Hebrew Girl Names, A to Z with Meanings

Hebrew Girl Names have the best effect when they have meaning & significance. Hebrew names are available starting from all the 26 alphabets. The person needs to know the correct way of pronunciation of a name.

In case you feel difficulty with the exact pronunciation, you can refer to the various translators online or comment down your name & we will find exact pronunciation for you.

Hebrew Girl Names List

Given below is a list of Hebrew girl names in the alphabetical order. The meaning is also provided along with the name.

S No.NameMeaning
1AbigailMy father rejoices; Joy of a father
2AdenaNoble; Delicate
3ArielLion of God; One who is similar to a wonderful melody
4AtaliaMighty is the Lord
5BathshebaDaughter of the oath; daughter of Sheba
6BethanyHouse of figs; House of Mercy
8ChanahGraceful; another version of Hannah
11DeborahBee; Formalizer
13DinahGod is my judge; Judgement
14EleoraGod is light
15ElizabethConsecrated or dedicated to God; God’s oath
17HadassahMyrtle tree; Star; Bride
18HannahGift out of God’s favour; the Lord is merciful; Graceful
20JaelMountain Goat
21JemimaLittle dove
22JoannaGift of God; Grace
23JudithFrom Judea
25KeziahSweet scented spice; cassia cinnamon; scraped off
26LevonaIncense; spice
28LioraOf the light
29MagdaleneOf the tower
30MiriamGrace; star of the sea; Child who was wished for
35RachelFemale sheep; Ewe; A lambs innocence
36RahabVast; quarrelsome; proud
37RebekahTrap; Snare; Bind; Tie
38RuthCompanion; friend
39SalomePeace; Welcome, tranquel
40SamaraRuled by God
41SarahiMy princess
42SamanthaTold by God
43TahliaLambkin; lamb
44TaloraMorning dew
45TamarPalm tree
46TemimaWithout flaw
49TzillaDefender; protector
List of Hebrew girl names
Hebrew Girl Names List
Hebrew Girl Names List


S No.NameMeaning
1Adi Adi means “jewel, ornament.”
2Adiela Adiela means “ornament of God.”
3Adina Adina means “gentle.”
4Adira Adira means “mighty, strong.”
5Adiva Adiva means “gracious, pleasant.”
6Adiya Adiya means “God’s treasure, God’s ornament.”
7Adva Adva means “small wave, ripple.”
8Ahava Ahava means “love.”
9Aliza Aliza means “joy, joyous one.”
10Alona Alona means “oak tree.”
11Amit Amit means “friendly, faithful.”
12Anat Anat means “to sing.”
13Arella Arella means “angel, messenger.”
14Ariela Ariela means “lioness of God.”
15Arnona Arnona means “roaring stream.”
16Ashira Ashira means “wealthy.”
17Aviela Aviela means “God is my father.”
18Avital Avital was King David’s wife. Avital means “father of dew,” which refers to God as the sustainer of life.
19Aviya Aviya means “God is my father.”
20Ayala, Ayelet Ayala, Ayelet mean “deer.”
21Ayla Ayla means “oak tree.”
Hebrew girl names beginning with A

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Girl Names in Hebrew
Girl Names in Hebrew


S No.NameMeaning
1Bat Bat means “daughter.”
2Bat-Ami Bat-Ami means “daughter of my people.”
3Batsheva Batsheva was King David’s wife.
4Bat-Shir Bat-Shir means “daughter of song.”
5Bat-Tziyon Bat-Tziyon means “daughter of Zion” or “daughter of excellence.”
6Batya, Batia Batya, Batia mean “daughter of God.”
7Bat-Yam Bat-Yam means “daughter of the sea.”
8Behira Behira means “light, clear, brilliant.”
9Berura, Berurit Berura, Berurit mean “pure, clean.”
10Bilha Bilha was a concubine of Jacob.
11Bina Bina means “understanding, intelligence, wisdom.”
12Bracha Bracha means “blessing.”
Hebrew girl names beginning with B


S No.NameMeaning
1Carmela, Carmelit, Carmiela, Carmit, Carmiya These names mean “vineyard, garden, orchard.”
2Carniya Carniya means “horn of God.”
3Chagit Chagit means “festive, celebration.”
4Chagiya Chagiya means “festival of God.”
5Chana Chana was the mother of Samuel in the Bible. Chana means “grace, gracious, merciful.”
6Chava (Eva/Eve) Chava (Eva/Eve) was the first woman in the Bible. Chava means “life.”
7Chaviva Chaviva means “beloved.”
8Chaya Chaya means “alive, living.”
9Chemda Chemda means “desirable, charming.”
Hebrew girl names beginning with C
Cute Hebrew Girl Names
Cute Hebrew Girl Names


S No.NameMeaning
1Dafna Dafna means “laurel.”
2Dalia Dalia means “flower.”
3Dalit Dalit means “to draw water” or “branch.”
4Dana Dana means “to judge.”
5Daniella, Danit, Danita Daniella, Danit, Danita mean “God is my judge.”
6Danya Danya means “judgment of God.”
7Dasi, Dassi Dasi, Dassi are pet forms of Hadassa.
8Davida Davida is the feminine form of David. David was a courageous hero who killed Goliath and a king of Israel in the Bible.
9Dena (Dinah) Dena (Dinah) was Jacob’s daughter in the Bible. Dena means “judgment.”
10Derora Derora means “bird [swallow]” or “freedom, liberty.”
11Devira Devira means “sanctuary” and refers to a holy place in the Jerusalem Temple.
12Devorah (Deborah, Debra) Devorah (Deborah, Debra) was the prophetess and judge who led the revolt against the Canaanite king in the Bible. Devorah means “to speak kind words” or “swarm of bees.”
13Dikla Dikla means “palm [date] tree.”
14Ditza Ditza means “joy.”
15Dorit Dorit means “generation, of this era.”
16Dorona Dorona means “gift.”
Hebrew girl names beginning with D

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S No.NameMeaning
1Eden Eden refers to the Garden of Eden in the Bible.
2Edna Edna means “delight, desired, adored, voluptuous.”
3Edya Edya means “adornment of God.”
4Efrat Efrat was Caleb’s wife in the Bible. Efrat means “honored, distinguished.”
5Eila, Ayla Eila, Ayla mean “oak tree.”
6Eilona, Aylona Eilona, Aylona mean “oak tree.”
7Eitana (Etana) Eitana means “strong.”
8Eliana Eliana means “God has answered me.”
9Eliezra Eliezra means “my God is my salvation.”
10Eliora Eliora means “my God is my light.”
11Eliraz Eliraz means “my God is my secret.”
12Elisheva Elisheva was Aaron’s wife in the Bible. Elisheva means “God is my oath.”
13Emuna Emuna means “faith, faithful.”
14Erela Erela means “angel, messenger.”
15Ester (Esther) Ester (Esther) is the heroine in the Book of Esther, which recounts the Purim story. Esther saved the Jews from annihilation in Persia.
16Ezraela, Ezriela Ezraela, Ezriela mean “God is my help.”
Hebrew girl names beginning with E
Lovely Hebrew Girl Names
Lovely Hebrew Girl Names


S No.NameMeaning
1Gal Gal means “wave.”
2Galya Galya means “wave of God.”
3Gamliela Gamliela is the feminine form of Gamliel. Gamliel means “God is my reward.”
4Ganit Ganit means “garden.”
5Ganya Ganya means “garden of God.” (Gan means “garden” as in “Garden of Eden” or “Gan Eden.”
6Gavriella (Gabriella) Gavriella (Gabriella) means “God is my strength.”
7Gayora Gayora means “valley of light.”
8Gefen Gefen means “vine.”
9Gershona Gershona is the feminine form of Gershon. Gershon was the son of Levi in the Bible.
10Geula Geula means “redemption.”
11Gevira Gevira means “lady” or “queen.”
12Gibora Gibora means “strong, heroine.”
13Gila Gila means “joy.”
14Gilada Gilada means “[the] hill is [my] witness.” It also means “joy forever.”
15Gili Gili means “my joy.”
16Ginat Ginat means “garden.”
17Gitit Gitit means “winepress.”
18Giva Giva means “hill, high place.”
Hebrew girl names beginning with G

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S No.NameMeaning
1Hadar, Hadara, Hadarit Hadar, Hadara, Hadarit mean “splendid, ornamented, beautiful.”
2Hadas, Hadasa Hadas, Hadasa was the Hebrew name of Esther, the heroine of the Purim story. Hadas means “myrtle.”
3Hallel, Hallela Hallel, Hallela mean “praise.”
4Hannah Hannah was the mother of Samuel in the Bible. Hannah means “grace, gracious, merciful.”
5Harela Harela means “mountain of God.”
6Hedya Hedya means “echo [voice] of God.”
7Hertzela, Hertzelia Hertzela, Hertzelia are the feminine forms of Hertzel.
8Hila Hila means “praise.”
9Hillela Hillela is the feminine form of Hillel. Hillel means “praise.”
10Hodiya Hodiya means “praise God.”
Hebrew girl names beginning with H

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S No.NameMeaning
1Idit Idit means “choicest.”
2Ilana, Ilanit Ilana, Ilanit mean “tree.”
3Irit Irit means “daffodil.”
4Itiya Itiya means “God is with me.”
Hebrew girl names beginning with I
Meaningful Hebrew Girl Names
Meaningful Hebrew Girl Names


Note: The English letter J is often used in transliterating the Hebrew letter “yud,” which sounds like the English letter Y.

S No.NameMeaning
1Yaakova (Jacoba) Yaakova (Jacoba) is the feminine form of Yaacov (Jacob). Yaacov (Jacob) was Isaac’s son in the Bible. Yaacov means “supplant” or “protect.”
2Yael (Jael) Yael (Jael) was a heroine in the Bible. Yael means “to ascend” and “mountain goat.”
3Yaffa (Jaffa) Yaffa (Jaffa) means “beautiful.”
4Yardena (Jordena, Jordana) Yardena (Jordena, Jordana) means “to flow down, descend.” Nahar Yarden is the Jordan River.
5Yasmina (Jasmina), Yasmine (Jasmin) Yasmina (Jasmina), Yasmine (Jasmin) are Persian names for a flower in the olive family.
6Yedida (Jedida) Yedida (Jedida) means “friend.”
7Yehudit (Judith) Yehudit (Judith) is a heroine whose story is recounted in the apocryphal book of Judith. Yehudit means “praise.”
8Yemima (Jemima) Yemima (Jemima) means “dove.”
9Yemina (Jemina) Yemina (Jemina) means “right hand” and signifies strength.
10Yitra (Jethra) Yitra (Jethra) is the feminine form of Yitro (Jethro). Yitra means “wealth, riches.”
11Yoana (Joana, Joanna) Yoana (Joana, Joanna) means “God has answered.”
12Yochana (Johanna) Yochana (Johanna) means “God is gracious.”
13Yoela (Joela) Yoela (Joela) is the feminine form of Yoel (Joel). Yoela means “God is willing.”
Hebrew girl names beginning with Y

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S No.NameMeaning
1Kaspit Kaspit means “silver.”
2Kefira Kefira means “young lioness.”
3Kelila Kelila means “crown” or “laurels.”
4Kerem Kerem means “vineyard.”
5Keren Keren means “horn, ray [of sun].”
6Keshet Keshet means “bow, rainbow.”
7Kevuda Kevuda means “precious” or “respected.”
8Kinneret Kinneret means “Sea of Galilee, Lake of Tiberias.”
9Kitra, Kitrit Kitra, Kitrit mean “crown” (Aramaic).
10Kochava Kochava means “star.”
Hebrew girl names beginning with K


S No.NameMeaning
1LeahLeah was Jacob’s wife and the mother of six of the tribes of Israel; the name means “delicate” or “weary.”
2Leila, Leilah, Lila: Leila, Leilah, Lila mean “night.”Levana: Levana means “white, moon.”
3Levona: Levona means “frankincense.”Liat: Liat means “you are for me.”
4Liba: Liba means “loved one” in Yiddish.Liora: Liora is the feminine form of the masculine Lior, meaning “my light.”
5Liraz: Liraz means “my secret.”Lital: Lital means “dew [rain] is mine.”
Hebrew girl names beginning with L

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S No.NameMeaning
1Maayan Maayan means “spring, oasis.”
2Malkah Malka means “queen.”
3Margalit Margalit means “pearl.”
4Marganit Marganit is a plant with blue, gold, and red flowers that is common in Israel.
5Matana Matana means “gift, present.”
6Maya Maya comes from the word mayim, meaning water.
7Maytal Maytal means “dew water.”
8Mehira Mehira means “swift, energetic.”
9Michal Michal was King Saul’s daughter in the Bible, and the name means “who is like God?”
10Miriam Miriam was a prophetess, singer, dancer, and sister of Moses in the Bible, and the name means “rising water.”
11Morasha Morasha means “legacy.”
12Moriah Moriah refers to a holy site in Israel, Mount Moriah, also known as the Temple Mount.
Hebrew girl names beginning with M


S No.NameMeaning
1Na’ama Na’ama means “pleasant.”
2Na’ava Na’ava means “beautiful.”
3Naomi Naomi was the mother-in-law of Rut (Ruth) in the book of Ruth, and the name means “pleasantness.”
4Natania Natania means “gift of God.”
5Nechama Nechama means “comfort.”
6Nediva Nediva means “generous.”
7Nessa Nessa means “miracle.”
8Neta Neta means “a plant.”
9Netana, Netania Netana, Netania means “gift of God.”
10Nili Nili is an acronym of the Hebrew words “the glory of Israel will not lie” (1 Samuel 15
12Nitzana Nitzana means “bud [flower].”
13Noa Noa was the fifth daughter of Zelophehad in the Bible, and the name means “pleasantness.”
14Noya Noya means “divine beauty.”
15Nurit Nurit is a common plant in Israel with red and yellow flowers; also called a “buttercup flower.”
Hebrew girl names beginning with N

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S No.NameMeaning
1Odelia, Odeleya Odelia, Odeleya mean “I will praise God.”
2Ofira Ofira is the feminine form of the masculine Ofir, which was the location where gold originated in 1 Kings 9
3Ofra Ofra means “deer.”
4Ora Ora means “light.”
5Orit Orit is a variant form of Ora and means “light.”
6Orli Orli (or Orly) means “light for me.”
7Orna Orna means “pine tree.”
8Oshrat Oshrat or Oshra derives from the Hebrew word osher, meaning “happiness.”
Hebrew girl names beginning with O


S No.NameMeaning
1Pazit Pazit means “gold.”
2Pelia Pelia means “wonder, a miracle.”
3Penina Penina was Elkanah’s wife in the Bible. Penina means “pearl.”
4Peri Peri means “fruit” in Hebrew.
5Puah From the Hebrew for “to groan” or “cry out.” Puah was the name of a midwife in Exodus 1
Hebrew girl names beginning with P

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Few, if any, Hebrew names are usually transliterated to English with the letter “Q” as the first letter.


S No.NameMeaning
1Raanana Raanana means “fresh, luscious, beautiful.”
2Rachel Rachel was Jacob’s wife in the Bible. Rachel means “ewe,” a symbol of purity.
3Rani Rani means “my song.”
4Ranit Ranit means “song, joy.”
5Ranya, Rania Ranya, Rania mean “song of God.”
6Ravital, Revital Ravital, Revital mean “abundance of dew.”
7Raziel, Raziela Raziel, Raziela mean “my secret is God.”
8Refaela Refaela means “God has healed.”
9Renana Renana means “joy” or “song.”
10Reut Reut means “friendship.”
11Reuvena Reuvena is a feminine form of Reuven.
12Reviv, Reviva Reviv, Reviva mean “dew” or “rain.”
13Rina, Rinat Rina, Rinat mean “joy.”
14Rivka (Rebecca) Rivka (Rebecca) was Isaac’s wife in the Bible. Rivka means “to tie, bind.”
15Roma, Romema Roma, Romema mean “heights, lofty, exalted.”
16Roniya, Roniel Roniya, Roniel mean “joy of God.”
17Rotem Rotem is a common plant in southern Israel.
18Rut (Ruth) Rut (Ruth) was a righteous convert in the Bible.
Hebrew girl names beginning with R

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S No.NameMeaning
1Sapir, Sapira, Sapirit Sapir, Sapira, Sapirit mean “sapphire.”
2Sara, Sarah Sarah was Abraham’s wife in the Bible. Sara means “noble, princess.”
3Sarai Sarai was the original name for Sarah in the Bible.
4Sarida Sarida means “refugee, leftover.”
5Shai Shai means “gift.”
6Shaked Shaked means “almond.”
7Shalva Shalva means “tranquility.”
8Shamira Shamira means “guard, protector.”
9Shani Shani means “scarlet color.”
10Shaula Shaula is the feminine form of Shaul (Saul). Shaul (Saul) was a king of Israel.
11Sheliya Sheliya means “God is mine” or “mine is God’s.”
12Shifra Shifra was the midwife in the Bible who disobeyed Pharaoh’s orders to kill Jewish babies.
13Shirel Shirel means “song of God.”
14Shirli Shirli means “I have song.”
15Shlomit Shlomit means “peaceful.”
16Shoshana Shoshana means “rose.”
17Sivan Sivan is the name of a Hebrew month.
Hebrew girl names beginning with S


S No.NameMeaning
1Tal, Tali Tal, Tali mean “dew.”
2Talia Talia means “dew from God.”
3Talma, Talmit Talma, Talmit mean “mound, hill.”
4Talmor Talmor means “heaped” or “sprinkled with myrrh, perfumed.”
5Tamar Tamar was the daughter of King David in the Bible. Tamar means “palm tree.”
6Techiya Techiya means “life, revival.”
7Tehila Tehila means “praise, song of praise.”
8Tehora Tehora means “pure clean.”
9Temima Temima means “whole, honest.”
10Teruma Teruma means “offering, gift.”
11Teshura Teshura means “gift.”
12Tifara, Tiferet Tifara, Tiferet mean “beauty” or “glory.”
13Tikva Tikva means “hope.”
14Timna Timna is a place in southern Israel.
15Tirtza Tirtza means “agreeable.”
16Tirza Tirza means “cypress tree.”
17Tiva Tiva means “good.”
18Tzipora Tzipora was the wife of Moses in the Bible. Tzipora means “bird.”
19Tzofiya Tzofiya means “watcher, guardian, scout.”
20Tzviya Tzviya means “deer, gazelle.”
Hebrew girl names beginning with T

Hebrew Girl Names Beginning with U, V, W, X, Y and Z

Few, if any, Hebrew names are usually transliterated to English with “U,” “V,” “W,” or “X” as the first letter.


S No.NameMeaning
1Yaakova Yaakova is the feminine form of Yaacov (Jacob). Jacob was Isaac’s son in the Bible. Yaacov means to “supplant” or “protect.”
2Yael Yael (Jael) was a heroine in the Bible. Yael means “to ascend” and “mountain goat.”
3Yaffa, Yafit Yaffa, Yafit mean “beautiful.”
4Yakira Yakira means “valuable, precious.”
5Yam, Yama, Yamit Yam, Yama, Yamit mean “sea.”
6Yardena (Jordana) Yardena (Jordena, Jordana) means “to flow down, descend.” Nahar Yarden is the Jordan River.
7Yarona Yarona means “sing.”
8Yechiela Yechiela means “may God live.”
9Yehudit (Judith) Yehudit (Judith) was a heroine in the deuterocanonical book of Judith.
10Yeira Yeira means “light.”
11Yemima Yemima means “dove.”
12Yemina Yemina (Jemina) means “right hand” and signifies strength.
13Yisraela Yisraela is the feminine form of Yisrael (Israel).
14Yitra Yitra (Jethra) is the feminine form of Yitro (Jethro). Yitra means “wealth, riches.”
15Yocheved Yocheved was the mother of Moses in the Bible. Yocheved means “glory of God.”
Hebrew girl names beginning with Y

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S No.NameMeaning
1Zahara, Zehari. Zeharit Zahara, Zehari, Zeharit mean “to shine, brightness.”
2Zahava, Zahavit Zahava, Zahavit mean “gold.”
3Zemira Zemira means “song, melody.”
4Zimra Zimra means “song of praise.”
5Ziva, Zivit Ziva, Zivit mean “splendor.”
6Zohar Zohar means “light, brilliance.”
Hebrew girl names beginning with Z

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