LDS Dating Websites Connecting with Your Better Half

Choosing the right partner for yourself is a very challenging task that has to be faced by every person at one point in time in their life.

The LDS dating websites are considered to be the best place for choosing the right partner who shares the same values which are said to be the essential component of any lasting relationship.

Numerous online websites are present which are designed to cater to the needs of Mormons so that they can choose the right life partner for themselves.

List of Best LDS Dating Websites

In this particular article, we have tried to cover almost all the websites which are available for LDS dating. These websites help the Mormons to choose their life partner wisely and efficiently so that their future with them is free from any kind of problems or chaos.

1. LDS Dimension

LDS dimension is a premium dating website for the Mormons community and was founded by the LDS members itself. This particular website includes a forum where all the users can chat and schedule a face to face meetups with their partners.

LDS Dimensions
LDS Dimensions

This particular website has a lot of confidence in itself because of the detailed search tools it is using and also providing free membership to all the people with additional features available to the premium members.

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2. LDS LinkUp

The LDS linkup is a dating website that is less of a dating site and more of a social community where all the Mormons of all the stripes can be together and build a friendship.

LDS LinkUp
LDS LinkUp

The basic membership is free for all the people but some of the advanced features are reserved for only the premium members of the website. One has to sign in or sign up for using this particular website and then choose the full services back along with the given cost.

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The parent company of this particular website is also the owner of much other faith and religion-based websites.

3. LDS MatchUp

LDS MatchUp is one of the most famous LDS dating websites which was started in the year 2014. This particular website is owned and maintained by many LDS members all around the world.

LDS MatchUp
LDS MatchUp

This site is reserved for all the Mormons and is entirely free to use. All the users can sign in using their Facebook account or other social media accounts and can control who can view their profile and contact them using phone numbers or email ids.

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4. LDS Planet

The most popular LDS dating website is the LDS planet which is helping the Mormons from all around the world to connect with their friends and family members and majorly helping them to find the right life partner who shares the exact values which they have.

LDS Planet
LDS Planet

Registration for this particular website is free but one has to pay to use the special services which enable the connection with other people.

The parent company of this particular website owns many other dating websites in addition to this particular LDS site.

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The famous blog Indating Scout has said that the website has many active members and attractive offers that are easy to use and avail and the interface is also user friendly. But, this particular website does not offer a mobile version.

5. LDS Singles

LDS singles is a website that is designed for the Mormons who are looking for making a long term relationship with their partner. This particular site was formerly known by the name of the LDS mingle and offered free registration for all the users.

LDS Singles
LDS Singles

If any user wanted to avail of the special features, then they were asked to pay before they can connect with their potential life partners.

The parent company of this particular website is Spark networks who is also the owner of the famous dating website Christian mingle.

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This particular website is somewhat outdated when compared with other LDS dating websites but is often proved to be helpful because of its comprehensive search options.

6. MomoMatch

MomoMatch is another LDS dating website that was launched in the year 2015 and allows all the users to sign up using their Facebook or Twitter accounts.


This particular site collects the information on the LDS singles events which happen around the country as the singles conferences and other get together events. It appears to be entirely free for all users.

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7. LDS Pals

LDS Pals is a completely free website, unlike its other competitors. This particular website gives the user the option to upload the photos and send unlimited messages to other users.

LDS Pals
LDS Pals

It also provides the option of saving the searches and the chats which happen with different profiles. This particular website is free but at the same time does not provide proper customer service and support, unlike the other competitor websites.

This website has very low membership fees and is also missing out on several useful features that help in matchmaking.

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But if someone is new to the world of online dating then this website can prove to be very useful for them as without spending any money you can get what you are looking for.

8. LDS Passions

LDS passions is a website which was founded in the year 2004 and is entirely free to use. But it is less than an independent website then a section of a Mammoth dating and social media website.

LDS Passions
LDS Passions

Because of this particular feature, the contents of this particular website are poorly organized which has reduced the amount of traffic coming to it.

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9. eHarmony

eHarmony Mormon dating is a website that was opened in the year 2000 and is one of the oldest dating websites in the popular LDS dating websites category. Some sections of this particular website are exclusive to the LDS members.


The basic features of this particular website are available in the free membership to decide while the additional features can be availed by paying a nominal fee.

This website is well established and includes a broad pool of members but the exact members of this particular community are unknown.

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10. LDS Mutual

Mutual is a very famous dating app similar to the world-famous dating app Tinder but is designed exclusively for the Mormons.

LDS Mutual
LDS Mutual

This particular app was founded by Cooper Boice, who claims that more than 100000 Mormons have registered on this particular app from over 100 countries and has resulted in dozens of marriages all around the world.

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One of the users of the app Julian Sewell met her husband using this particular app and said that she would not have been able to meet him without the Mutual app because they live in different cities. She is a strong supporter of LDS dating websites.


LDS Dating Websites are the one-stop solution for the Mormons all around the world for finding the best partner for themselves who shares the exact values with them and which they are looking for in their potential partner.

Various LDS websites are available which offer a huge database of LDS Mormons with whom one can connect and build relationships. Some of the websites are paid while others are free to use.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Which LDS Dating Website is considered to be the best?

Out of the various LDS websites for dating, LDS Planet is preferred by the majority of the Mormons around the world for finding their appropriate partners.

Are all the LDS dating websites paid?

No, all the LDS dating websites are not paid. The majority of the websites offer to use the basic version and features free of cost and charge only for the advanced and higher features.

How can one use the LDS dating websites?

Using the LDS dating websites is very easy. These websites are similar to the Tinder app. One just has to fill the user profile and specify the gender and the ethnicity of the partner in which they are interested to build a relationship.