Blood Magic Rituals (Lava, Stones, Altar)

In some magical customs, the use of blood is a great tool indeed. Despite the theatrical effects you’ll see in movies and on television shows, most witches do not use blood magic rituals often, and for very definite purposes.

Blood magic is just the use of a few drops of your blood to create a magical bond between yourself and the spell.

Blood magic rituals don’t have to be violent or chaotic, and it’s not criminal. If you decide to exercise blood magic, do so securely, with proper provisions.

List of 18 Blood Magic Rituals:

In most forms of wizardry, blood magic rituals are seen as a very influential skill, not to be taken casually.

List of 18 Blood Magic Rituals
List of 18 Blood Magic Rituals

It’s not something that’s started on a whim, but with apt safety protections, blood magic can be a huge helping hand to spell work.

  1. A crack of the Fractured Crystal
  2. Gathering of the Forsaken Souls
  3. Hymn of Syphoning
  4. Interdiction Ritual
  5. Ritual of Binding
  6. Ritual of Containment
  7. Ritual of Living Evolution
  8. Ritual of Magnetism
  9. Ritual of Regeneration
  10. Ritual of Speed
  11. Ritual of the Crusher
  12. Ritual of the Feathered Knife
  13. Ritual of the Full Spring
  14. Ritual of the Green Grove
  15. Ritual of the High Jump
  16. Ritual of Unbinding
  17. Serenade of the Nether
  18. Well of Suffering

There are also some “imperfect” rituals, simple but controlling.

These use only an Imperfect Ritual Stone with another block on top of it and are activated with a Weak Activation Crystal:

  • Bedrock Ritual: User gains Resistance II.
  • Coal Ritual: Summons a Zombie with the Strength effect.
  • Lapis Lazuli Ritual: Changes day to night.
  • Water Ritual: Starts a storm.

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Different Types of Spells used in Blood Magic Rituals

There are different ways of using blood magic in rituals without causing harm to anyone. People often consider its use in healing spells, fertility magic and in protection magic as well.

Different Types of Blood Magic Spells used in Rituals
Different Types of Spells used in Blood Magic Rituals

To use the magical spell, one must incorporate it into your regular magical workings and spells. Some ladies prefer to use the menstrual blood instead of pricking the finger for blood.

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Decide your way of using blood must ensure that it must not cause any harm to you or others around you for safety and security purposes.

The different types of Blood Magic Rituals used in spells are;

  1. Candle Magic Ritual
  2. Amulets, Talismans, and Charms Bags
  3. Petitions
  4. Prophecy Tools

1. The Candle Magic Ritual

The Candle Magic ritual works by engaging the power of your mind, body, soul and subconscious.

The Candle Magic Ritual
The Candle Blood Magic Rituals

When you manifest, not only it raises the authority and control of positive thinking but also develops an urge in the subconscious mind to achieve everything.

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Witcher often prefers to use to blood magic rituals with the candle magic as it gives a boost to the simple protection spell.

Follow these steps carefully;

  1. To cast the spell, make use of a black coloured candle.
  2. Pool a few drops of your blood with a base oil, and rub the candle carefully in the mixture.
  3. Roll the candle in your choice of protecting herbs, dried up and crushed.
  4. Light the candle and allow it to burn till the base.
  5. As the wax starts burning with other ingredients like blood, herbs and natural oils, you’ll start building the powerful protection of positive energy around you.

2. Amulets, Talismans, and Charms Bags

If you want to do some healing magical spell, then crafting an Amulets, Talismans, or Charms Bag could be a great help.

Amulets, Talismans, and Charms Bags
Amulets, Talismans, and Charms Bags

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Follow these steps carefully;

  1. Take a magical talisman or amulet in your hand.
  2. Rub the talisman with your blood drops carefully.
  3. Allow it to dry and then place it into your pocket or on a cord around your neck.
  4. In case you decided to create a Charms Healing bag then make sure you fill it with stones, herbs and other items. In the end, don’t forget to add your blood, to finally seal it down.

3. Write Requests or Petitions 

Some blood magical rituals, prefer to write petitions or request on a stone or a piece of paper to convey their message to the spirits or god.

Write Requests or Petitions
Write Requests or Petitions

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  1. If you want to bring richness, wealth, or lavishness your way, write a request to the gods or spirits of your tradition.
  2. Once the petition is written then seal it with your signature and a dot of blood with your fingertip on a piece of paper.
  3. Next, roll up the petition and place it under a candle, or deliver it to the whole world as per your beliefs and traditions.

4. Prophecy Tools

Some people smear their mystic and divinatory tools such as rune stones, Tarot cards, athames, or wands, with their blood to create a more dominant magic link between themselves and the tools.

Prophecy Tools
Prophecy Tools

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You don’t have to do this, but if you do, make sure you only use a drop or two of your blood to conduct it successfully.

How to perform blood magic rituals with safety?

If you have decided to perform the blood magic rituals, then you must conduct the spell work under extreme safety and precautions without harming anyone.

How to perform blood magic rituals with safety
How to perform blood magic rituals with safety

Make sure that you should not use more than a drop or two of your blood as a little bit more can cause huge harm to you or anyone with you.

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Make sure that you have sanitized the area around you completely before poking your fingers or skin in general. A sterilized needle or the tiny lancets used by diabetics to check blood sugar is all you’ll need.

Make sure you keep a note of the universal precautions therefore just a drop or two is enough and then bandage the skill to avoid any further blood loss.

In many magical traditions, it is believed that if you allow others to consume your blood, then it gives you the power and authority of the person.

However, others believe that the truth is exactly the opposite of it i.e. the person who consumes the blood gets the true power and authority rather than the one who sacrifices.

Anyway, there are safety issues at play here; in addition to blood-borne pathogens, eating of blood can be toxic.

Besides, never take it from someone unable of giving or reluctant to consent. This includes those who are insensible or asleep, kids, and wildlife.

Why do Witches use Blood in Magical Spells?

Blood is often used in magical spells because it is associated with both life and death. It is a symbol of love and pain. When we take blood, it kills the person but when we donate it, then it could save many lives.

Why do Witches use Blood in Magical Spells
Why do Witches use Blood in Magical Spells?

Blood is one of the vital magical oxymora, and its use doesn’t have to be terrifying or wicked.

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Most people often misled themselves by connecting the blood rituals with some weird cult in the shadows or illegal activities.

In simple language, blood magic ritual is no big deal but if performed properly then it will not be horrible or chaotic.

Various traditions and cultures across the globe have often included urine, semen and blood as part of their magical practices throughout history.

The simple use of a few drops of blood to link or create a bond between the magical spell and yourself is called Blood Ritual.

Most skilled experts agree that blood magic isn’t for novices because there are amply of other things you can use for magic bonds before you get to the dominant use of your blood.

Try doing work with hair, nail clippings, or saliva before you move on to the blood.

Blood Magic Rituals and Relationship with India

Jacob Copeman, a speaker in social anthropology at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, states in his article:

Blood Ritual Relationship with India
Blood Magic Rituals and Relationship with India

“Blood Will Have Blood: A Study in Indian Political Ritual,” that Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi are the two officials who are mainly “recalled” during the blood donations.

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Some people practice the ritual of donating blood voluntarily as a way to remember the political leaders who die for them.

This donation is done to help needy people who require transfusion for survival. The people donate at various campus organized on the anniversary or birthday of the politician’s death.

The reason for the blood donation is to help people stay alive by aiding them with blood donation.

According to Copeman, in a speech Indira Gandhi made in 1984, she “…strikingly associated her blood with the health of the nation. Her blood would continue to nurture the nation even after her death…”  

The reason behind the donation is to keep life going or to give the individuals

This is essential because even though these folks expired, they are still aiding preserve life, by the folks of India giving blood in their decency.  

In logic, the givers are linking to the officials, lasting good for the state and ongoing life through death.

“The Blood Ritual” is also a ritual created by L. Ron Hubbard that appeals to the Egyptian goddess Hathor.

Folklore of the Blood Magic Rituals

The Blood Magic Rituals involves intentional release of magic for casting the spell and perform magical activities.

Folklore of the Blood Magic Rituals
Folklore of the Blood Magic Rituals

The blood brother ritual, which is one of its common forms started way back in Asia and Europe.

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In this ritual, to or more people, often males, mix their blood and then it is believed to symbolically unite every participant together in peace, unity and strength.

This can be an insecure exercise where blood-borne pathogens are fretful; the use of safe, sanitized kit such as a lancet can ease this problem.

Many people often consider body piercing as a part of the blood ritual but it does not always include bleeding, therefore, it is often neglected from this category.

The Native American Sun Dance is usually complemented by blood sacrifice.

Some blood magic rituals include two or more groups cutting themselves or each other followed by feasting of blood.

The members may respect the issue or feasting of blood as making energy use as a sensual, remedial, or spiritual stimulus.

In other cases, blood is the main factor as the loss or material factor for a spell. Blood rituals are followed by various crowds of folks, with those of spiritual or political affiliations.


Blood Magic Rituals are often linked with life, death & both the processes involve blood in one way or the other.

Blood is typically seen as very dominant, and often as impure.

Blood sacrifice is from time to time considered by the experts of hope, ritual magic, and spell casting to strengthen the power of such actions.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What can you do with blood magic?

With the blood magic rituals, you can do a lot of positive things like spiritual healing, talking to a spirit, getting the true essence of life and getting the solution to all the life problems.

How do you call a demon with blood magic rituals?

To call a demon using the blood magic rituals, you require a particular prayer that attracts the soul on the earth and then conveys your requests to him to seek his guidance or solutions.

What are blood witches?

A blood witch is a man or woman who is born with the power to effect change by magickal means (“Witchcraft”).

How do you summon a demon in blood magic?

Summoning Demons in Blood Magic requires that the Player build a particular layout of Arcane Pedestals surrounding an Arcane Plinth and place certain ingredients atop the pedestals with a Master Blood Orb on the Plinth.

What is the rule of three in witchcraft?

Rule of Three (Wicca) or The Rule of Three (also Three-fold Law or Law of Return) is a religious tenet held by some Wiccans/Pagans and occultists. It states that whatever energy a person puts out into the world, be it positive or negative, will be returned to that person three times.