5 Easy Steps to Make a Witch Broom for Magic

A Witch broom or Witch’s broom is distortion in a timbered plant such as a tree where the normal shape of the plant is altered.

The structure resembles a broom or a bird’s nest with thick buds’ shoots growing from a single source.

The witch besom broom can be a great addition to your magical toll set and you need to follow the below steps for making it happen:

  1. Gather the materials.
  2. Strip the Broom.
  3. Use stick on the Bristles.
  4. Use Twine for wrapping.
  5. Fasten Bristle Bunch to the Stick

One of the traditional brooms is a besom that has been associated with various legends and folklore.

Such as the prevalent conception that witches use a broomstick to fly around in the nights.

5 Easy Steps to Make a Witch Broom – Step Wise Guide

Crafting a Witch Broom can be a difficult process such as using the handle on a table or floor and placing the bristles alongside.

5 Easy Steps to Make a Witch Broom
5 Simple Steps to Make a Witch Broom

Pointing it in different directions to get the best results. All this will be covered in this step-wise guide.

Step 1: Gather all the Important Materials

Gather all the Important Materials
Gather all the Important Materials

The materials that are required for these rituals include;

  1. A straight stick, almost 5 feet long.
  2. A broom, that you can get from your nearest supermarket store.
  3. Get strong cordage, such as a hemp or jute type natural-looking variant.

Once you have collected all the raw materials we can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Strip the Magical Broom

The sweepy bristles of the broom had atop end which needs to be tightly wrapped with a small nail, to be held by the handle.

Strip the Magical Broom
Strip the Magical Witch Broom

Later, you can pull out the nail using the needle-nose pliers, and work up the wire until the bristles underway to come loose.

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In case the bristles are sewn down together with a nylon-like twine then you might need a utility knife to cut it and ragged from the bristles.

Next, you need to keep the handle separate and stack the bristles into a semi-uniform set.

Step 3: Set Stick on Bristles

This is one of the easiest steps in making the witch broom where you need to set one end of the stick about half-way down on the bristles.

Set Stick on Bristles
Set Stick on Bristles of Witch Broom

Do this and proceed to the next step quickly which is wrapping up everything!

Step 4: Magical Broom Wrapping with the Twine

Take a twine about 12 feet long and tie a loop to one side. Leave about 3 inches at the tail end and this will help to tie off the twine at a later stage.

Magical Broom Wrapping with the Twine
Magical Witch Broom Wrapping with the Twine

Slip up the loop end below the pack of bristles and twig end, about the middle between the end of the twig and the top of the quills, and suckle the extensive end of the string over the coiled end.

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Pull the extended end of the cord firmly over the loop, and begin wrapping it around the bristles.

For the 1st few stoles, make sure the spines are spread around the stick fairly evenly.

The small tail end of the cord from the tied coil wants to be nearby when you are done casing, so be sure not to cloak over it entirely.

Endure covering as tight as feasibly thinkable!

If the spines incline to slant in the course of your casing, just lightly shove them back so they bring into line with the stick. Keep casing firmly until you get near the end of the string.

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Once you get to the termination, tie this long draped end of the line to the new short tail from the coiled end.

Word of Wise: Immerse the nub with numerous droplets of adhesive, and it will never come unfinished!

Step 5: Attach Bristle Lot to the Stick

We need to fasten the bunch of bristles otherwise they will still slide up and down the broomstick in one way or the other.

Attach Bristle Lot to the Stick
Attach Bristle Lot to the Stick

To accomplish this task, you need to use 2-inch roofing nails that are driven through the coil and into the twig on opposite ends.

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The wide heads of the nails, give great support for roofing activities, but in a tweak, you may well use any other type of nail that is about 2″ long.

Just drive it midway, and then quid it over flat onto the thread.

If you are OCD, you can these days wrap a few extra layers of thread to cover the nails, or just keep it in the same way!

What are the Magical Uses of the Witch Broom?

In various Wiccan and Pagan rituals, the broom is used to sweep off the area before performing any ceremonial rites. 

Magical Uses of the Witch Broom
Magical Uses of the Witch Broom

If you think that the sole purpose of the broom is just physical cleaning, then you cannot be more wrong!

It has the power to immediately clean all the negative energies from our bodies that have been accumulated over the years.

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Many prefer to call the broom as a purifier, so many traditions prefer to connect it to the Water element, while some associate it with the Air element.

It is not very difficult to find witches that have their broom collection and therefore you can have your besom if you wish to make one using the above-mentioned steps.

The customary magic formula contains a pack of stick twigs, a staff of residue or oak, and a requisite made from willow batons.

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Sideways with the admiration of hand abstaining rites, there has been a renaissance in attention among Pagans and Wiccans in the idea of a “besom wedding.”

This is a rite also stated to as “jumping the broom.”

Though classically this is seen as a practice resultant from the slave ethos of the American south, there is also an indication that besom marriages took place in some fragments of the British Isles.

Artemis, over at Wonderwork’s, says,

“The first official documentation that records a person flying on a broomstick is from 1453, from a confession by witch Guillaume Edelin.

There were earlier recordings of witches flying on different sticks – walking sticks, tree limbs, etc.

This probably came from agrarian fertility rites when pagans were riding their besoms (hobby horse style) and jumping with them, to show how high the crops would grow.

Ancient besoms have been discovered with hidden compartments in the handle, to hold herbs, oils, and feathers (items for rituals/spells). Some people say the handles of the besoms were coated with flying ointment.”

The Folklore and Culture of the Magical Witch Broom

Whether you are a witch or not, most of us will have a broom in our homes. This which broom has been the ultimate source of folklore and cultural traditions of people across the globe.

The Folklore and Culture of the Magical Broom
The Folklore and Culture of the Magical Witch Broom

Here are just a few of the many opinions people have about brooms and sweeping.

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James Kambos says in Llewellyn’s 2011 Magical Almanac,

“When misfortune was thought to have entered a home, one old German custom was to sweep the home, thus sweeping away any negativity.

Each family member would grab a broom and begin sweeping. Starting at the centre of the home, they’d sweep outward toward all exterior doors.

As they swept, they’d open the front and back doors and sweep out the negativity.”

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In the Appalachian section of the United States, many folkloric performs were carried over from Scotland, England, and Ireland.

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It is alleged that setting a witch broom across your doorstep will keep witches out of your house.

Another popular belief of the Yorkshire origin states that a girl could end up becoming pregnant even before her marriage if she dares to step over a broom by accident.

There are many such warnings in the area and thus people are told to be extremely cautious and careful while dealing with the brooms.

As per various Chinese traditions and beliefs, the broom should only be used for the household chores (like sweeping etc.) since it has a strong relationship and bond with the members of the house.

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If people use it for other household activities like whacking people or playing with the tool, then it might get offended and could even cause a bad impact on your family.

As per the folklore of the Ozarks, one should never sweep the house when someone has died in that house.

Others say that this is quite natural as sweeping is not the 1st thing that comes to the mind if somebody has died in the family.

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Many African tribes and communities prefer men to stay out of the house while women are sweeping the house.

The prime belief is based on the theory that these men if my mistake struck by the broom, could become completely impotent for their lives, unless they take the broom and bang it on the wall three times to seven times, as per the legends.

Crafting a Broom to Make It Perfect for Magick

Well, following the above 5 steps to make a broom that is perfect for magic is an easy task.

Crafting a Broom to Make It Perfect for Magick
Crafting a Witch Broom to Make It Perfect for Magick

But you can add your level of complexity to it by choosing different wood styles and materials.

Though the kinds of stuff that follow are for the more customary style of besom, you can use closely any types of twigs available to you. You’ll need:

  • 4-foot-long ash or oak for the handle.
  • Thin twigs of stick for the bristle part (you can standby a woody herb like mugwort or basil for the quills if you like)
  • Lengths of paddle or hefty cord to fix the lot together
  • You’ll also essential heavy-duty cutters and a container of warm water.

Whatsoever you’ll be using for the bristles whether it’s the stick, basil, or some other timber should be drenched in the warm water overnight to make them flexible, as should the willow binding, if you’re using it.


While most of you are not flying around on your magical witch broom, but there lie immense possibilities to play around it.

One may use it to eliminate all the negative energies by sweeping across the home while others might use it in rites to direct the energy, much like a magical wand or as a symbol of the elements of nature.

To keep away those who might cause harm to you, make it stand upright by your door or hang it over your hearth.

If you have the habit of bad dreams, then place it under your bed and all bad things will have vanished. Let your broom dry for a day or two, and when it’s all done, devote it as one of your magical tools.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is a witch broom used for?

In Paganism and Wiccan traditions, the witch broom signifies the male and female sex. It’s pure, complete, compassionate magick that was mostly used by the sage woman or crafty man’s pains to ensure good crops in centuries past.

How do you get rid of witch broom?

To get rid of the Witch broom virus, you must take some necessary precautionary measure to prevent its spread. The upper portion of the stick will show ciphers of the virus before the whole rose is affected, so trim off the ill cane, wounding it off at the base.

What does the Witch broom symbolize?

The magical broom can not only be used for protection and elimination of negative energies but could also contribute to every day’s household cleaning. It can help you overcome all the bad dreams and sweep off negativity from your life.

Why is the bad luck associated with the Witch broom?

As per the beliefs of Feng Shui, the witches groom carries all the negativity and dirt from your last home. So people prefer not to carry it to their new homes. As per the Yorkshire belief, a girl could end up becoming pregnant even before her marriage, if she dares to step over a broom by accident.