Green Angel Prayer Candle (Wealth and Healing)

The lighting of the candle is extremely beneficial when you are praying for help from God or his angels. Depending on the colour of the angel, you might invite specific forms of angelic energies to surround you. 

Green Angel Prayer Candle appeals healing and prosperity for your body and soul so that you can enjoy the best moments of life. Archangel Raphael leads angels serving in the green-ray, which represents wealth and healing. 

What are Green Angel Prayers?

The Green Angel Prayers attracts prosperity and healing as the green light ray is the part of the metaphysical structure of angel colours based on 7 types of light rays: blue, yellow, pink, white, green, red, and purple.

What are Green Angel Prayers
What are Green Angel Prayers?

Green brings the vibration of progress, new starts, wellbeing, rebirth, harmony, faith, and amity. Green colour has a unique electrometric frequency that can attract angels with the same kind of energy frequency.

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When a divine sign appears to be green, it signifies that you are in a period of progress, starting a new part, or that this is a term to discover a new layer of yourself and plant seeds that will nurture feat in the future.

Green Angel Colours are observed as the symbols if the different types of request devotees make to the Creator.

To fulfil these wishes, desires and requests; God sends different angels with the mission to resolve them for his followers.

The colours permit folks to centre their Green angel prayer allowing to what type of aid they’re looking for from God and his angels.

People often use oils or crystals to improve and strengthen the impact of angel prayers. Green angel prayer Candle flames ooze light that signifies your mien of faith and belief.

Raphael: The Archangel of Green Light Ray

Raphael, the archangel of healing and prosperity is also called the Green Angel as it is associated with the green light ray.

Raphael The Archangel of Green Light Ray
Raphael The Archangel of Green Light Ray

The work of archangel Raphael is to bring all the people together so that they can experience spiritual peace and healing by coming closer to God.

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He’s often linked with delight and glee. Raphael also works to heal animals and the Earth, so folks link him to animal care and green efforts.

People from time to time ask for Raphael’s aid to: heal them (of diseases or sores that are bodily, spiritual, sensitive, or mystical), help them overcome habits, lead them to love and keep them safe while moving.

Significance of Crystals and Chakras

Crystals and Chakras play a crucial role in Green angel prayer with or without the candles.


You can complement the candle that you use for prayers with the crystal gemstones because they can correspond to the angelic light energy frequencies.


5 common crystals that relate well to the green light ray are selenite, sugilite, sodalite, indigolite, and Angelite.


The brow Chakra corresponds to the Green Angel Prayer Light, which is situated at the centre of the human body forehead.


People believe that the spiritual energy that flows to our body via the brow Chakra is extremely helpful in giving spiritual, mental and physical insights.

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Various physical issues like hearing problems, strokes, and vision, and other spinal conditions can be treated easily by this Chakra.

Some mental problems like difficulty in making decisions and common life confusions can be easily answered by Green Angel Prayer and activation of Chakras.

It also helps us to grow spiritually by helping our brain and mind get new insights from God’s blessings and wisdom.

Significance of Essential Oils

Another means you can use to bout your green angel prayer candle is the essential oil.

Significance of Essential Oils
Significance of Essential Oils

Essential oils with sensations that contest the green colour include: carnation, juniper, lavender, mimosa, neroli, pimento berry, rose otto, sandalwood, spearmint, and thyme.

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These essential oils, which are the cores of the plants that God has made, cover chemical mixes that strongly pulsate to certain occurrences.

So folks often use them when requesting for help from angels.

Significance of Green Colour

Significance of Green Colour
Significance of Green Colour

The green angel prayer has colour green associated with it, which signifies a lot of things. Some of them are listed below;

  1. A sense of progress, accord, success, and inspiration.
  2. In business, it represents novelty, innovativeness and new starts.
  3. It gives an emotional response to care and retreat.
  4. It is associated with money and wealth.
  5. The energy of green promotes progress and has a remedial power.
  6. It evokes a sense of amity and solidity to the mind and the physical body.
  7. Impacts your heart rate giving a sense of serenity and stillness.
  8. Someone wearing green clothing is often perceived as honest and candid.

Most Influential Green Angel Prayer Day

The green angel light ray emits most strongly on Thursday, some folks trust, so they consider Thursday to be the best day for Green Angel Prayers, especially about states that the green-ray incorporates.

Green Angel Prayer Focus in the Green Ray

The Green angel light represents prosperity, wealth and spiritual healing. So, when we use Green Candles in our prayers, we focus all our attention on healing and remedial.

Green Angel Prayer Focus in the Green Ray
Green Angel Prayer Focus in the Green Ray

Whatever wounds, injuries you have suffered in your mind, body and soul will be easily eradicated to live a happy and prosperous life.

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While Green Angel Prayer focus in work that contains all types of remedial and well-being, the subsequent areas especially relate to the green ray’s energy:

  1. Body: liberating stress and dipping swelling in the body, refining cardiovascular role, refining digestive system role, refining respiratory system role, easing pains, healing ulcers;
  2. Mind: relaxing and calming emotions, breaking free of terror, disabling confusion and growing simplicity of intelligent;
  3. Spirit: carrying your life into accord with the godly order of making, rising in spiritual insight that will help you develop the person God aims for you to develop.

Always remember that God and his angels always have a unique plan for their devotees to help them in the healing process.

While there is always a scope of supernatural healing but God would love you to experience the natural order of remedial which is by guided medical professionals, clergy from whom you seek help for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and counselors.

Many people get ideas to make healthy lifestyle habits to unleash the power of spiritual healing by the aid of Archangel Raphael and the green light. 

The power you need to accomplish your goals will be delivered to you by God’s blessings and wisdom so that you can achieve success and prosperity in life.

People often use the green angel prayer candle to resolve their money and wealth-related concerns and enjoy prosperity for the rest of their lives.

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This can vary from getting a new job to earn a higher income and getting out of debt to developing the intellect on ideas to save money and helping those you need your aid and assistance.

Money Spells with Green Candle

Candles are usually used for all kinds of the spell but not all candles can be used for any kind of spell. Different colours of candles correspond to different magical spells.

Money Spells with Green Candle
Money Spells with Green Candle

Green is the most popular colour for money spells as it stands for wealth, prosperity and abundance. It is the colour of fresh starts and new beginnings.

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So, in case you are thinking to recover your crumbling financial state and alter it into somewhat positive then green candle spell is the thing for you.

Step 1: Take a virgin green candle and anoint it well with lavender oil. You may also use cinnamon oil as these are the anointments used for conducting the money spell.

Step 2: Make sure you transfer your positivity and feelings into the candle while you are wetting it with oil.

Step 3: Take a paper and start writing your desires, wishes and dreams of money, prosperity and wealth.

Step 4: Now light the green angel prayer candle and visualize that all your wishes are coming true.

Step 5: Focus on the candle flame to zero in on your views. Make sure to free your mind from other disruptions and bad thoughts before you start the spell.


Getting clarity of the doubts and understanding the imagery of God can be a fun journey. Green Angel Prayer Candles help us achieve our level of consciousness and gives us the true direction of wealth and prosperity.

It adds a new layer of understanding with a deeper responsive and mental meaning. Green is a lively, fun and composite colour, and our world just would not be as plush and exciting without it.

We give you the green light to have fun and sightsee the imagery of green angel in your life!

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What angel is associated with green?

Archangel Raphael is associated with the green colour and is the true angel of a list that brings wealth and prosperity to our lives.

What does a green light mean spiritually?

Green carries the vibration of progress, new starts, fitness, rebirth, accord, hope, and amity. It could also be that you see flares of green when you think or are involved in the colour green. These are divine signs of the vibration of green touching through your life.

What does the green candle represent?

Green candles are a colour that is related with anything to do with growing, from richness to yield, to include green in your spell is to ensure well-being and victory. Green candles signify Earth magick, bodily and emotive healing, youth renewal, and rebirth.

Is Green a healing color?

Green color is known for its balanced healing properties. It is a restful color that symbolizes growth and renewal. It also encourages comfort and equilibrium and is particularly beneficial for the heart, lungs and circulatory system.

What does green mean in Bible?

Green is obtained by mixing Yellow (trials) with Blue (Word of God). Therefore, the biblical meaning of color Green is immortality. (The leaf shall not wither –(psa 1:3). Green is also symbolic of resurrection which we see each Spring. Purple is obtained by mixing red (flesh) and blue (word of God).