Best Egyptian Cat Names with Symbolism

The Egyptian Cat Names are considered to be a great symbol of regarding some of the earliest of the civilizations and the most famous cat lovers around the world.

Some of the top Egyptian Cat Names are given below:

  1. Bahiti. (“fortune”)
  2. Dalila. (“gentle”)
  3. Eshe. (“life”)
  4. Khonsu. (“the traveller”)
  5. Amun. (“mystery”)
  6. Jahi. (“dignified”)
  7. Hypatia. (Egyptian female philosopher)
  8. Alexandria. (city in Egypt)

Choosing Cat Names based of Egypt Style

While choosing an Egyptian cat name for your loved pet, one should always have in mind the history and the origin of the cat. This will help them in choosing the most appropriate and suitable name for their feline.

Choosing Egyptian Cat Names
Choosing Egyptian Cat Names

The history related to the cats is very diverse as the Egyptians ruled the now called Mediterranean for almost a period of thirty centuries.

As they have ruled for such a long time, they have the best names and the traditions related to the naming of the Egyptian Cats.

Apart from the various naming conventions and traditions given in the Egyptian history, one should also follow his or her own instinct and choose wisely by taking time that whether the name they have arrived upon suits the feline or not.

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One should also sit with family and friends for the purpose of brainstorming and arriving upon the most fascinating and suited name for the cat.

If the family or friends are confused among 4-5 names for the cat, then the best way to arrive upon the most suited name is by voting for each shortlisted name of the cat and then arriving upon the last name.

Best Names of Egyptian Cats

The best Egyptian cat names are considered to be those which are based on the lives of a real character which was present and has been a part of the history of the Egyptian culture.

Best Egyptian Cat Names
Best Egyptian Cat Names

Given below is a table which contains the 10 best Egyptian names for the cats which are based on real life characters of the history.

S No.NameMeaning
1Cleopatra (famous Egyptian queen)
2Nefertiti (famous Egyptian queen)
3Osiris (famous ancient Egyptian god)
4Plato (famous Greek scholar who studied extensively in Egypt)
5King Tutankhamen (“King Tut,” famous Egyptian ruler)
6Sphinx or Sphynx (Egyptian mythological creature with lion body and human head)
7Isis (famous Egyptian deity and mother of Egyptian god Horus)
8Bastet (revered Egyptian goddess of motherhood who took a cat form)
9Ramses (famous Egyptian ruler)
10Pharaoh (term that means “Egyptian ruler”)
Best Names of Egyptian Cats

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Male Names of Egyptian Cats

In the ancient times, the names of the people were symbolic of the ancient ties with the deities, their religion, birth order, traits of the personality and also the other aspects which are important in the human life.

Male Egyptian Cat Names
Male Egyptian Cat Names with meaning

Given below is a table which contains such names which are described above. These names can be used by the male cat lovers for naming their favorite feline.

S No.NameMeaning
1Kahotep (“peaceful”)
2Khalid (“immortal”)
3Mkhai (“fighter”)
4Nomti (“strong”)
5Ammon (“mystery”)
6Akil (“smart”)
7Masudi (“merry”)
8Husani (“handsome boy”)
9Kamuzu (“a healer”)
10Masud (“good fortune”)
11Shakir (“grateful”)
12Sefu (“sword”)
13Nkosi (“the law”)
14Jabari (“brave”)
15Mshai (“the wanderer”)
16Nephi (“good son”)
17Asim (“protector”)
Male Names of Egyptian Cats

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Female Egyptian Cat Names

The female names for the cats must be chosen by keeping the feminine nature in the mind and also the softness and the meaning attached to the name.

Female Egyptian Cat Names
Female Egyptian Cat Names with meaning

The female Egyptians were believed to have the equal power when compared with the males. Thus, the names of the cats should be chosen wisely.

Given below is the list of the best female Cat names:

S No.NameMeaning
1Monifa (“lucky”)
2Chione (“daughter of the Nile”)
3Aisha (“peaceful”)
4Ebonee (the color black)
5Sarah/Sara (“princess”)
6Feme (“love”)
7Lapis (a beautiful blue gemstone favored by the ancient Egyptians)
8Mandisa (“sweet”)
9Safiya (“pure”)
10Shani (“wonderful”)
11Nenet (“divine”)
12Salma (“peace”)
13Aya (“magical angel”)
14Heba (“generous gift”)
15Jomana (“noble”)
16Rana (“beautiful”)
17Aziza (“precious”)
Female Names of Egyptian Cat

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Cute Egyptian Cat Names

Cats are believed to be very cute animals who have the ability to attract the human beings towards themselves using their beautiful eyes and the soft skin made out of fur.

Cute Egyptian Cat Names
Cute Names of Egyptian Cats

Given below are some of the Egyptian names for the cats which can be used to name your favourite and cute cat:

S No.NameMeaning
1Tabby (traditional color pattern for all ancient Egyptian cats)
2Nanu (“cute”)
3Nefret (“stunning”)
4Lotus (“flower”)
5Halima (“gentle”)
6Layla (“night”)
7Hasina (“good”)
8Mandisa (“sweet”)
9Mesi (“water”)
10Oni (“wanted”)
11Sanura (“kitten”)
12Umayma (“little mother”)
13Urbi (“princess”)
14Zahra (“flower”)
15Akiki (“friendly”)
16Dakarai (“happy”)
17Madu (“of the people”)
Cute Names of Egyptian Cats

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Cool Egyptian Cat Names

Many people believe that the cats are very lethargic animals who do not like to do much physical activities and just like to lie down at a single place for many hours. But this is not true as they are very cool animals who have very funny nature.

Cool Egyptian Cat Names
Cool Names of Egyptian Cats

For the same reason, we have provided the best cool Egyptian cat names for our valuable readers in the table given below:

S No.NameMeaning
1MerNeith (famous female Egyptian ruler)
2Sobekneferu (famous female Egyptian ruler)
3Twosret (famous female Egyptian ruler)
4Kemet (another name for Egypt)
5Manetho (ancient Egyptian priest)
6Menes (early Egyptian ruler)
7Aten (Egyptian word that means “sun disk”)
8Imhotep (famous ancient Egyptian philosopher)
9Ptahhotep (famous ancient Egyptian philosopher)
10Amenhotep (famous ancient Egyptian philosopher)
11Seth (Osiris’s brother)
12Horus (Osiris’s son)
13Mut (Egyptian mother goddess)
14Maimonides (Egyptian philosopher)
15Thoth (Egyptian philosopher)
16Menhit (Egyptian goddess of war)
17Tahemet (“queenie”)
18Kyky (“monkey”)
Cool Names of Egyptian Cats

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Funny Egyptian Cat Names

The cats are considered to be a very sophisticated animal but deep inside, they have the funny and the notorious kid hidden in them which they show their owners from time to time.

Funny Egyptian Cat Names
Funny Names of Egyptian Cats

The list given below contains the best funny names for the cat which can be used by all the cat lovers around the world:

S No.NameMeaning
1Kat (“weight of measure”)
2Panya (“mouse”)
3Adofo (“fighter”)
4Chigaru (“hound”)
5Gahji (“hunter”)
6Kosey (“lion”)
7Msamaki (“fish”)
8Nkuku (“rooster”)
9Oba (“king”)
10Sabola (“pepper”)
11Bennu (Egyptian deity of creation, often shown as a falcon)
12Sepest (Egyptian god who lives in a tree)
13Moke (“sweetened with honey”)
14Gata (“cat” in Greek)
15Mekal (“fierce devourer”)
16Ishaq (“he who laughs”)
17Ialu (“field of dreams”)
Funny Names of Egyptian Cats

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The Egyptian Cat Names are considered to be symbolic of the various deities and the famous people who belonged to the various traditions and were part of the Egyptian history.

The various lists that we have provided in our articles have various cat names which cover the categories of funny, cute, male names, female names and best cat names.

Hope you would have find the desired cat name.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What was the name of the cart of Cleopatra?

The name of the cat of Cleopatra was Tivali.

Who is believed to be the Greek god of Cats?

Ailuros is believed to the Greek god of the cats.

What was the name of the first cat to be ever named?

The cat who was named for the very first time on the earth was Nedjem.