Christian Girl Names, A to Z with Meaning

Christian Girl names have the best effect when they have proper meaning and significance. The names are available starting from all the 26 alphabets. The person needs to know the correct way of pronunciation of a name.

In case you feel difficulty with the exact pronunciation, you can refer to the various translators online or comment down your name and we will find the exact pronunciation for you.

Table for Christian Girl Names (A to Z Combined)

Given below is the table which contains the names according to the bible which can be used to assign the beautiful and meaningful biblical names to the Christian girl child.

Table for Christian Girl Names (A to Z Combined)
Table for Christian Baby Girl Names (A to Z Combined)
1AamandaOne who is much loved
2AamberResembling the jewel ; a warm honey color
3AariaA beautiful melody
4AbarraneHebrew for ‘father of many’
5AdelaideGerman for ‘noble and kind’
6AmoraSpanish for love
8BelinahSpanish for ‘one who brings wisdom’
10BethGod is My Oath, House of God, Form of Elizabeth, House, God’s Promise
11BiancaItalian for white
12BinaA Musical Instrument, Freshness, Harmonious.
13BrielleFrench for ‘of God’
14CadySimple Happiness, Hillock, A Rhythmic Flow of Sounds, Pure
15CarlyFree Woman, Caring to All, Form of Caroline.
16CassandraGreek for a prophetess
17CatalinaSpanish for pure
18CateInnocent; Diminutive Form of Katherine; Pure
19CelesteLatin for heavenly
20CeliaBlind, Form of Cecilia, Heavenly, Divine
21DahliaScandinavian for ‘from the valley’
23DaisyEye of the Day, Flower Name, Day’s Eye
24DavinaHebrew for cherished
25DencyStrength, Determination, Cute
26DianaLatin for divine
27DolieBeautiful; Doll
28EdenHebrew for delight
29ElenaGreek for ‘shining light’
30EstellaLatin for star
31FaedraGreek for bright
32FaithLatin for loyalty
33GailynOld English for lively
34GiselleGerman for pledge
35HalseyEnglish for ‘from Hal’s island’
36HannahHebrew for merciful
37IbbieSpanish for beautiful
38IsadoraGreek for feminine
39IslaSpanish for ‘devoted to God’
40JaelHebrew for ‘one who ascends’
41KayleeGreek for pure
42LailiHebrew for nightfall
43LillianLatin for ‘elegant flower’; a symbol of purity.
44MaddalenaGerman for magnificent
45MakaraGreek for blessed
46MavenHebrew for ‘one who understands’
47MiriamHebrew for rebellion
48NaavaHebrew for beautiful
49OliveLatin for beauty
50OliviaSpanish for ‘symbol of peace’
51PalomaSpanish for dove
52PaulaLatin for little
53PhoebeGreek for sparkling
54PresleyEnglish for ‘Priest’s meadow’
55QuinnleyGaelic for wisdom
56RaelynScottish for grace
57RhiannonWelsh for ‘great queen’
58SaraiHebrew for ‘my princess’
59TaliaGreek for blooming
60ToriEnglish for triumphant
61UdelaAnglo-Saxon for wealthy
62VioletItalian for flower
63WrenWelsh for a ruler
64YaffitHebrew for beautiful
65ZadaArabic for fortunate; Huntress
Table for Christian Girl Names (A to Z Combined)

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Alphabetical List of Biblical Christian Girl Names

The alphabetical list of some of the special Christian girl names with proper meanings is given below. Hope you will get your desired name.

Alphabetical List of Biblical Christian Girl Names
Alphabetical List of Biblical Christian Girl Names


S No.NameVerseMeaning
1Abigail (Hebrew) 1 Samuel 25:3 the father’s joy.
2Abihail (Hebrew) 1 Chronicles 2:29 the father is strength.
3Abishai (Hebrew) 1 Samuel 26:6 the present of my father.
4Adah (Hebrew) Genesis 4:19 an assembly.
5Adina (Hebrew) 1 Chronicles 11:42 adorned; voluptuous; dainty; slender.
6Adriel (Hebrew) 1 Samuel 18:19 the flock of God.
7Angela (Greek) Genesis 16:7 Angelic.
8Anna (Greek, from Hebrew) Luke 2:36 gracious; one who gives.
9Ariel (Hebrew) Ezra 8:16 altar; light or lion of God.
10Artemis (Greek) Acts 19:24 whole, sound.
11Atarah (Hebrew) 1 Chronicles 2:26 a crown.
Christian Girl Names Starting with A

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S No.NameVerseMeaning
1Bathsheba (Hebrew) 2 Samuel 11:3 the seventh daughter; the daughter of satiety.
2Bekah (Hebrew) Exodus 38:26 half a shekel.
3Bernice (Greek) Acts 25:13 one that brings victory.
4Bethany (Hebrew) Matthew 21:17 the house of song; the house of affliction.
5Bethel (Hebrew) Genesis 12:8 the house of God.
6Beulah (Hebrew) Isaiah 62:4 married.
7Bilhah (Hebrew) Genesis 29:29 who is old or confused.
Christian Girl Names Starting with B

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S No.NameVerseMeaning
1Calah (Hebrew) Genesis 10:11–12 favorable; opportunity.
2Camon (Latin) Judges 10:5 his resurrection.
3Candace (Ethiopian) Acts 8:27 who possesses contrition.
4Carmel (Hebrew) Joshua 12:22 Circumcised lamb; harvest; full of ears of corn.
5Charity (Latin) 1 Corinthians 13:113 dear.
6Chloe (Greek) 1 Corinthians 1:11 green herb.
7Cilicia (Latin) Acts 6:9 which rolls or overturns.
8Claudia (Latin) 2 Timothy 4:21 lame.
9Clement (Greek) Philippians 4:3 mild; good; merciful.
10Cleophas (Latin) Luke 24:18 the whole glory.
Christian Girl Names Starting with C

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S No.NameVerseMeaning
1Damaris (Greek, Latin) Acts 17:34 a little woman.
2Daniela (Hebrew) 1 Chronicles 3:1 judgment of God; God my judge.
3Deborah (Hebrew) Judges 4:4 word; thing; a bee.
4Delilah (Hebrew) Judges 16:4 poor; small; head of hair.
5Diana (Latin) Acts 19:27 luminous, perfect.
6Dinah (Hebrew) Genesis 30:21 judgment; who judges.
7Dorcas (Greek) Acts 9:36 a female roe deer.
8Drusilla (Latin) Acts 24:24 watered by the dew.
Christian Girl Names Starting with D

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S No.NameVerseMeaning
1Eden (Hebrew) Genesis 2:8 pleasure; delight.
2Edna (Hebrew) Genesis 2:8 pleasure; delight.
3Elisha (Latin) Luke 1:5 salvation of God.
4Elizabeth (Hebrew) Luke 1:5 the oath, or fullness.
5Esther (Hebrew) Esther 2:7 secret; hidden.
6Eunice (Greek) 2 Timothy 1:5 good victory.
7Eva (Hebrew) Genesis 3:20 living; enlivening.
8Eve (Hebrew) Genesis 3:20 living; enlivening.
Christian Girl Names Starting with E

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S No.NameVerseMeaning
1Faith (Latin) 1 Corinthians 13:13 loyalty; belief.
2Fortunatus (Latin) 1 Corinthians 16:17 fortunate; lucky.
Christian Girl Names Starting with F

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S No.NameVerseMeaning
1Gabriela (Hebrew) Daniel 9:21 God is my strength.
2Grace (Latin) Proverbs 3:34 favor; blessing.
Christian Girl Names Starting with G

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S No.NameVerseMeaning
1Hadassah (Hebrew) Esther 2:7 a myrtle; joy.
2Hagar (Hebrew) Genesis 16:1 a stranger; one that fears.
3Hannah (Hebrew) 1 Samuel 1:2 gracious; merciful; he that gives.
4Honey (Old English) Psalm 19:10 nectar.
5Hope (Old English) Psalm 25:21 expectation; belief.
6Huldah (Hebrew) 2 Kings 22:14 the world.
Christian Girl Names Starting with H

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S No.NameVerseMeaning
1Jael (Hebrew) Judges 4:17 one that ascends.
2Jasper (Greek) Exodus 28:20 treasure holder.
3Jemimah (Hebrew) Job 42:14 as beautiful as the day.
4Jewel (Old French) Proverbs 20:15 delight.
5Joanna (Hebrew) Luke 8:3 grace or gift of the Lord.
6Jochebed (Hebrew) Exodus 6:20 glorious; honorable.
7Jordan (Hebrew) Genesis 13:10 the river of judgment.
8Joy (Old French, Latin) Hebrews 1:9 happiness.
9Judith (Hebrew) Genesis 26:34 the praise of the Lord; confession.
10Julia (Latin) Romans 16:15 downy; soft and tender hair.
Christian Girl Names Starting with J

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S No.NameVerseMeaning
1Kamon (Latin) Judges 10:5 his resurrection.
2Kerioth (Hebrew) Jeremiah 48:24 the cities; the callings.
3Keturah (Hebrew) Genesis 25:1 incense; fragrance.
Christian Girl Names Starting with K

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S No.NameVerseMeaning
1Leah (Hebrew) Genesis 29:16 weary; tired.
2Lillian or Lily (Latin) Song of Solomon 2:1 elegant flower; innocence; purity; beauty.
3Lois (Greek) 2 Timothy 1:5 better.
4Lydia (Greek) Acts 16:14 a standing pool.
Christian Girl Names Starting with L

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S No.NameVerseMeaning
1Magdalene (Greek) Matthew. 27:56 a person from Magdala.
2Mara (Hebrew) Exodus 15:23 bitter; bitterness.
3Marah (Hebrew) Exodus 15:23 bitter; bitterness.
4Martha (Aramaic) Luke 10:38 who becomes bitter; provoking.
5Mary (Hebrew) Matthew 1:16 rebellion; sea of bitterness.
6Mercy (English) Genesis 43:14 compassion, forbearance.
7Merry (Old English) Job 21:12 Joyful.
8Michal (Hebrew) 1 Samuel 18:20 who is perfect; who resembles God?
9Miriam (Hebrew) Exodus 15:20 rebellion.
10Mishael (Hebrew) Exodus 6:22 who is asked for or lent.
11Myra (Greek) Acts 27:5 I flow; pour out; weep.
Christian Girl Names Starting with M

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S No.NameVerseMeaning
1Naomi (Hebrew) Ruth 1:2 beautiful; agreeable.
2Neriah (Hebrew) Jeremiah 32:12 light; lamp of the Lord.
Christian Baby Girl Names Starting with N

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S No.NameVerseMeaning
1Olive (Latin) Genesis 8:11 fruitfulness; beauty; dignity.
2Ophrah (Hebrew) Judges 6:11 dust; lead; a fawn.
3Oprah (Hebrew) Judges 6:11 dust; lead; a fawn.
4Orpah (Hebrew) Ruth 1:4 the neck or skull.
Christian Girl Names Starting with O

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S No.NameVerseMeaning
1Paula (Latin) Acts 13:9 small; little.
2Phoebe (Greek) Romans. 16:1 shining; pure.
3Prisca (Latin) Acts 18:2 ancient.
4Priscilla (Latin) Acts 18:2 ancient.
Christian Baby Girl Names Starting with P

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S No.NameVerseMeaning
1Rachel (Hebrew) Genesis 29:6 sheep.
2Rebecca (Hebrew) Genesis 22:23 fat; fattened; a quarrel appeased.
3Rebekah (Hebrew) Genesis 22:23 fat; fattened; a quarrel appeased.
4Rhoda (Greek, Latin) Acts 12:13 a rose.
5Rose (Latin) Song of Solomon 2:1 a rose.
6Ruby (English) Exodus 28:17 the red gemstone.
7Ruth (Hebrew) Ruth 1:4 drunk; satisfied.
Christian Girl Names Starting with R

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S No.NameVerseMeaning
1Sapphira (English) Acts 5:1 that relates or tells.
2Sarah (Hebrew) Genesis 17:15 lady; princess; princess of the multitude.
3Sarai (Hebrew) Genesis 17:15 my lady; my princess.
4Selah (Hebrew) Psalm 3:2 the end; a pause.
5Serah (Hebrew) Genesis 46:17 lady of scent; song; the morning star.
6Sharon (Hebrew) 1 Chronicles 5:16 his plain; his song.
7Sherah (Hebrew) 1 Chronicles 7:24 flesh; relationship.
8Shiloh (Hebrew) Joshua 18:8 peace; abundance; his gift.
9Shiphrah (Hebrew) Exodus 1:15 handsome; trumpet; that does good.
10Susanna (Hebrew) Luke 8:3 lily; rose; joy.
11Susannah (Hebrew) Luke lily; rose; joy.
Christian Baby Girl Names Starting with S

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S No.NameVerseMeaning
1Tabitha (Aramaic) Acts 9:36 clear
2Talitha (Aramaic) Mark 5:41 little girl; young woman.
3Tamar (Hebrew) Genesis 38:6 palm or date palm; palm
4Tamara (Hebrew) Genesis 38:6 palm or date palm; palm
5Terah (Hebrew) Numbers 33:27 to breathe; scent; blow.
6Tirzah (Hebrew) Numbers 26:33 benevolent; complaisant; pleasing.
Christian Girl Names Starting with T

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S No.NameVerseMeaning
1Victoria (Latin) Deuteronomy. 20:4 victory.
Christian Baby Girl Names Starting with Y

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S No.NameVerseMeaning
1Zemira (Hebrew) 1 Chronicles 7:8 song; vine; palm.
2Zilpah (Hebrew) Genesis 29:24 distillation from the mouth.
3Zina (Greek) 1 Chronicles 23:10 shining; going back.
4Zipporah (Hebrew) Exodus 2:21 beauty; trumpet; mourning.
Christian Girl Names Starting with Z

Biblical Christian Baby Girl Names

Biblical Christian Baby Girl Names
Biblical Christian Baby Girl Names
1AarielHebrew for a ‘lion of God’
2AllegraItalian for cheerful; lively
3BambiItalian for ‘little girl’
4BeataGerman for blessed
5BerylGreek for ‘a jewel’
6CaitlynIrish for pure
7CallistaSpanish for ‘the most beautiful’
8CharityLatin for dear
9DaraCambodian for star
10DariannLatin for ‘a gift’
11DeeanaEnglish for divine
12ElinaPure, Intelligent, Brilliant
13ElizaThe Chosen, Unique, Precious
14FarahPersian for beautiful
15FloraFlower, The Goddess of Flower, Form of Florence, Blooming
6FrancesLatin for a ‘free one’
17FrumaHebrew for ‘one who is religious’
18GabriellaHebrew for ‘devoted to God’
19GildaCeltic for ‘serves God’
20HadaraHebrew for ‘bedecked in beauty’
21HappyCheerful, Joyful
22HeeralLustrous, Wealthy, Diamond, Rain
23HellenaGreek for light
24HopeOld English for expectations
25HosannaKeep, Preserve, Deliver us, A Prayer
26JaimeThe Sun, She who Supplants, Supplanter
27JamiScottish for ‘a beautiful woman’
28JenWhite Wave, Fair Phantom, Fair, White and Smooth, Person
29JenniferFair one, Pure and yielding, White wave
30JessiBeauty, Gods Gift, Courageous
31JolieLovely; Pretty; Cheerful
32JuliYouthful, Jove’s Child, Youth, Downy Bearded, Beauty
33JulianaLatin for youthful
34KaaraLatin, Irish, and Gaelic for ‘one who is pure’
35KairaSweet, Peaceful, Pure, Unique, Kindness
36KatPure; Form of Catherine; Cat
37KeonnaPolynesian for ‘God’s gracious gift’
38KittyCuie, Pure, Little Cat, Form of Catherine
39LaineyGreek for the torch; bright light
41LuciannItalian for ‘surrounded by light’
42MaariaLatin for ‘star of the sea’
43MichalHebrew for ‘resembling God’
44NancyFavor, Grace
45NinaHebrew for grace
46OdetteFrench for wealthy
47PricillaLatin for venerable; ancient
48QuintessaLatin for an essence
49RaphealaHebrew for ‘divine Healer’
50RichelleFrench for the ‘brave ruler’
51RikkiPowerful Ruler, Power, Female Version of Eric, Ruler Forever, Rich
52SaaraFinish for ‘a princess’
53SanicaTrue Beauty
54ShilohHebrew for ‘his gift’
55SionaWelsh for stars
56SofiaGreek for Wisdom
57TabethaHebrew for ‘beauty and grace’
58TinaLatin for ‘follower of the Christ’
59ToriEnglish for conqueror
60TrinnaScandinavian for pure
61UdeleAnglo-Saxon for prosperous
62ValerieFrench for powerful
63VardaHebrew for pose
64VivianeFrench for ‘full of life’
65WendiEnglish for ‘one who is fair’
66WinnEnglish for a friend
67YovelaHebrew for ‘full of joy’
68ZairaIrish for a princess
69ZephrineEnglish for the breeze
70ZivaBright, radiant
Biblical Christian Baby Girl Names