Are Atheists Trusted Less Than Rapists?

The phrase “Atheists trusted less than Rapists” is very popular & this disbelief is very well-known all across the globe.

When a convict or illegal person was presented to random groups of the population, very few people considered him Christian, more identified him to be a Muslim, and the most were willing to identify him as an atheist or rapist.

It can be the effect of Conjunction Error!

A conjunction error occurs when 2 events that can occur together or separately are seen as more likely to occur together than separately. This typically happens when it is easier to visualize 2 events happening in a blend than happening alone.

It can be the effect of Conjunction Error!
Why are Atheists trusted less? It can be the effect of Conjunction Error!

These are the fallouts of the study done by Will M. Gervais, Azim F. Shariff, and Ara Norenzayan, issued in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (“Do You Believe in Atheists? Distrust Is Central to Anti-Atheist Prejudice”).

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They surveyed 105 students at the University of British Columbia by showing them these images of an unreliable person:

Richard is 31 years old. On his way to work one day, he accidentally backed his car into a parked van. Because pedestrians were watching, he got out of his car. He pretended to write down his insurance information. He then tucked the blank note into the van’s window before getting back into his car and driving away.

Later the same day, Richard found a wallet on the sidewalk. Nobody was looking, so he took all of the money out of the wallet. He then threw the wallet in a trash can.

Members were asked whether it was more likely that Richard is a teacher or a teacher and someone else.

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Rationally the correct answer is always “teacher” because it’s always more likely that a being is just 1 thing (like a teacher) than 2 things (teacher and bike rider, teacher and singer, teacher and driver, etc.).

Individuals miss this, though, and group the safe “teacher” tag with other groups. This is called a “conjunction error” because it is mistakenly making conjunction amid 2 different personas.

People seem to be diverted by the “teacher” which allows their biases and norms to rise to the surface when it comes to the 2nd part of the conjunction.

So if you reason that the immoral being is more likely a racer and a teacher than just a teacher, this shows bias against bikers.

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It says that you don’t reason that just any old teacher would be so immoral it takes the extra traits which you adopt to come with being a “racer” to cause a being to start acting unfairly.

Conjunction error with Muslims and Christians

Atheists trusted less than Rapists might be a common term but researchers wanted to see if the conjunction error was among other religions as well.

Conjunction error with Muslims and Christians
Conjunction error with Muslims and Christians: Atheists trusted less

So they conducted a study between 4 different groups i.e. Muslims, Christians, Atheists and Rapists.

Teacher and Christian 4%
Teacher and Muslim 15%
Teacher and Rapist 46%
Teacher and Atheist 48%
Atheists trusted less than Rapists

The number of folks who thought that the person was a Christian was significantly less and assumed how common Christianity is in the society, this might be conjunction, which might be possibly correct.

It’s still strictly an error, but if 80% of folks in culture are followers of some group, then odds are good that some casual being is an associate of that group.

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If a teacher is seen doing somewhat, good or bad, odds are better than they are a Christian than that they are a non-Christian.

Declining to think that Richard could be a Christian might propose that folks were interim on the bias that Christians couldn’t perhaps do immoral things.

This is the flip side of the bias that non-Christians are less ethical than Christians and that’s no better than rational that non-whites are less ethical than whites.

Why Are Atheists Trusted Less Than Rapists?

We are here! We are godless! Get used to it! Sang the crowd of 20,000 or so atheists at this past weekend’s Rally for Reason in Washington, D.C.

Why Are Atheists Trusted Less Than Rapists
Why Are Atheists Trusted Less Than Rapists?

As the chant advises, the activists shaped their event on the National Mall (which was not allied with Reason magazine in any way) as a coming-out party for atheists.

One member even carried a sign torn off from the prime of gay rights protests: Hi Mom. I am an Atheist!”

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It’s the facts for atheists and rapists which are most important. The facts for “rapist” and “atheist” are usually offered as equal in a debate about this study, but this is only because of the brim of error makes a lot of overlap between the two.

The graph in the novel study vividly shows the median values for all the conjunction errors and in that rapists come in at a somewhat lower sum than atheists.

So while the 2 groups are close, it still looks like rapists might be a little more dependable than atheists on the whole. Thus, the phrase “Atheists Trusted Less than Rapists” came to existence. 

Both atheists and rapists are fairly few in both America and Canada.

For any casual being you meet on the street, the odds that they are an atheist or rapist are pretty low; the chances that they are a teacher or anything else and an atheist or rapist will be far lower.

This means that folks see rather intrinsic in being an atheist and in being a rapist which adds the essential qualities to explain the immoral conduct.

God and Ethics

What’s more, the scholars found that the chance that a being will point immoral conduct to an atheist tutor is far complex when that being doesn’t just trust that a god exists but trusts that there is a god which displays people’s conduct.

God and Ethics
God and Ethics: Why are Atheists trusted less?

Thus it’s not just newness with atheists yields disbelief, but rather a more central arrogance to ethics.

This is vital because it’s been broadly thought that disbelief of atheists should drop as more atheists develop more evident and lively in public as atheists.

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There may still be some fact to that method, but it perhaps won’t have as much effect as folks have faith when it comes to theists who also think that a god watching everybody’s conduct is vital for ethics and morals.

Since atheists do not trust in any gods, much less a god that is viewing them, then a being who thinks that trust is needed for ethics may never trust atheists.

At best, bigger experience to atheists and in particular atheist’s conduct ethically might cause them to query that statement: “Are Atheists trusted less than Rapists”?


Why are Atheists trusted less? Atheists trusted less than rapists, Is it a statement of fact? What are the differences between atheists and rapists?

All these questions have been answered above with research facts and scripture beliefs conducted by studies gathered from external sources.

The reality, however, is that trust and belief are all God’s wisdom and giving’s to humans.

So, we must not divide them based on specific groups or sections. Working towards humanity and forgiveness will only lead us to become better human beings.

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People Also Ask (FAQs)

What are the main beliefs of atheism?

They do not inquiry that God exists; they reject him in other ways. An atheist rejects the reality of God. As it is often said, atheists trust that it is false that God exists, or that God’s reality is an abstract theory of a very low order of likelihood.

Who was the first atheist?

In initial modern times, the 1st open atheist recognized by name was the German-language Danish critic of faith Matthias Knutzen (1646–after 1674), who printed 3 atheist writings in 1674.

Can a free thinker believe in God?

About belief, freethinkers usually hold that there is inadequate proof to upkeep the reality of mystic wonders. According to the Freedom from Religion Base, “No one can be a freethinker who strains orthodoxy to a bible, faith, or leader.”

What fraction of the world’s people is an atheist?

Conferring to sociologists Ariela Keysar and Juhem Navarro-Rivera’s evaluation of many global lessons on atheism, there are 450 to 500 million confident atheists and disbelievers global (7% of the world’s population), with China having the most atheists in the world (200 million convinced atheists).

Which country has no religion?

A renowned exclusion to haziness, openly letting non-religion, is Article 36 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China (as accepted in 1982), which states that “No state organ, public group or distinct may force citizens to believe in, or not to believe in, any religion.”

What is the atheist symbol?

The atomic whirl is the logo of the American Atheists and has come to be used as a symbol of atheism overall as some American Atheist associates privilege.

What day is National Atheist Day?

The day is famous on the 1st Thursday in May of every year, to accord with the National Day of Prayer, which many atheists and irreligious groups view to be illegal.