Citrine Healing Properties, Powers and Benefits

Citrine Healing Stone is a yellow gemstone (quartz) that has been allied for periods as holding the remedial properties of the sun, but it can also be greenish-yellow, brownish-yellow, or orange.

Citrine has healing properties like it promotes motivation, attracts profession success, activates originality, heightens self-discipline, aligns all the Chakras, refreshes the mind by warmly balancing it and let go all the fear, misery and adverse drives from the brain.

This yellow quartz gemstone is used to treat imbalances in the thyroid gland and bladder diseases. It carries the qualities of self-healing, motivation and self-improvement.

The gemstone is often found in link with amethyst, but it is much rarer than its purple cousin. Indeed, citrine is made by heat-treating amethyst.

What is the meaning of citrine stone?

Citrine stone is formed by heat-treating purple amethyst. It is derived from the Greek word meaning “citron” as most of the traditional crystals had colours similar to the citrus fruits of that name like greenish-yellow, brownish-yellow, or orange.

What is the meaning of citrine stone
What is the meaning of citrine stone?

The process of enhancing a gemstone to develop specific colours or eradicate flaws by exposing it to very high temperatures is called Heat treating of minerals, gems, and crystals.

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This process of heat treating is believed to give healing and spiritual properties to the gemstone, unlike its other cousins.

The heat treatment of the gemstone enlarges the auric field of the quartz, filling it with light and clearing away any lasting etheric poisons.

It is also an indicator crystal that can inspire you to take action. It brings confidence and cheer.

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It is a great tool to align all the energy centers of the body i.e. Energy Chakras and focuses on balancing the solar plexus chakra. This is turn integrates the lower and the higher energy chakras.

It is primarily composed of oxygen and silicon atoms that have been arranged like a tetrahedral pattern, mostly a triangular pyramid.

The gemstone is mostly found in abundant areas like; France, Russia, Britain, U.S., Brazil, Burma and Madagascar.

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But the quartz and its alleged spiritual healing powers date back eras, to the time of the early Greeks.

What are the benefits of Citrine Healing Crystal?

The most important astrological, spiritual and healing benefits of the Citrine stone are;

  1. It gives mental clarity in decision making.
  2. It acts as an expression stone.
  3. It helps indigestion.
  4. It disperses anger and gives positivity.

1. Mental Clarity with the Healing Stone

Mental Clarity with the Healing Stone
Mental Clarity with the Healing Stone

Being in connection with this light-generating yellow crystal is believed to help lift your originality, imagining powers, and self-confidence.

2. Expression Healing Stone

An exhibition, used in the situation of working with crystals, refers to a person’s projecting and designing their goals into the crystal being worked with.

Expression Healing Stone
Expression Healing Stone

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The gemstones engross what is called your manifestation wishes, your sincere faiths and ideas and then support you to make them a reality.

3. Digestion using the Gemstone

Digestion using the Gemstone
Digestion using the Gemstone

This divine light also helps to cleanse your system, says many believers, which in turn, helps to comfort and get relief from digestion issues.

How to Use Citrine Crystal for Healing?

Now let us discuss how we can use citrine healing using above mentioned two benefits in detail;

1. Citrine Absorbs Negativity

The colour and energy of the gemstone is the prime reason it is associated with the sun. This gemstone drives out all the negative energies including the darkness and fears and leads us towards prosperity, happiness and joy.

Citrine Absorbs Negativity
Citrine Healing crystal Absorbs Negativity

Awareness can be improved with this stone and it can help you to separate your inner voice from free-floating worry.

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Because of this, the gem holds energy for very long periods and doesn’t need to be revived often.

2. Citrine Stone is used for Manifesting

As a gemstone that does not engross or give off harmful vibes, citrine binds the light, the rule of the sun, to help you clear your goals and stay happy. It entices wealth and personal control. It excites the body’s remedial drives.

Citrine Stone is used for Manifesting
Citrine Healing Stone is used for Manifesting

It is extremely beneficial to centre the Chakras and uplifting the self-esteem of individuals.

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Since it does not hold negative energies, therefore it spreads positivity around us. Citrine is a worthy stone for clearing your appearance.

Your appearance is like a magnet picking up vibrational drives that are all around you in an energy field. Put one more way, your aura is a field around your physical body.

Since the light-emitting citrine helps instil your aura with sunlit and positivity, it is an impeccable gemstone to help you create an optimistic, spiritually clear outlook.

Citrine Healing with Yellow Color Energy

The yellow gemstone helps to develop new relations and hobbies, helping you see other things from a different perspective. It helps you with clarity, confidence, get things going, enthusiasm and opening new life meanings.

Citrine Healing with Yellow Color Energy
Citrine Healing with Yellow Color Energy

The light yellow stones help in developing excellent communication especially for building up of new relationships. Their main focus is to help you understand the needs of the person you wish to know more.

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The dark yellow citrine is brilliant support when certainty, correctness, or influence is needed.

The gold citrine brings victory, zeal, pleasure, and control. It is usually the colour of rulers, reserves, and the sun. Gold traces a deep part of our attentions, raising images of spiritual rooms and quest.

The light gold gems provide us with the simple desires of life such as happiness and pleasure.

The dark gold gens have a profound, more distinct sense of piety and pledge, providing us with a settled interest and skill to share a lifelong promise of caution and affection.

Citrine Healing and the Angelic Realm

If your birth date falls in any of the given dates, a Citrine of the shade recorded can be a valued channel to your Guardian Angel.

Citrine Healing and the Angelic Realm
Citrine Healing and the Angelic Realm

The table also delivers the name of the Guardian Angel of those born in the period.

DateName of Guardian AngelCrystal Color
April 21-25AchaiahYellow
May 11-15Lauviah (Laviah)Light Yellow
June 11-15Lauviah (Laviah)Light Yellow
June 22-26Lauviah (Laviah)Light Yellow
June 27-July 1PahaliahDark Yellow
July 23-27Nith-Haiah (Nithhaja)Dark Yellow
August 7-12Seheiah (Sehijah)Dark Yellow
August 18-22OmaelDark Yellow
December 17-21NithaelYellow
Citrine Healing and the Angelic Realm

Folklore about Citrine Healing Crystal 

The gemstone is extremely popular with the lore that it could sterile women fertility and make them happy while it can make men intelligent and good-looking.

Folklore about Citrine Healing Crystal
Folklore about Citrine Healing Crystal

In ancient times, it may have been wrongly stated to as Topaz, and may well have been used in many early ethos.

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In one ancient text it is mentioned as Cairngorm, a made-up topaz, being of a light yellow or citron colour; and as a Scotch Topaz, being only yellow quartz.

As a yellow gemstone, it would have been used for the cure of bilious illnesses, for jaundice in all its other types and ailments of the liver.

Citrine has passive fire energy, usually used in the middle of a home or room to bring happiness, dainty, and to energize the entire space.

Yellow is the colour of the mid of the year, the mid of space, the sun, and light energy. Use the gemstone in the middle of space to strengthen and energize it.

Ancient Jujus and Talismans

Natural Citrine is a Hunter Modifier Stone. Seekers contain a crystal energy device that line up the usual energy of the gem to the normal power of the human mind to find the way to new prospects and new experiences.

Ancient Jujus and Talismans
Ancient Jujus and Talismans

They’re indicators, leaders, and scopes; the fresh start gemstones.

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These are talismans of the expert, the explorer, the chaser, traveler, and pioneer. They’re also gems of the scholar and the academician.

Transformer crystals enhance efforts to change our conditions, views, fitness, viewpoint or associations.

By altering ourselves we alter our lives. We learn to party, speak a new language, grow tougher, or become a better wife or kid.

Seeker crystals with the earth power of the Transformer are brilliant stone to help our pains to raise, mature new abilities and revolutionize our lives.

Natural and Traditional Birthstones of Citrine Healing Crystal

Citrine gemstone is not a traditional birthstone. The yellow gem is the natural birthstone of those born at the start of summer (June 21 – July 21).

Natural and Traditional Birthstones of Citrine Healing Crystal
Natural and Traditional Birthstones of Citrine Healing Crystal

Yellow gems bring you illumination, hopefulness, warmness, and precision.

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Citrine which is gold in colour is the natural birthstone colour of those born in the magic month of summer (July 22 – August 21). Gold gemstones bring you victory, zeal, bliss, and influence.


Citrine healing gemstone is a premier stone of exhibition, fancy, and own will. Resounding the power of the sun, it is warm and uplifting, reviving and life-giving.

It excites the chakras like the daylight of spring, clearing the mind and exciting the soul to act. Its occurrence wakes vision and fancy and bears the course of altering ideas and desires into real form.

With its pure yellow energy, Citrine healing crystal inspires richness of life, fresh starts and new quests.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is citrine healing crystal good for?

Citrine Healing Crystals are well known as strong healing stones for you to use to help you to clear wealth and success, but also have other assets, such as to release terror and worry. A good case is the elegant raw Natural Burmese Pale Yellow Crystal Cluster.

Where should I put my citrine healing crystal?

For monetary prosperity place a large piece of gemstone in the South East (furthest Left) corner of your house. You can also place a citrine healing crystal on a locker and carry a part in your file, wallet or purse.

Can you wear citrine healing crystal every day?

You can use citrine in the form of jewellery. This stone will help you in spiritual and mental healing. It will bring you warmth, energy and comfort. It will help in common things of day to day life. It will open your mind to new views, and surge your self-esteem.