Dragons Blood Magic, Uses and Rituals

Dragons blood is a plant resin that occurs naturally in the environment. It is dark red and thick and viscous, which has given at the name of the blood of the dragon.

The plant resin has been used for thousands of years for various and distinct purposes. Various records show that this plant has been used in the ancient Greeks and also in the older parts of India, China, & Middle East.

The dragons blood is used for various purposes like painting, magic, incense, dying, and also in various materials for providing sweet fragrance.

Using Dragons Blood for Curing Ulcers

The dragon’s blood is considered to be a possible solution for the cure of ulcers of different types. The majority of the ulcers are topical and not internal.

Using Dragons Blood for Curing Ulcers
Using Dragons Blood for Curing Ulcers

A case study which was published in the year 2015 has concluded that this particular blood has helped in the bedsores and pressure ulcers.

This particular evidence was limited but was shown in the Daemonorops Draco Species. This particular species is very common and a commercial source of the dragons blood.

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Another case study which was published in the year 2011 has also shown that it has been found very effective in removing the ulcers of the mouth and also which are present on any other part of the body.

The case study also included that the dragons blood has helped in curing diabetic ulcers where this particular ingredient was used in the manufacturing of herbal ointment which was also mixed with some other herbal ingredients.

The blood has been used for curing the ulcers of many centuries but the research in this particular field is still not complete as to whether the internal ulcers can be treated by it still unknown.

Used as Antimicrobial

It is also believed that the dragons blood has tremendous antimicrobial properties that are being used in manufacturing the medicines and different types of ointments by the pharmaceutical sector.

Dragons Blood Used as Antimicrobial
Dragons Blood Used as Antimicrobial

It was informed that this particular blood has offered protection against pathogens like the different types of bacteria and fungi which create microbial diseases in the human body.

It has been found very effective against the different types of viruses that are harmful and even fit against humans.

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Laboratory study, which was done in the year 2011 has shown that the blood contains substantial antimicrobial properties which are more than enough to be considered as a good source of food preservatives.

Another study which was done in the year 2013 concluded that the antimicrobial effects of the dragons blood were found to be pretty effective but were only tested in vitro environment, which was conducted inside the test tube or another vessel outside the body.

One should always understand the fact that the dragon’s blood cannot be considered a replacement for the infection-fighting medical approaches like the antibiotics, even if it is capable of bringing mild benefits from the minor conditions.

What is Dragon’s Blood?

The dragons blood is a resin that is harvested from many varieties of plant species. It is a bright red coloured pigment that has given it the name of the blood of the Dragon.

What is Dragon's Blood?
What is Dragon’s Blood?

The product which is made from this particular red color pigment is marketed and sold to all the people who are pagans and are not precisely the same as what the ancient cultures referred to as the blood of the dragon.

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The famous book modern herbal written by Maud Grieve mentions the following about the dragons blood:

“The berries are about the size of a cherry and pointed. When ripe they are covered with a reddish, resinous substance which is separated in several ways, the most satisfactory being by steaming, or by shaking or rubbing in coarse, canvas bags. An inferior kind is obtained by boiling the fruits to obtain a decoction after they have undergone the second process.

The product may come to market in beads, joined as if forming a necklace, and covered with leaves … or in small, round sticks about 18 inches long, packed in leaves and strips of cane. Other varieties are found in irregular lumps or a reddish powder. They are known as lump, stick, reed, tear, or saucer Dragons Blood.”

From ancient times, the people who used to live in Greece and also the Romans used a by-product of Dracaena Cinnabar which is a tree found on the Islands in the Indian Ocean.

The tree is famous for producing a gum-like resin which has a large number of users like an abortifacient and also like a dye. It is also used in the form of a colorant in a lipstick.

Some of the practitioners have also used the dragons blood in the form of a powder for incense purposes. If one wants to try this particular thing, then it tends to work best if it is mixed with other dried items and then burnt on a disc made up of charcoal.

Depending on the type of the magical path followed by the individual, a variety of uses are present of the dragons blood.

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It is pointed out by Cat Yronwoode of Lucky Mojo and also many other hoodoos and folk traditions that this particular item is used for protection and good fortune. It is also said that it can be turned into a spot of ink for writing out magical spells.

“Dragon’s Blood powder is also used by women who wish to receive an offer of Marriage. They write their lover’s name on a small square of brown paper, cross it with their name, fold Dragons Blood powder into the Name-Paper, and throw the packet onto glowing charcoal along with Love Me Incense while saying their prayer.”

Uses of the Blood in Magic

In some of the magical traditions, the dragon’s blood is used for the detection and healing of the human being. It is also used to banish.

How Dragon's Blood Is Used?
How Dragon’s Blood Is Used?

Some of the pagan paths believe that the addition of this particular blood to any other incense or herb will result in increasing the potency of the original mixture.The dragons blood is also used to clean a space.

If any of the previous occupants of location has left behind some kind of negative energy, then the burning of the blood incense or the sprinkling of the powder made up of this particular blood around the parameter to banish away the negativity can be done.

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It is normally used with sweetgrass or dried sage for getting the extra metaphysical protection. This particular blood is associated with the element of fire which enables it to be used as an alternative for the fire in the absence of a candle or can even be used in the rituals involving heat power flame or the sun.

In some of the magical traditions, this particular blood is blended in the form of an oil. The blood oil can be used for making the candles or also for enhancing the personal power of an individual.

For the magic of purification, this particular blood is added with the few pieces of Onyx along with Rosemary into the oil and then used and applied at the windows and doors of the house for keeping the negative energy outside and away from the home or property.

5 Ways to Use Dragon’s Blood in Magic

Various uses of the dragon’s blood are discussed in this particular article. But this particular red pigment is famous for its uses in the rituals of magic and protection.

5 Ways to Use Dragon's Blood in Magic
5 Ways to Use Dragon’s Blood in Magic

Given below are the best five ways in which the Dragon blood is used for the rituals and magic.

  1. The dragon’s blood can be converted into an ink that can be used for writing the spell work like the name of your intention or any other magic spell.
  2. This particular pigment can be used as an herbal sachet for healing magic which is related to the bleeding of the reproductive tissues of women.
  3. Some of the traditions use the dragon’s blood for love spells particularly those in which a person is hoping to receive a marriage proposal.
  4. If this particular pigment is added to an herbal blend of incense, then it will give you an extra boost and power of Magic.
  5. The oil which is made up of the dragon’s blood helps in protection and empowerment when a person is doing any kind of dream journey or difficult traveling.

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Use as Anti-Inflammatory

Some of the studies have also shown that the dragons blood has antioxidant potential which makes it a wonderful ingredient in the treatment of inflammation in the human body.

Dragons Blood as Anti-Inflammatory
Dragons Blood as Anti-Inflammatory

It has a special ability to counter the inflammation caused in the body and is widely used as an anti-inflammatory. These particular properties were confirmed in a case study in the year 2017 published by the United States of America.

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The pieces of evidence of the same are incomplete but when the research and the study work is placed together then it was found that this particular property is not found in the dragon’s blood from all the sources and is only found in Daemonorops Draco and Dracaena Draco.

It is also not proven to be an effective anti-inflammatory substance on all human beings and varies from case to case. Taking this particular blood as a supplement gives some of the antioxidant benefits, like the antioxidant-rich food items.

But still, more research is needed to be done regarding this particular context.


The dragons blood is a resin that is harvested from many varieties of plant species. It is a bright red colored pigment that has given it the name of the blood of the Dragon.

It is used for various magic rituals and also for banishing the evil forces away from the property or the house and keeping the loved ones free from any kind of harm.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who can use the Dragon’s blood?

Anyone who wants to perform magic rituals like banishing, protection, spell work, or even the one who wants to treat cancer, diabetes, inflammation, etc. can use the dragon’s blood.

Can the dragon’s blood be used to treat cancer and ulcers?

Yes, the dragon’s blood has been found very effective against the treatment of cancer and ulcers as they suppress the ulcers which are present on the outer surface of the human body and also cures skin cancer.