Kitchen Witch History, Magic and Symbolism

The Kitchen witch is famous by the name of hearth witch, that practices magic in the kitchen using special food items, spices, and herbs. Some other everyday items are also used and kept in the kitchen closets and the garden.

The kitchen witch is famous for preparing enchanting food items and also keeping everything spiritually tidy and clean. It’s idea has been prevalent from the past many centuries and has been told by the granny of children all around the world.

It also includes the charming food which smells and tastes like angels and the Gods.

What does It take to Be a Kitchen Witch?

Kitchen witch is considered to be the lady or the boss of the house who enjoys being at home and working out and playing with the magical spices and herbs present in the kitchen.

What It Takes to Be A Kitchen Witch
What It Takes to Be A Kitchen Witch

She is also ever ready for making delicious dishes and casting her taste spells on the ordinary ingredients. For this particular reason, the below-given lines are very famous about the kitchen witches:

“Being a Kitchen Witch is not just mastering in herbs and spices, cooking excellent food, and knowing to use cooking utensils, but it is about feeling gratifying, fulfilling, and strangely sensual at each move of cooking.”

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Every woman has the power to become a kitchen witch. The lady is believed to be born with the magical powers which are bestowed upon her by God with the help of which she can make wonders with just the ordinary ingredients present in the kitchen.

So, the potential of becoming a kitchen witch is present in every woman, the need is just to recognize it within you.


The history of kitchen witches is very old. The exact country of origin of this particular phenomenon has always been and debate.

History of Kitchen Witch
History of Kitchen Witch

Some people claim that it was originated in Norway while others claim that it was originated in the country Germany.

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But finally, the people came to a common consensus that it was born somewhere in the parts of older European customs.

The Puppet which is used in the kitchen is supposed to depict a good witch who is considered to be a symbol of safety and productivity in the kitchen.

It also counteracts any ill-will which is directed towards the home. This particular puppet is also considered to be good luck for the family or the friend.

The kitchen witch is also considered to be the legendary secret for good and goof-proof cooking.

Witch Recipe Book – Using Grandma’s Formulas of Cookery

The formulas for the food which are told by grandma are being used as a tradition of the family from the past many decades. These ancient formulas of cooking are based out of more natural and herbal ingredients and essence.

Witch Recipe Book – Using Grandma’s Formulas of Cookery
Witch Recipe Book – Using Grandma’s Formulas of Cookery

These are completely different from the modern recipe which is being prepared currently.

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Thus, when someone is becoming a kitchen sorceress, she should not be afraid of mingling with the ancient formulas and the herbs which are mentioned in the book of their grandmother.

All these ancient herbs and recipes are also available in various ancient libraries and online portals. Some of the Ancient magic recipes prepared by kitchen witch are listed below:

  1. Clam Chowder with Saffron,
  2. Coconut, and Oranges stews,
  3. Pasta Baked with Mushrooms,
  4. Fresh Herbs Salads,
  5. Different kinds of Cheese
  6. Rosemary-Infused Veal Spareribs with Vinegar and Roasted Garlic,
  7. Lime-Bathed Green Bean and Cauliflower Salad,
  8. Warm Chocolate Soufflé.

Magic Meal in Kitchen

When a cook or a person takes the correct amount of time for putting the right means together along with the basic ingredients.

Magic Meal in Kitchen
Magic Meal in Kitchen

Then a magical opportunity is present in the hands of the cook or the kitchen witch for winning the hearts of the family members and the friends.

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You have got the right opportunity for infusing the dish with the correct intent and the will for cooking. A meal can be converted from just being something in which a person jumps out of a can and then start being a ritual in and of itself.

Even the monotonous food can be converted into a delicious recipe that can win the hearts of all the people by following the correct herbs and spices along with the traditional recipes present in the book of the granny.

When a person takes time for preparing something on their own and with their hands, then it gives the right texture and sacredness to the meal.

It will also increase the feeling of enjoying the meal with your loved ones rather than just eating it down quickly just like the normal routine.

Changing the perception of using the food and also the methods of preparation, the consumption patterns can also be changed and the food can be released more by the people.

Maggie Haseman of Mumbles and things have said the following lines:

Take a moment to think about your kitchen. It’s probably often overlooked and underappreciated but some truly magical thing happens in this room.

The gifts of the Earth are transformed and combined into creations that nourish and benefit your body. That’s pretty neat!

As a person becomes more aware of what it is like to have the magic in their own hands and making the dish more lovable, the person gets more command over her actions and activities, and at some point of time, they realize that their kitchen has converted into a magical one.

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People also have a misconception that just by lighting a candle and preparing a meal the kitchen becomes a magical kitchen but there are various other factors and things which one has to do for enhancing the magical properties of the food and atmosphere.

In the next topic, we have discussed all these particular things which will help you in bringing magic into your kitchen.

Magic Kitchen Spell

The first thing that should be kept in the mind by the food maker is that they should have a kitchen altar.

Magic Kitchen Spell
Magic Kitchen Spell

The kitchen altar physical means a correct setup of the table which contains all the ingredients and the other magical elements which will help you in becoming a kitchen witch.

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The stove-top which is used in the kitchen is the symbolism of the hearth fires of old. This is a place where the majority of the food preparation is done.

If you want, you can create a smaller altar with the items which can be moved easily from one place to another and also add a statue of a home or hearth goddess Cauldron.

The person can also paint a trivet with the symbols of your tradition on it. One can also make sure that the herbs which they are using are readily accessible in the kitchen.

If the herbs are being used on regular basis, then they should be kept in the transparent decorative jars and should not be kept at a place that is exposed to direct sunlight as it will result in losing their potency.

If it is possible then live plants can be also kept in the pots round the year and fresh vegetables can also be kept on hands.

Keeping a Feng Shui which can optimize your working capacity and space and provide maximum efficiency in terms of practical and spiritual know-how.

Space should always be kept clean as it will give the feeling of holiness and sacred place.

Apart from this, the physical cleanliness should also be maintained which will result in the overall increased efficiency and make the environment less cluttered or chaotic.

Also, it should be made sure that the counter-tops are always wiped and cleaned after each meal is prepared so that the area does not stink and the sink is free of dirty dishes and the cupboards are organized.

The organizing of the cupboards results in making the shelves easy to use.

A person can also feel joyful every time he or she walks into the kitchen by painting the walls of the kitchen in such a color that makes you comfortable and happy.

If the houses still have the old 1970 metallic wallpapers in the kitchen, then it is just the right time to break the monotonic shackles and paint it in the color which you want.

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Choose a color that makes your family feel good and is also going to please the eye and bring prosperity and abundance into the house.

Keeping the old recipe books of the grandmother along with other cookbooks on the shelves will help in making good quality recipes and will also help in inducing the special magic to the food.

The kitchen witch can also incorporate various medical practices into her regular daily routine of cooking like while stirring recipe, she can do the same in a deosil direction, depending upon the type of goal which you need to be fulfilled.

If a person is making a sandwich, then the mustard should be spread in a sigil for fulfilling the purpose.

By just keeping the kitchen clean and organized, one will be on the correct path of becoming a successful kitchen.

Benefits of Being a Hearth witch

There are a lot of benefits to being a hearth witch. The supply of the food in the right amount and right quality is a primary concern for the men of the home and also the leader of the house.

Benefits of Being a Kitchen Witch
Benefits of Being a Kitchen Witch

This particular fact worries both of them the most. A person can survive without anything but not food as if the stomach is empty then it will not provide the mental and physical satisfaction to the body.

The famous Helen Keller has said:

Happiness rarely keeps company with an empty stomach.

Happiness comes to someone when he or she is feeling satisfied with what they have and what they have eaten.

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By becoming a hearth witch, the woman plays the role of making this particular world a happy place to live for her loved ones’, family and friends by providing them good quantity food and good quality food.

But you should always remember that Karma is always present in this world, so what goes around comes around.

When the hearth witch is doing good then she will get good returns in the form of praise from the family members.

Some other benefits of being a hearth witch are given below:

  1. Receiving good luck and goodwill
  2. Getting Blessings from dead relatives
  3. Knowing ancient recipes for making charmed-food
  4. Getting everything in your kitchen
  5. Keeping your place cleaned and healthy like a real-heaven of earth
  6. Starting on organic living and maintaining good health
  7. Connecting with your soul.
  8. Warding off negative vibes from your surroundings.


The Kitchen witch is a practice where women prepare special food items in the kitchen using herbs and spices by referring to the old recipe book of the grandmother.

It should be kept in the mind that while preparing the recipe in the kitchen, the environment should be kept neat and tidy, and proper instructions and directions of stirring the recipe should be followed.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Can any woman become a kitchen witch?

Yes, any woman can become a witch if she is willing to follow the given set of instructions along with maintaining the cleanliness and right ambiance of the environment.

What rules should one follow while working as a kitchen witch?

It should be kept in the mind by the kitchen witch that they food should be stirred in the right direction according to the desires of the family and the mustard which is spread on the sandwich should be done in the form of a sigil.

How can the family members contribute to making the women of the house a Kitchen witch?

The family members can contribute the women of the house in making her a witch; by keeping the dishes in the sink clean and the paint on the walls soothing to the eye. They can also help by keeping the top of the slabs clean and making the kitchen stink-free all the time.