What is a Magical Binding Spell?

A Magical Binding is a spell that imprisons someone metaphysically, stopping them from doing things. It has the power to tie the target by completely restricting their actions or manipulating the situations.

A spell has the power to use magic for imprisonment to prevent the target from causing harm to either themselves or to others. Thus, it should not be jumbled with sealing magic.

Meaning and Origin

The term Magical Binding consists of two words Magical and Binding. Let us try to understand their meaning one by one;

Magical –> Using magic or spell

Binding –> Symbolic actin of tying or wrapping or containing any person, object or situation.

Meaning and Origin
Meaning and Origin

Thus, the term Magical Binding refers to a spell that confines someone metaphysically, by manipulating their actions and situations.

It was named “Katadesmos” by the ancient Greeks where they utilized the binding spells by developing magical spellbound tablets.

History says that a group of witches performed the magical spell on Adolf Hitler.

This happened in the year 1981 when Hitler tried to invade England by force and they were considered to be quite powerful.

Since the origin different names have been given to magical binding in different ancient texts and writings some of which are mentioned below;

  1. Bondage or Apprehension Magic or Wizardry.
  2. Capture or Caging Magic or Witchcraft
  3. Jailing or Immobilizing Magic or Wizardry.
  4. Restricting or Restraint Magic or Witchcraft.

Methods of Magical Binding

The ancient texts say that Magical Binding Spell can work in 2 ways;

  1. A love Spell, that has the power to bind two people together.
  2. A Restraining Spell, that has the power to manipulate the actions of others.

Thus, it is recommended to use this very carefully with a clear and clean mind and plan of action.

Now, let us have a look at different methods of Binding spell that are very common these days;

  1. A magic tablet to restrict the actions of someone potentially harmful.
  2. Use of a poppet in somebody’s likeness, covered with rope or cord.
  3. A spelt symbol indicted with limiting the person.
  4. A candle engraved with the targets name on it.

When we send someone away from using the magical powers then that concept is called Banishing which is separate from Binding.

The Magical Folklore of Binding

Among various magical acts what scare most of the people are activities like cursing, banishing and hexing.

The Magical Folklore of Binding
The Magical Folklore of Binding

It is believed that the victim will start feeling the effects of the power at the same time when it is intended to begin.

People who have had bad experiences in the past like; theft, rape, physical assault or mental harm by someone intend to perform such actions in anger and rage.

This activity involves a high risk to both the parties involved. The various applications under binding are listed below;

  1. Magical Binding
  2. Body Control
  3. Spell Cast
  4. In animation
  5. Paralysis Enticement
  6. Shutting

The intent of binding is critical which performing the spell and positive acts can do wonders in another person’s life.

For example, two people are bound together via magical binding in the hand-fasting rite with the help of a symbolic rope.

During the era of medieval times, one of the most popular methods for cursing people was magical spellbinding where the practitioners used to bring spiritual power in a piece of gemstone or some jewellery to be used.

The old school folk magic books teach that magical spell was used in the history for keeping control of the restless ghosts and spirits wandering in the graveyards.

This was performed with the permission of the neighbors or the family members.

Binding in the Prehistoric World

Although the term Binding is popular in various TV series and movie shows in the 21st century yet the concept is not something new.

Binding in the Prehistoric World
Binding in the Prehistoric World

The term Katadesmos was given to the magical spell and were predominantly using it in their culture.

As a part of binding culture, whenever someone commits some mistake that was inappropriate as per the rules of the society then they were cursed with spell tablets as a punishment measure.

The very popular story of Binding magic was taught in the tales of the Great Hercules and his wife, Deianeira.

When she came to know about the unfaithfulness of Hercules, she gave him the gift of a tunic that had been drenched in the blood of the centaur Nessus.

Awkwardly, the shirt also was enclosed in the venom of a Hydra, so when Hercules put it on, it began to burn his skin.

In his protection and hurry, Hercules constructed a wall of fire and jumped straight to it. This resulted in his death which was even more ruthless.

The popular author of the Ancient Greek Love Magic, Christopher Faraone who is the professor of classics at the University of Chicago (Harvard University Press, 1999).

He believed that Greeks used Magical Binding to invoke ghosts and spirits in the ancient medieval period.

“The magical paraphernalia of Apuleius’ Witch and Martina, who allegedly attacked Germanicus, included tablets inscribed with strange letters or the victim’s name. Archaeologists have found hundreds of these.

The Greeks called them “curses that bind tight,” and the late Latin term for them meant “curses that fix or fasten someone.”

To make such a “binding spell” one would inscribe the victim’s name and formula on a lead tablet, fold it up, often pierce it with a nail, and then deposit it in a grave or a well or a fountain, placing it in the realm of ghosts or underworld divinities who might be asked to enforce the spell.”

To understand Binding, we need to properly understand the associations as well.

Below are the key associations that are limited to the binding magic;

  1. Regulating Magical Powers.
  2. Magical Trap Creation.
  3. Binding Influence.
  4. Caging Energy Influence

These associations are often linked with various objects that re required for constructing the spell and making it work properly.

Below is the list of items that have been used for a long time for such purposes;

  1. Charmed Crystal Ball
  2. Magic swords
  3. Mummy Magisword
  4. Wad of Gum Magisword
  5. Wicker snapper Magisword
  6. Rodeo Magisword
  7. Xiaolin Showdown

Binding Vs Unbinding

Some magical customs have commands against devious magic, and binding would surely fall into that class.

On the other hand, some believers say there is no such restriction on the practices of magical spell.

Binding Vs Unbinding
Binding Vs Unbinding

The practice of magical binding is not new as people have been practicing it since a very long time says many old texts and scripts.

During the war between Germany and Britain in the year 1941, several witches tried to cast spell on Adolf Hitler.

This attempt was done to prevent Hitler and his army from invading Great Britain because they were really powerful during that time.

The spells can be very tricky and complex in some cases while for others there is always a turn off switch set in case of an emergency.

Magical Unbinding has the complete reverse impact of the spell, which can be done by cutting the ropes or threads or any other object that is being used for casting the spell.

To reverse the effect of binding when objects like rings, locks of hair etc. are used, simply the destroy the object.

However, if the magical binding is caused by the exchange of fluids like blood etc. it is extremely difficult to cast the unbinding spell.

Once the unbinding process is complete then general cleansing of the body and souls is important which can be done by calling the priest or general prayers.

In many cases, it is difficult to find the spell object and therefore banishing spell is used.

In order to completely overcome from the impact of magical binding, a combination of all the methods mentioned above needs to be adopted. 

However, please keep in mind that magical binding should only be adopted if you want something positive to happen.

Therefore we have listed the situations when you should not opt for binding;

  1. When you are irritated or stressful.
  2. When you want to take vengeance from someone.
  3. When the target has mental issues.
  4. When someone is not showing their true personality.
  5. When you are violating the law.
  6. When you are exaggerating.
  7. When you are a young teen.

Conclusion – The Binding Spell

The Magical Binding is a process of casting spell on someone who we want to control or manipulate. However, casting a binding spell can be extremely risky as it involves a lot of ethical issues.

What might be positive for one might not be for others and therefore one should carefully make such decisions? Do let us know in the comments, what you feel is the true positive and must be allowed!

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is the meaning of binding magic or spell?

A Magical Binding is a spell that imprisons someone metaphysically, preventing them from doing things. It has the power to tie the target by limiting their actions or manipulating the situations.

What are the types of Magical Binding?

There are two types of binding i.e. the love spell and the restraining spell. The former is used to bind two individuals together while the latter is used to manipulate the actions of others.