately located around 64 kilometres above the earth that would one day destroy the cities of white people.

Aliza Mohammed, who was his successor has also identified the contemporary sightings of the flying saucer.


The Ophanim Angels are always guarding the throne of God. They have eyes present on all the wheels of the chariot which has given them the name of many-eyed angels.

The Ophanim angels guide human beings on the right path by providing them knowledge and wisdom and helping them to apply this knowledge in the practical world.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Do the Ophanim Angels have multiple eyes?

Yes, the angels have multiple eyes that are present on the wheels and rims of the chariot. They are constantly guarding the god’s chariot and are always present around it.

Do the Ophanim Angels have wheels present under them?

Yes, the Ophanim angels have wheels of fire present under them. The detailed explanation of these wheels is present in many sacred and holy texts.

What do the Cherubim look like?

It is mentioned in various religious and holy texts that the cherubim have 4 faces. The first face is of a lion, second of an ox, third of a human being, and the fourth face is of an eagle. Apart from this, they also have a pair of wings.

Which angel is considered to be the strongest angel of God?

The Metatron is considered to be the angel of the highest hierarchy. It is also considered to be the strongest angel of god.