Black Salt Magic, Protection and Disposing

In the majority of the folk magic traditions, the black salt has been used in the form of a protective element.

It can be used in many forms like sprinkled around the property for keeping the house safe from any intruders or troublemakers & can also be blended up with other materials for giving a protective essence.

The black salt has been traditionally used for driving away from the evil spirits & for sprinkling over the footprints of someone who has been bothering you or your family, by making them go away from your lives.

How to make your black salt?

The Black Himalayan Salt has been used for many centuries for protecting the personal properties or any belongings of a person from the eyes or other spellings of the people.

How to make your own black salt
How to make your own black salt?

Various sources, which are present online or in the secret traditional books have recommended that adding and liquid or food colouring agent to the salt will make it black.

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But whenever you add any liquid agent to the salt it gets clumpy and then finally dissolves. Thus, it is always advised to use something dry for coloring it instead.

The following steps are the most basic ingredients and the recipe for making a magical black salt.

You can follow these easy steps and make the required amount of Black Himalayan Salt at your homes:

  1. The first thing required is two parts of sea salt.
  2. The second step is taking one part of scrapings from any cast iron skillet or any old iron pot.
  3. The third step is taking one part of fine ash from a fire pit.
  4. The fourth step in preparing the black salt is taking one part of finely ground black pepper which is available in the house.
  5. The last and the fifth part is taking one part of dry powder black food coloring.

The coloring agents are of different densities. Thus, depending on the density of the coloring agent which you have taken the person needs to adjust the portions a little which is considered to be the basic method of making the salt.

If a person has a well-seasoned cast iron pot or a Cauldron, then they should be able to get a good amount of black scrapings from the bottom portion of that pot. Sometimes the pot is oily, so in such a case, pepper or ash can be used.


Some people also recommend that using the chalk dust which is black in colour or the black powder food dye or even the lamp light can help in this particular case.

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One should not be confused with the Black Himalayan Salt which is used in the Indian cuisine because the salt which is used in the food is a mineral salt which has a weird pinkish-grey colour.

It even has a bit of sulfuric taste added to it, which is completely different from the black salt used in magic and spells.

Using Black Himalayan Salt in Magic

Black Himalayan Salt can be used for magic. Apart from being a very powerful ingredient used for the protection magic, it is also used in some of the magic folk traditions for binding, hexing or even cursing some other person.

using black salt in magic
Use in black magic

If the beliefs of a person stop him or her from doing such sort of working, then you should not do it and should feel free to skip to the next section. Using this particular method is not a compulsion and should be done if you are willing to do it.

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If someone is ok with the magic of this particular kind or nature, then the black salt can be a very productive and worthy tool for them.

Black Witch Coven is a compendium which is followed by many people & consists of great hoodoo and conjure information.

The below-given lines are taken from this particular compendium which gives the information about the Black Himalayan Salt and its uses:

“To gain revenge on an enemy, sprinkle black salt into a doll baby or voodoo doll containing a personal concern from the enemy, such as a photograph, snip of hair or fingernail clippings.

It can be added to black magic mojos or bottle spells which are to be buried on the property of the victim or else hidden inside their home or car. But you have to make sure that no innocent person is harmed in any way.”

Some of the Other major uses of this salt in the process of cursing and hexing includes the mixing of this particular salt with other ingredients like the graveyard dirt for the water along with red peppers for creating a magical and strong effect.

Disposing of the Black Salt

Black Himalayan Salt has been used for the process of banishing, cursing or hexing, then it should be immediately ridden off so that it does not have any alternate effects.

Disposing the Black Salt
Disposing the Black Himalayan Salt

It should not be kept hanging around near you or your property. Some of the few easy ways for disposing of the salt are given below:

  • After the use, you can take it somewhere to a place which is far away from your home and then dig a hole in the ground and then bury it.
  • If it is used for the practice of hoodoo or conjures, then it is always recommended that it should be buried near a crossroad or even graveyard.
  • One can also toss the bag which contains the used black magical salt into moving water like a stream or river. One thing that should be ensured is that the water is moving and the bag should not be thrown in a stagnant spot.
  • The final step which has always worked for disposing of the black magical salt is burning it into the fire.

By choosing the above-given methods, one can easily dispose of the salt after they have used for magical purposes.

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But it should always be ensured that the ashes which are remained after burning the salt should be buried far away from the house and should not be used again for magical applications.

Black Salt for Protection Magic

It is considered to be a primary protective magic tool which can be sprinkled over the perimeter of the property for safeguarding it & also for keeping the unpleasant and unwanted people away from your yard or belongings.

Black Salt for Protection Magic
Black Magical Salt for Protection

This particular salt can also be used at the place of work by tucking a small bag full of salt under your desk for preventing annoying co-workers & especially the office bullies from hanging around you.

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If a person does not like someone else and wants to ensure that he or she does not return to their house, this can be easily accomplished by sprinkling some black salt on their footsteps.

Another magic trick which is used by the people is dressing a black candle in oil and then rolling it in the Black Himalayan Salt and then finally using it in spell work for removing the negative entities or the people from the house.

If after working, some amount of black salt is left over then depending upon the type of work which you have used it, it becomes something you may want to get rid of as soon as possible because it can have negative effects.

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If one has used the black salt for banishing or the process of cursing, they should take it to someplace which is far away from their house and then bury it or even throw it into a fire.

If the salt has been used only for making a protective boundary around the property, then you can simply dig a hole and put it in the ground in your property.

Optional Additives

Various additives can be used along with the Black Himalayan Salt for magic. Even the plain salt will work fine but one can use Rosemary Essential oil for a Cayenne powder for giving a pencil or more specific flavor to the magic.

Optional Additives
Optional Additives

Adding the optional additives gives an extra punch and helps in customising the black salt for a specific purpose.

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Lavender Essential oil can also be used with this salt. This is done for opening yourself up to the unseen world. So, if a person is making a batch of such salt for protection, they can add a little Lavender Essential oil to it.


The black salt has been used for magic and cursing from the past many centuries. People have been using this magical salt for the protection of themselves and their loved ones.

This salt can be combined with many other additives for getting the extra effect and can even be customized according to the particular need of the hour.

The most important fact which needs to be kept in mind is the proper disposal of the Black Himalayan Salt after it has been used to hex, curse, or any other magical purpose.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Can we make the Magical Black Himalayan Salt at home?

Yes, the magical salt can be easily made at home. One needs to mix the right amount of iron scrapings along with the sea salt and finely ground black pepper.

For what purposes is the black magical salt used?

The black magical salt is used to hex, curse or banishing someone from your personal property or your place of work. It is also used for black magic and removing someone from near you.

With which additives can the Black salt be mixed?

It can be mixed with many additives like Lavender essential oil, Rosemary essential oil, or even with the Cavenne powder. But it should always be kept in the mind that the type of material with which the black salt is being mixed should only be done if you have the complete knowledge about it or after consulting an experienced person.