Hindu Festivals Calendar with Major Holidays

The Hindu festivals calendar has been often described as a blend of festivals of different religions. These festivals are organized according to the Hindu lunisolar calendar which is very different from the Gregorian calendar used in the Western world.

Hindu festivals are celebrated around the year, that is, all the 12 months, with the new year falling somewhere in between mid-March and mid-April. These festivals are the binder of the religions present in the culture of Hinduism.

Let us have a glance about the various festivals of Hinduism that will be falling every month starting from the year 2020 till 2025.


The first day according to the Gregorian Calendar brings the Kalpataru Divas, which is considered to be a symbol of the celebration of the life of Ramakrishna who is considered to be one of the most influential Hindu Holy man present in the 19th century.


Other holidays during this particular month include Lohri, which is celebrated using bonfires and dancing around it. This month also marks the harvesting of the winter crops and celebration of Republic Day which is the symbol of the Indian Constitution adopted in 1950.

S No.January Festivals202020212022202320242025
1Kalpataru Divas1/11/11/11/11/11/1
2Ramana Maharishi Jayanti
3Vivekananda Jayanti1/121/121/121/121/121/12
4Paush Purnima1/101/281/171/61/141/13
6Makar Sankranti/
Paush Sankranti
7Uttarayan & Kite Festival1/141/141/141/141/141/14
9Magh Bihu1/151/141/141/141/161/15
10Thiruvalluvar Day1/161/161/161/161/161/16
11India’s Republic Day1/261/261/261/261/261/26
12Mauni Amavas1/242/112/11/192/91/29
13Vasant Panchami1/292/162/51/252/132/2
14Saraswati Puja1/292/162/51/252/132/25
Hindu festivals calendar in January

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The month of February is considered to be the most important month according to Hindu mythology because the majority of the important festivals in which we honour the Gods lie in this month.

Nag Panchami
Nag Panchami

Vasant Panchmi is celebrated in the starting of the month where we honour Lord Shiva and her daughter Saraswati, who is considered to be the Goddess of knowledge and arts.

Somewhere around mid-February, people honour the son of Lord Shiva, Murugan. Towards the end of the month, we celebrate Maha Shivratri where people pay faithful homemade through the night of Shiva who is considered to be the most powerful Hindu God.

S No.February Festivals202020212022202320242025
1Mauni Amavas1/242/112/11/192/91/29
2Vasant Panchami1/292/162/51/252/132/2
3Saraswati Puja1/292/162/51/252/132/25
4Ratha Saptami2/12/192/71/282/162/4
6Magha Purnima2/92/272/162/52/242/12
7Shivaji Jayant2/192/192/192/192/192/19
8Maharishi Dayanand
Saraswati Jayanti
9Maha Shivaratri2/213/112/282/183/82/25
10Ramakrishna Paramhansa Jayanti2/253/153/42/213/123/1
Hindu festivals calendar in February

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The month of March is considered to be a symbol of approaching springtime where the Hindus celebrate Holi. This festival is considered to be the festival of colours and is the most joyous holiday of the Year.


This month also has a lot of significance because it marks the lunisolar new year of the Hindu festivals calendar.

S No.March Festivals202020212022202320242025
1Ramakrishna Paramhansa Jayanti2/253/153/42/213/123/1
2Chaitanya Jayanti3/93/283/183/73/253/14
3Holika Dahan3/93/283/173/73/243/13
4Holi (start)3/103/293/183/113/253/14
5Hindi New Year3/213/223/223/223/213/22
6Nyepi or Balinese New Year3/253/143/33/223/113/29
7Ugadi/Telugu New Year/
Gudi Padwa
8Ramayana (weeklong, begins)3/254/134/23/224/93/30
9Cheti Chand3/264/144/33/234/103/31
Hindu festivals calendar in March

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The month of April is celebrated as the new year by the Tamilians living in Sri Lanka and the Bengali living in India.

Shivaji Jayanti
Shivaji Jayanti

Some other important events lying in this particular month include Vasant Navratri which is a nine days’ celebration where people offer their prayers to God and indulge in fasting.

Akshay Tritiya is also celebrated in this month which is considered by the Hindus lucky for beginning new businesses and Ventures.

S No.April Festivals202020212022202320242025
1Ugadi/Telugu New Year/
Gudi Padwa
2Ramayana (weeklong, begins)3/254/134/23/224/93/30
3Cheti Chand3/264/144/33/234/103/31
5Vasanta Navaratri/Chaitra Navatri
(nine days long, begins)
6Mahavir Jayanti4/64/254/144/34/214/10
7Hanuman Jayanti4/84/274/164/64/234/12
9Tamil New Year (Puthandu)4/144/144/144/144/144/14
11Bengali New Year/Pohela Boishakh4/144/154/154/154/144/15
12Vasanta Navaratri3/254/134/23/224/93/30
13Parshuram Jayanti4/255/145//34/225/104/29
14Akshaya Tritiya/Akhateej4/265/145/34/225/104/30
Hindu festivals calendar in January April

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The month of May is considered to be the month of Hindu Gods and mystical powers. Narsimha and Narada who are believed to be the Lion faced gods and the Messenger of Gods respectively are both honoured in the May month.

Ganga Dussehra
Ganga Dussehra

The birthday of the famous scholar Rabindranath Tagore is also celebrated in this particular month. He was the first Indian to win a Nobel Prize for his wonderful writings and literature.

S No.May Festivals202020212022202320242025
1Parshuram Jayanti4/255/145//34/225/104/29
2Akshaya Tritiya/Akhateej4/265/145/34/225/104/30
3Gurudev Rabindranath Jayanti5/75/75/75/75/75/7
4Narasimha Jayanti5/65/255/145/45/215/11
5Narada Jayanti5/85/275/175/65/245/13
6Shani Jayanti5/226/105/305/196/65/27
Hindu festivals calendar in May

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The Hindu goddess Ganga, after whom the holy Ganges river is named is honoured in June. All the devotees believe in the fact that those who die around this particular river reach the heavenly abode and all their wrongdoings are forgiven.


This month Finally concludes with the celebration of the festival of Rath Yatra where all the Hindus come together and celebrate the travel of Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra.

S No.June Festivals202020212022202320242025
1Shani Jayanti5/226/105/305/196/65/27
2Ganga Dashami/Ganga Dussehra6/16/206/95/306/166/5
3Nirjala Ekadasi/Gayatri Jayanti6/26/216/105/316/186/6
4Sant Kabir Jayanti6/56/246/146/46/226/11
5Rath Yatra6/237/127/16/207/76/27
Hindu festivals calendar in June

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The month of July is starting the three-month monsoon season in the Northern part of India and the country of Nepal. During this particular month, all the Hindu women observe and celebrate the holiday of Hariyali Teej.

Base Camp
Base Camp

On this day they offer their prayers for a happy married life and also indulge in fasting. Some other festivals celebrated during this particular month include Manasa Puja, where the snake goddess is worshipped.

The people believe that this particular goddess has the power for curing every type of illness like the chickenpox and also helping infertility.

S No.July Festivals202020212022202320242025
1Rath Yatra6/237/127/16/207/76/27
2Guru Purnima/Asadha Purnima7/57/247/137/37/217/10
3Karkidaka Vavu7/208/87/288/158/47/24
4Hariyali Teej8/219/98/309/189/68/26
5Nag Panchami7/258/138/28/218/97/29
Hindu festivals calendar in July

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The month of August is considered to be an important month in the Hindu festivals calendar because in this particular month the country of India celebrates the Independence Day on 15th of August every year.

Gandhi Jayanti
Gandhi Jayanti

Another holiday in this particular month is Jhulan Yatra where Lord Krishna and his consort Radha are worshipped.

S No.August Festivals202020212022202320242025
1Karkidaka Vavu7/208/87/288/158/47/24
2Hariyali Teej8/219/98/309/189/68/26
3Nag Panchami7/258/138/28/218/97/29
4Jhulan Yatra (begins)
5Varalakshmi Vratam7/318/218/128/258/168/8
6Balaram Jayanti8/98/288/179/58/248/14
8Krishna Janmashtami8/118/308/189/68/268/15
9India’s Independence Day8/158/158/158/158/158/15
11Varaha Jayanti8/219/98/309/179/68/25
12Hartalika Teej8/219/98/309/189/68/26
13Vamana Jayanti8/299/179/79/269/159/4
14Ganesh/Vinayak Chaturthi8/229/108/319/199/78/27
15Radha Ashtami8/269/149/49/239/118/31
Hindu festivals calendar in August

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The month of September is symbolic of the end of the monsoon season. The Hindu people celebrate several holidays in this particular month like Shikshak Divas or the Teachers Day.


This holiday is celebrated in the honour of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was the former President of India and a very famous educational leader. Some other festivals celebrated in this particular month include Nag Panchmi and Ganesh Chaturthi.

S No.September Festivals202020212022202320242025
1Hariyali Teej8/219/98/309/189/68/26
2Nag Panchami7/258/138/28/218/97/29
3Balaram Jayanti8/98/288/179/58/248/14
5Krishna Janmashtami8/118/308/189/68/268/15
6Varaha Jayanti8/219/98/309/179/68/25
7Hartalika Teej8/219/98/309/189/68/26
8Vamana Jayanti8/299/179/79/269/159/4
9Ganesh/Vinayak Chaturthi8/229/108/319/199/78/27
10Radha Ashtami8/269/149/49/239/118/31
12Shikshak Diwas/
Radhakrishnan Jayanti
13Ananta Chaturthi/Ganesha
Visarjan Immersion
15Vishwakarma Puja9/169/179/179/179/169/17
18Durgashtami/Maha Ashtam10/2410/1310/310/2210/109/25
Hindu festivals calendar in September

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October is considered to be a month which is full of Hindu holidays and celebrations. The festival of lights, Diwali, which is symbolic of the triumph of good over evil is celebrated in this particular month.

Maha Shivratri
Maha Shivratri

The Hindus also celebrate Gandhi Jayanti, which is the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd October every year.

S No.October Festivals202020212022202320242025
3Durgashtami/Maha Ashtam10/2410/1310/310/2210/109/25
4Maha Navami10/2410/1410/410/2310/1110/1
5Gandhi Jayant10/210/210/210/210/210/2
6Lakshmi Puja/Kojagari Purnima/Sharad Purnima11/1411/410/2411/1211/110/25
7Valmiki Jayanti10/3110/2010/910/2810/1710/7
8Karwa Chauth/Karaka Chaturthi11/410/2410/1311/110/2410/10
10Kali Puja11/1411/410/2411/1210/3110/20
11Naraka Chaturdashi/Chhoti Diwali11/1411/410/2411/1210/3110/20
13Vikram New Year/Gujarati New Year11/1611/510/2610/1411/210/22
14Bhai Dooj/Bhai Phota/Bhav-Bij11/1611/610/2610/1411/310/23
15Chhat Puja/Pratihar/Surya Sashthi11/1811/810/2811/1711/510/25
16Kansa Vadh11/2411/1311/311/2211/1111/1
17Tulsi Vivah11/2611/1511/511/2411/1311/2
Hindu festivals calendar in October

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A few major holidays lie in November. The Hindus celebrate Kartik Purnima or the Guru Nanak Jayanti in honour of the birth of the first Sikh guru, Guru Nanak.

Ganga Dussehra
Ganga Dussehra

The year 2020 will mark the 551st birthday. People also take a ritual bath at the sacred sites in his honour.

S No.November Festivals202020212022202320242025
1Kartik Poornima/Guru Nanak Jayanti11/3011/1911/811/2711/1511/5
Hindu festivals calendar in November

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The month of December is the concluding month in the Hindu festivals calendar. The most memorable holiday lying in this particular month is the Geeta Jayanti where the Hindus pay homage to the Bhagavad Gita.

During this particular celebration, the reading of the lectures is held and people make trips to the northern part of India like Kurukshetra, which is considered to be a holy place.

Shivaji Jayanti
Shivaji Jayanti

The Hindus also celebrate Dattatreya, whose teachings are present in the 24 Gurus of nature.

S No.December Festivals202020212022202320242025
1Gita Jayanti12/2512/1412/312/2212/1112/1
2Sri Dattatreya Jayanti12/2912/1812/712/2612/1412/4
3Sabarimala Mandala Puja12/2612/2612/2712/2712/2612/27
Hindu festivals calendar in December

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The Hindu festivals calendar is considered to be a collection of all the celebrations and holidays which are remembered by the people in the honour of various famous people and gods and goddesses of the Hindu mythology.

The festivals start from January and go on up till December. People celebrate all these festivals with joy and also offer their prayers and tribute to the deities of the Hindu mythology.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Which festival is considered to be the festival of lights in Indian mythology?

Diwali is famous by the name of the festival of lights in Indian mythology. It is celebrated in October or November every year and is believed to be the triumph of good over the evil.

When is Holi in the upcoming years?

In the coming years, Holi will be celebrated on 29th March in 2021, 18th March in 2022, 11th March in 2023, 25th March in 2024 and 14th March in 2025.