What to Expect from Junior Year of High School?

When you were a newcomer, you were undoubtedly a little jealous of those upperclassmen. Now it is your time to join the league and you are thinking what all is on your way to junior year of high school.

The upperclassmen hold a lot of responsibility on their shoulders and thus you can expect a lot during the junior year of high school. These are:

  • Prepping for the ACT and SAT.
  • Classes get harder.
  • College Search gets detailed.
  • Electives are more intensive.
  • Create a memory with the 1st prom.

5 Things to Expect from Junior Year of High School

Being the part of the upper stratum doesn’t only mean that you need to rule the school but it also means that now you have an added responsibility on your shoulders.

5 Things to Expect from Junior Year of High School
5 Things to Expect from Junior Year of High School

You can be the one that advises or helps others.

You are an upperclassman who now has to lead by example and prove your worth to everyone. It’s your ultimate chance to set the example for others coming after you.

The Junior year of high school is regarded as one of the most difficult years. Here is the list of 5 things that you can Expect from Junior Year of High School:

1. You Can Take the Real ACT and SAT

All the previous classes and the sophomore year has been leading up to this year only.

You Can Take the Real ACT and SAT
You Can Take the Real ACT and SAT

So, you must have taken your Pre-ACT and PSAT last year and you are well aware of what to expect this year i.e. the Real ACT and SAT.

You are all set with the exam study skills and reading material.

This year you are going to spend the entire time prepping for the actual tests, sweating your way to studying hard and then waiting eagerly for the final results.

But for now, keep in mind that your 1st attempt to take these tests won’t come until late this year, and your teachers will help you prepare well for these exams.

Yet there is nothing much to worry as you will be getting multiple opportunities to take the SAT and ACT.

In this hassle of the chase, hard work and seriousness for future, make sure that you keep your calm maintained all the time and appreciate what God has planned for you and your future success.

God is always there to support his devotees and will support you no matter what scores you achieve i.e. Low, Medium or High Scores.

2. Classes Get Harder

You are an upperclassman in the junior year of the high school and therefore with the pressure of upcoming tests, you will face harder classes.

Classes Get Harder
Classes Get Harder

You didn’t ponder your teachers would let move free just because you’re prepping for college, right?

Your teachers will be working very hard to prepare you for college, which means that each class is important and more difficult than before.

This means that junior year of the high school requires great time management and study management skills. You need to manage the life routines with the daily tasks of the school.

These skills are really important for all the students as they will ensure your success in college. Thus a student who is good at planning and executing things will achieve success everywhere.

3. Aggressive College Search

Make an exclusive list of colleges you wish to join and add them to green-light profile. Next year, you have started applying for different colleges.

Aggressive College Search
Aggressive College Search

Make sure you mix and match different type of college and make a comprehensive list.

All the college talk or he college game begins with the sophomore year. The junior year of the high school has several programs were sessions are conducted by the different college to clear the doubts of students.

It is the time when the college talk gets more serious and detailed. You can begin the search process in spring breaks or during long weekends.

You need to visit different colleges and collect their brochures for admission.

Explore different college locations and make a proper preference list of colleges where you want to land up.

Thus, this junior year is extremely critical as you decide which college you want to join after junior year of high school.

A lot of important life decisions are made as some of you might decide not to join the college after the junior year of high school and have plans to join straight into workforce or family business.

4. Intensive Electives

The elective choice during the junior year of high school gets more focused and intensive. Therefore, you must keep a track on them apart from developing new interests and learning new things.

Intensive Electives
Intensive Electives

You need to think of your future carrier path and college majors and then plan your electives carefully that will help you reach the destination easily. You can take help from your seniors or other members of the family.

5. First Prom Night and Fun

Different schools have different ways of celebrating the Prom Night. Some do it separate for the junior and senior years while some prefer to combine the two years.

First Prom Night and Fun
First Prom Night and Fun

You can create some of the best memories on your 1st prom and this will also give you some relaxation from the regular hustles of tests, the pressure of colleges etc.

Some believe that it is the best bright spot after joining the junior year of high school, although it usually helps quite late in the year.

Enjoy the 1st prom and make sure to make it memorable as the junior year is just not studying but also a lot of fun. There’s amply of youth group events that can keep you amused during the year.

Make sure you don’t have anything to regret from the junior year as the fun opportunities must be not missed in any case. Even Gods wants his children to have the laughter, joy and fun in our daily lives.

It’s why the Bible debates so much about delight. So, put in a little energy to have sunnier days varied with the serious this year.

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The Junior Year of high school is completely focused on studies, tests and preparations. It is more intense than your underclassmen years.

But you can add joy and happiness to it by planning everything well and executing it with enjoyment. Make sure to not miss the 1st prom as it will be a memory for a lifetime.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is the Junior year of high school stressful?

The Junior year of high school is very demanding in terms of academics and other stuff. Thus, it is extremely important to plan the year properly and gain guidance from others with the right attitude.

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