Evil Owl Folklore, Magic and Mysteries

The Evil owl is considered to be a bird that has featured prominently in the various legends and myths of a variety of traditions and cultures. These are believed to be mysterious creatures and are famous all around the world as a symbol of wisdom and the omens of death.

The owls are also believed to be the bringers of prophecy. In some countries, these owls are said to be good and wise while in other countries they are believed to be a symbol of Evil and the Chaos or the doom to come.

The biggest species of owls are present all around the world and each of the specie has its legends and folklore associated with them. In this article, we have tried to cover some of the best known Evil Owls and the mythology and folklore associated with them.

Evil Owl Superstitions

Various superstitions are related to the Evil owl. In the majority of African countries, the Owl is considered to be a symbol of sorcery and baneful magic.

Evil Owl Superstitions
Evil Owl Superstitions

People have a tradition of hanging a large owl around the house because it is believed that it is a symbol of a powerful Shaman who lives within the house.

The majority of the people also believe that this particular bird carries the message back and forth between the spirit world and the shaman. In some of the places, the nailing of an owl at the door of the house was considered to be a way of keeping the evil spirits and forces away from the house.

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This particular tradition begins in ancient Rome after the owls told the story of the deaths of Julius Caesar and several other related emperors.

This particular custom persisted in some of the areas including Great Britain and has been followed since the 18th century. An owl, which is nailed to the barn on the door is considered to be the protector of the livestock from the phenomenon of lightning and fire.

A writer at the mother nature network has said that:

“Though the owl’s nocturnal activity was at the root of many superstitions, the amazing ability of an owl to rotate its neck to extraordinary degrees was even turned into a myth. In England, it was believed that if you walked around a tree that an owl was perched in, it would follow you with its eyes, around and around until it wrung its neck.”

The Evil owl was known as a harbinger of the bad tidings and the doom throughout the parts of Europe and has been put in various appearances as a symbol of destruction and death in several popular poems and plays.

An example of such a poem is given below, which is written by Sir Walter Scott in the legend of Montrose:

Birds of omen dark and foul,

Night-crow, raven, bat, and owl,

Leave the sick man to his dream

All night long he heard your scream.

Even before the above poem was written by Sir Walter Scott William, Shakespeare wrote about the evil owl and the premonition of death in the famous place of Julius Caesar and Macbeth.

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Much of the Appalachian tradition can be easily traced back to the Scottish Highlands, where the evil owl was considered to be a symbol associated with the Cailleach and the English villages that were considered to be the original homes of the mountains settlers.

Because of this reason, a good amount of superstition is associated with the evil owl in that particular region where most of the people believe that Owl is related to death.

According to the various Legends of the mountains and evil owl who is putting at the Midnight is significant of death in the coming future.

Similarly, if an individual can see an owl circling during the daytime then it is considered to be a symbol that some bad news is about to come from the nearby.

In some of the areas, it is also believed that the Owl flies down to eat the souls of the dead at the time of Samhain Night.

Significance of Owl Feathers

If a person is lucky enough to find the father of evil, then it can be used for a variety of purposes for the benefit at the individual level or even for friends and family.

Evil Owl Feathers
Significance of Owl Feathers

The Zuni tribe has a tradition of believing that a feather of an owl, when placed in the crib of the baby, is capable of keeping the evil spirits away from the infant.

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Many other tribes all around the world believe that this particular word is a bringer of healing. Because of this particular fact, the belief that when a feather of this bird is hung in the doorway of a home then it keeps all the types of illnesses out of the house.

In the British Isles, the Evil powers were associated with the negative energy and death, and their feathers were used to repair those people who had unpleasant influences on society.

Greek Origin of Owl Totem

According to the Greek origin and myths, the evil owl was considered to be a bird related to the punishment which was given to any individual who did not perform any task properly. This particular bird was also considered to be a symbol of cannibalism.

Greek Origin of Evil Owl
Greek Origin of Owl Totem

In Greek mythology, this bird is believed to be the one which symbolizes that Chaos and problems are lying ahead in the time and it is also associated with bad omens.

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One of the studies in Greek mythology failed to find that the ancient Greeks subscribed to this particular bird for mankind. This bird is also considered to be the bloodthirsty monster in the bird form.

Owl Magic Symbolism

The Evil owl is considered to have a lot of Magic related to itself. It is believed to be the one who feeds on the souls of the dead & also is the messenger for the humans who brings back and forth the messages from the human world to the world of the dead.

Evil Owl Magic
Owl Magic Symbolism

It is also believed to be the symbol of chaos and problems and the one who nurtures the bad omens. He is also believed to be the symbol of punishment and suffering. But many people use the Owl for healing and keeping the disease and illness away from their houses.

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Their feathers are being used for many centuries for bondage magic and the rituals and customs related to deaths.

Owl Symbolism, Dreams, Messages & Underworld Relationship

The birds like vultures and evil owl are believed to have a relationship with the underworld. They are believed to cry in the marshes in Hades and also by the age of Tartarus.

Evil Owl Underworld Relationship
Owl Underworld Relationship

According to the legend of Otis and Ephialtes, these Birds were punished by the people in Hades by tying them to a pillar with snakes and also with the Strix perched on that column.

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In modern times, the evil animal, owl is considered to be the symbol of death and bad omens in many countries of Africa and even and the majority of parts of the European continent.


The owl is considered to be a bird who has been associated with black magic and various other rituals of death and the afterlife.

Talking about Indian mythology and folklore the evil owl is considered to be a symbol of helpfulness and wisdom. Indian mythology is also believed that these birds have various kinds of powers of prophecy.

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During the time of the middle ages in the continent of Europe, the Owl became the associate of the witches. They are also believed to be the inhabitant of the dark and the Guardian of the profane and lonely places.

The folklore of this particular bird is that they are considered to be a foolish but feared Spectre. In western culture, the evil owl is considered to be a very wise animal but in the other societies, they are believed to be malevolent birds, who are associated with the traditions of witchcraft.

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The native people of North America have attributed many powers of definition to these Birds. The people of the Roman culture strongly believe that these birds foretold the death of Julius Caesar.


The evil owl is considered to be a symbol of death and doom by the majority of the people all around the bird. It is also referred to as a bird who is related to bad omens and witchcraft.

In some of the traditions and cultures, this bird is also believed to be the symbol of knowledge and wisdom. People hang it outside their homes and doors for keeping the evil spirits away from them & their loved ones and also for keeping the diseases and illness away.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Why is the evil owl related to the power of healing by the people?

It is believed by a lot of people around the world that the owl has the healing powers in itself and its feathers. For this reason, the owl is hung outside the doors and homes of the people so that the diseases and illnesses can be kept away from their loved ones.

Why are the feathers of the evil owl considered to be special?

The feathers of the owl are considered to be special because they are used for a variety of black magic and other related rituals by a lot of people all around the world. These feathers are also used for keeping the spirits away from new-born babies and infants.