Maman Brigitte Folklore in Voodoo Religion

Maman Brigitte is a Vodou loa. The loa are the intermediaries who interact with humanity on the behalf of God himself, who does not interact with us directly.

Maman Brigitte is the ruler of the cemetery along with her husband Baron Samedi. She is believed to be a fiery and hot loa who drinks rum which is infused with pepper and is considered to be too spicy for any mortal or living being.

It is believed that the oldest female grave in any of the cemetery is hers and if someone wants to honour her then they have to leave spicy rum on the said grave present in the local cemetery.

She is also linked to the concepts of fertility, rebirth and death. She is an aggressive protector of women and considered to be an epitome of punitive justice.

Haitian Vodou Folklore

Maman Brigitte is completely different from the other spirits of the voodoo loa. Other spirits work as an intermediary between the divine and the mortals.

Origin and History
Haitian Vodou Folklore

While on the other hand, Maman Brigitte does not have her origin in Africa.

Instead, it is believed that she hails from Ireland in the form of the Celtic Goddess Brigid and the associated Saint Brigade of Kildare.

She is also famous by the names of Maman Brijit and Gran Brigitte.

During the time of the British colonization, majority of the Scottish, English and the Irish people found themselves signing various contracts like the contract of indentured servitude.

These people were then transported to North America and the Caribbean islands. They worked there as servants and a majority of them were women.

These women brought with themselves various traditions and because of this, the Goddess Brigade found the company of loa for herself.

These loa were carried by the enslaved people from Africa.

Some of the people believe that she is depicted as the great Mary Magdalene, as she reflects the Catholic influences over the voodoo religion.

It is believed that Maman originated from the United Kingdom. That is why she is portrayed as a fair-skinned lady with red hair.

She is also considered to be very powerful loa of death and the owner of cemeteries.

She is often offered her favorite drink which is the pepper-infused rum on her grave. In exchange, she protects and guards the tombstones and graves in the cemetery.

The grave of the first woman to be buried in a cemetery is always marked with the special cross and is believed that it belongs specifically to Maman Brigitte.

She is believed to be the adoptive mother of Ghede Nibo.

Maman Brigitte – Key Takeaways

Key Takeaway of Maman Brigitte
Key Takeaway of Maman Brigitte
  1. She is considered to be the protector and guardian of the women who ask her for help or assistance, especially in the cases of domestic violence, childbirth or unfaithful lovers.
  2. She is associated with the Celtic Goddess Brigid and is the only loa who is pictured as being fair and white.
  3. She is pictured and portrayed wearing bright colored and overtly sexual costumes and is considered to be e a lethal combination of being sensual and dangerous at the same time.
  4. She is considered to be a powerful healer. If by chance she is not able to heal or cure the people, then she will help her followers in travelling on the right path after the death.
  5. She is considered to be the guardian and protector of women and is always associated with cemeteries and death.

Loa of the Dead in Voodoo Religion

Maman has always been a symbol of feminism. She is believed to be the protector, guardian and the caretaker of all mankind and especially women.

Symbolism of Maman Brigitte
Loa of the Dead in Voodoo Religion Maman Brigitte

She is always present to support the women who are suffering from various daily routine problems of domestic violence, unfaithful love cases and even the precautions and complications which occur during the phase of the childbirth process.

She is believed to be from the United Kingdom. That is why she is always portrayed as a lady who is very fair in colour and has gorgeous red coloured hair.

She is the caretaker of the dead and provides them with the love and affection which they were not able to get from their family members or friends when they were alive on the earth.

She is seen as the direction giver or the pathfinder for various spirits and souls who are not able to find peace in the afterlife.

She helps them by directing them to the right destination and achieve peace.

She always gives respect to all those people who do not talk wrong about someone behind their back and also the ones who respect the people after their deaths.

The process of childbirth and the fertility of the women are also associated with her by many people as she is the caretaker of women.

Worship and Offerings to Maman Brigitte

The people who are devotees and ardent followers of Maman Brigitte know that the favourite colours or the colours preferred by her are purple and black.

Worship and Offerings - Maman Brigitte
Worship and Offerings – Maman Brigitte

She accepts the offerings like black roosters, candles and pepper-infused rum with open arms and happiness.

Those people who are possessed by her magical powers know that the process of rubbing the hot and spicy rum on their genitalia will give her happiness.

The Secret symbol used as a tribute and offering to her includes the heart and sometimes across the black rooster upon it.

Some of the traditions venerate her on the 2nd of November, which is considered to be all soul’s day.

Some of the people honour her on the 2nd of February, which is considered to be the feast day of Saint Brigid.

Many people offer a piece of clothing or scarf at the night time and ask her to bless them with her healing and magical powers.

She is honoured by every person on the earth but primarily, she is honored more by the woman because she is considered to be the protector and the guardian of the woman who asks her for assisting in the case of unfaithful lovers and domestic violence.

She is considered to be a combination of beauty with brains and is ready to unleash a profanity lased plan against those who do not follow her orders.

Many people also offer her bright costumes as she has been depicted in the sacred texts wearing bright colours.

She is considered to be a powerful healer who helps her followers for travelling on the right path in the afterlife because she was not able to heal them when they were alive.

It is believed that she is present besides the person who is about to take his or her last breath and watches them die peacefully to guide them in the afterlife.

Baron Samedi & Maman Brigittery

Baron Samedi is the husband of Maman Brigitte and is the head of the Guede family of loa. He is one of the loa of the Haitian voodoo.

Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte
Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte

He is usually depicted wearing a black colored hat along with a long coat which is in the form of a black tail. He is also portrayed wearing dark colored glasses.

It is believed that he spends the majority of his time in the invisible realm of the voodoo spirits.


Maman Brigitte is considered to be the goddess of death and afterlife.

She is to one who protects the women and acts as their savior during the time of childbirth, domestic violence or the cases of unfaithful lovers.

She likes the offerings of pepper spices rum and black rooster from her devotees and guides them on the right track in their afterlife so that their soul can attain peace.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What relation does Baron Samedi have with Maman?

Baron Samedi, who is the head of the Guede family is the husband of Maman.

Why is Maman considered to be white?

It is believed that Maman had her origin in Ireland or the United Kingdom which makes the people believe that she is white and portrayed the same in many books and religious texts.