Bakasura [Ekachakra’s Rakshasa]

Bakasura was a man-eater rakshas, in the Hindu mythology “Mahabharata”. also known by the names Baka or Vaka. He was killed by Bhima, one of the five Pandavas. The demon lived near the city of Ekachakra

Bakasura used to force the king to send him a cart full of provisions every day, which he devoured along with the men who came with the cart, eventually, he was killed by Bhima as instructed by mother Kunti to save the family who sheltered them.

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Death of Bakasura

Death of Bakasura
Death of Bakasura

According to the Hindu epic Mahabharata, the famous Pandava brothers were in exile with their mother, Kunti, when they came to the village of Ekachakura under the guise of a Brahmins.

During this time, they lived with the kind Brahmin family who sheltered them. They soon learned that the devil Bakasura lived outside the village and devoured the people passing through the forest. 

So, to save the villagers, the king asked the devil not to kill the passersby, instead, he sent a cart with the man every day, in return the food cart to Bakasla every day. It was sent. Bakasura consumed not only food but also those who brought carts.

Hearing this and seeing her host crying that her son would carry a cart tomorrow, Khunti decided to have a solution and end the devil, soon she instructed her son Bhima who had previously killed the devil hence her son Bima, declared that he would take the cart instead.

As repayment for the kindness that the villagers showed to their families. The next day, Bhima departed and began riding a cart full of several fruits and meats. Upon arriving in the forest, he began to enjoy them instead. He devoured food as if he hadn’t eaten for days. Bhima ended up completing his entire food cart during the journey.

When the empty chart reaches Bakasla, he notices something has changed. When he saw Cart his anger in the sky, he threatened to kill and eat Bhima and forced the devil to attack him. They fought fiercely, the fight continued all day, and finally, Bhima killed Bakassura. Bhima returned and celebrated with an empty cart and the happiest news for the villagers.

Bhima Ends Bakasura’s Terror 

Bhima Ends Bakasura’s Terror
Bhima Ends Bakassura’s Terror

There was a fierce duel between the two powerful fighters. Bakassura repeatedly picked the big tree and threw it at Bhima. It does not affect the Buddha’s Pandawa. He stopped with only his left hand. After exhausting all the trees, Bakasura attacked Bhima. The two wrestled with each other like elephants on a mast. Bakasura continued to deliver landing blows to Bhima but failed to cause him any damage.

Bhima and Bakassura have been fighting for a while. Slowly, it became clear that Bakassura was tired. His blows were getting weaker and weaker, and he started to move hard. Even the citizens gathered on the nearby mountains noticed that Bima had begun to gain the upper hand.

In the end, Bhima decided to end Baka’s suffering. He fell several powerful blows on the baka, which shocked him. He pressed Baka’s left foot with his knee and then held the other leg with his other hand. In one sigh, Bhima tore the bakasura into two parts

Akramya padmapi padtalen tasya

Dorabhyam Pragriya Ch Param Viddar Bhima: |

Mritwa Chorutam and Jagam Papo

Vishnudvidev He Shanaranivritti Chogram || MBTN – 19 – 91 ||

Bakassura roared in pain. His prana left the body. There are bloodstains everywhere. Bakusula is dead.

Bhima dragged the body of Bakasura and left it at the gate of the city. At the same time, Bakassura’s family members and many of his servants learned about the terrible fate of their leader and surrendered to Bima. “From now on, you will never cause trouble to anyone. Otherwise, your destiny will be the same as your leader.”

Abhaya to Baka’s Family

Abhaya to Baka’s Family
Abhaya to Baka’s Family

Bhima arrived at the home of the Brahman (brahmana) and returned his cart and two black cows to him. He recounted the whole incident again. The whole city rejoiced. There are big celebrations everywhere. These Brahmins are very religious. No wonder they were even able to kill such a powerful Rakshasa”-the citizen, therefore, spoke of the Pandaren who are still in disguise.

News of Baka’s death spread quickly, and nearby villagers began to flood the city to see Baka’s body and participate in celebrations. The citizens of ekachakranagara decided to pay tribute to Bima by bringing food to his home every day so that he does not have to go out to go to bhiksha.

After that, the Pandaren and Quinti lived happily with the citizens of Ekachakranagara for a long time.

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Worshipping Demon as God

Worshipping Demon as God
Worshipping Demon as God

In the district headquarters at Nainpak village in this Mandal of Telangana is the temple built in the name of Bakasura. The local lore believes that once Bakasura ruled the land. He protected his subjects but killed those outside his kingdom.

The temple was built years ago. There is a huge rock carved with four statues: Yoga Narasimha, Kariya Maldana Krishna, Balarama and Sita Rama and 

Laxmana. The idol of Yoga Narasimha resembles the devil Bakasura, and people around him have come to believe that it is the Bakasura Temple.

According to local folklore, Bakasura once dominated the land. He protected his subject but killed people outside his kingdom. When he became known as the devil, his subject considered him as their god, and the temple was built as a compliment. 

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Bakasura was a man-eater rakshas ( demon) who was killed by one of the Pandavas Bhima during their exile. He is also worshipped as a god in Nainpak village.