Demon Names: Theology, Demonology and Mythology Demons

A List of Demon Names based on religion, theology, demonology, mythology, and folklore has been provided although a demon name might be pronounced in different forms.

Demons are often not given any names but Demon Names are politely described as the Bad Man, Author of Evil, Father of Lies, Arch Fiend, Wicked one, Gentleman in Black or the Prince of Darkness.

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List of Theological and Mythological Demons

List of Infernal Names
List of Infernal Names (Demon Names)

The Name of Demons include those from theological evidences as well as fictional names found in different religious and mythological texts. These names have several spellings and therefore you may expect some overlaps as well.


Aamon/AmonChristian demonology
Abaddon/ApollyonChristian demonology
AbezethibouJewish demonology
AbyzouJewish mythology (Demon Names)
AchlysGreek mythology
AdrammelechAssyrian mythology, Christian demonology
AgaliareptJewish mythology
Agrat bat MahlatJewish demonology
AgaresChristian demonology
AgielJewish mythology
Ahriman/Angra MainyuZoroastrianism
Aim/HaborymChristian demonology
AkumaJapanese Buddhism, Japanese Christianity
Al AnaTurkish folklore
AlaSlavic mythology
AlalChaldean mythology
AlastorChristian demonology
Alloces/AllocerChristian demonology
AlluAkkadian mythology
AmaymonChristian demonology
AmdusiasChristian demonology
AmyChristian demonology
AnammelechAssyrian mythology (Demon Names)
AnqaArabian Folklore
AncitifChristian demonology
AndhakaHindu mythology
AndrasChristian demonology
AndrealphusChristian demonology
AndromaliusChristian demonology
AntiSumerian mythology
AntichristChristian eschatology
AnzuSumerian mythology
ApaoshaPersian mythology
Apep or ApophisEgyptian mythology
ArmarosJewish demonology
ArunasuraHindu mythology
AsagSumerian demonology
AsakkuBabylonian mythology
Asb’elJewish mythology
Asmodai/AsmodeusJewish and Islamic folklore, Christian mythology
AstarothChristian demonology
AsuraHindu mythology, Buddhism, Shinto
Azazel/Azaz’elJewish mythology, Islamic folklore
Azi Dahaka/DahakZoroastrianism
Names of Demon Beginning with A


Baal/BaelChristian demonology
Babi ngepetIndonesian mythology
BakasuraHindu mythology
BakuJapanese mythology
BalamChristian demonology
BalberithJewish demonology
Bali RajHindu mythology
BansheeIrish mythology
BaphometChristian folklore, Islamic Folklore, Jewish Mysticism, Satanism, Thelema
BarbasChristian demonology
BarbatosChristian demonology
BarongIndonesian mythology
Bathin/Mathim/Bathym/MarthimChristian demonology
BeelzebubJewish and Christian demonology
BelialJewish Christian demonology
BelethChristian demonology
BelphegorChristian demonology
Berith/BeheritPhoenician mythology, Christian demonology
BhūtaHindu mythology
BifronsChristian demonology
BorutaSlavic mythology
BotisChristian demonology
BuerChristian demonology
BukavacSlavic mythology
BuneChristian demonology
Names of Demon Beginning with B


Caim/CamioChristian demonology
CharunEtruscan mythology
ChemoshMoabite mythology
ChortSlavic mythology
Cimejes/Kimaris/CimeiesChristian demonology
CorsonChristian demonology
Crocell/ProcellChristian demonology
Names of Demon Beginning with C


DagonSemitic mythology
DajjalIslamic eschatology
DantalionChristian demonology
DanjalJewish mythology
DecarabiaChristian demonology
DemiurgeGnostic mythology
DemogorgonChristian demonology
DevPersian, Islamic demonology
Div-e SepidPersian mythology
DjallAlbanian mythology
DrekavacSlavic mythology
DzoavitsNative American mythology
Names of Demon Beginning with D


Eblis/Iblis/IbrisIslamic demonology
EligosChristian demonology
EishethJewish demonology
ErlikTurkish mythology
Names of Demon Beginning with E


FocalorChristian demonology
Foras/Forcas/ForrasChristian demonology
ForneusChristian demonology
Furcas/ForcasChristian demonology
FurfurChristian demonology
Names of Demon Beginning with F


GaapChristian demonology
Gader’elJewish demonology
GakiJapanese mythology
GamiginChristian demonology
GhaddarIslamic folklore
GhoulArabian and world-wide mythologies via adaptation from Arabs
Glasya-Labolas/ Caacrinolaas/ Caassimolar/ Classyalabolas/ Glassia-labolisChristian demonology
GorgonGreek mythology
Gremory/GomoryChristian demonology
GrigoriJewish demonology
GualichuMapuche mythology
GuayotaGuanche mythology
Gusion/Gusoin/GusoynChristian demonology
Names of Demon Beginning with G


HaagentiChristian demonology
Halphas/MalthusChristian demonology (Demon Names)
Haures/Flauros/Flavros/Hauras/HavresChristian demonology
HinnIslamic folklore
Names of Demon Beginning with H


IfritIslamic demonology
IncubusChristian demonology
Ipos/IpesChristian demonology
Names of Demon Beginning with I


JinnIslamic demonology
JikininkiJapanese mythology
Names of Demon Beginning with J


Kara İyeTurkish mythology
KasadyaJewish demonology
KokabielJewish mythology (Demon Names)
KoreAlbanian mythology
KroniAyyavazhi demonology
KrampusGermanic-Christian demonology
Killakee CatHell Fire Club
KukudhAlbanian mythology
KulshedraAlbanian mythology
KumbhakarnaHindu mythology
Names of Demon Beginning with A


LegionChristian demonology)
LechiesSlavic mythology) (Demon Names)
LeonardChristian demonology)
LeyakIndonesian mythology)
LempoFinnish mythology)
Leraje/LeraieChristian demonology)
Leviathanaccording to certain interpretations of Jewish, Gnostic and Christian mythology)
Lili/Lilin/LilimJewish mythology)
LilithAkkadian mythology, Jewish folklore)
LjubiAlbanian mythology)
LuciferChristian theology)
Lucifuge RofocaleChristian demonology)
Names of Demon Beginning with L


MaridIslamic demonology
MalphasChristian demonology
MammonChristian mythology
MaraBuddhist mythology
MarichaHindu mythology
Marax/Morax/ForaiiChristian demonology
MarchosiasChristian demonology (Demon Names)
MastemaJewish demonology
MazokuJapanese folklore
MephistophelesChristian folklore, German folklore
MerihemChristian demonology
MolochJewish, Pagan and Christian mythology, Scientology
MurmurChristian demonology
Names of Demon Beginning with M


NaamahJewish mythology
Naberius/Cerbere/NaberusChristian demonology)
NinurtaSumerian mythology, Akkadian mythology
NamtarSumerian mythology
Nar as-samumIslamic folklore
Names of Demon Beginning with N


OniJapanese folklore
OnoskelisJewish mythology
OrcusRoman mythology, later Christian demonology
Orias/OriaxChristian demonology
OrobasChristian demonology
OseChristian demonology (Demon Names)
ÖrdögHungarian mythology
O TokataIndonesian mythology
Names of Demon Beginning with O


PaimonChristian demonology
PazuzuBabylonian demonology
PelesitIndonesian and Malaysian mythology
PhenexChristian demonology
PenemueJewish and Christian mythology
PithiusChristian demonology
PocongIndonesian & Malaysia mythology
PontianakIndonesian and Malaysian mythology
PretaBuddhist demonology
PruflasChristian demonology
PulomanHindu mythology


RahabJewish folklore
RaumChristian demonology
RonoveChristian demonology (Demon Names)
RusalkaSlavic mythology
RakshasaHindu mythology
RangdaIndonesian mythology
Names of Demon Beginning with R


SabnockChristian demonology
SaleosChristian demonology
SamaelJewish and Gnostic mythology
SalpsanChristian demonology
SatanJewish, Christian, and Islamic demonology
ScyllaGreek Mythology
SetEgyptian mythology
SeirChristian demonology
SemyazaJewish mythology
Shax/ChaxChristian demonology
ShaitanJewish, Islamic demonology
ShedimJewish folklore
SitriChristian demonology
SthennoGreek mythology
StihiAlbanian mythology
Stolas/SolasChristian demonology
SuanggiIndonesian mythology (Demon Names)
SuccubusChristian folklore
SurgatChristian demonology
SutIslamic demonology
ShinigamiJapanese mythology
Shuten DojiJapanese Mythology
Names of Demon Beginning with S


TanninArabian, Cannanite, Christian, Phoenician, Jewish mythology
El TíoFolk Catholicism
TitivillusJewish mythology
ToyolIndonesian and Malaysian mythology
TuchulchaEtruscan mythology
Names of Demon Beginning with T


UkobachChristian demonology
Names of Demon Beginning with U


ValacChristian demonology
Valefar/Malaphar/MalepharChristian demonology (Demon Names)
VanthEtruscan mythology
VapulaChristian demonology
VassagoChristian demonology
VeparChristian demonology
VineChristian demonology
Names of Demon Beginning with V


WechugeAthabaskan mythology
Names of Demon Beginning with W


XaphanChristian demonology
Names of Demon Beginning with X


YeqonJewish mythology
Names of Demon Beginning with Y


ZabaniyyaIslamic folklore
ZaganChristian demonology
ZeparChristian demonology
ZiminiarChristian demonology
Names of Demon Beginning with Z

Origin of Demon Names and Symbolism

Symbolism of Satanic Names
Symbolism of Satanic Names

Based on Hebrew sources and other mythological texts it has been found that there are more than 100 Demon Names including its infernal associates that were named based on their mythological origins and native languages.

The literature of Magic has huge influence on the names of demons and if we wish to learn more about them then we must jump to demonology which deals with the study of devil and demons.

The Book of Abram Elin, possibly written in the 14th or 15th century, lists four princes of the demons: Lucifer, Leviathan, Satan and Belial. (Demon Names)

In the 16th Century, Peter Binsfield along with several others cited 7 demons connected with 7 deadly sins (1589). These are;

Sr. No.Demon Names7 Deadly Sins
3Asmodeus (Asmodai)Lust
Demon Names and the 7 deadly sins associated with them

Soon it became a trend to assign demons with some symbol or object and later Cabalists associated their 4 demons with Galen’s 4 elements;

Sr. No.Demon NamesGalen’s 4 elements
2Ondine’s, NymphsWater
Demon Names and Galen’s 4 elements

Hierarchy of Demon Names and Opposite Saints

Meaning of Satanic Names in Alphabetical Order
Meaning of Satanic Names in Alphabetical Order

Several books written in the past describe about the Order of the Demons and the Saints who were set opposite to them. Let us have a look at the hierarchy of the Demons;

First Hierarchy Demon Names

Name of DemonMeaningSaints
BeelzebubTemptation through PrideSt. Francis
LeviathanTemptation to lose faithSt. Peter
AsmodeusTemptation to lustSt. John
BaalberithTemptation to Murder and BlasphemySt Barnabas
AstarothTemptation to vanity or slothSt Bartholomew
VerinTemptation through impatienceSt Dominic
CresilTemptation through impurity, slovenlinessSt Bernard
SonneillonTemptation through hateSt Stephen
First Hierarchy Demon Names

Second Hierarchy Demon Names

Name of DemonMeaningSaints
CarreauTemptation through lack of PitySt Vincent
Carnivean (Demon Names)Temptation through obscenitySt John
OilletTemptation against PovertySt Martin
RosierTemptation through LoveSt Basil
VerrierTemptation against obedienceSt Bernard
Second Hierarchy Demon Names

Third Hierarchy Demon Names

Name of DemonMeaningSaints
BelialTemptation through arroganceSt Francis de Paul
OlivierTemptation through cruelty and avariceSt Laurence
JuvartIncarnated into other bodiesSt John
Third Hierarchy Demon Names

Most Popular Theological Devil Names

In the medieval era, people started developing new ideologies such as demonology and this led to the generation of several demon names mostly related to the Infernal Kingdom. Some of the major and minor devils have been stated below.


No.Devil NameSignificance
1AdramelechPresident of the devil high court and the Chancellor of hell whose role was to supervise the Devil’s wardrobe.
2AgauresGrand Duke of the eastern part of hell who commanded the 31 legions of devil. He was the master of languages.
3AllatouWife of the demon Nergal. (Demon Names)
4AlocerGrand Duke of Hell that commanded 31 legions of devils.
5AmdusciasGrand Duke of Hell that commanded 29 legions of devils. He was the patriot saint of music and loved deafening music.
6AminadabThe devil, as per St. John of Cross.
7AmonMarquis of Hell. The former Egyptian god commands 40 legions in Hell.
8AndrasMarquis of Hell. This former devil commanded 30 legions. He had an owl’s head and the body of a winged angel.
9Angel of LightLucifer in Paul’s second Epistle to the Corinthians.
10Architect, GreatAlleged Name of Satan among Masons. 
11AsmodeusSuperintendent of gaming houses in hell. This “Atlantic City” type demon (who is said in Tobias to have killed seven husbands of Sera before Raphael got him) was once said to have been forced by Solomon to build the temple. 
12AstarothGrand duke of the western part of hell and the treasurer of hell. Some name the demon as the one who married the Phoenician mood goddess. (Demon Names)
13AyperosPrince of hell commanding 36 legions, also depicted as an eagle.
14AzazelMilton makes him the standard-barrier of the hell armies but probably he is the devil himself.
Demon Names Beginning with A


No.Devil NameSignificance
1BaalGrand Duke of hell, commanding 66 legions and the master of east. Actually his name means that he was the lord (chief divinity) of the Phoenicians and the Carthaginians, who sacrificed kids to him (Diodorus says like Saturn).
2BaalberithChief secretary and Archivist of hell, a demon portrayed by Weirus as a Pontiff seated among Hell’s princes.
3II KingsHe is the oracular deity; Mathew, the Prince of Demons.
4BalanAnother “Ball” lord who is the Prince of Hell, portrayed as Bull, or Ram, or man riding a bear and holding a sparrow hawk.
5BaphometHe is said to be the idol of the Knights Templar, there was some connection between Mahomed and this creature who was somehow created to face rites. Aleister Crowley named him “Supreme and Sacred King”, but he does not seem to be the King of Hell.
6BaronA demon of that has no name was the one to whom “Bluebeard” (Gilles de Rais) sacrificed all those children he murdered in the search for Philosophers stone, gold. He is not the Devil.
7Baron SaturdayThe God of Death occupies a special place in the Haitian Voodoo, the position of Satan in Christianity. The mortsvivants (zombies) are in his power.
8BehemothThe name served for the super bull demon. Jews said that the devil ought to be reserved for the Messiah’s banquet, the medieval elephant etc. but also for the “chief” of the demons who wags his tail, a watchman of Hell and a silly demon of folklore.
9BelialThe Sons of Belial are “offspring of the Sumerian goddess Belial,” says William Woods in his History of the Devil (1973). His history among the Jews is varied.
10BerithHe is also known as “lord Berith,” that is Baalberith. The alchemists, seeking his assistance to turn base metal into gold, often used the name Berith.
11Black ManAlso named as the Man in Black but as per the Dictionary of Devils and Demons, it is a “black man”. People believe that he appears to be poor and came as a black man who promised to make them rich if they give their souls to him by signing a pact.
12BuerDemon of the second rand, commanding 50 legions, expert in medicine, portrayed with lion’s head and five goat’s feet.
Demon Names Beginning with B

C (Demon Names)

No.Devil NameSignificance
1CaymGrand President of Hell, a man with the head and wings of a blackbird.
2CernunnosAs per Margaret Murray (The God of Witches), this ancient Celtic God became the deity of witches, a Satan.
3ChamosA demon of flattery in some tales, Chamos was the son of god of the Ammonites and Moabites, “the awful terror of the children of Moab”. The worship was similar to that of Priapus.
4CouloubreThe Devil in dragon form was said to have troubled various parts of France and was defeated by St. Front and St. Veran (a painting by Mignard depicts the latter). He was also named as Ropotou.
Names of Demon Beginning with C


No.Devil NameSignificance
1DagonPhilistine God (Samson destroyed his temple). He appeared in demonology as Hell’s baker. He is famous as the devil of crops.
Names of Demon Beginning with D


No.Devil NameSignificance
1EuryonomusPrince of Death, feeds on carrion and corpses.
Names of Demon Beginning with E


No.Devil NameSignificance
1FurfurCount of hell, commanding 26 legions. When called up, he lies, unless he is enclosed within a magic triangle.
Names of Demon Beginning with F

G (Demon Names)

No.Devil NameSignificance
1GardelAccording to Enoch, the name of the rebellion angel who seduced Eve, the serpent in the Garden of Eden.
2GallouFrenchified name of the devil of Sumerians who takes the form of the bull, vaguely linked with Baphomet.
3GeryonDante’s centaur gatekeeper of the Inferno.
4Great NegroSt. Theresa claimed she had seen the devil in the form of a hideous black dwarf. St. Anthony was tempted by a seductive negress which also puts significance to the Black Evil theory.
Names of Demon Beginning with G


No.Devil NameSignificance
1HaborymDuke of Hell, commanding 26 legions, also known as the fire demon.
Names of Demon Beginning with H


No.Devil NameSignificance
1Iblis al QadimIslamic Demon Name where the phrase Iblis means Hell.
Names of Demon Beginning with I


No.Devil NameSignificance
1KadeyaEnoch’s “fifth Satan”. In Icelandic magic, this demon appears as a calf.
2KobalHell’s Social Director, demon of comedians.
Names of Demon Beginning with K


No.Devil NameSignificance
1LegionLegion as per the demons of the Bible is a collective noun and not just one of the demon names. Mark says as a legion of demons (in the guise of pigs) pursued Jesus, but was drowned.
2LeonardInspector general of Black magic, this French named demon is the master of the sabbats (over which he presided as a giant black goat, Great Negro). At sabbats the witches worshipped him with green candles, “mooning,” etc.
3LeviathanIn the Psalms, a hippopotamus crocodile serpent creature and in reality a dragon called up by magicians. But it is Isaac XXVII:1 that makes Leviathan “a dragon who moves quickly, the monster in the sea, forever the enemy of God.”   Rabbinic tradition made him androgynous, he is supposed to have seduced Eve as a man, Adam as a women (Lilith). Demonology stressed the maritime aspect; Grand Admiral of Hell, Governor of the maritime of hell. He was also given a cerebus like function at the Gates of Hell.
4LokiThis Scandinavian demon was often, because of his deviousness and connection with fire, equated with the Devil.
5LucibelSome old texts say this was Lucifer’s name in heaven before he was cast out for rebellion which is based on French beliefs.
Names of Demon Beginning with L

M (Demon Names)

No.Devil NameSignificance
1MammonThought of as a demon of avarice, equated with Moloch, identified by Milton as a demon who taught men to find buried treasure, Mammon is the result of a mistranslation.
2MastemaThe book of Jubilees identifies Mastema with Satan.
3MelchomTreasure of hell. It is perhaps the same as Astaroth.
4MephistophelesThe devil whose name Goethe’s Faust made famous.
5MolochGod of the Ammonites and Carthaginians, Moloch resembles other gods (Baal, as Flaubert suggests in Salammbo) to whom children were sacrificed. Like Baal, his name us a title of the King. Malcham and Milcom are probably the same.   The prophets repeatedly denounced the worship of this foreign fire god introduced by both Solomon and Ahaz. He was supposed to be especially active in December.
6Most LowThe Devils title, God being the Most High.
7MullinAt the French sabbats, a “Master Jean Mullin,” was sometimes assistant to Leonard, creating in the demonology a Mullin described as “1st chamber valet of the House of Infernal Princes.”
8MurmurCount of Hell, the demon of music. He is portrayed as a giant soldier mounted on a vulture.
Names of Demon Beginning with M


No.Devil NameSignificance
1NaberusMarquis of hell, demon of eloquence. Weirus calls his Cerberus, but he appears as a crow, not a dog.
2NergalSecond class demon, spy of Beelzebub, husband of Allatou.
3NybrasHell’s Public Relations man, an inferior demon.
4Nysrog/NysrockChief of Hell, second-class demon, “president if the pleasures of the table,” the gourmet demon.
Names of Demon Beginning with N


No.Devil NameSignificance
1OriasMarquis of Hell, demon of astrologers and diviners.
Names of Demon Beginning with O

P (Demon Names)

No.Devil NameSignificance
1PaymonMaster of Ceremonies of hell, riding a dromedary, he appears with a man’s body and the face and jewellery of a woman sort of infernal “Boy George”.
2PlutoThe ruler of the underworld in classical myth, Pluto became in demonology Prince of Hell, demon of fire, Governor of Hell in charge of making the damned labour unceasingly.
3Prince of DarknessThe battle between the forces of good and evil is a feature of the religion of the man we call Zoroaster, who lived more than 1000 years before Christ.   In the Kephalion of Medinet Madhi, the Prince of darkness has 5 physical attributes which connect him with later Christian devils; the head of lion (symbolizing fire, whence Lucifer, connections with ancient gods of fire, etc.), the wings of an eagle (representing the speed of angels, whence the winged dragon, etc.).  
The hands and feet of demons (representing connection with humanity; one tenth of fallen angels were supposed to have mated with the earthlings to form the tribe of Mastema), the mid-quarters of a serpent (whence the serpent is Eden, etc.), and the tail of a fish (connected with Leviathan of Job, Isaiah, the Psalms).   In Job, Isaiah, and The Psalms this is a primordial monster, like the Leviathan, the Behemoth, the Dragon. All depict negative forces and are termed the “enemies of God,” the Adversary, Satan.
Names of Demon Beginning with P


No.Devil NameSignificance
1RaumCount of Hell, demon of devastation, commanding 30 legions.
2RimmonChief Doctor of hell, worshipped as Damas (because thought able to cure leprosy). Tondriau and Villeneuve lists him as “Hell’s ambassador to Czarist Russia”.
3RonweLesser demon, commanding 19 legions.
Names of Demon Beginning with R

S (Demon Names)

No.Devil NameSignificance
1SamaelAngel of Death, temper of eve, said to be father of Cain, opposed Moses, fought the Archangel Michael in the form of a dragon. Another name for the devil himself. Also, used as equivalent to Asmodeus.
2SatanThe Adversary (Numbers, I Samuel), a Hebrew designator. Arabic Shaitan (serpent) gets confused or conflated and translated by Greek diabolus.   The Adversary is a designator in Zachariah III, Job I and II, but in I Chronicles XXI:1. By the 2nd century BC Satan and Devil are interchangeably and more or less equivalent to Azazel, Belial, Mastema, Satanail or Sotomail, Semiazas or Samyaza.   In apocalyptic writings Satan becomes The tempter in the form of an Angel of light (Apocalypse of Moses XXI:3) and the introducer of Death (Book of wisdom II:24) and in rabbinic lore Satan emerges as the chief of fallen angels, named Samael, an archangel (minor deity) who was cast out of heaven.   By the new testament Satan is the master of the kingdom of evil (hell) in a semi-dualist theology: he is opposed to God but not independent of God. The common modern conception of the devil lacks the “royal state” of Satan and is more like the Mephistopheles of Goethe and opera.
3ScoxDuke of hell, liar and cheat. Also known as Chax.
4SeirA Lucifer as goat demon of Numbers XXIV:17-18.
5SemiazasAs said above, the chief of fallen angels with Azazel based on Enoch VI:10, LXIX:2.
6SeraphimThis term is used as an equivalent to “angels” but the Hebrew of numbers, Deuteronomy, and Isaiah means fiery dragons, winged serpents (their original form).  
This may account for fallen angels being associated with serpents and dragons, the sort of horrible creatures Herodotus reports seeing in Arabia and which always have been associated with the Ahriman (Angra Mainyu) principle of evil in Persian religion and its derivatives.   
From serpents, apparently, descend many “demons”, such as the Shedim (with claws) in Psalm CVI. The Bible says: battle.   Though the bible says one ought not to suffer a witch to live, it contains advice on countering demons such as Shedim, Nazzikim, Lilim, Ruchoth etc., in countering which the sacred name of god in 12,42, or 72 syllables, is the purportedly very useful.
Names of Demon Beginning with S


No.Devil NameSignificance
1UkobachBoiler man of Hell, inventor of fireworks and frying.
2UphirPharmacist of Hell, dispenser to demons.
3UrainLeonard in Germany, where he presides at the sabbat on Mt. Brocken – “as a prince he receives us,” wrote Goethe in Faust.
Names of Demon Beginning with U


No.Devil NameSignificance
1ValafarDuke of hell, “in charge of good relations among brigands” (Tondriau & Villeneuve).
2VerdeletMaster of ceremonies, transporter of witches to the sabbat.
3VetisDemon specializing in corruption “holy persons.”
Names of Demon Beginning with V


No.Devil NameSignificance
1XaphanStoker of furnaces of Hell.
2XezbethDemon of lies, marvels, imaginary prodigies.
Names of Demon Beginning with X


No.Devil NameSignificance
1ZaebosDemon with a human hand, crocodile body.
2ZagamDemon of counterfeiters, trickery, magic tricks such as turning base metal into gold, water into wine.
3ZaimThe devil disguised as a eunuch, according to Hugo.
4ZeparWeirus said this Grand Duke of Hell tempts to sodomy, especially pleasing to the Devil because sterile and perverse.
Names of Demon Beginning with Z