Fernando Ortega Biography, History and Facts

The famous Christian singer Juan Fernando Ortega was born on 2nd March 1957. He is a very famous singer and songwriter in the field of contemporary Christian music.

He is noted for producing many traditional hymns and songs. The songs “be thou my vision” and “give me Jesus” have helped him in earning the status of one of the most prominent Christian singers all around the globe.

When was Fernando Ortega Born?

Fernando Ortega was born in the year 1957, on the 2nd of March in Albuquerque, present in New Mexico. He is the son of Eva Ortega and Ambrosio.

When was Fernando Ortega Born
When was Juan Ortega Born?

Early Years of Fernando Ortega

The early years of the famous Christian singer Fernando Ortega were in a village, which was near the banks of the river and the City Rio Grande. His family lived in Chimayo.

Early Years of Fernando Ortega
Early Years of Juan Ortega

For more than 8 generations, his family has been working as a weaver and artisan in that particular area.

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Because of this particular heritage as well as the classical training which he got from the University of New Mexico, he got the gift of his unique sound.

In the initial stages of his life, Fernando Ortega had to travel a lot because his father was working with the US Department of the state which involved frequent transfers.

From late 1970 to early 1990, Fernando became the part and served in the music ministry at various churches of various denominations. He also sang at the Baptist Church present in Albuquerque.

He was also the part of the congregational Christian and the assemblies of God churches present in the southern part of California and also the first Evangelical free church present in Fullerton, California.

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In this particular Church, he was pastored by the famous Chuck Swindoll at that particular time. In the late years of the 2000s, Fernando along with his wife Margee joined the Anglican churches before the returned to their home to the Evangelical Free church.

Trivia of Fernando Ortega

Various facts and instances are famous all around the world about the life of Fernando Ortega.

Trivia of Fernando Ortega
Trivia of Juan Ortega

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One such trivia is that the famous singer Alison Krauss joined him on his tour and the release of the famous song “The Shadow of your wings: Hymns and sacred songs, singing on “singing to Jesus”.

Fernando Starter Songs

For someone who is new to the Christian songs and wants to acquire the taste, the essential starter songs from the collection of Fernando are the best for them.

Fernando Ortega Starter Songs
Juan Ortega Starter Songs

These songs will not only increase the faith of the listener in Jesus Christ but will also bring them together and increase your love for religious music.

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List of the best essential Ortega starter songs is given below:

S No.Song Name
1 “Sing to Jesus”
2 “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”
3 “Grace and Peace (2 Thessalonians 1:2)”
4 “Oh God, You are My God (Psalm 63)”
5 “Children Of The Living God”
6 “O Thou, In Whose Presence”
Fernando Starter Songs

Quotes from Fernando

Various quotes are famous which are said by Fernando. One of the most famous quotes of his which were said by him in a press release in the year 2006 is given below:

Quotes from Fernando Ortega
Quotes from Juan Ortega

“My records have always been about how the Gospels find expression in a person’s everyday life — the sorrowful, the mundane, the joyful.”

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Some other famous quotes from Ortega are given below:

  • Give me Jesus, give me Jesus, you can have all this world, give me Jesus.
  • The anchor of my soul, you sustain when I am in the storm, you remain.
  • Shall be sent because we are not under law but grace? By no means!!
  • All flesh is like the grass.
  • In the morning when I rise, give me Jesus.

Awards Won

Fernando has won numerous awards and accolades during his singing career.

Awards Won by Fernando Ortega
Awards Won by Juan Ortega

Some of his most famous awards and wins along with their respective year are listed below in the table:

S No.Song NameYearAward Name
1Bluegrass Song: “Children of the Living God”1998Dove Award
2Inspirational Album: Home2000Dove Award
3Special Event Album of the Year: City on a Hill 2002Dove Award
List of Awards by Fernando Ortega

Big Break of Fernando Ortega

Fernando has sung numerous Christian songs. He has recorded songs for 2 small labels before he finally signed with the Myrrh/Word and released the world-famous album This Bright Hour in the year 1997.

Big Break of Fernando Ortega
Big Break of Juan Ortega

Another major turning point in the life of this famous Christian singer was in the year 1999 when Fernando was able to tour with a band for the first time and got the required Limelight and fame.

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He always loved the ministering part according to an interview which gave in the year 2015. He was never comfortable with the CCM label because he felt that the feeling which is associated with the sacred music was always left out.

Juan Ortega Discography

The Fernando songs are famous worldwide. His discography is considered to be one of the best amongst the Christian singers.

Fernando Ortega Discography
Juan Ortega Discography

Given below is the list of the selected discography of Fernando, along with the year in which it was released:

S No.Song NameYear
1In a Welcome Field(1991/2000)
2Meditations of the Heart(1992)
3Meditations of the Heart Encore(1993)
4Hymns and Mediations(1994)
5Night of Your Return(1996)
6This Bright Hour(1997)
7The Breaking of the Dawn(1998)
8Give Me Jesus – EP(1999)
10Camino Largo(2001)
12Hymns of Worship(2003)
13Fernando Ortega(2004)
14Live In St. Paul – DVD(2004)
16The Shadow of Your Wings: Hymns and Sacred Songs(2006)
17Christmas Songs(2008)
18Come Down O Love Divine(2011)
19Best Of – Live In St. Paul – CD(2015)
20The Crucifixion Of Jesus(2017)
21Calvary Chapel Music Praise, Vol. 1(“How I Love You Lord” and “Teach Me Your Ways”)
22Calvary Chapel Worship Alive, Vol. 1(“I Will Delight” and “Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying”)
23Next Door Savior(“How Deep the Father’s Love For Us”)
24The Making of a Godly Man(“Jehova, Señor De Los Cielos” and “Jesus, You Are My Life”)
25The Odes Project(“Sing Allelu” and “I Stretched Out My Hands”)
26Unknown Albums: “I Will Sing the Wondrous Story” and “O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing”(Early 1990’s)
List of the selected discography of Fernando

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When we talk about the Christian singers, the name of Fernando Ortega will always be taken in the top spot.

He has been the pioneer in the field of Christian music & has contributed immensely with his beautiful songwriting and composing.

In this particular article, we have tried to cover the biography of Juan Ortega, along with the various awards and his discography over the years.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

When and where was Fernando born?

Fernando Ortega was born in the year 1957 in Mexico, in the city of Albuquerque. He traveled a lot with his father because of the frequent transfers in the job.

Has the Christian singer Fernando Ortega won any awards?

Yes, he has won numerous awards and accolades. He is the recipient of the famous and prestigious Dove award three times.

Which are the most famous Christian music songs sung by Fernando?

Two of the most famous songs sung by Ortega are “give me Jesus” and “be thou my vision”. Both of these songs are considered to be one of the most prominent Christian songs all around the globe and have helped Fernando in getting the correct limelight and critical acclaim.