Review of Bible Logo Software (Diamond Package)

The Bible logo is a software which is produced by the Faith Life Company, which is a technological giant committed to the formation of equipping the Christian Church.

They launched the logos 8 which is the latest version in the line of their powerful Bible software. After using this particular software and exploring the features we have come out with this particular review guide about the Diamond package offered by the company.

This article also contains the suggested bundle for the senior pastors and anyone who is doing academic research or is involved in the field of advanced teaching.

Features Offered by Bible Logo Software

Let’s have a look at all the new features which are included in the logos 8 developed by the technological giant Faith life.

1. Home Page Dashboard

The first thing which any user or viewer will notice about this particular software in the Bible logo is redesigned and reconfigured homepage with a proper dashboard, which the user can customize according to his or her need.

Home Page Dashboard
Home Page Dashboard

The dashboard can be customized according to personal liking and also based on the study habits.

Here, the user can create various entry points for the most frequent types of study and can also choose a card like the topic study or the passage study.

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Each day, the software of the Bible Logo will return to the exact place where it is left in the previous day by the user.

The user can also launch his own personalized Bible reading plan with the help of the dashboard or can even go back for preparing the weekly outline.

The homepage dashboard is super easy to use and organize and can be easily manipulated with the help of the drag and drop functionality.

2. Step by Step Instruction

When a person chooses his or her field of study which he or she is willing to perform in the Bible Logo software.

Step by Step Instruction
Step by Step Instruction

Then they will realize that this particular software provides them with easy instructions, which they can follow, which will eventually lead them to the tools they will need for the examination of the topic.

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They can also perform the in-depth study of any biblical person or can also search about the various holy places or passages.

Each of the workflows will give the user the space for recording their thoughts and then save the notes as and when they are required.

This particular software will also save time and will also automatically get saved so that one can return to that particular study at any time which is convenient for them.

3. Theology Guide

A systematic theology guide is a special tool that is released in the Bible Logon software version logos 8 which presents a brand new and more efficient way for the user to compare the views of thousands of people.

Theology Guide
Theology Guide

It also researches about the theoretical topics which are contained in your digital library.

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4. Custom Guides

The customs guide in logos 8 will give the user the ability for organizing & creating their study guides. They will also get the opportunity for editing and customizing the study guides so that they can fit their study style or preferences.

Custom Guides
Custom Guides

These custom guides are similar to the different built-in passage guides or the Exegetical guide. But these particular guides can also be tailored so that they can include only the resources which the person needs for working on the software.

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5. Sermon Preparation

The preparation of the sermon is available in the logos 8 if the user is a teacher or a preacher. The Sermon Starter Guide consists of the expository preparation workflow and the editor.

Sermon Preparation
Sermon Preparation

The expository preparation workflow gives the basic steps for the preparation of the expository sermon.

The small group of the leaders, the pastors, and the teachers of the Sunday school can research and then write their lessons with the help of the logos.

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It also gathers the resources and builds the outline for preparing the visual presentations and creating the printouts all inside the logos.

Best Studies for Showing the Approval

The majority of the study tools which are great and the user is already aware with are present in the same state in this particular new version but the system runs faster and is more efficient than it used to be in the 7th version.

1. Topic Guide

The topic guide is one of the most important and efficient features that are present in the latest version of the Bible Logo software.

Topic Guide
Topic Guide

If a person enjoys doing the typical Bible studies research work, then this particular feature will help you as it brings together the different Bible dictionary definitions for explaining this particular topic.

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And also relates all the keywords which are related to your particular topic. It also takes into account the various interrelated subjects which are present in the scripture and the profiles of the biblical persons.

It also takes into account the various places and the things which are connected directly or indirectly with the topic.

Everything present in the digital library, which is relevant to this particular topic of the study will be displayed on the screen in the topic guide.

One can also create the notes with each topical study and can also save them so that they can refer them in the future.

2. Exegetical Guide

The Exegetical guide is a feature that allows the user on the viewer for drawing out detailed information about the passages of the Bible like the original Greek and Hebrew word by word analysis.

Exegetical Guide
Exegetical Guide

One can also listen to the different pronunciation of the words and perform individual word studies with great precision by searching them in the original language.

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One can also quickly find and view the words in every instance present in the Bible.

3. Passage Guide

The passage guide is a very useful function that is present in the latest version of the Bible Logo software.

Passage Guide
Passage Guide

It helps the user for putting together the different resources which are required and needed for a better understanding of the verses of the Bible along with their relevant biblical context.

The logos 8 makes a list of all the related content which is present in the digital library and which the user can open and read with a single click.

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One can also find all the common trees and the cross-referenced verses present in the Bible.

The ancient literature and the parallel passages along with the cultural concepts related to the topic searched can also be easily found in this particular software which will give a Holistic view of the searched topic.

4. Count the Cost

The Bible logo software and the latest logos 8 version offers the users with 8 base packages with the starter package being regularly priced at 294 dollars.

Count the Cost
Count the Cost

One can also save 10% on all the base packages if they have purchased the logos 8 during the promotional offer season.

This particular review covers all the resources which are present in the Diamond package of logos 8 which is regularly priced at a whopping price of $3,500.

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The largest and the most expensive package present in the Bible logo software is the logos collector edition package which will provide the user with everything present in the library of the logo for a great price of 10800 dollars.

The Bible logo software is a sizable investment.

The majority of the students and the missionaries work on budget and you’ll find the price way beyond their limit but each collection of this particular software contains thousands of resources that are very useful for them.

The Diamond package of this particular software contains more than 30 of the most popular English versions of the Bible and 150 original language tools along with more than 600 theological journals and 350 Bible commentaries.

Apart from this, over 50 volumes of the systematic theology and 25 volumes of biblical theology are also present in this particular software.

If the user purchase is the entire collection, then it would cost more than 20000 dollars. One can compare the prices and the resources which are being offered in the different packages of the software by visiting their official website.

The students and the staff who are working in different colleges and schools can get special discounts and academic discounts. All these things can be purchased by using the monthly payment plans offered by the company.

5. The Gift of Service

Besides offering very great training videos and services to the users and the clients this particular software is considered to be one of the best customer service and support experiences that our team has personally encountered.

The Gift of Service
The Gift of Service

If a person wants to research a particular topic in-depth, then this software is a must buy as it is worth the money which they will spend and nothing can go wrong with this particular Bible Logo software.

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The Bible Logo is world-famous which is used by thousands of students, research scholars, and even teachers and pastors all around the world to search and research various topics that are present in the holy book of Bible, or other religious topics.

In this article, we have tried to cover the various features and solutions offered by the latest Logos 8 version of the Bible Logo software made by the famous technology giant Faith life.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

When was the Logos 8 launched by Faith life?

The Logos 8 was launched on the 18th of October in the year 2018.

Is Bible Logo software worth the money?

Yes, the Bible Logo software is definitely worth the money. The multiple search features along with the in-depth topics which it provides are more than enough for the researches and the pastors for their work and to fulfill their purpose.

Is the Bible Logo Software easy to use?

Yes, the Bible Logo software can be easily used by the pastors, teachers, and the research students and scholars for their academic work. The self-tutorial videos are also easily available on various platforms like YouTube and Daily-motion.