How to Make a Real Magic Staff for Rituals?

The magical staff is imbibed in the Pagan traditions and rituals since ages. The staff is associated with magical powers and only the high authority people will have the power to carry it like the High Priest or the High Priestess.

The magical staff is considered to be the symbol of strength, authority and energy and is used to represent the elements of Air and Fire.

Although it is not a required magical tool you can make one yourself, by following the step-wise guide. Here’s how:

  1. Select the Wood
  2. Build a relationship and connect with the magic staff
  3. Decorating the staff
  4. Activating the magic staff
  5. Ceremony and Rituals with the staff

5 Easy Steps to Make a Magic Staff [Stepwise Guide]

Step 1: Choose the Wood Piece

Choose the Wood Piece
Choose the Wood Piece

The roots of the magical staff dates back to the ancient human civilization of humans and this simple stick could be extremely powerful to perform magical rituals and ceremonies.

Do’s of Choosing the Wood

  • Look for a fresh fallen piece nearby.
  • Look for it while travelling to places.
  • Look for wood while hiking or playing.

Don’ts of Choosing the Wood

  • Do not cut a tree to get fresh wood.
  • Do not force others to find the wood for you.
  • Do not harm others with the piece of wood.

The length of the staff should be such that you could hold it vertically in your hand with its base touching the ground surface.

The best choice would be to find the wooden piece that is between the top of your head and the shoulder height.

If in case the stick is not comfortable or is stretching too much, you can always trim it to make it feel comfortable while holding in your hands.

Diameter – The ideal diameter is between 1 to 2 inches.

But keep in mind that you must be able to hold it properly into your hands and wrap your fingers around it to know how it feels.

In the Pagan traditional ceremonies, a forked staff is preferred over a straight one which is called a stang.

Stang is an old English derivative of distaff and the word has recently come to existence.

A bune wand is another name given to the long forked magical staff especially those with which Doreen Valiente was involved.

This wand is a branch or wooden stick on which witches fly.

Thus, based on your customs and traditions you can call the wood whatever you want and use it properly.

Some people might use an oak stick as the ancient texts say that it is a symbol of authority and power as it gives extra strength to your magic staff.

Ash is another popular choice as it is often related to several ancient magical predictions and workings.

Although there is no set rule in the ancient books and texts about the type of wood one must use but people tend to create stuff based on their experiences with various wood types.

Some magical rituals suggest to use freshly fallen tree limb from a storm could hold great magical powers that may multifold your strength.

Step 2: Connect with the magic staff

Connect with the magic staff
Connect with the magic staff

Now you have got the wood of your choice all you need to do now is prepare it for the magical ritual. The preparation involves the following steps;

  • Take off the wood bark.
  • Remove the sub-branches of the stick.
  • Smoothen the edges with the sandpaper.
  • Dry the wood in your house for some days if it is freshly taken.
  • Do not crack or split the wood piece and take care of it.

It is extremely important to work with care, caution, love and affection while making the magical staff.

All the 5 physical activities mentioned above must be performed with the utmost care and love so that your thoughts get synchronized with the staff.

This will create mutual understanding and will help in teamwork in the future stages as you both get to know each other more.

Next must give your magical staff a cool name which must not be disclosed to others.

To build a relationship with staff, start talking to it by addressing its name and engage with it.

Once you both get extremely comfortable with each other we are ready to move to the 3rd step of the ritual that is decorating the staff for the ritual.

Step 3: Staff Decoration and Design

A magical staff is often used aggressively like to stomp, beat and throwing to others and therefore must be decorated carefully.

Staff Decoration and Design
Staff Decoration and Design

Many old comics and new movies suggest using a crystal on the top but the ancient texts strictly prohibit such practice.

One possible reason for this could be the aggressive usage & the authoritative power of the magic staff.

Another reason is the ease of use. If you stick some delicate items to the stick, you might have to be extra careful and vigilant while using it.

However, we would suggest you implement any of the following changes to your magic staff like;

  • Change the shape of the top and the bottom parts of the staff.
  • Round it off or give it a spike-like shape.
  • Draw ancient symbols and write in some magic language on the stick.

If you wish to make traditional symbols and write in some ancient form, make sure to do it before glazing or oiling the wood.

As a precautionary measure, first, try the changes on a sample wooden piece to get the idea of what is better!

Think and spend time on deciding what all you want to write and make on the wood and how it will enhance the energy and powers of the magical staff.

Make more bonding with wood and try to as its opinion as well.

While carving your favorite symbol and writing your scripts make sure that the staff is not ruptured or broken.

Make sure that the carving further increases your bond with the staff and you get to connect well.

This is a traditional magic tool and the simpler you keep it the better it will work for you.

Make sure that you do not over decorate the magic staff and ensure that it is as powerful as it could be for you to work efficiently.

In the end, it is completely up to the master i.e. you and the magic staff what they want between the design and strength. Decide and make a better choice!

Step 4: Activating the magic staff

By now you and the magical staff must have developed a beautiful relationship and bonding.

Activating the magic staff
Activating the magic staff

The entire process of creating and decorating the magic staff is slow and time-consuming but this enhances the magical power of the staff multifold.

Now, the magic staff is ready for the push which will activate its magical powers that makes it such a powerful tool in the world of magic.

This process is very personal to the master and therefore you must think carefully how and where you want to activate it to unleash its powers.

This concept could have come to your mind while you were;

  • Choosing the wood for the staff.
  • Cleaning and shining it.
  • Building a relationship with the staff.
  • Decorating the magic staff.

Just like a marriage ceremony, the prayer is somewhat similar and you can use it once you have selected the desired place and time. Say:

“I (your magical name) take you (your magic staff’s name) to be my magic staff, to work with me, empower me, and let my will be done in love and light.”

This should be followed by banging and resonating the magic stick on the ground which producing clear sound.

It is always preferred to start this ritual along and no other member should accompany you and the magic staff in it.

To make the scene better you might surround yourself with the magical lights, flowers, music and angel pictures.

As a perfect wedding, the magic staff ritual must be conducted properly as per the steps mentioned until now.

Make sure you choose the date, place and location as per your availability and beliefs so that at the end of the religious rite you could get a perfect magic staff.

Step 5: Magical Rituals with the Staff

The sheer size of the tick and the design of the staff makes you completely new person as you do not just hold it, you *wield* the magic staff. One must handle it with care and patience is a well-sized space.

Magical Rituals with the Staff
Magical Rituals with the Staff

You need to play with the staff daily and spend some of your time to get used to it and increase its powers.

Most of the female wizards face difficulty in handling the wizard as the powers are uncontrollable and therefore you must use it with care and caution.

On the other hand, many male wizards tend to make good friends with the staff quickly.

Once you have the staff ready, spend your time with it, go on walks, dance with it and play games with it so that the bond gets strengthened every day.

Enjoy the feeling of being on the top of the ground.

You can also take it into Reserve and connect with the soul of the run to notice ways of using it which you were not aware of before.

With time you develop a friendship or relationship with the staff and you tend to start sharing your secrets, feelings and emotions with the magic staff.

Here is the spell which you use:

Lord of the Dance, now hear my call, awaken the joy of dance in all, break the bonds of what was told, bring the new and break the old, set all human beings free so they can dance in ecstasy. This is my will; so shall it BE!

Another version of the magical spell:

Lord of (The North), now hear my plea, bring your love and light to me, raise me and empower me. Lord of (The North), I welcome thee!

Video: How to Build a Magic Staff


A magic staff is an astonishing magic tool, pretty delightful and certainly authorizing.

If you have not tried on before it will put you for a complete surprise as in, “As I will, SO SHALL IT BE!”

It is believed to carry extraordinary powers and can help you face all the problems and difficulties without any problems or issues.

More than being original, authorizing and instructive, a real magic staff is also a *friend*.

Do let us know if the stepwise guide helped you to get a new best friend i.e. “A Magic Staff” in the comments below!

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What do you mean by a magic staff?

The magical staff is considered to be the symbol of strength, authority and energy and is used to represent the elements of Air and Fire.

How to make a magic staff?

There are 5 steps associated with creating a magic staff. These are; select the wood, build relationships with the staff, decorating the staff, activating the magic and performing magical rituals with the staff.