Elisha: The Old Testament Figure and Biblical Prophet

Elisha is a name that can be easily found in many sacred-texts and the holy book Bible. This particular name in Hebrew Means God is a celebration. He was a prophet from Israel and also a disciple of Elijah.

The accounts of his life and different activities are found in the 1 and 2 Kings but these are the only biblical texts which are present in the record for such person.


He is said to be a very significant and important character in the old testament and also in the Holy Bible. It is mentioned that the messages which were sent by him were for those who are in charge.


It’s said that they should turn back to the traditional & different religious practices and also acknowledge the Gods for their absolute Sovereignty over every aspect of their life, whether it be personal or political.

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He worked as a miracle worker and help a lot of people to heal back from their condition, it was demonstrated that he had God’s power over life and death.

When he helped in a battle, it was for demonstrating the power of the Gods who were the different Kingdoms and the Nations.

Various talking about his mentor Elijah, he was constantly in conflict with the different political authorities, and on the other hand, he had a very much friendly relationship with them.

But king Joram, who was the son of Ahab was doomed by Elijah. With the encouragement of Elisaios, or Eliseus, general Jehu killed King Joram and then assumed the throne.

After this particular scenario the religious purge which followed reinforce many traditional beliefs of the devotees but at the cost of weakening everything.

The main points which were weekend were of the military of the kingdom and also the political issues of the kingdom.

When did Elisha Live in History?

According to the various pieces of evidence and the paragraph written in the Holy Bible, it is said that he was very active during the reigns of the kings of Israel like Jehu, Joram, Joash, Jehoahaz.

When did Elisha Live in the History
When did Elisha Live in the History?

All these kings put him in the last of the ninth century BCE.

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Elisaios, or Eliseus the Patriot

Before he settled in Samaria, he passed some of the time from his life span on the Mount Carmel. When the armies of the different Kings like Israel, Judah, and Edom tied hands, then the kings Mesha and Moabite were tortured by drought in the desert.

Elisha the Patriot
Elisha the Patriot

All this was interviewed by the biblical prophet. He made a double production regarding the victories over the Moabites and also that relief from the drought was fulfilled on the next morning.

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When a group of youths containing boys from betel taunted this particular prophet, he cast them in the name of Yahweh and two female bears came out from the forest and ripped those 42 boys apart.

Where did Elisha Live?

It is mentioned that Elisaios, or Eliseus was the son of possibly a very rich farmer who lived in Galilee and it was called by Elijah while tilling one of his fields, which he inherited from his own family.

Where did Elisha Live
Where did Elisha Live?

This particular story has very strong patterns with the account of Jesus Christ calling his disciples in the city of Galilee.

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Some of these disciples called by Jesus Christ were busy in the act of fishing when Jesus Christ encountered them.

He preached and worked in the Northern Kingdom of Israel and then eventually came to live on the Mount Caramel along with the servant.

Bible Stories and Folklore

The story of Alisha is very well described in the book of Kings from chapter number 2 until chapter number 14 present in the second scroll in the Hebrew Bible.

Bible Stories of Elisha
Bible Stories

According to this particular story, he was a prophet and also a miracle worker staying in the Northern Kingdom of Israel and was very active during the reign of the different things like Joram, Jehu, and Jehoash.

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He was the son of Shaphat, who was a very well established landowner and then finally became the attendant and the disciple of Elijah.

His name first occurs in the 1 Kings chapter number 19, in the command which was given to Elijah for appointing him as his successor. Before Elijah was taken up into the whirlwind, he asked an inherited a double portion of the spirit of Elijah.

Some Scholars of this particular incident as the indication for the property inheritance customs of the time, where the eldest son of the family received twice as much of the father’s inheritance as each of the younger brother will receive.

In this particular interpretation, he is asking that he may be seen as the rightful owner and the successor to Elijah.

Critics of this particular scenario always point out that Elisaios, or Eliseus was already appointed as a successor of Elijah earlier in the narrative and is also described as performing various miracles which were more in number when compared to the miracles performed by Elijah.

It is mentioned in the various books that Elisaios, or Eliseus miraculously re-crossed the Jordan & also return to Jericho, where he won the gratitude of all the people by purifying the water which was not fit for consumption & also making it drinkable.

What did Elisha Do?

Elisha has been depicted as a miracle worker in the old testament and various historical scriptures and books. An example is given for the same which tells that Elisaios, or Eliseus was able to heal the sick people and then revived him from the dead.

What did Elisha Do
What did Elisha Do?

Another story that is mentioned in the books is that he called out to be the ferocious side of Elisaios, or Eliseus and kill a group of children who had mocked him for his bald head.

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He was also heavily involved in various propaganda like politics where once he helped different kings and their forces for attacking the Moab and defending Israel against the horrifying attacks of Syria.


Elisha was a prophet who is extensively mentioned in the old testament. He was a miracle worker who devoted his entire life to serving the sick and the poor people of the society and treating them from their illness.

He is also considered to be a very significant and influential figure of the holy book bible, which is religiously followed by all the Christians all around the world.

Apart from this, he has been a part of some of the very important propaganda’s and political decisions for the kings.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

In which verse is the story of Elisha mentioned in the Bible?

The story of Elisha, the prophet from the old testament and the influential biblical figure is mentioned in the second scroll of the Bible, from chapter number 2 to 14.

Where is the body of Elisha believed to be buried?

It is believed that the body of Elisaios, or Eliseus is buried in the Egil district present in the Diyarbakir province in the country of Turkey. His original shrine was present near a river bed, which flooded in the year 1994.

What miracles did Elisha perform?

It is believed that Elisaios, or Eliseus performed a very famous miracle where he recovered and axe which had fallen in the deep waters of the river Jordan. Another famous miracle of his is the one which he performed in Dothan on the road between the cities of Jezreel and Samaria.