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Klove songs list is a music website whose mission is to create a compelling media that inspires and encourages you to establish a meaningful relationship with Christ.

The top 10 Christian Klove songs which are the all-time favorite are:

  1. Almost Home – Mercy Me
  2. Waymaker – Michael. W. Smith
  3. I Know – Big Daddy Weave
  4. I Will Fear No More – The Afters
  5. Holy Water – We the Kingdom
  6. One Day – Cochren and Co.
  7. Alive and Breathing – Matt Maher
  8. The Father’s House – Cory Asbury
  9. Amen – Micah Tyler
  10. Keep me in the moment – Jeremy Camp

The top 10 Christian songs in 2020 came from charts such as R&R, Billboard, etc. It was based on the number of weeks a given song stayed in the top 10.

Almost Home

Almost Home
Almost Home (Klove Songs List)

MercyMe’s song “I Can Only Imagine” was inspired by the death of lead singer Bart Millard’s father, and ultimately provided hope, recovery, and comfort to this country still suffering from the scars of the September 11 attacks.

Now, as the band’s third decade, Bart, Nathan Cochrane (bass), Barry Grau (guitar), Mike Schutcher (guitar), and Robbie Shaffer (drums) have won the champion. Their unremitting commitment to faith, music, and gospel did not slow down their ninth studio project, which is titled LIFER (2017).


Waymaker (Klove Songs List)

Michael W. Smith has been engaged in the creation of Christian music for more than thirty years and shows no signs of slowing down. When he just released the latest album Sovereign in May 2014, he said: “I may like to make music more than my whole life.

I am very happy and am very excited about this record and the next chapter.” Michael said “to our sovereignty” and “You won’t let go” features, continue to use the heartfelt lyrics and contagious beats to stimulate the interest of the audience, which reminds us that no matter how dark the times, God is always with us.

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I Know

I Know
I Know (Klove Songs List)

Big Daddy Weave is made up of a group of outstanding “ordinary people”. The work they love every moment is because of the people they meet and serve along the way!

Their music is about a national anthem they love and trust-Jesus.

The band’s seventh studio album “Beautiful Offers” shared a message: “Every one of us is beautiful because God has deposited our lives on us. Our lives are an opportunity to be truly used by the kingdom,” the lead singer Mike Weaver said.

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I Will Fear No More

I Will Fear No More
I Will Fear No More (Klove Songs List)

The Afters band, composed of two musicians, was founded by Joshua Havens (vocals/guitar/keyboard) and Matt Fuqua (guitar/accompaniment), who are based in Metz, Texas Kit’s Starbucks worked together as a barista and began playing for customers at local coffee shops.

As Joshua and Matt eventually perform at local clubs in the Dallas area, their reputation and fan base will continue to expand. After attracting the attention of Nashville Records, the band also included drummer Jordan Mohilowski and bassist Dan Ostebo, with their debut single ” “Beautiful Love” was welcomed.

This song was used as the theme song for MTV’s popular show “8th and Ocean” and was recommended in the 2006 film “Just My Luck” by Lindsay Lohan.

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Holy Water

Holy Water
Holy Water (Klove Songs List)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ed_Cash#:~:text=Ed%20Cash%20(born%20August%206,with%20Christian%20singer%20Chris%20Tomlin.We the Kingdom is a family of musicians composed of several generations, including producers and composers Ed Cash, Scott Cash, Franny Ray Cash, Martin Cash, and Andrew. Bergson.

Members of “We the Kingdom” provide behind-the-scenes production of songs sung around the world, and now they are ready to tell their stories first-hand. (Klove Songs List)

Their voice is a blend of adoration, fragility, and perseverance. This is the result of decades of musical influence and common difficult experiences that have made them a band. Their first EP Live at the Wheelhouse was released in October 2019, including the song “Holy Water”.

One Day

One Day
One Day (Klove Songs List)

Singer/composer and pianist Michael Cochren are from Montgomery, Indiana. As the worship leader of his hometown church, Kochlen’s piano-like pop music style was influenced by artists such as Billy Joel, NEEDTOBREATHE, and Ray Charles.

Michael meticulously produced his new song “Take Me Back”, the purpose is to inspire people to love the church. (Klove Songs List)

Alive and Breathing

Alive and Breathing
Alive and Breathing (Klove Songs List)

Matt once had an inspiring history, and he can seek the understanding of God through the music he composed, including the fans’ favorite songs “Your Grace” and “All Men Saying Amen.” When talking about the songs in the 2013 album “All People Say Amen”, Matt said.

The Father’s House

The Father_s House - Cory Asbury
The Father_s House – Cory Asbury (Klove Songs List)

Cory was only 14 years old when he first started leading worship. He was promoted to a full-time pilgrimage department at the International Prayer House in Kansas City in 2005. That’s where he met his wife Anna.

In addition to spending countless worship packages in the prayer room there, Cory lived at IHOP-KC for 8 years and brought him to various places in the United States and abroad for worship services.

Passionate about helping men and women meet the love of Heavenly Father, Cory continues to lead pilgrimages at the regional and international levels.


Amen (Klove Songs List)

Texas aboriginal Micah Tyler’s viral imitation video “You Gotta Love Millennials” is known on YouTube and Facebook for a total of more than 65 million views.

Less than a decade ago, Micah drove a sausage delivery truck. It was at this time that he decided to quit his job and the performance of the young pastor, sell about half of the shares he owned and move into a small trailer with his family so that he could travel and perform his songs. (Klove Songs List)

In the absence of any close connection in the music industry, Micah obeyed the call of God, he said: “I told God,’I don’t know how to become a professional musician, but you taught me to be loyal. Every morning get up and no longer is the worry that tomorrow a daily decision.”

Keep me in the moment

Keep me in the moment
Keep me in the moment (Klove Songs List)

Jeremy Camp (Jeremy Camp) created “Keep a Moment” for the movie “I Still Believe”. This song tells the true story of Camp: how he knew his lifelong love, Melissa Hanning, through biblical research. Four months after marriage, Henning died of ovarian cancer at the age of 21. Jeremy was only 23 years old.


Klove songs instill faith, trust, and hope in Christ. The Word of God guides our decisions, rejuvenates our spirit, and establishes a firm conviction. Our dependence on God is reflected in our commitment to prayer.

Klove songs are full of enthusiasm, creativity, and fun and they always hit the top charts in terms of the music played and the list of Christian songs.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What kind of music does klove play?

Klove plays Contemporary Christian Music. Their songs are mostly based on this genre and ideally relate to Christian faith more often.

What does the K mean in K love?

In 1980, the Christian Life Center First Assembly of God of Santa Rosa, California, received a construction permit to operate a new noncommercial radio station in that city, KCLB on 91.9 MHz. On August 1, 1988, KCLB changed its call letters to KLVR and adopted its present K-Love moniker.

How much does the CEO of K love make?

Christian radio network K-LOVE, which pays its CEO $563,000 and has annual surpluses of $63 million, encourages listeners who can barely pay bills to donate instead.

Where is klove based?

K-Love is owned by Educational Media Foundation, based out of Rocklin, Calif. Its radio networks are heard by millions on more than 500 stations nationwide. Most of its air personalities are based out of California with the morning show in Indianapolis.

Who founded K love?

Founded by Billy Graham, the ECFA oversees EMF’s financial affairs, ethics and reporting standards. EMF is recognized by Charity Navigator with a Four-Star rating, the highest given to charities.