Casting Crown Band Biography

Christians all around the world have been close to religious music from the past many centuries. Many bands have been directing and composing religious music from the past several decades.

The Casting Crowns band is a very popular Christian rock band that was formed in the year 1999 in Daytona beach located in Florida. The band currently has 7 members, while two former members left in the year 2009 and 2013 respectively.

The band has got widespread critical acclaim because of the music which it produces and has been able to win a Grammy award and a Dove award.

History of the Band

The Christian band Casting Crowns began their career as a student worship band which was located in Florida in the year 1999. It was started by the lead singer and songwriter, youth pastor Mark Hall and also included the guitarist’s Hectare Conventus and Juan De Vivo.

History of the Band
History of the Casting Crown Band

The group then relocated to Stockbridge in the year 2001 and added Chris Huffman on the bass and Andy Williams to the team. They then released two independent CDs that received praise in the Atlanta area.

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By the year 2004, they had already won awards for best song and best artists. The group was not searching for a record label but they eventually found one into the hands of Mark Miller, who was the lead singer of the Swayer Brown group.

They made a lot of songs together and also took the group into the Steven Curtis Chapman studio. They released an album eponymous which was released in the year 2003 and became one of the bestselling albums in history.

Another song Lifesong was released in the year 2005, which debuted at number 9 on the Billboard 200 chart. With the help of this particular song, the band was able to win their first Grammy award in the year 2006.

As a result, the group re-released the Lifesong live which included the live performances of the songs from their Studio album Life song.

In the year 2008, this particular group scored their eighth number one hit which was I heard the bells on Christmas Day. The band went on a very famous tour in the year 2007 for the promotion of their single east to west. The tour was highly successful and grossed more than 4.5 million dollars in sales tickets.

Talking about the recent times, in the year 2018, the band announced their new album only Jesus which was scheduled for the release of November 2018 and contained a video introduction by Mark Hall.

In October 2018, the band released a second track named Nobody which featured Matthew West.

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Band Members

The Casting Crown band has seven members. Mark Hall started the band and then the rest of the members joined the group in the years that followed. At present, there are seven members in the group and two former members left the group a few years ago.

Band Members
Casting Crown Band Members

1. Melodee Devevo

Violin/Vocals (birthday July 2, 1976)

Hometown – Daytona Beach

Favorite Book of the Bible – James

2. Brian Scoggin


Hometown – Griffin, GA

3. Chris Huffman

Bass (birthday November 12, 1980)

Hometown – Glasgow

Favorite Book of the Bible – James

4. Megan Garrett


Hometown – Atlanta

Favorite Book of the Bible – Isaiah

5. Hector Cervantes

Guitars/Vocals (birthday September 13, 1980)

Hometown – Daytona Beach

Favorite Book of the Bible – Psalms

6. Juan Devevo

Guitars/Vocals (birthday September 24, 1975)

Hometown – Jacksonville

Favorite Book of the Bible – Hebrews

7. Mark Hall

Lead Vocals (birthday September 14, 1970)

Hometown – Montgomery, AL

Favorite Book of the Bible – James

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Biography of Casting Crown Band

Mark Hall, who is the lead vocalist of the Casting Crowns band was a youth pastor for several years and it was his thinking and his heart for the youth which caused them to write and perform music so that they could help them and grow as fellow Christians.

Biography of Casting Crown Band

He said that he had been a youth pastor for about 12 years and went to church every day along with creating Christian music for all the people around the world. He said that all the members of the band have a common goal which is to bring people closer to God.

The ministry of music never imagined that this particular band would be able to go beyond the local Church. The band also recorded two independent records which were distributed mainly in the area of Atlanta and both the records became very popular and widely accepted by the local crowd.

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The band was tempted to send their music albums to various record labels but after deciding about the same, they concluded that they were supposed to just keep doing what they had been doing for the people and should not run after money and fame.

They believed that God had some other plans for them and that particular path came from a college student who was living in Daytona, named Chase Tremont. He was the one who took their albums to his basketball coach, who was the friend of Mark Miller of the Sawyer brown group.

They were able to gain popularity by the collaboration with the band and have since been producing and writing music for all the Christian people around the world.

Discography of Casting Crown Band

The Casting Crown band used to perform many tours and live performances. The list of the same is given below along with the release year and their positions in the US charts and the Christ charts.


TitleAlbum detailsPeak chart positionsCertifications
Live from AtlantaReleased: September 14, 2004 Label: Beach Street Records Format: CD/DVD, digital download16RIAA: Platinum
Lifesong LiveReleased: October 3, 2006 Label: Beach Street Records Format: CD/DVD, digital download16RIAA: Platinum
The Altar and the Door LiveReleased: August 19, 2008 Label: Beach Street Records Format: CD/DVD, digital download1146RIAA: Gold
Until the Whole World Hears… LiveReleased: August 31, 2010 Label: Beach Street Records Format: CD/DVD, digital download1629RIAA: Gold
A Live Worship ExperienceReleased: November 13, 2015 Label: Beach Street Records Format: CD, digital download534
Discography of Casting Crown Band

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Famous Albums

TitleAlbum detailsPeak chart positions
The Acoustic Sessions: Volume OneReleased: January 22, 2013 Label: Beach Street Records Format: CD, digital download352
Glorious Day: Hymns of FaithReleased: March 2, 2015 Label: CB Music/Cracker Barrel Format: CD, digital download522
Voice of Truth: The Ultimate CollectionReleased: November 1, 2019 Label: Beach Street Format: CD, digital download4
New York SessionsReleased: November 29, 2019 Label: Beach Street Format: Digital download
Famous Albums Casting Crowns band

Awards and Achievements

Hundreds of awards and nominations have been won by the Casting Crowns band in their career which has spanned for more than 2 decades. The major awards and achievements of the band are listed below with their details in brief:

Awards and Achievements
Awards and Achievements of Casting Crown Band
  • Career sales have exceeded 10 million records.
  • Voted CCM Readers’ Choice Awards “Favourite Band”, “Favourite New Artist” and “Favourite Album” in 2005.
  • “Lifesong” voted “Inspirational Single of the Year” by online music fans in the 2005 CCMSingles.Net Awards.
  • “Praise You in this Storm” was the fifth most played song of 2006 according to R&R magazine.
  • “East to West” voted “AC Single of the Year” and “Inspirational Single of the Year” by online music fans in the 2007 CCMSingles.Net Awards.
  • Casting Crowns was the most played artist on Christian Radio in 2007, according to Radio & Records Weekly charts.
  • Casting Crowns is the second-fastest Christian band in history to have their first two albums certified platinum, the fastest being Jars of Clay.

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Books Written Casting Crown Band

During their career which has lasted for almost two decades, the Casting Crown band has written many books on the topics of music and religion which have received widespread critical acclaim and love from the people.

Books by Casting Crowns
Books by Casting Crown band

These books have helped the people to get closer to god and also enjoy the religious and melodious music produced by the band.

The list of the books is given below:

S No.Book Name
1 Lifestories by Mark Hall
2 Your Own Jesus by Mark Hall
3 The Well by Mark Hall
4 Thrive by Mark Hall
5 The Very Next Thing by Mark Hall
6 Only Jesus by Mark Hall
Books Written Casting Crown Band

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The Casting Crow is a wonderful Christian band which is active since the year 1999. At present, the band has 7 members. The band was started by Mark Hall in Florida.

From the past 21 years, the band is producing and composing mind-blowing songs for all the religious people around the world and has immensely contributed in bringing all these people closer to God.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

When was the Casting Crown band established?

The Casting Crown band was established in the year 1999 in the city of Florida. It was started by the young Pastor Mark Hall who then recruited 6 more people in the band.

How many awards does the band Casting Crown won up till now?

The casting crown band has won more than 40 awards in their 21-year career. They have also won the prestigious Grammy award and the Dove award many times for their wonderful music.