BarlowGirl Christian All-Female Rock Band

BarlowGirl was an American all-female Christian Rock Band from Elgin, Illinois that retired from the Christian music in 2012 after 9 successful years.

The band was poised by sisters Alyssa, Rebecca, and Lauren Barlow who rocked and helped open doors for other Christian female-frontend bands from their biography.

  • Alyssa handled bass, lead vocals and keyboard.
  • Rebecca played guitar and backing vocals.
  • Lauren was co-lead vocals and played the drums.

The band is renowned for its radio singles “Never Alone” in 2004 and “I Need You to Love Me” in 2006, breaking records for the longest-charting No. 1 song on the Radio and Records Christian Hit Radio (CHR) chart.

It also gained millions of views for their music videos on YouTube.

Name and Birth Dates of the Band Members

BarlowGirl Christian Rock band was formed by 3 sister’s names Alyssa, Rebecca, and Lauren Barlow.

Name and Birth Dates of the Band Members
Name and Birth Dates of the Band Members

Below is the list of their roles and birth dates;

NameRoles PlayedDate of Birth
AlyssaBass, lead vocals and keyboard4th January 1982
RebeccaGuitar and backing vocals24th November 1979
LaurenCo-lead vocals and played the drums29th July 1985
Name and Birth Dates of the Band Members

Alyssa Katherine Nicole Barlow (born January 4, 1982) was the bass guitarist and keyboardist for BarlowGirl. She also splits lead vocals with her sister Lauren. Alyssa was home-schooled from the 4th grade onwards.

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Lauren Ashley Nicole Barlow (born July 29, 1985) was the drummer for BarlowGirl. She also splits lead vocals with her sister Alyssa. She is the youngest of the 3 and is also known as Lo-Lo and Odie. She was home-schooled from the 1st grade onwards.

Rebecca “Becca” Elizabeth Marie Barlow (born November 24, 1979) sang related vocals and played both electric and 6- and 12-string acoustic guitars. She was home-schooled from the 7th grade onwards.

The band also saw constant success with their Home for Christmas album. In October 2012, BarlowGirl declared that they were “retiring the band“.

The band outdid sales of 1 million compact discs by the end of 2008 and ended its career with over 1 million digital song downloads and 1.3 million compact disc sales.

Biography of BarlowGirl Christian Band

Becca, Alyssa, and Lauren Barlow were famed to the world jointly as BarlowGirl.

Biography of BarlowGirl Christian Band
Biography of the Christian Band

The 3 sisters from Elgin, Illinois lived together, worked together, moved the world together, adored together, and made unbelievable music together.

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The family “business” did not just shield the 3 girls either as both their mom and dad were completely involved in their career, taking to the road with the sisters on every trip (and their father, Vince, even managed the band).

For these early ladies, it was never just about being on stage and amusing.

They stood firm in their principles, and they were always open enough to confess they were not flawless.

The sister shared their fights visibly to grow. God was (and still is) in every facet of their lives i.e. the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens.

Lauren Barlow once described, saying, “God is using three normal girls from Elgin, Illinois, who have nothing to offer apart from Christ.

We were all ready to go do our own thing, and He called us and turned us around and said, ‘I have something for you to tell the world.'”

Significant Dates

  • Contracted October 14, 2003, to Fervent Records
  • First appearance album out on February 24, 2004
  • Discharged from Christian music in 2012
  • They made the declaration in October 2012.


Name of the AlbumClick to Play the Video
“Hope Will Lead Us On,” 2012 – Final SinglePlay Video
Our Journey…So Far, 2010Play Video
Love & War, September 8, 2009Play Video
Home for Christmas, 2008Play Video
How Can We Be Silent?Play Video
Another Journal EntryPlay Video
Barlow GirlPlay Video

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Starter Songs

Name of the SongClick to Watch Video
“Never Alone”Watch Now
“Let Go”Watch Now
“Enough”Watch Now
“Million Voices”Watch Now
“Stay with Me”Watch Now
Starter Songs of the Band

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Sisters on Social

Lauren Barlow on Twitter and Instagram

BarlowGirl Official Music Videos

Name of Music VideoClick to Watch the Video Album
“Hallelujah (Light Has Come)” Watch
“Beautiful Ending” Watch 
“I Need You To Love Me” Watch
“Grey” Watch 
Official Music Videos

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BarlowGirl and “Never Alone” (2004)

The 1st studio album of BarlowGirl was released on 24th February 2004 which has the longest-running No.1 song in the year 2004.

BarlowGirl and Never Alone
Never Alone

Never Alone” was named as the song of the year on R&R’s CHR and CRW’s Rock charts and the CD’s had sold over 250,000 units by April 2005.

The trio was the popular new Christian artist of 2004 and it featured the popular singles “Mirror” and “Never Alone”.

These No. 1 songs received the trio 4 Gospel Music Association (GMA) awards in the year 2005 (earlier the Dove Award) choices, with the Best New Artist award, Best Rock Song, and Rock Album.

BarlowGirl received a 2006 GMA award choice for Rock/Contemporary Song of the Year for “Mirror”. “Never Alone” was also featured on the WOW Hits 2005 CD.

The CD also included a hidden track titled “Image“, which viewers could only get via digital copy by piling the CD into their CPUs and opening an unseen website.

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It is the 1st of two events where oldest sister and guitarist Rebecca sings a solo. She sings the mid part of each verse.

There is also a Family Christian limited version which contains the bonus track, “We Pray“, which, among others, also sorts artists Mandisa, Jackson Waters, and Rebecca St. James.

Another Journal Entry and “I Need You to Love Me” (2005-2006)

Their 2nd album, Another Journal Entry, was launched on 27th November 2005. The album debuted at No. 3 on Soundscan’s Christian album chart and had reached 85 on Billboard’s Top 200 Current Albums chart by October 10, 2005.

Another Journal Entry and I Need You to Love Me
Another Journal Entry and I Need You to Love Me

The trio was chosen for 3 additional 2006 GMA awards – “Group of the Year”, “Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year”, and “Rock Recorded Song of the Year” for “Let Go”.

The trio is presented as guest vocalists on Big Daddy Weave’s No. 1 radio single, “You’re Worthy of My Praise”, from their 2005 album What I Was Made for.

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The 1st single from the album, “Let Go”, exceeded 200,000 downloads as the iTunes Store free single of the week.

Their next single from the album, “I Need You to Love Me”, quickly climbed to No. 1 on the Weekend 22 countdown in April 2006.

The single held on to the No. 1 position on the R&R Christian Hit Radio chart for 9 weeks, and the CRW Christian Hit Radio chart for a record 13 weeks.

The single was the most played song of 2006 on Christian Hit Radio as played on the Weekend 22.

The band recorded a music video for their hit song “Never Alone” for release on normal radio and music video TV channels, but it did not chart in the ordinary.

The followers of BarlowGirl were the youth envoys for the National Day of Prayer in 2007. They logged the song “We Pray” (written by Clint Lagerberg and Otto Price) for the event, along with other artists such as Rebecca St. James.

The song is open on the Family Christian limited form of their self-titled album.

They released Another Journal Entry:

Expanded Edition in August 2006 including 5 bonus tracks: three acoustic versions of previous songs (“On My Own”, “I Need you to Love Me”, “Porcelain Heart”), a radio edit type of “Never Alone” and one new song, “For the Beauty of the Earth”.

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The latter was involved on the soundtrack of the 2006 film The Nativity Story. Also comprised on the better CD was their “Never Alone” music video.

Legacy and Music Style

BarlowGirl was recognized as a Christian rock band. Their style contains three-part harmony varied with rock guitars. Their songs range from ballads to guitar rock.

Legacy and Music Style
Legacy and Music Style

The females’ lineup during their early years contained Rebecca on guitar, Alyssa on bass, and Lauren on drums. The band was then a power trio.

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During the Love & War era, however, Alyssa has known solely as a singer and keyboardist. This also happened in some of Barlow Girl’s older music as an example of breaking the power trio mold.

Lauren notes that she and her sisters attended to 50s and 60s music while rising. The band lists the Beatles and the Mamas & the Papas as major impacts because of their vocal accords.

Before being known as BarlowGirl, the first song poised by the band was “You Know”, which was only played live and was themed after “MMMBop” by Hanson.

Jamie Grace quotes BarlowGirl and its introduction album as a key effect in her music. Precisely, she likes the songs “She Walked Away”, “Mirror”, “Clothes” and “Never Alone”.

Nominations and Achievements

YearGMA Dove AwardsResult
2005New Artist of the YearNominated
Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year (“Never Alone”)Nominated
Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year (“Mirror”)Nominated
Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year (BarlowGirl)Nominated
2006Group of the YearNominated
Rock Recorded Song of the Year (“Let Go”)Nominated
Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year (“Mirror”)Nominated
Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year (Another Journal Entry)Nominated
2007Group of the YearNominated
2008Rock Recorded Song of the Year (“Million Voices”)Nominated
Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year (How Can We Be Silent)Nominated
2009Christmas Album of the Year (Home for Christmas)Nominated
2010Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year (Love & War)Nominated
Short Form Music Video of the Year (“Beautiful Ending”)Nominated
Nominations and Achievements

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Female faced Christian rockers Superchick debuted a song in 2001 called “Barlow Girls,” an honour to real-life sisters Alyssa, Becca and Lauren Barlow.

These lyrics hosted the siblings (not as a band) to the world but with quite the praise to the Barlow’s’ stand on clarity.

3 years later the band went on to release its self-titled Fervent Records debut, becoming Christian music’s best-selling new artist of 2004.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is BarlowGirl?

BarlowGirl was an American Christian rock and CCM all-female band from Elgin, Illinois. The band was composed of sisters Alyssa, Rebecca, and Lauren Barlow.

When did BarlowGirl Disband?

BarlowGirl disbands for ‘something new’ in their career after working for almost 10 years in the music industry.