Hedge Witch Folklore and Magical Practices

Hedge Witches have appeared in the real world, & they have pieced together some spells collected from the time spent searching the Internet & other public resources. Some of which even provide understated help for immoral magicians.

Hedges are competitive, and although they benefit from the environment, they may hinder their growth. They work with gods or goddesses for healing and shamanism or may work in changing seasons.

There are many different belief systems in modern paganism, and the act of hedges is a very popular phenomenon.

Although there are many different definitions and uses of hedges, you will find that in most cases, there is a lot of work on herbal magic, with a focus on nature.

Who are Hedge Witches?

Hedge Witches (Hedges for short) are magicians who can practice magic without formal education at a magic school. Hedge practice self-taught magic is called the “hedge magic”.

Who are Hedge Witches
Who are Hedge Witches?

For beginners, real knowledge of spells and magic is difficult to obtain, so they search for information on the Internet and in various places.

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Such a position may be rough, full of experimental or self-made spells, which are not very specific, or well done, or even copied well.

This can be dangerous, so hedges tend to find each other’s places and form safe houses where they teach and share magical knowledge.

Hedge witchcraft is usually practiced by singles and involves in-depth studies of plants and the natural world.

The term “hedge witch” is a wise tribute to the elderly living in rural suburbs outside the hedge. Dangerous witches usually find magical intentions in their daily activities.

What is the History behind the Witches?

Ask any modern hedge, and they may tell you that the reason they call themselves hedge witches is a tribute to the past.

What is the History behind the Hedge Witches
What is the History behind the Witches Hedge?

In the past days, witches (usually women, but not always) lived on the edge of the village behind the hedge. One side of the hedge is a village and civilization, and the other side is an unknown and wild place.

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Usually, these witches play a dual role, acting as medical staff or cunning women, and involve a lot of time collecting herbs and plants in the woods, fields, and hedges.

The ancient Hedge has usually practiced alone and lives a magical life every day-simple actions, such as brewing a pot of tea or sweeping the floor, are full of magical ideas and intentions.

Perhaps most importantly, the safe-haven witch learned her practice from older family members or mentors, and through years of practice, hone and error hone her skills.

These practices are sometimes referred to as green craftsmanship and are highly influenced by folklore.

What is some popular Hedge Magical Witch practice?

Similar to the practice of kitchen witchcraft, hedge usually focuses on the fireplace and the home as the center of magical activities.

What is some popular Magical practice related to Hedge Witch
What is some popular Magical practice related to Hedge?

The home is a stable and grounded place, and the kitchen itself is a magical place, defined by the energy of the people living in the house.

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For witches, houses are usually regarded as sacred spaces. If the family is the core of the practice, then the natural world is its root.

Hedge usually spend a lot of time in the creation of herbal magic and often learn related skills such as herbs or aromatherapy.

This practice is personal and spiritual; the tree-lined witch has not only plant pots.

She planted or collected them, harvested them, dried them, and tried experiments to understand what they can and cannot do, and she has been writing her notes for future reference.

What are the ways to become a Hedge?

The hedge witch is more than just a witch who cares for the garden fence. He or she is not just a witch engaged in herbal medicine and home remedies.

What are the ways to become a Hedge Witch
What are the ways to become a Hedge Witch?

The hedge is a representational hedge rider, which means he or she crosses the “hedge” between this world and the spiritual world.

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You will soon discover that hedge witchcraft is a very shamanistic witchcraft. Does the hedge use herbs in its practices?

Yes! However, the main focus of the safe-haven witch is to uncover the veil between humans and spirits-able to cross the realm of death and gods and appear again.

So, let’s look at certain ways which can lead someone to become a witch hedge.

1. Practice Meditation

Some people do not want to hear how important meditation is, but I am here to tell you that it is essential. Meditation enables us to close busy and ordinary thoughts and contact with our souls to establish contact with the spiritual world.

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As Laurie Cabot said, it is in this “alpha state” where we can receive visions and messages from the gods, remove obstacles in the chakras and energy fields, and perform mental tasks go to other areas.

However, meditation is not necessarily difficult, one only needs to channelize their energies and practice meditation as much as they can.

2. Entering Trance State

The same as meditation is the ability to enter the trance. The Hedge will learn the ability to perform shaman drums and transform his or her mind into the state.

It can be said that this is much like using psychological triggering to enter the alpha state.

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Some people say that the difference between trance and meditation is that trance is deeper, allowing you to “journey” up and down the “tree of the world”, while meditation is mainly a state of relaxation.

Although some believe that if you allow, meditation can make you addicted, practicing shaman drums or dancing can also make you addicted.

Try different things-dancing, various shaman music, etc., to see what brings you into an open mind, where your soul will advance or gain a powerful vision, etc.

3. Channelizing Dream-work

Just as important as meditation is the ability to dream. Don’t you remember your dream? Start by keeping a dream diary.

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Place it on the bedside table, and when you wake up every morning, write down everything you remember that night.

Even if it is just a little bit of a dream, there is only emotion.

After developing this habit, you will find that dream memories will get better and better until you remember three or more dreams every night!

Meditating witches hedge are also easy to dream, and vice versa-after all, dreams and meditation are linked. In our dreams, we are also able to receive news, recall past life, travel to other areas, and be treated.

4. Learn and Know the Working of Herbs

Most people think that you can learn how to become a hedge witch by learning and using herbs. This is part of being a hedge witch, not the main custom.

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Herbs can be used to enhance your hedge witch’s ability to practice, but to be honest, I found that they do not need to go through the hedge.

That being said, some hedge witch herbs include herbs that can be made into smudge bundles, which are then used to clean up spaces before meditation, daze, or rituals.

Before going to bed, the hedge witch will learn which herbs to make into a tea to spark dreams.

Herbal cream and essential oil can be made and used to smear witch energy points before meditation, transformation, etc.

It takes many years to learn herbal medicine (a real-life), so please conduct thorough research before using herbal medicine internally or locally.

5. Learn the Ability to Shape-shift

The hedge witch can transform. I am not necessarily a werewolf or a fool myself, but let me explain.

Transfiguration is a shamanistic skill that dates back thousands of years, and it was performed by the witch for centuries.

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In the dark age, the witch pleaded guilty to being a transformer to perform magic. The Scottish witch Isabel Gaudi is a good example.

Modern witchcraft scholar Emma Wilby wrote a whole book about the woman’s confession. Some confessions of Isabel discuss her ability to transform into a hare form.

Transfiguration is also a way to enter other realms in disguise and protect yourself from other creatures that may harm you.

Put it this way you can walk through someone’s garden like an undiscovered rabbit like a minor human, right? It’s the same with crossing hedges to enter a different world.

Shape shifting occurs in dreams, astral projections, meditation, and trance.

Sometimes it happens naturally, but you don’t want to do it, while other times, you may want to try it for yourself.

During meditation, try to hold feathers, bones, or other animal objects with your hands.

Focus on the energy, life, and soul of a specific animal. This is the beginning of learning how to transform-into the mind and “body” of the object to be converted.

6. Learn the Ability to Connect with Spirits

Hedge are usually lonely witches who have deep love and respect for their environment.

This means that they go outside, work with local plants and trees, and learn about wildlife from a personal perspective.

The connection with the place (spiritual) is an important part of learning how to become a hedge witch.

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These spirits will provide you with guidance and guardians in the spiritual realm, and can be summoned when the hedge witch needs strength, protection, healing, etc.

Therefore, please understand your local spirit – trees, plants, rivers, oceans, mountains, hills, animals, and insects.

What is the Role of the Witch?

The hedge is a modern version of a rural wizard, wise man, or ancient wizard. They learn how to enter other fields and acquire spiritual knowledge for others and themselves.

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They also learn how to use this knowledge and their knowledge of herbs to heal, protect, and advise others in need. It plays the role of mediator between the human world and the spiritual world.

Not everyone can cross hedges and talk to gods, right? This is the role of the hedge witch.


People misunderstand whether the hedge witches in the pagan community are. If you are attracted to certain aspects of the natural world, then you may explore the practice of hedge witchcraft.

Are you a person who feels more like home outdoors, is attracted by nature, and is closely connected with herbs, trees, and plants?

Do you prefer to practice magic alone instead of a group practice?

Are you interested in folklore and expanding your knowledge through research and experimentation? If so, the path to hedge witches may be in your alley!

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is hedge riding?

The hedge is the symbolic boundary between the two worlds and this book will teach you how to cross that hedge. While hedge riding, the hedge rider’s consciousness travels to another place, the other-world, which is also the realm of the collective unconscious.

What does it mean to be a green witch?

Discover the power of natural magic and healing through herbs, flowers, and essential oils in this new guide to green witchcraft. At her core, the green witch is a naturalist, an herbalist, a wise woman, and a healer.

What is a solitary witch?

Written in a conversational, enticingly direct style, Solitary Witch is a massive, weighty compendium of ancient and modern Wiccan ideas and teachings. Raven Wolf contrasts self-assured inner radiance, which is everyone’s heritage, and low self-esteem.

What is a witch’s book called?

A grimoire (/ɡrɪmˈwɑːr/ grim-WAHR) (also known as a “book of spells”) is a textbook of magic, typically including instructions on how to create magical objects like talismans and amulets, how to perform magical spells, charms, and divination, and how to summon or invoke supernatural entities such as angels, spirits, etc.

What is a witch hedge?

Although Hedge witchery does include (for many) green witcheries, as well as herbal and kitchen/hearth witchery, it is essentially a label that describes Witches who ‘straddle the hedge’ between worlds – Witches who communicate with the dead.