God Does Not Exist (True or False)

God does not exist has been a debatable topic from the past many decades. The atheists are on one side and the theists are on another side. And somewhere in the middle, science and evidence are present.

The people who believe in God think that science has been unable to prove the fact of whether God exists or not. While on the other hand, the atheist believes that God does not exist in reality.

Beliefs that prove God Does Not Exist

A very common misconception is spread among the people that atheism is a modern phenomenon while theism is an ancient phenomenon.

History and Beliefs
Beliefs that prove God Does Not Exist

Mankind has always been making arguments in for or against the existence of the Gods.

The text from the bronze age like Vedas has various arguments against the Gods like the problem of evil and the ultimate Boeing 747 case.

It also contains arguments which are in the favor of the Gods like the argument from morality and Pascal’s wager.

From thousands of centuries, starting from the ancient Greek to the medieval Japanese era and the native Americans, the arguments in the favor or against the Gods are as old as the God himself.

The atheist and theist see this topic of discussion as mesmerizing and as a tradition which the like to carry forward and many other people believe that this debate about God is a cycle which will never end.

Definitions of God

In the religion of pantheism, the universe and god are considered the same thing. Here, the people use natural sciences for studying about God and the nature of God.

This definition creates a problem which is that the universe which consists of God and universe which does not consist of God are both the same.

Negative and Positive Atheism
Negative and Positive Atheism: God does not exist

This religion describes that God intervenes in various operations that are happening in the universe including the process of communication with humans.

While the religion of pandeism tells that God never communicates or intervenes in the processes of the universe.

Positive Atheism

Positive atheism, which is also known as hard or strong atheism is a type of atheism which asserts pressure on the fact that no god exist in the universe.

It is known as strong atheism because this type of atheist explicitly emphasizes the point that the existence of god is a myth.

Negative Atheism

Negative Atheism, which is also known as soft or weak atheism is a form of atheism where a person or individual does not have belief in the existence of any God but it does not explicitly emphasize on the fact that no god can ever exist in the universe.

What Can and Cannot Be Proved Using Science?

From a scientific point of view, this particular sentence means that life does not exist on moon or psychic powers do not exist.

What Can and Cannot Be Proved Using Science
What Can and Cannot Be Proved Using Science i.e. God does not exist

All these statements are considered to be a shorthand and require a more technical and elaborate explanation.

The science does not deny all the time that the existence of any entity or power is possible.

Instead, it is considered to be a provisional statement which denies the existence of any relevance or reality to the force which is based on what the people currently know.

All the people who believe in religion quickly accept the fact that science cannot prove whether God exists or not while on the other hand, the people who do not believe in God feel that science is true and no force or entity like God exists.

Evidence against the Existence of God

Various scientific proofs which show that God does not exist are present in a book published by Victor J Stenger.

Evidences Against Existence of God
Evidences that God Does not exist

The name of the book is God, he failed hypothesis – how science shows that god does not exist.

  • The first step is to hypothesis God, who has an important role in the running of the universe.
  • The second step is to assume that God has specific attributes which provide objective pieces of evidence for his existence in the universe.
  • One has to look for such related pieces of evidence with an open mind.
  • If someone can find such pieces of evidence, then the conclusion that God may exist can be made.
  • If such objective evidence is not found then one can conclude that God with the following properties does not exist in the universe.

This is the basic way in which science would have disapproved the existence of any sort of God.

Video: How Science Could Prove the Existence of God

If God existed, then there should have been concrete pieces of evidence of his existence in the universe and this belief would not have been based on faith.

This belief should be based on measurable, consistent and tangible pieces of evidence that one can produce in front of the people who believes that God does not exist.

If we have failed to find such pieces of evidence, then the statement that God does not exist should be defined true.

What is the Symbolism of “Exist”?

For making preposition as God exists, one has to first define the meaning of science related to it and also need to define what is the meaning of existence in this particular case.

When one is talking about gods, their existence is dependent on all the pieces of evidence that one has and their impact on the universe.

These pieces of evidence must be tangible and measurable so that they can be defined as a phenomenon which can only be done by god that one is hypothesizing.

All the believers of God must be able to present the model of a universe in which God exists and it is proving to be productive or useful for mankind.

The constantly failing attempts of finding pieces of evidence have resulted in forming a reinforcement impression that God does not exist in the universe and there is no role for God to play.

Thus, this belief gives rise to the large population of atheists in the universe.


God does not exist is a statement which has always been a matter of debate and will remain a matter of debate in the coming future.

Various people, who have scientifically tried to prove the existence of god have failed, but this does not mean that no one can succeed in the coming future.

This belief is also dependent on the faith of the individual that he or she has in the divine power which is running the universe.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who was the famous scientist that argued that the religious belief of the people is just an illusion?

Sigmund Freud, who was a famous neurologist gave the argument that the religious beliefs and faith of the people are just an illusion.

What was the reason which Pascal gave for believing in God?

Pascal told the people that if one has faith in God and he or she succeeds, then their faith will increase and if one believes in God and he does not exist, then there is nothing much to lose for the believer.

Who was the famous person whose argument was in favor of the existence of god?

William Paley was the famous person who gave the teleological argument and showed everyone that the natural world in which we are living in the creation of the god.