Hagstones in Magic Folklore, and Symbolism

Hagstones are magical stones and are believed to have many uses. These stones have been used by witches from the past many centuries for performing rituals and various magical spells.

These stones have been also used for producing counteraction on a witch’s magic trick. Many people believe that these stones can also be used for warding off the curses, dead, nightmares, and other deadly sickness.

Origin and History

Hagstone is believed to be created when some special elements and the water mix with the stone and eventually creates a hole in the weakest point of the stone.

Origin and History
Origin and History

Thus, the hagstones are very commonly found in rivers and streams or even at various ocean beaches.

In the traditional magic spells and tricks, various uses and purposes of the hagstones have been identified.

According to many legends, this particular stone earned its name as it comprises of a variety of ailments that could easily be cured with the help of the stone.

Many people around the world consider this particular stone as a holy material.

The Folklore of Hagstones

The hagstone is considered to be very useful because of the variety of benefits which they offer.

Folklore of Hagstones
Folklore of Hag stones

It is believed by many people that the magic tricks cannot work on moving water and as these special stones have holes in it, they have the unique ability to retain all the beneficial influences which are present in the water.

Thus, it provides wonderful abilities to the stone and it is used as a protection amulet in the magic world.

It is also believed by the people that these stones are used to see the creatures which are invisible to the land of the Fae.

The stone is also believed to open a portal or window to other realities and realms.

They are also being used as a protection tool and weapon against various magic spells, healing, and warding. Hag stones are found commonly on beaches and rivers.

The sailors and fishermen have a belief that there are evil spirits are present in the ocean and rivers which are always trying to tempt the people on board.

Various sailors and fishermen use these stones for driving away witches and evil spirits from their boats and ships by tying them on the side of the boat.

Some of the fishermen and boat owners also believe that the bad weather conditions in the ocean can also be controlled and changed with the help of these magical stones.

Symbolism of Hagstone

These special magical stones are believed for bearing the ability to know if someone is speaking the truth or not.

It is also believed by many people that these stones are a representation of the sacred vagina of the Goddess.

Symbolism of Hagstones
Symbolism of Hagstones

These are used for creating very powerful spells of love by the insertion of a stick in the hole of the stone.

This process makes a request to God for connecting and making the pair and then this stone and stick is thrown in the sea.

A bunch of these stones is tied together for making a Feng Shui and boosting the magical powers.

These stones have special abilities that refresh the mind, spirit, and body of the individual and fills it with healing energy if they are hung on the bedside over the night.

Magic of Fertility by Hag Stones

Magic of Hagstones
Magic of Hagstones

The hagstones are believed to possess the power of fertility. It is believed that if a stone is tied to the bedpost, pregnancy can be facilitated in the women.

The pregnancy can also be facilitated if the stone is kept in the pocket throughout the day.

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If large stones, which has a passage or a hole is seen, then people try to walk or crawl through it because such type of stone is considered to be a special stone and helps in facilitating the pregnancy in the women.

Other Uses of Hagstones

Uses of Hagstones
Uses of Hag stones

Depending upon the various listings in sacred texts and as believed by the people of the magic world, these stones are used for various purposes which are listed below.

1. The stones are used for seeking into the world of fantasy and fairies.

2. The hagstones are used to facilitate pregnancy for fertility in women.

3. These stones are also used for keeping the spirits of the dead away.

4. These stones are widely used by the fisherman and the sailors of the boats for keeping their ships and boats safe from evil spirits.

5. These stones are used as good luck charm by the people for protecting their property and livestock.

6. They are also used for removing the night terrors and bad dreams.

7. These magical stones are believed to have special abilities and power which are used for treating deadly illnesses and possess healing magic.

Russian Mythology

It is believed in the Russian mythology that the hagstones abode the spirit of the chicken God.

The chicken god was considered to be the guardian of the chickens and these special stones were put in the farmyards as a counteraction to the evil effects and activities from the Kikimora, who were the wives of Domovi.

The Kikimora used to protect the chickens but was also famous for unleashing misery upon them if they do not like the chicken by plucking their feathers.

Irish Mythology

In the Irish mythology, it was believed by many people that the legendary Mug Ruith had a special stone that had the power of turning itself into a poisonous eel when it was thrown in the water.


Hagstones are a special kind of stone which has a hole in their surface and are widely used in the world of magic. These stones are believed to possess immense power and capabilities.

The stone is used for keeping the evil spirits and demons away and at the same time act as a lucky charm for the user. These special stones are easily available on the ocean banks and rivers.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How are the hagstones made?

Hagstones are special stones that are made from the erosion of the stone from the weakest part as water penetrates through it and forms a hole in it.

Where can one find this special stone?

The special hagstones can be found on the banks of the river or the ocean beaches. It is sometimes also found inside the rivers and oceans.

What are some other names for the hagstones?

Some synonyms of hagstones include snake’s egg, witch stone, snake’s stone, serpent’s egg, and self-bored stone.